172 Part 4

“I am Hakunyuudou.”

“The end.”

“Hey, wasn’t that too light of an introduction!?”


I thought the Black Princess was going to introduce them in the same manner but it just ended lightly like that.

Kurema protested against that; Tokusou said ‘That’s because you did not introduce yourself quickly enough’ and blamed him for that.

Kurema, who was ridiculed, charged towards Tokusou screaming ‘What did you just say!!’ Tokusou accepted his attack with ‘So what?’


I guess these are the members who were in charge of the founding of the capital.

Somehow, they were quite boisterous and I was a little uncomfortable with that.


“The last person has yet to arrive?”


It seems like there were only four people who were introduced.

I think it was a rash question, but the Black Princess just tilted her head as though to convey some message across.


“Huh? What are you talking about? You”

“There are five of us here, no?”


Kurema and Tokusou, who were fighting just earlier, replied that naturally and I totally had no clue as to why.

As though she understood what’s going on, the Black Princess looked towards the direction of Ouka.


“Ouka, you did not tell him?”



At the surprised Black Princess, Ouka gave a small nod.

At that, I looked at Ouka with ‘Eh?’ Ouka looked quite embarrassed and tried to evade my sight as though she was sorry for that.


“Ouka, you are one too?”

“…I’m sorry for not telling you.”


I kind of sensed something from the Black Princess’ words and Ouka’s reply; Ouka muttered with resignation.


“You could have said it without hiding it.”

“I was just continuing what my ancestors did… How should I put it? It’s kind of prideful for me to say it myself. I feel a little reluctant to say it so…”


It seems like Ouka just did not like talking about it, and she turned her face away as though feeling embarrassed about being exposed. I understood her feelings a little after listening to what she has just said.

One would wonder if it is necessary to go this far for a single spirit, but of course it is.

That’s because one’s trusted friends might be put into danger.


Having understood her, the Black Princess said ‘Well, I see’ and changed the topic.


“Even so, you guys are really late. We have already arrived at a conclusion.”

“I guess that’s really the case.”

“Well, I guess you have decided to kill him, no?”

“No, I will put it off for now.”



What was said seemed to have fallen within the expectations of Hakunyuudou, but Kurema was so surprised at the outcome that he looked at the Black Princess without thinking.


“What is with that? That person is a human!”

“Ouka was not manipulated by him. She stuck with him by her own resolution. However, that being said, I don’t intend to leave them freely like this. That’s why I’m going to put this off until I come to a final conclusion.”

“There’s no need to come to a final conclusion for that! There’s no way humans will get along with spirits without any intention behind it!”


Well, I pretty much got along without any intention though.


“That person is someone whom Ouka has chosen for herself. It’d be too sad for Ouka if I kill him without ascertaining. You want to see Ouka’s crying face?”

“No, it’s not that I want to see it but…”


After talks about Ouka were brought out, Kurema seemed to have mellowed down as though he was poked at a sore spot.

However, even so Kurema was pretty dissatisfied at my treatment, and he still doesn’t look too agreeable even after hearing the reason.

Right then, Ouka, who was beside Kurema, drew closer to him.


“Kurema. How did you get to know about Lord Yato?”

“Eh, what’s with that suddenly…”

“It’s fine. Please just reply me.”


Ouka probed him as though she’s kind of urging him, and Kurema winced at that pressure.


“…After the spirit was revived, you are the only one at the place where you were at, so I teleported over with my powers after the extermination. I thought that I’d back you up if something goes wrong and…”

“In other words, he went to take a peek.”

“That’s not right!!!”


As Ouka’s face was right in front of him, Kurema flustered and raised his voice, when Tokusou fanned him while he was stuck in the middle of his sentence.

He might have happened to see me at that time.


“Even so, it took quite a while till the entire thing was exposed.”

“It seems like he went over to peek several times after that, saying that he’d check if he has seen wrongly.”

“Like I said, I did not peek!!”


He muttered that nonchalantly but I understood immediately that he doesn’t want it to be made known.

Kurema desperately denied after being exposed by Tokusou, but Ouka seemed to be not concerned about that right now.


“Then, was it you who disturbed us at that time?”


She seems to have prioritized on what she wanted to know the most.


“Disturb? What was that? What are you talking about?”


Having been asked that, Kurema who was glaring at Tokusou, turned his face towards Ouka with a look of confusion.

It seems like he was not lying from his reaction. Well, he does look like he’d be bad at lying.


“With this, the situation is made clear, no? Are there any objections from the others?”


It doesn’t seem like the others disagreed with her; the Black Princess received the confirmation from the other three.


“It’s fine if there’s no damage.”

“I have no objection too.”

“If that’s what lady Black Princess has decided.”

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