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Chapter 79 – One month since then – Part two


After successfully obtaining the paralyzing poison, I returned to the front of the dormitory.

Now it was no longer a place with just a bonfire in it, but we also added some other things over the past month.

After all, the dormitory has no kitchen and is a place only for sleeping. It was inevitable that the area in front of the dormitory would become our living area, so this was the result of adding what we needed.

Though well, it’s not like we added much. We mostly got some iron plates, iron pots, and other small items for our convenience.

“I’m back.” I told Florentine.

“Yo.” Florentine, who had been flicking a stone with her finger, turned my way.

Even small stones have a large destructive power when thrown by Florentine.

This too was part of the training she has been doing since she arrived at the village. Training to control her overwhelming strength.

It was something that was essential for Florentine without a doubt.

“How was it? Did you get it?” Florentine asked me.

“Yep. No issues there.” I replied.

The old woman also gave me some herbal powder to ward off monsters.

Both this and the paralyzing poison were given in exchange for a portion of the Ironhead’s meat. I had already expected those exchange conditions, so I easily accepted them.

That was all part of the plan.

“The Ironhead seems to be quite large, so if we hunt it, we should have enough meat for a whole month.” Florentine said.

This was something I heard many times since we started working on this plan.

That’s because Florentine is seriously fed up with our recent meat draught.

Hunting is hard for me and for her.

It has become easier for us to obtain nuts, fruits and fish, but wild animals are still pretty tough.

Florentine is quite eager to train her projectile throwing now that she has the goal of hunting ahead of her.

Personally speaking, I’m mostly relieved that she stopped carving that creepy wooden statue… Florentine’s seriousness about it was really tough to handle.

“What about Chace? Is he still training?” I asked.

“As usual.” Florentine replied.

In terms of hunting, Chace is the one who gets the best results.

However, these days he spends all his time training with the spear under the guidance of a master within the village, so he doesn’t have time to go hunting.

In other words, the three of us have been completely out of meat in recent times.


This plan was made by our two meat-lovers who were frustrated about our current situation and wanted to find a solution.

No, that’s not quite right. This all started with Florentine.

A small while ago, while we were eating some wild herbs and fruits, she suddenly burst into tears and shouted, ‘Meat is good!’

I was really surprised at how suddenly she started crying. She is usually strong-willed, but at that moment her meat craving was so powerful that it brought her to tears as she ate some fruits.

It was a sight that completely stunned both me and Chace. With Chace muttering, ‘What the hell is this?’ in response.

I was also at a loss in that situation, but fundamentally speaking, a younger girl was crying in front of me as she ate some fruits.

We may still be a bit unfamiliar with one another, but we’re also friends who have supported each other thus far. It was natural to want to do something about it when seeing the state that Florentine was at.

Even Chace, who was seemingly on bad terms with Florentine, also had some sense of camaraderie. Our feelings may be fundamentally different, but he still wanted to help out the crying Florentine.

And also, he wanted to eat meat too.

Thus, the plan to hunt a Demon Beast was born.

Chace’s enthusiasm for meat was strong, but Florentine was absolutely obsessed with it.

However, hunting animals was no good, because we can’t quickly catch them if they try running away.

Chace was prioritizing his training, and me and Florentine are bad at hunting, so hunting animals was not an option.

Therefore, we decided to aim for a prey that wouldn’t run away. As in, we needed to go for Demon Beasts.

We gathered plenty of information from both the villagers and the Demon Beast encyclopedia that Eil left behind. Then the three of us discussed plenty while figuring out what would be the ideal target and how we’d go about hunting it.

Chace was disappointed as he muttered, ‘I liked that lizard, but it can’t be helped.’

His disappointment was justified, as both me and Florentine thought the same thing.

The Sky Lizard was a Demon Beast that Eil hunted shortly after arriving at the village.

It definitely looked like a lizard. Something that wasn’t appetizing in the slightest.

… However, its meat was delicious. It was way better than any animal or Demon Beast meat that I have ever eaten.

Personally speaking, I prefer fruits over meat, but that Sky Lizard was an exception. Regardless of the appearance of its main body, I absolutely wanted to eat it.

However, according to the information we got from the villagers, Sky Lizards are extremely hard to find, and even the people of this village, where assassins gather, struggle to find and hunt this Demon Beast.

Some even told us that it was honestly miraculous that a student that had just arrived was able to hunt it.

In other words, since this wasn’t a prey that came our way, but one that fled instead, we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t aim for it.

It was a pity, but we had no choice but to give up.


Once Chace returned from his training, I told him that the preparations for our plan were complete.

“Alright. Let’s do it tomorrow then.” Chace told us.

Then, even though he was drenched in sweat, covered in dust, shirtless, and had bruises all over his body, Chace started moving away again.

… His training must have been quite tough today.

Though this plan is also important for the sake of his training, as it meshed well with the goals of Chace’s master, who wanted to give him some real combat experience.

In other words, Chace’s spear teacher will accompany us to the hunting ground.

Moreover, the teacher will be the one to lure out the Ironhead to our location, so as to let us execute our plan.

Also, if things go awry, the spear master will also help us out… For as long as we aren’t killed in a single blow, that is.

In other words, this is a Demon Beast hunt with a guardian accompanying us.

The three of us are finally going to take on the challenge of what Eil did alone as soon as he arrived.

Moreover, we’ll do it with a guardian by our side.

… As I thought, Eil’s presence really had a tremendous impact on our lives here.

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