172 Part 5

“In that case, that settles it, I guess.”


Having received the confirmation quickly, I thought that everything would be resolved now, but it seems like there is someone who is totally not convinced by the decision.


“W-Wait a minute! If you are going to leave this fellow alone, something bad might occur to Ouka if he’s really a bad guy!!”

“If he’s a bad guy, he would have already done something bad to Ouka.”


He’s really persistent since before, this Kure-dude.

Kurema pointed his finger at me and desperately objected, but the Black Princess just brushed him off lightly.

Well, it’s true that a few months have passed since I first met Ouka.

If I’m a bad person, I would have done something already.


“In that case, at least let me monitor this guy!”


“I will check if this person is really someone trustworthy. There’s a need for someone to do this job anyway right? In that case, let me do it.”


Just earlier I was keeping quietly to myself, thinking about when I can go home, when such reaction unconsciously spilled out of me.

I think I just heard something really awful.

It seems like she does not really care about it much, as the Black Princess shook her head from side to side.


“No, you can’t do that. If something happens to you too, it’d become a problem.”


Ouka seemed to share the same sentiment and said words of worries for Kurema.

Even so, Kurema’s resolution was rock solid.


“Regardless of the past, there’s no way I’m going to lose to humans, who have lost their powers now! For that sake, I have trained hard to take over my ancestors!”

“The fact that this person is here in this country right now proves that he is not just an ordinary human; I understand your point but this person possesses unbelievable magical powers. Kurema, I’m sorry but it’s too heavy a burden for you.”


It seems like the Black Princess, who has personally experienced my magical power after trying to attack my weak spot, understood that Kurema was too rash.

Why is this dude so persistent since just now?

He’s so persistent that I am starting to think that he must have some other reason for it. Right then, Ouka drew closer to Kurema again.


“Kurema, I understand that you dislike humans and have become stronger right now. However, Lord Yato here is not the kind of human that you are thinking of. Please just back off right now.”


As though pacifying him, Ouka tried to convince Kurema.


“N-No, I was worried about you…”

“In the first place, why are you always persistent when it comes to me? You do not really care about the affairs of others. Are you picking on me?”


Wrinkling the spaces between her eyebrows with a hint of irritation, Ouka rattled on.

From what Ouka has said, it seems like Kurema was only this persistent when it comes to Ouka.

After hearing that, Kurema somehow became nervous and said ‘B-Because…’


“I’m seriously worried about you!!”


He might have said that with resolution, or it could be words that unconsciously came out of him, but Kurema earnestly shouted that while feeling a little embarrassed.

Of course, he probably shouted because he is worried about Ouka, but I sensed from the current flow that he probably has some special feelings towards her.


It seems that this person has taken a liking for Ouka.

That’s probably why he is so against letting me off.

Having understood the reason for his behavior and I muttered “Oh…” quietly, while waiting for Ouka’s reply.


“I already know that. That’s why, what I wanted to say is, why are you only treating me like this?”


However, it seemed like Ouka did not understand the meaning of Kurema’s reply and she was fed up with it.

She didn’t notice it. Not a single bit-

At this, I thought ‘Hmm’ silently to myself and looked at Ouka.


Even if she has not noticed it, she ought to have sensed something. But it seems like she doesn’t get a hint of it.

His thoughts have not reached her; Kurema pressed his head and showed an expression filled with agony.


“In that case, shall we do this?”


The Black Princess sent some timely help.


“Since you insisted on that, Kurema, why don’t you have a match with this human? I might have been mistaken about the magical power I felt from him. If you win, I will allow you to monitor him.”


Caught off guard at this unexpected proposal, both Kurema and I looked at the Black Princess, but it seems like Kurema was totally on board with the plan.


“Yes! I’ll do it!”


He is totally into it.

On the other hand, I’m honestly not up for it.


“What about you? Of course, if you win, I will let you go this time round, and I’ll overlook what have happened today.”

“In other words, you will still let me off.”

“Well, the only difference is in whether you will win or lose.”


Well, of course.

I understand, but I still feel a little comprehensive about that.

Even if I win this guy, the situation will remain unchanged.

In other words, there’s no motivation for me to do it.


“Well, I guess I have to do it…”


If not, this talk will probably drag on and go off tangent.

There’s the matter of Karen and the little foxes too.


I’m not really into it, but I have given in to the situation and agreed to it.


“That decides it.”

“Is that okay with you?”

“Well, there’s no other choice.”


Kurema will probably resist till the end if I do not agree to it. It will be faster this way.

I convinced myself and decided on it.

At first, I thought that they understood me pretty well through just words, but I guess things don’t always turn out well.


Kurema was full of motivation as he said ‘I’m definitely going to win!!’ I looked at that and sighed, thinking that things are going to get troublesome.



[Similar fellow]


“Ouka, did you not think of anything about what Kure-dude has just said earlier?”

“You mean Kurema? Was there anything strange?”

“I see… I think it’d be better if you get a bit of his hint.”



“(It’s definitely not something I should say, I think…)”

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