My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 4 – My World Will Not End (Yet)


No one could imagine what it was like when facing the Tucker army with 70,000 soldiers. At that moment, McQueen finally realized that this was for real. Through the dust, he saw a black line very clearly. This black line seemed to be on the entire horizon, and very overwhelmingly, it was coming to them!

It was getting closer and closer.

Right now, the wind was getting even stronger, and the dust was coming in with the wind. McQueen squinted and looked at the black line, his hands and feet turned cold. Wherever they looked, there were black cavalries everywhere and they were all lined up. Like ants, they were in order even when they stormed in. They were waving their big red flag proudly, with the big word “Tucker” written on it.

The earth was shaking, and so were people’s hearts. McQueen suddenly thought of a Chinese idiom – millions of horses disheartened at the same time! (In Chinese Pinyin: Wan Ma Qi An)

“This…hell, Tucker, I don’t think you’re a human being…look at what kind of soldiers we have, only women and children! How long will they be able to defend themselves, maybe a minute or two? This is just like using a bomb to kill an insect, you’re wasting your resources!” McQueen’s face turned pale in a second. Now he understood that 70,000 was not just a number! He started to panic.


McQueen could only sigh. He felt so small in front of the invading troops. He almost lost half of his soul, it would only take him seconds to die. He thought to himself – dear God, you’re kidding me!

“Castellan, may the glory of the great Arathi accompany you. I am sure that the Toss City will win!” Bruce raised his big axe and looked solemnly at the Tucker cavalries. He felt like a sword himself, really to attack. The earth was shaking and so was the castle walls. However, Bruce stood still, like an unbreakable shield that was ready to protect thousands of lives.


“Castellan, may the great Arathi’s glory shine on you, long live the Toss City!” No one knew when Garcia had climbed the wall. His dim eyes were flashing infinitely at this moment, and his old body was also infused with vitality. Standing quietly next to McQueen, he was like a pine that would never fall. McQueen had witnessed how powerful these people could be – the emotional stability of Garcia, and the wildness and bravery of Bruce. Suddenly, an antique cane appeared in McQueen’s hand, and there was a glowing gem on top of it.

“Castellan, may the great Arathi’s glory protect you, the Toss City is immortal!” The old aunt with the apron said. Her voice was trembling. She was holding her long gun ever so tightly. She looked kind and generous, as if there was a light shining above her, and McQueen wanted to avoid looking at her directly. She was faithful, as she was holding a great belief and she was sure that they would have a way out eventually.


McQueen looked at the three people next to him, and suddenly felt shameful. These people were elderly, and they should be enjoying the rest of their lives at home. Instead, they were out fighting for Toss City. Their beautiful personality seemed to have given a hot slap on McQueen’s face!


What’s the worst that can happen? To die! Not a big deal at all!


McQueen glanced through all the women and children on the wall. These were the people of the Toss City, and they were now his people. His sight was then on the black cavalries. Even though what was happening was very overwhelming to him, he tried to calm down and organize his thoughts.


McQueen thought to himself, hundreds of people were looking up to him. And he was still being a coward. McQueen, you ought to do something for your transmigration as this is your once in a lifetime opportunity! The enemies were coming, with their strong horses and big knives. The worst would be to die. However, as the lord of the Toss City, he had to do something for his people now!


Bruce, Garcia, and the old lady were all very courageous. As the lord of the city, McQueen had to have at least the same courage, even for only one hour, right?


At the end, we all die. All we die for various reasons. McQueen made a decision. If he had to die, he’d better sacrifice his life with glory, instead of dying just like any other ordinary person!


Before the transmigration happened, McQueen was an ordinary stay-at-home guy who had no particular ambitions. He had achieved basically nothing. With this rare opportunity to do something big, how could he hide anymore? McQueen, have a good look at Garcia, the old lady and Bruce. McQueen, get yourself together and don’t be afraid to sacrifice!


“The people of Toss City, I am McQueen, I am not scared, are you?” McQueen pulled out a long sword that had just been handed over, he walked out of the pergola and lifted the sword high. Then, he turned his back to the outside of the city and gave a loud roar.


It was quiet outside the castle wall, there were only the sound of the wind and hooves. In the eyes of the old people and children, it was as if the appearance of McQueen had changed. His nose was no longer pointing upward, his ears became normal, his eyes turned bright and his teeth became perfectly aligned. Even his yellow hair became charismatic in the wind.


“The people of the Toss City, we are going to face the 70,000-people army of Tucker, their shields are hard, and the knives are sharp. I am not scared. Are you scared?” The furious voice of McQueen echoed loudly in everyone’s ears, like a detonated bomb. His reminder was also like a bottle of wine, pouring over people’s heads. McQueen decided to let go and stopped being afraid.


“The people of Toss City, even if we die, I am not scared, are you scared?”


Although I was a small potato in the past and I was not determined in anything, at this moment, I am the lord of the Toss City! Even if it means that I am going to die with my people, I am more than willing to!


“Not afraid, not afraid, not afraid!” Like a tsunami, a burst of sounds pressed down those of the horses and the wind. Everyone’s face was full of enthusiasm and no one was scared anymore. At this moment, the lord was with them. As long as they were united together, a 70,000-people army was nothing to be scared of!

“Not afraid, not afraid, not afraid!” Bruce raised his big axe and shouted hard.


“Not afraid, not afraid, not afraid!” Garcia raised his cane and looked at McQueen with relief. He thought to himself, this is my castellan!


“Not afraid, not afraid, not afraid!” The old aunt held a long gun, her voice was not trembling anymore. In the opposite, it was loud and clear!


Facing with all these emotional people, McQueen suddenly realized something important. As long as he summoned his courage, everything could be overcome. With courage, he can change himself and change the world!


La la la, the heavy rain finally poured down, and something like a curtain suddenly appeared in the sky. This heavy storm arrived, as if it was the beginning of a song. Right now, this had to begin – the bloody battle with Tucker!


The raindrops drenched McQueen’s clothes instantly, rain went all over his face.


“Pick up your weapons and get prepared to meet our enemy!”


I am not the real castellan, I can’t think of any good solution to defeat the enemy, but at least I can take the lead. I have no strength with my hands, even my IQ level is a little higher than that of Einsten. My capabilities are limited. But I don’t care about all these – I just want to give my very best until the end.


Tucker, come and try to attack my city, see if you succeed!


The heavy rain did not stop the Tucker’s army. There was going to be a full-blown war. Although McQueen stopped caring about life and death, he still felt a little bit nervous. The united black cavalries, the united black knights, the united shining swords, all were united and uniform except the red flag! Only by looking at it could make you suffocate.


McQueen didn’t look at other people, he held the long sword in his hand tightly. Under these circumstances, only the long sword in his hand could give him a sense of security.


Come on, let’s kill as many soldiers as possible. Then, this transmigration will be totally worth it! Come on, my long sword is ready to kill and to be drowned in blood. As a man, this will be a bliss!


“Let us clear the front, make the bow and arrow ready!” A furious roar sounded from the Tucker army. The soldiers of Tucker spread out in an instant to form a row, each cavalry wearing a long knife. They took the bow and arrow from their back and got them ready.


“The Tiger Cut!” Bruce screamed, his big axe crossed and formed a shiny trajectory, the milky white blade was smashed into the Tucker’s cavalries. His blade was fast like lightning and it flashed across the front row. It then quickly dissipated in the heavy rain.


Silently, a row of cavalry was suddenly cut into two halves. In the heavy rain, the upper halves on their bodies fell to the ground, while the lower halves were still on the horses.  More than a dozen cavalries died just like this.


“The Water Stabbing Raid!” A gem was shining brightly on top of Garcia’ cane. Suddenly, countless water drops gathered in front of Garcia, forming a long water thorn. Garcia used his finger to point it once, then a long thorn was shot out, going straight through the chest of a cavalry.


Another ten cavalries screamed, they fell under their horses and died.


The old aunt held the long gun in her hand even more tightly. She wanted to scream along and kill more cavalries. But she rolled her eyes and gave it another thought. Wait, she almost forgot being just a housewife, and she didn’t know any vindictive magic, how was she supposed to fight like Garcia?


“Shoot the arrow!”


Along came the frantic roaring, the Tucker army wasn’t influenced a bit by Bruce and Garcia. They were ready to give the people of the Toss City a heavy blow!


Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was full of this “arrow rain”, along with the hint of death. It was overwhelming. So, many lives would be finished along with this! McQueen calmly put down the long sword on his hand, as he wanted to drop the arrow that was shot.

“Support shield!” Bruce immediately shouted. Then, numerous shields were lifted to seal the path. Behind each shield, there as a woman or an elderly, who was struggling to lift the shield and to block the devil out.

McQueen’s long sword swayed in the air. What happened next was that seven, right shields were lifted in front of him, blocking all the arrows. “Hey! You guys have got to give me a chance!” McQueen felt touched as he was just protected by the crowds.


“Turn the shield, the archers have to prepare now as well, we have got to counter-attack!” Bruce once again instructed with his loud voice. Fortunately, his voice was loud enough, otherwise the people wouldn’t be able to hear him with this rain.

The shields were quickly removed, many people, young and old, were holding their bows and arrows and rushing forward. Although they were not well-trained, they were still very organized. At this critical moment, everyone made use of their best potentials. The precautions on the walls were also made with meticulousness.

“Hey, what’s going on?” McQueen made use of this moment to look at the cavalries of the Tucker side, and suddenly said with surprise. He saw that a group of cavalries suddenly appeared behind that of Tucker, and was rushing toward them. On both sides of the Tucker army, there were also two other cavalries. The Tucker army was suddenly under ambush by three different cavalries, and the situation became totally chaotic.


“Is this ambush? Didn’t they say that all the soldiers of Toss City have been trapped? So, what is going on? Who is coming to help us?” McQueen was talking to himself. Was it really possible that they were going to have a way out?  Just like what it would happen in any hero novels, where the protagonist always ends up being rescued by someone from far away?

“Bruce, Garcia, did you see that? It seems that we’re going to have a reinforcement!” McQueen exclaimed excitedly. The transmigration was such a rare opportunity for him, how could he die so easily?

“Let us shoot the arrow!” Bruce also wondered, but this was a good opportunity to kill some more people. After all the arrows were shot, Bruce looked far and took a while before he said unsurely, “it looks like a reinforcement. From the way they’re equipped, I think they’re from Moore City.”

“Moore City? Could it be Miss Linda?” Garcia’s eyesight was not excellent. After hearing what Bruce said, he suddenly asked in astonishment. His face became even more wrinkled with the excitement.

“Miss Linda?” McQueen wondered, was a beauty going to save the hero, just like what happens in legend?

Under the heavy rain, the cavalry of Tucker City was in chaos, but the war went on, and now people’s mood was lifted.

The reinforcements are coming!

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