My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 5 – Miss Linda, This Is…?


These three cavalries which arrived suddenly caught the Tucker army completely off-guard. They were just like flies that didn’t know to what direction they were supposed to fly to, and so they were going everywhere. The 70,000-people army of Tucker was not only cavalries, they were followed by a large array of battalions, whose order was disrupted by their cavalries. Ironically, these cavalries also lost their own order and in turn, affected the order of their own battalions as well. The battlefield became completely chaotic, the three teams of reinforcements were like three sharp knives, piercing directly into the enemy’s chest and exhausted it completely.


Even with the screaming and shouting of the Tucker cavalries, the chaos could not be stopped. Now, a very critical warfare had become a pure mess. The Tucker side was unable to stop the chaos and the cavalries were just pushing each other, without forming a complete attacking power. They failed to even find the right place to stab their knives. The Tucker side couldn’t stop the chaos. Also, the three teams of reinforcement were merely going back and forth and killed anyone that they ran into.


“My Castellan, the timing is good now and I am eager to rush into the battle, so that I can fight with the reinforcement team and give Tucker a heavy blow!” Bruce wiped the raindrops off his face and said loudly near McQueen’s ears, who was paying full attention to watch the scene. This old guy had just killed a few people and was ready to continue even harder.


“Sigh…Are there still enough men to fight from Toss City? Are we going to depend on our women and children?” McQueen was shocked by what Bruce had proposed. After all, it seemed to him that Bruce had become too confident and he failed to recognize clearly what was expecting them. He also overestimated the so-called “army” of Toss City. Sending the women and children to fight was like giving food to a beast.


“Don’t you worry, as long as I bring with me five hundred veterans, we will rush toward Tucker City and kill them all. There’s utterly no problem for us!” Bruce patted his own chest to ensure McQueen that all was still under his control, and that he was proud and confident in what he was doing.


“Five hundred veterans?” McQueen felt a surge of surprise. Veterans…they were a gem! Although both the Northern and Southern camps of Toss City were destroyed, at least the veterans could help to build some new barracks. As the war was going on, McQueen had to think about the city and he had already put himself in the position of the City Lord. “Bruce, it’s not that I am not willing to, I just think that the five hundred veterans could be useful to us if they stay.”


“But if we don’t send them to fight, it would be just like getting help for nothing. They came from so far to help us and what we do is to hide inside the city? How am I going to convince myself to do this?” Bruce frowned and asked in a grumpy voice.


“My castellan, as seen by your old servant, the army of Tucker City is in chaos, but their strength is there. After all, unless some adjustments are made, the three cavalries of the reinforcements won’t be able to resist longer. If Bruce rushes with five hundred veterans, it’d be like the last blade of grass being stepped by a camel, Tucker will surely be defeated. Furthermore, Bruce is a famous warrior in Toss City. Even though he has been retired for many years, his combat power and commanding ability have not decreased a bit. With his leadership, there should not be too many casualties caused among the veterans.”


Well, one must say that Garcia was good at analyzing and convincing. Even the castellan had not been able to think through such an esoteric issue, and yet Garcia did. The castellan had to admit that he was successfully convinced. “Well, ok…your castellan has agreed. Bruce, I sincerely hope that you and the 500 veterans will come back unharmed. And when you do, your castellan will get drunk with you!” McQueen said with determination. He shook Bruce’s hand firmly.


“My castellan, this is understood!” Bruce bowed deeply to McQueen, he was ready to give his all and sacrifice himself. “For castellan, for Toss City, here I am!”


With a whistle, Bruce put a big axe on his back and ran around the wall, calling the five hundred veterans.


McQueen looked at Bruce’s back with relief, and smiled with satisfaction, “Garcia, what’s the background of Bruce? He’s such a brave soldier, only a bit old.”


“My castellan, you do not know about Bruce?” Garcia looked depressed, how could the castellan change again? And he’s talking nonsense again! “Castellan, Bruce was once the head of the Knights for the old castellan. You even learned fighting from him before.”


Uh huh, I did learn fighting from him? It turned out that Bruce was an old man with an important identity. No wonder he looked so determined all the time. “Well, this rain is getting too heavy, it’s got your castellan confused. Haha…how could I not remember? But then again, are you a magician?”


Garcia was again speechless. How could he remember Bruce but forgot about his old servant? Castellan was really a bit abnormal today. “Your old servant is a middle-level water magician. Many years ago, when castellan had to take a bath, it was me who prepared the water for you.”


“Well…that’s privacy and you don’t need to talk about it. Haha…I’m just kidding with you. Garcia, look, the rain is too heavy, I don’t even know when it’ll stop.” McQueen wiped his nose and tried to laugh. Hell…he was just a transmigrator after all, he did not retain the memory of his former body. Of course, he’d remember nothing.

From time to time, there was one or two arrows shot from the city wall toward the Tucker cavalries. And the chaotic battles were still going on. The three teams of reinforcement were going in and out continuously, torturing the Tucker army with relentlessly. However, even the high tides had to drop somehow, Tucker was gradually calming down the chaos. They only needed some more time to re-arrange the army and confront their enemy.


Even McQueen who was a newbie in wars has now seen the crisis outside the city. With a loud sigh, he approved Bruce’s request. Otherwise, Toss City would still be defeated after the Tucker army defeated the reinforcements.


“The lord of the city, Bruce and my five hundred brothers are asking for your permission for us to fight!” The screaming and slamming voice had awoken McQueen from his deep thoughts. Bruce was lining up neatly with his 500 white-haired old men in front of the city gate. McQueen took a look at them, some of them had broken arms and some with broken legs, they were trembling in the wind and rain. He could not help but doubt if these people could really fight.


“Okay then. Your castellan is here waiting for you all to return with glory! The people of Toss City are also waiting for your triumph!” McQueen felt confused, yet he looked excited. At this moment, what the soldiers needed the most were a high morale and more encouragement. He could not discourage them now.


“There is no return if we don’t win!” The five hundred old men shouted in unison, the momentum was not weak.


“Let’s go!” Bruce waved his big hand. When the city gate opened, the five hundred veterans rushed out of the city. In the witness of many elderly, children and women, they plunged into the battlefield.


Sigh… the people of Toss City actually had to lay their hope onto a group of veterans. It made McQueen feel hopeless. McQueen was standing high and looked at the veteran’s backs with indescribable emotions. So, this is a real war! A war that does not consider the worth of human lives!


“I am sure my Grandpa will be able to defeat the enemy!” It was the voice of a child and it was especially loud and clear in the heavy rain. McQueen turned and looked, it was a 10-year-old boy. He was holding a small axe and looking at the battlefield outside the city with fascination.


“He is the grandson of Bruce, McGrady. I’ve heard that he’s got some talents. At such a young age, he’s already a junior soldier.” Seeing that McQueen was looking at the little boy, Garcia added.


McQueen nodded, and he looked far away. It was his first time to see a grandfather and a grandson being on a battlefield together. Unfortunately, McQueen’s attention was on the battlefield or he could have gone and played with the kid. “Oh, by the way, who was this Miss Linda that you were talking about?” McQueen’s train of thoughts were suddenly switched to Miss Linda.


“Well…” Garcia was thinking about something, but then he stopped saying anything. He also tried to avoid making eye contact with McQueen.


When McQueen saw it, he knew that something was going on. He asked in a hurry, “tell me, who’s Miss Linda? And how is she going to help Toss City?”


“Do you really want me to tell you?” Garcia asked cautiously.


“Yes, naturally.” McQueen’s eyes were sharp, and he answered with determination.


“Well, your old servant will tell you then.” Garcia said with a deep voice, “Miss Linda is the only daughter of the Moore City. She has been very a talented person since she was a child. She only turned 19 years old this year and she is already a senior warrior. The Moore City Lord is very much in favor of Miss Linda, he even gave her his own chivalry. The most important thing is…”


“What is the most important thing?” McQueen’s interest has increased greatly. As a former stay-at-home guy, he was particularly interested in strong women.


“Miss Linda and the castellan have a marriage contract.” Garcia said quietly.


“So she is my fiancée?!” McQueen was so excited that he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t expect himself to have such a kick-ass fiancée. Hehehe…”and how does she look like?”


“Miss Linda is the most beautiful girl in all our neighboring cities.”


“Wow, really? Hey, actually, I don’t care about beauty that much, I am more concerned of the beauty of the soul.” McQueen was too happy, but still he put on a gentleman’s tone. When one says that a person can be fake even though he sounds genuine, surely he’s talking about McQueen.


“Yes, indeed.” Garcia nodded in agreement. “You’re right, my lord, Miss Linda is like the clouds in the sky, you can’t even touch her.”


What did Garcia mean? How come he sounded like he was trying to imply something else? “Garcia, please be clear. Why do you think that I’m right? Why can’t I even touch her?”


“Miss Linda is against this marriage. However, the lord of Moore City wants to keep this promise as this is also a promise between the two cities. He also never mentions about this marriage. And now, my castellan is already 24 years old. People at a similar age might already have a son. Due to the fact that Miss Linda will not accept the marriage, you’re still single now. How can I not feel desperate?” Garcia thoroughly explained all to McQueen. It was like a bucket of ice water, putting off McQueen’s fire in his heart.


McQueen opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. It turned out to be just an empty promise. Old fool, why did you mention it if you knew already that the marriage would not happen? If I had the opportunity, I would beat you up.


McQueen had forgotten that it was him who insisted on asking.


On the battlefield, as Garcia expected, the five hundred veterans turned to be very powerful under the leadership of Bruce, and truly achieved to contribute until their last breath. The army of Tucker City just showed some signs of their power returning, and it was again beaten completely by Bruce and his veterans. They were again dragged into chaos.


The five hundred veterans had formed a sharp knife array, piercing right into the heart of the Tucker army and divided the entire chaos into two parts. Cooperating with the three cavalries of reinforcement, the veterans were fighting hard with the 70,000 people of the Tucker City. Although they were not numerous, it looked like they were in full control of the situation.


“This is destined to be a battle where the side with less people wins.” Garcia’s face was reddened with excitement and he was pointing while he added, “it’s such a good timing for the reinforcement to appear now! I am quite sure that we will see our way out.”


“Well, if I wasn’t so determined to send Bruce and his veterans out there, our ending would be rewritten, and Toss City would be finished.” McQueen rolled his eyes and looked at Garcia contemptuously. Such a small scene was enough to make Garcia so impressed, could he not stay calm like his castellan? What kind of big scenes has McQueen not witnessed yet? Garcia, you’re like a countryman. “Oh, by the way, if Miss Linda opposes this marriage. Why did she come to assist me? Was it because of my charm that has rewritten the history, and made Miss Linda fall in love with me?”


McQueen was lost in his thoughts…


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