My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 6 – The New-Born in War


The storm came earlier than they had expected. The rain curtain had been transformed into light rain. After paying a high price, the army of Tucker City finally succeeded in retreating. After this war, Tucker City would have to reconsider thoroughly, if it wanted to attack Toss City again.


“My people, may we greet the warriors who returned with glory!” McQueen held his long sword high, and took the lead to jump off the wall. He shouted loudly. God was really blessing him as a transmigrator, granting him the ability to overcome such difficulties.


The elderly, women and children all jumped down from the wall and followed the footsteps of McQueen excitedly. They were running on the muddy land. Even though their pants and shoes got dirty, they didn’t mind at all, as they were overjoyed with their victory. The people in Toss City were completely thrilled.


Initially, they thought they were going to die. But they managed to turn things around and survive.


McQueen was running on the muddy land, but his bodily condition was too bad, even when he tried hard to run fast, it was almost like jogging. After a short while, he was already panting. “From tomorrow onwards, I am going to work hard and exercise. Look at my thin arms and legs, it’s almost like they will break after the wind blows on them. As a teenager in his 20s, why are you as weak as an old man? Even your former body is stronger than you.” McQueen complained to himself, and wherever he looked, he found broken limbs and broken legs. They were lying on the muddy ground quietly, as if they were telling him that the war was ruthless.


The smell of blood had been washed away by the rain, but the pale limbs of dead bodies, the empty look of their eyes and their distorted facial expressions still shocked McQueen. He felt disgusted and he had to bend down. Then, he couldn’t help but started to vomit.


McQueen has been an otaku for more than 20 years. The bloodiest scenes that he has seen were just those from European or American films. It was really his first time to see a real dead body right in front of his face. “My God…ok, it’s a corpse, nothing major. McQueen, you’re the Castellan. Get yourself together.” He tried to stop himself from throwing up, then stood up again and ran.


“My heroes, McQueen Thomas Arathi is proud of you all.” McQueen looked at the cavalry on the battlefield and the 500 veterans who were cleaning up the mess after the battles, and shouted loudly.


Among all the cavalries from the reinforcements, a knight with a silver helmet and armor walked out, the armor was shining in the rain and this figure looked very heroic. The knight seemed to be the leader and he walked near McQueen proudly, before taking off his helmet. He had very shiny dark brown hair, which impressed McQueen.


This knight had to be a woman with blonde hair, McQueen had first thought. The next moment, he saw probably the most beautiful face on earth that he would never forget. He was stunned – this had to be Miss Linda. This was his fiancée! She was such a beauty, that’s all he could think of.


“McQueen, prepare some food. My knights came here early in the morning, and they hadn’t even had a sip of soup.” The cold, clear voice came from this female knight. Her hint of intelligence sent chills to McQueen.


“Her proudness makes her a goddess. Oh my God…why is my heart beating…I think I am in love…”McQueen’s face was full of happiness and he was wearing a sweet smile. He was drowned in his own fantasy and he’d even forgotten to respond.


But in the eyes of the knight, the facial expression on McQueen was absolutely disgusting. Together with his peculiar face, she didn’t find him good-looking at all. She frowned and repeated coldly, “McQueen! Did you hear me?” She raised her voice and its sharpness went straight into his ears.


“What? Oh, oh, yes, I heard you, I heard you. Is Garcia here?” McQueen panicked and quickly replied with a smile. Miss Linda seemed a really determined lady and he couldn’t cope with it.


“Your old servant is here.” Garcia got out of the crowd, and bowed sincerely to the female knight. “Garcia Thomas has seen Miss Linda, and I would like to thank you for your brilliant actions in saving all of us in Toss City. We will always remember your kindness and generosity.”


Sure enough, It was Miss Linda, McQueen thought excitedly, and he immediately said to Garcia, “Miss Linda’s instructions are handed over to you, and I believe that you can do your best. Remember, Miss Linda and her knights are the guests of my city, and must be entertained according to the strictest specifications.”


“Please come with me, my highly respected knights.” Garcia led Linda and her knights, marching into Toss City in the crowd. From time to time, there were residents of the city who shouted their words of praise and gratitude. The knights took off their helmets and responded to the crowd with a smile. They were welcomed like celebrities.


McQueen smiled and watched the knights enter the city. He did not follow, as there was one more important thing to do, that was to win the hearts of the people. No matter how powerful the knights were, they belonged to the others. After all, his own knights should be treated better.


“Bruce, your bravery has saved the 100,000 people in the city.” McQueen strode to Bruce, who was covered with bruises. Still, he looked heroic. The big axe on his hand was covered with blood stains and even the rain failed to wash them away.

Behind Bruce, the five hundred veterans were standing firmly even with their injuries. Each of their face expressed a feeling of calmness after the war. Such a momentum deeply impressed McQueen, such veterans were the biggest treasure of Toss City. As long as they still exist, the combat power of Toss City would exist as well.


“The castellan, Bruce has been fortunate enough not to be insulted by our enemy.” Bruce put the big axe on his back and bowed slightly. His voice was still loud.


“Indeed, fortunately.” The five hundred veterans bowed neatly and they shouted in unison. Even the knights who were going to enter the city couldn’t help but look back. They were also deeply impressed by the veterans. They were actually the main reason why the Tucker army were defeated.


“With you, the people in Toss City will have their shelter. Bruce, as someone from Toss City, please accept my highest respect to you and your veterans.” McQueen bent down and bowed deeply to his soldiers. No matter what he was thinking at the moment, this was a very sincere bow.


At the end of the war, the Toss City would continue with its peace and stability. But it didn’t automatically guarantee its long-term safety. Although the Tucker Army was crushed, it was still a lot of stronger than that of Toss City. After McQueen’s transmigration, he became the lord of the city. And whether or not he was willing, he was now entirely responsible for the city. The lives of all the 100,000 people in Toss City were also in his hands.


McQueen could not escape and did not want to escape. This battle has strengthened his belief to protect the city. This was his responsibility. The first thing to do was to build his own army. A city without a strong army was simply like a naked lamb waiting to be eaten.

It was easier said than done. How was McQueen supposed to build one? His former life was just an otaku. He had never served in an army, nor was he particularly interested in it. He did not know what and how to begin. Building an army was not just about dividing a certain number of people into camps, or forming camps into battalions. Even though he managed to do these, how could he train and manage them? And what about their remuneration? All these were not simple matters. However, for the veterans, things were different. They could not be more familiar with military. If McQueen could ask them to build an army, that would be superb, as they could act as the backbone of the army.


Also, with Bruce as the former head of Knights of the city, McQueen’s desire to build an army was not just a fantasy.


“My lord, this is what we are supposed to do. Defending the city has been something we have been doing since childhood.” Bruce also bent down deeply, and there were tears in his eyes. He was grateful to have such a lord, he thought to himself, it was really worth sacrificing for him!


“Defend Toss City!” The five hundred veterans burst into tears and shouted.


In this world of magic and vindictiveness, there were strict rankings. As the lord of the city, McQueen bowed to his people and such an action left a deep impression in people’s mind. Who doesn’t want to feel respected? And being respected by the lord of the city? The soul of McQueen was someone from modern times, he didn’t know much about the meanings of all these gestures, or the concept of hierarchy. However, seeing the tears of the veterans, he knew that he had done the right thing.


In fact, it was not so difficult to be a castellan after all. It only took him a small gesture to win people’s hearts. He was very proud of what he’d done. “Bruce, how is the casualty?” He suddenly asked.


“When I first came, there were five hundred of them, now there are only four hundred and sixteen, so eighty-four of them died.” Bruce replied with sorrow, these were old comrades who had had decades of friendship with him. How was it possible for him to not get sad?


“Bring their corpses and we will organize a proper funeral.” McQueen also felt distressed and he waved, “they should be treated as heroes, as they died for Toss City.”


“But, we’ve won, so let’s not be too sad. We should seize this moment. Let’s head back to the city and I will host a banquet. My people, let us all head back! When we’re back, we will welcome our brave warriors with all our enthusiasm!”


“Long live Toss City, long live the castellan!”


The people cheered and laughed on their way back. It’s not possible to have no casualties during a war. When there is victory, you should be cheerful and don’t look back. The dead sacrificed themselves for the city and they have made a great achievement. People must continue with their lives and face the dead with a smile.


“Long live Toss City!” McQueen shouted loudly along with the people.


So, Toss City, this is my city now. From now on, I am going to turn you into a strong and rich city, never will you have to bear a single damage again! Since I have spent my last 20 years doing nothing, then let’s embrace my renaissance in this new world and achieve something big! But first of all, I must deal with the reinforcement team from Moore City. And what about Miss Linda? How am I supposed to deal with her then?


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