My Glasses

Chapter 80 – One month since then – Part three


(Chace’s Point of View)

“Hello, misses, nice seeing you today.” My spear master said.

It was early in the morning, and we were getting our preparations for the hunt ready.

It was at this moment that my master arrived. A girl named Swallow, who has recently become ten years old.

While her long light brown hair, which is tied to her back, is fairly common. The deep dark eyes that she has are actually pretty rare. She probably has some oriental blood in her.

At first glance she has a bit of a boyish face, and she still lacks the characteristics that would make her visibly a woman, but she is definitely a girl.

And even if she is a kid, she is unbelievably good at fighting. She is good at all sorts of weapons, but she is particularly great at spears.

To put it simply, Swallow is the village’s number one spear wielder apprentice. The person she looks up to as her master is currently out due to a job, so Swallow is filling up for her master.

Right now, she was carrying a crude spear with her. A simple iron bar without a blade on its tip. The weapon that she always uses on our practice sessions.

“Hey, master, are you going to hunt with that?” I asked her.

I am beaten by this spear daily, but I still don’t think it’s right for her to bring this with her today.

After all, we’re going on a real hunt this time.

I really thought she was going to bring an actual spear with her today, but she still brought the training spear.

I don’t doubt my master’s skills, but I’d prefer it if she didn’t let her guard down.

“For an Ironhead, this much is fine.” Swallow smirked as she tapped the iron bar on her shoulder, “You can kill them with a single good stab, so I don’t need more than that.”

She giggled as she said those words, but what’s frightening about her, is that this isn’t pointless bravado. Master is saying this because she knows that this much is enough.

“You’ll be using a real spear though, Chace.” Swallow told me.

I nodded, “Because I’m still weak, so I need one.”

She nodded too, “It’s good that you’re aware.

“Remember that this isn’t practice where I can hit you two or three times with no repercussion. In a real battle you can die with a single hit.

“Don’t forget it. You’re still weak, so you cannot let your guard down until you return here.”

“I heard that yesterday too.” I told her.

“As your master, I’ll say it again and again. You’re an idiot, Chace, so I need to repeat it.” Swallow told me.

Despite her age, she really is my master, so I can’t complain too much about that.

“So, is it okay to move as planned? Or were there any changes in plan?” After nagging me enough, Swallow asked this to Cherry and Florentine.

Cherry replied by saying that there were no problems nor changes to the plan, so we could move forward.

“Things will probably work out if you all follow the plan, but I’ll be there in case anything happens. Let’s go.” Swallow told us and started moving.

And so, while being accompanied by this very reliable escort, who was smaller and younger than Florentine, the three of us headed to the mountains.


Assassin trainees were forbidden from entering the mountain.

It’s fine to go to the mountain’s foot to gather food, but we cannot go any deeper.

Someone always stopped me if I tried. Either the children accompanying me, the villagers who happened to be passing by, or even that giant cat.

That said, as I was being trained within the village, I didn’t really have many chances to try wandering deep into the mountains anyways. There were things that I had to focus on that were more important than the mountains themselves.

However, when I talked to Swallow about this plan, she straight up told me that we were forbidden from entering the mountain by ourselves.

When we arrived at the village, we were told that we could do whatever we wanted, but apparently, there are plenty of unspoken regulations.

The restriction about entering the mountain is about our safety, apparently.

However, Eil started hunting in these mountains as soon as he arrived, and the villagers didn’t really stop him.

Still, according to what master said, the Demon Beasts in this mountain are incredibly strong. Three trainee assassins would not be able to survive here for even half a day.

And on a side note, the village seems to have a way of pushing Demon Beasts away from it, because the Demon Beasts never come close to the village.

Though well, it’s not as if those Demon Beasts are dangerous to the assassins, as there are many people who are stronger than Swallow living in this village.


Guided by Swallow, we entered the mountain, and I almost instantly let out a groan, “This mountain is even more dangerous than what I thought…”

Cherry and Florentine don’t seem to have noticed it, but I could sense something… Perhaps the presence of the Demon Beasts? Or maybe I’m just sensing how dangerous this place is?

“Don’t worry too much about it. In one year time you’ll be able to walk by this place while whistling.” Swallow told me.

“Can that really happen?” I asked.

“Sure, sure. I’m training you so that you can reach that point eventually. Look forward to it.” Master replied.

“… So you’re gonna be even harsher than you have been so far?” I asked her.

“Harsh? My training? I haven’t been harsh at all though?” Master tilted her head.

And so, with master’s strangely reliable presence guiding us, the three of us arrived at a small clearing near the mountain’s entrance.

While the trees here were densely packed, and there were quite a few slopes nearby, the soil of the clearing itself seemed to be flat. The grass here was also short, and there were almost no stones that we could trip on in this area. It seemed like a fantastic place to fight the Ironhead on. Almost too good to be true.

“This is a training spot for people who want to get experience with actual battles, isn’t it?” I asked.

Florentine heaved out a sigh, “Lots were killed here.”

“Mmm?” Cherry tilted her head.

“I can’t quite explain it, but I can somehow feel where big presences have died.

“Humans’ presences quickly fade and disappear, but the presence of strong Demon Beasts last for quite a while.” Florentine explained.

“Oh? So you feel their residual thoughts?” Cherry asked.

“Residual…? I don’t know. I’m not sure.” Florentine replied.

“Don’t say anything then…” I muttered as they talked about those creepy things.

Florentine and Cherry ignored me though.

At this moment, Swallow told us, “I’ll go find the Ironhead and bring it here. Prepare everything, girls.

“And Chace, prepare yourself mentally for it.”

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