My Glasses

Chapter 109 – Glasses boy went through a critical situation without realizing it


… I regained consciousness.

My consciousness that had sunk deep into the world of sleep has now returned.

The first thing I felt, was a sense of incongruity.

There were a lot of strange things…

… Huh? Am I naked?

But I’m a hunter. I try to be as prepared as possible at any given moment, so as to let me react if a prey ever enters my range.

If the prey moves away while you’re preparing, it escapes. Hunters don’t have the luxury to be unprepared.

Therefore, as I never know when I will need to pick up my bow and head to the hunting grounds, I make sure that even if I’m resting, some minimum preparations will be ready.

It’s impossible for me to sleep naked when I was taught all that.

Also, clothes not only protect you against the cold air outside, but they also serve as a light layer of armor.

It’s not much, but it is better than nothing.

And yet… I’m like this.

I’m curious about my nakedness, but… Where is this place?

I raised my upper body and looked around… I was in a large room.

There was some furniture here, such as tables and a storage box, as well as some wall decorations, like paintings and tapestries.

It is a nice room. It’s spacious. The place I sleep at is much smaller.

… This is obviously not my room.

Nor is it a place that I know.

… Where? Where am I? What was I doing?

… I heard someone.

Someone was breathing. A slow, but steady breath. The person must be sleeping.

I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know it. I want to run outside naked and run away from this as fast as I can. That’s the impulse that came to me.

But… I endured it. Running won’t benefit anybody, not even myself.

So, I have to see it.

The reality.

Without running away.

And I must deal with it calmly and coolly.

… Alright.

I made up my mind, and looked to my side.

There was a naked person lying there, just like me.

But it was not the tanned woman.

“Eh…? Who?” I muttered.

Moreover, it wasn’t the fair-skinned woman either.

It wasn’t even the stubble-bearded old man, Glock.

It was a large young man. Probably on his mid-twenties.

He had a bright blonde hair and slightly long bangs. His body was just as well-trained as Glock’s, or perhaps even more.

His eyes were closed because he was asleep, but he still has a fearless face.

… Huh? After looking at him closely… Have I seen him before?

“Oh, you woke up?” The young man opened his eyes.

They were of a beautiful green color. They gave off a sense of sincerity and seriousness that matched well with his fearless facial features.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Hmmm?” He muttered.

“I don’t know what happened last night, but I really do like women. I don’t want to know what happened, nor do I want to hear about it. I’m sorry, but please forget about me.” I told him.

The young man paused for a moment.

While maintaining his calm face, he stood still without even blinking.

Perhaps he was trying to process what I just said.

“Rest assured, for I like women too.

“I fact, I am a newlywed, and will be a father soon.

“I understand that such a world exists, but I have nothing to do with it.

“You should be wearing your pants, by the way. I’m also wearing mine. It’s proof that nothing happened.” The young man told me.

Oh, i-is that so?

Ah, I checked it now, and I really was wearing my pants… That’s a relief. I truly am wearing them. I did not make a mistake.

… No, that’s not right.

I’ve already made a mistake. I am sleeping next to someone that I don’t know in a situation that I do not understand. This was an unbelievable failure.

“Do you recognize me? It’s not the first time we’ve met.” The young man asked.

Mmm? Let’s see…

… Ah. Maybe… “You’re a knight?” I asked.

There were four knights chasing the Obsidian Wolf.

The old man with a scar, the two women, and a young man that I had no contact with at all.

It must be this person.

“You’re right. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk, so it’s no wonder that you don’t remember me.” He told me.

I’m sorry. I really don’t remember you.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” He asked me.

Eh? Let’s see… Oh, coming to think of it… “Did I see you last night?” I half-asked half-answered.

“I introduced myself at that time, but it seems like you were too drunk to acknowledge it.

“I’m Rowae Vitan. But you can just call me Robin, most people do.” He told me.

Rowae, also known as Robin, raised his upper body.

The blanket that was on top of our bodies fell, revealing his well-trained and muscled body. A truly splendid body with no waste in it.

His Physique is about as good as Glock’s, but it’s also… Sophisticated.

Unlike Glock, who felt wild, this man seemed to have a carefully built body.

How can I describe him…? He is classy. A big, but pretty man.

“Also, let me apologize for Seriara’s and Aroro’s actions. They made you drink way too much.

“You became completely oblivious to the situation you were in, and started taking off your clothes.” Robin calmly said something that I did not want to hear.

“… No. That was my own fault.” I replied.

It’s true that I did drink what they recommended to me. I definitely have memories of drinking.

And luckily enough, I don’t seem to have any of the sickening symptoms that come with hangovers.

However, after gulping the first glass, I started feeling light-headed and also… Strong? For some reason I thought something as absurd as, ‘I can even win against my sister now!’ this was definitely my fault.

I don’t even know why I would think that I could beat my sister. I don’t have to win against her, I don’t have to even try. She is not a being that can be compared to normal humans, she is more of a beast than anything.

… And now that I’m looking back at what happened carefully… I think I can conclude that I must have gotten completely drunk after my very first glass.

I don’t want to think about it, but it really did happen. I never wanted this to happen, but I truly acted like a useless adult.

“I drank for the first time yesterday… Apparently, I’m pretty weak to it.” I told Robin.

And the most troublesome thing about all this, was that I didn’t hate it. My head felt light. I could forget my unpleasant thoughts and worries. I felt liberated under the alcohol.

“So that was your first time…? Well, I guess it was quite the stressful experience.” Robin said.

Well… Possibly.

But that’s fine for now.

“Uhn… My memory is still quite fuzzy… Did I really take off my clothes?” I asked.

“Ah, yeah. I even went along with you at first, but then we all had to stop you when you started trying to strip the bottom part.” Robin replied.

What the?

What the…?

I don’t remember any of this, but there is no reason for this person to lie to me.

This must be the truth… Somehow.

“After that, to stop Aroro from giving in to her strong desire of taking care of you, I secretly brought you here as soon as I had the chance.

“And now we’re here. Do you understand the situation?” Robin told me.

Oh, I see… So that’s how it went.

“Thank you for saving me from this crisis. I am truly sorry for causing all this trouble.” I told him honestly.

“No, you don’t need to apologize.

“Or rather, I am the one who am sorry for my colleagues’ actions. And apologizing just isn’t enough to make up for what they did.” Robin replied.


Later on, I learned that, when the tanned woman noticed that I was gone, she went on a rampage, and Glock ended up being the victim of it.

He was knocked down by the tanned woman, and was beaten over and over again until he lost consciousness.

The old man with a scar arrived just as Glock fainted though, so he was able to take him and bring him to safety.

… Which led to Glock waking up in the exact same situation as me, but next to the scarred old man instead of Robin.

He was truly shaken as he saw himself like that. He thought that he had lost something important of himself, as a man.

Because right after Glock woke up, the knights left the inn, then left Haidiga right after.

The scarred old man did not talk much, so Glock did not receive a full explanation of the events of the previous night.


As for me, I ended up creating a bit of a strong bond with Robin at the end of his stay in Haidiga, so we somehow ate breakfast together, and then I saw them off.

They walked quickly.

And the scarred old man seemed to be constantly scolding the tanned woman, who kept on looking my way, over and over again.

… Alright. Let’s forget about yesterday’s blunder. Forget it already. Let’s forget.

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