172 Part 3


Well, that’s true, I guess.

It might have seemed strange that I did not express any form of unnerved emotions, even though I might have been killed.

It was true that I was in a precarious situation and could have done something about it.

As though the Black Princess has seen through me, I gave a wry smile of affirmation.


“Well then, I have said everything that I’ve wanted to say.”

“Is that all?”

“I called you here to kill you because I thought that you were controlling Ouka but that wasn’t the case. I will let you off in a while.”


I was let off unexpectedly easily, and even Ouka doubted her ears with ‘Is that okay?’


“I’ll say this just in case but I only trust Ouka who chose you- not you. Get that straight into your mind. I will only let you off. If you are truly someone good, Ouka will be sad if I continued my ways. However, I do not trust humans and if you hurt Ouka in any way, I will chase you till the end of the world and tear you apart; remember that.”


‘I am not only scary but also persistent’ warned Black Princess with a smile.

I guess she decided to let me go for now and supervise the situation since she could not determine whether I am someone trustworthy.

In any case, my life is spared for now.


Things unexpectedly went well and I was kind of relieved inside, and right then Black Princess seemed to have loosened her strength with a sigh.


“When I received the report that Ouka was with a human, I was worried if she was controlled and treated badly, and wondered what to do if that was true.”

“Who did you receive the report from?”


Ouka asked the Black Princess, who was fairly worried about Ouka, about the person who reported about us.

That person could be the culprit who threw a stone at us at that time.

Without knowing that, the Black Princess was about to answer Ouka.




Right at the moment when she was going to spill out the name of the person in question, the Black Princess suddenly halted her words.

I was not sure if she was going to continue or not, the Black Princess looked behind us and drawn by that, I turned around too.


“Well, it seems like you all have finally arrived.”

“Sorry for being late, lady Black Princess.”

“It was because Rokuha took a long time.”

“Well, it’s not something that is especially urgent.”

“Even so, it’s better to possess a sense of urgency, even if just a little. It seems like the talk has reached the climax.”


All of a sudden, a man who politely bowed his head, quarreling couple and an old man entered into the scene.

They did not even introduce themselves and suddenly made a noisy fuss that confused me; but it seems like I was the only one confused.

Including the Black Princess, Ouka also seemed to know them very well as she said ‘You guys…’


“Let me introduce them to you; they are the most trustworthy supernatural creatures “Pentagram”. I have called them here to help out in case I could not make a decision.”


While looking at them as they approached us, the Black Princess lightly introduced them.

Speaking of which, Ouka did talk about them before I came here.

When the Black Princess created the capital, she obtained the help of five supernatural creatures.

It seems like they are here.


The supernatural creatures, who have heard of what has happened, looked at me with inquisitive looks; the guy, who just fought with the lady called Rokuha, approached me with narrowed eyes when he saw me.


“So it’s you? The one who seduced our Ouka”

“What is with you suddenly…”

“Stop it Kurema. We are in front of lady Black Princess now.”


When the guy called Kurema observed me with stinging looks, the man who looked upright and was adorned with dragon horn grabbed Kurema’s shoulder to stop him.

It seems like this person is kind of like a hooligan.

He came all of a sudden and picked a fight. At that, the Black Princess clapped her hands to gather the attention towards her and said ‘Well, well’.


“Please stop fighting. You guys are quite late. Did something happen?”

“No. Actually, the four of us thought of gathering and coming together at first but”

“This lady here took quite a while to prepare.”


“It’s written on the dispatched order that we can take our time, right?”

“However, this is a bad outcome, no?”

“We should have come here separately.”

“That Tokusou dude would not forgive us for that.”

“It’s written on the dispatched order that we should come here together, right?”


Somehow, it seems like a group of characters with distinguished personalities have arrived.

The four of them has started talking about me, looked and acted in a distinctive way, from my objective point of view.


“Well, that’s fine. He’s just a human. Well, let’s do a self-introduction first?”

“Humph! Taking the name of humans…”

“Um… the dude here with clearly bad gaze and a red crest on his head is Kurema.”

“Don’t introduce me on my behalf! Also, it’s unnecessarily to say bad gaze!”

“By the way, the person who reported about you was him.”

“Are you listening to me!?”


So this person was the one who exposed about me and Ouka.

Ouka was also surprised as she said with doubts ‘Kurema did?’

He was wearing a red kimono and looked quite dumb, but he at least did use formal language towards the Black Princess.

Kurema protested against the fact that he’s introduced by someone against his own will, but the Black Princess just ignored that and continued the introduction ‘Next up is-’


“I’m Tokusou.”

“Well, I am Rokuha.”

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