My Glasses

Chapter 110 – Glasses boy hears about the Tower of Bryne


Well then.

Glock was terribly depressed. He was muttering, “I made mistakes… Overnight with an old man…” and other things like it.

It took him a while, but eventually, he forced himself to leave.

The knights had already left too, so I was alone now.

Let’s forget everything about yesterday and start moving forward with today’s schedule.

It was still early in the morning. I may not remember what exactly happened yesterday, but the important part is that it doesn’t seem to have affected my body.

So, I should be able to have plenty of time to train today.

I didn’t have a hangover, and my body was feeling much better than normal, probably because I slept more soundly than usual.

So, I have no reason to rest. Let’s go to Goertz’s right away.


“… Ah. The man that comes home only in the morning.” Lisse glared at me.


I just arrived at the underground training room, and Lisse, who arrived earlier, gave me a freezing cold gaze.

“You’re still only a trainee, yet you’ve already created the habit of coming home only in the morning, huh!? You surely have gotten a lot better at playing with women this last night, haven’t you!?” Lisse exclaimed.

How to answer that…? Mmmm…

“On that matter, my sleepover was with a man, actually.” I replied.

“Huh? A man… Eh!? Eeeh!?” Lisse seemed confused.

Somehow, after all that happened, my final landing point was with Robin.

It was incredibly dangerous to say this out loud, but I think this was actually the safest possible way for me to spend that night.

“A man? A night with a man? Eil is a man, right? The other party a man too? A man and a man. A man with a man… A man and man… A man with… Eh? W-what does that even mean!? What’s this all about!?” Lisse was extremely troubled by this somehow.

Or rather, she seems to really want to know what actually happened.

I wonder what is she thinking… And what does she want to ask of me?

“I’ll tell you the details if you say, ‘I’m a very bad girl. Please teach me’.” I told her.

“W… Wh-what was that…!?” Lisse said.

“If you don’t say it, then I won’t ever tell you. Never.” I replied.

“… What a crazy ultimatum…!” She exclaimed.

And then… Silence.

Huh? How come? I made this joke while expecting her to hit me, but she seems to be seriously pondering about it…

“… I-I’m a very-” Lisse actually started muttering it…!?

But then, Zant, accompanied by a blond man, came down from the stairs above, entering the basement.

“Ah, Roda.” I said.

Roda was the one accompanying Zant. How rare, he doesn’t come here often.

“I need to talk to you two. Listen to me before you start training.” Roda told us.

I wonder what this is about.

Well, for now, me and Lisse followed his instructions and sat at the table. It was the same table that I used during my lessons with Sorichika.

There really were a lot of weird things near this table, though they all had some purpose to them. They were all here to help assassins hone their skills.

Roda and Zant sat down, across from me and Lisse.

Roda was wearing his usual adventurer outfit, so maybe he’ll have some work to do later today.

And Zant was as dirty as always.

“Let’s handle this first.” Roda placed a small leather bag in front of me and Lisse.

He urged us to open it with his eyes, so we picked it up and-

… Ah.

“Are those fangs of the Obsidian Wolf!?” Lisse exclaimed.

Unlike me, who was quietly surprised, Lisse openly raised her voice.

That is probably a fitting reaction to this kind of gift.

I don’t know how to react like that though… I’m sorry. I’m not showing it on the outside, but this has truly surprised me.

They were solid white pyramids that were larger than the palm of my hand. The tip was not sharp, but slightly rounded instead.

It was a weird shape that was barely fang-like, but it was definitely the fang of the Obsidian Wolf.

After all, Roda did not deny Lisse’s exclamation. This has to be it.

“You can make a knife with a fang of this size. You’ll have to pay for its processing with your own money though.

“Well, you can also sell it, but you better what your step if you do that.” Roda told us.

Wait, hold on, “Didn’t you say that we wouldn’t be getting materials from the Obsidian Wolf?” I asked.

That’s why I really wasn’t expecting anything like this at all.

But if I can really get this fang, then I would finally get the high-quality dismantling knife that I have been looking for.

“Because we got two Obsidian Wolves downed, there was some extra loot to split.

“Well, you two can still only get this much.

“… That said, Eil.” Roda stared me in the eyes, “The people who know of your contribution have said that it was natural that you got this as your reward.

“You have put on the work, and these are the results, so don’t hesitate to accept it.”

… I see.

If it was someone other than Roda that was giving this to me, then I would have refused.

But Roda was the one who was directly delivering it, so I think I should just accept it.

It was just a small detail, but at that time, I said was acting as Roda’s luggage carrier.

This was worth a lot of money. And when bargaining with adventurers, they would need to make concessions while still keeping their face somehow.

It was just a small detail, but it was also a very important one.

“If that’s how it is, then I can’t take it.” Lisse said.

It is true that she didn’t do anything, but…

“This is your reward for carrying my luggage, and also an investment in the future.” Roda told her.

“An investment?” Lisse asked.

“If you become an adventurer who can kill big games, go for it.

“Then, when you come back, treat me to something, alright? That’s my investment.

“This isn’t something that you can get your hands on easily, so take it as if you had done everything that you could to deserve it.” Roda told her.

“… Understood.” Lisse didn’t seem to entirely okay with this, but she accepted it.

“And Eil. This is the reward that I said I’d give you.” As Roda said that, he handed me a bag.

Oh, this is… Money?

… It’s a surprisingly large amount.

“Don’t go wasting it… Like in alcohol.” Roda grinned.

… Zant too was grinning.

… It seems like those two know exactly what happened last night.

“Eh? Do you drink, Eil?” Lisse asked me.

She’s the only one who doesn’t know about it.

That’s alright. She doesn’t need to know.

“Well then.” Roda started saying.

I thought this was the end of the conversation, but apparently, he still had more to say.

“Eil, you said you wanted to go back to the assassins’ village, right?”

Oh, so that’s the next topic.

“Yeah, I don’t think there is anything left for me to do here… Or rather, I can do it better if I’m not here.” I told him.

If it’s just bow training, then I should be able to do it here, in Haidiga.

But there is no need to practice in this city. In fact, it would be easier to do it in the assassins’ village.

After all, there are no outsiders there. No people who are unrelated and unaware of the situation. In the village, I can train openly.

Besides, I already searched for an archer in that village.

“So, are you interested in the Tower of Bryne?” Roda asked me.

Tower of Bryne?

Oh, right. Lisse did mention this name at one point.

“What is it? What is this tower?” I asked.

If I were to say I wasn’t interested in it, I’m sure Roda would go ahead and tell me about it anyways, so I figured I might as well hurry it up.

And when considering the timing that Roda chose to bring this up, then this tower must be related to my future as an assassin.

“It is a place to train assassins… In other words, the assassins’ school. The place that you were originally meant to go to.” Roda explained.

… Mmm?

“What about the assassins’ village? Isn’t that the school?” I asked.

Weiss Leavant invited me to join the assassins’ school, and after the hellish carriage journey, we arrived at that village.

But from what Roda just said, it seems like that wasn’t the actual assassins’ school?

“It is definitely a school, but its purpose is to teach you the basics.

“It’s fine to train there though, and you will surely grow if you get a good master.” Roda replied.

Ah, so the village too is treated as a school, then?

“At the Tower of Bryne, assassin trainees, like you two, are gathered together to enhance their skills and to improve their knowledge through friendly competition.

“You surely experienced it here for the past month. Studying under a master may be good, but there is a lot that can be learned by standing side by side with a rival.

“In the village you may learn from a master, in the tower you may learn from competition. You should choose the teaching method that best suits you.” Roda explained.

I see… There’s no need to hesitate then.

“By the way, I’ll go to it. I know some people who have already reached the Tower of Bryne.” Lisse proudly told me even if I didn’t ask.

“Oh, alright. Enjoy the trip.” I told her.

“… Annoying! Annoying!” Lisse suddenly shouted.

I don’t really get why, but I seem to have gotten her angry. She grabbed me by the chest and shook me violently.

“You like men! You like men!” She exclaimed.

Hey, this isn’t even relevant to this conversation.

And I don’t like them in the first place. I just spent one night semi-naked with a man.

… Yeah, no good. I can’t really say that.


Once Lisse calmed down from her angry and violent outburst, we could resume our conversation.

I stared at Roda and said it clearly, “Then, I’ll go to the village to-”

I wanted to finish the phrase by saying that I was going to study with a master.

“By the way, from my point of view.” Roda loudly said. Eclipsing my voice with his. As if he was already expecting my response, “You will most likely choose the village, but you’ll grow a lot more if you go to the tower, so please go to the Tower of Bryne.”

… I was completely rejected. Flat out denied.

“May I ask why?” I asked him.

If Roda can tell me something that can bend my will, then I might maybe reconsider.

Well, that’s only if he can, that is.

Please do try. Let me see if you can get to me.

Roda stared at me. He seemed to notice the challenge within my eyes.

He grinned, “It’s because you don’t have anyone worth calling an enemy at your age group.

“You’re just that strong. That’s why.

“If you were serious about it, I’m sure you would be able to easily outsmart Lisse. If you tried to kill her, you’d kill her.

“And I’m also aware that the reverse is not possible.

“What you need is a rival of your age who is above your level… Or perhaps, a friend.

“When you find this person, you will be able to go higher. Both as a hunter and as an assassin.”

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