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Chapter 112 – That night’s story – Part one


(Aroro Sebasrik’s Point of View (the tanned knight))


I heaved a deep sigh.

Regrets, remorse, self-blame, shame, inexperience… All those feelings swirled over my head, and I could only sigh as they assaulted me.

The sky high above is blue.

That same sky spreads all the way to the city that we were in until yesterday.

… I sighed once more.

I sighed every time I look up.

… And my three companions stayed silent. They stared at me from far away with cold gazes.

We, the knights of Belgirat, a country to the east of Nastiara, had subdued the Obsidian Wolf, and were now returning home.


(Luheintz Dakkedanan’s PoV (the Leader))


We were currently preparing lunch while letting our horses rest.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Aroro?” I asked.

After all, I just couldn’t settle down while seeing Aroro like that, so I decided to ask Rowan and Seriara about it, in a tone of voice low enough that Aroro wouldn’t hear.

Truly, this was quite the trip… My term as the commander of the fort at our kingdom’s border was about to end. I was meant to return to the capital of Belgirat soon.

But right before my term was over, the task of subjugating the Obsidian Wolf came.

I may have failed once and let the Obsidian Wolf escape to a neighboring country, but we were able to track it down and clean up for my mistakes.

I may be punished and demoted for this blunder, but I’m fully satisfied with the results. No civilians were killed by the escaped Obsidian Wolf, I’m fine with anything now that I have fulfilled my duty.

But in any case, we were in a forest clearing a bit away from the highway right now.

The four of us were taking a small break, using the remains of a bonfire that travelers often used while camping.

There is also a lake nearby, and there are only a few Demon Beasts in this area, so it’s a relatively safe location, overall.

After leaving here, we won’t have a break until the evening, so we’ll have to keep pushing forward until we arrive at the city where we’re planning to stay overnight.

Therefore, we have to let both ourselves and our horses rest right now.

However… Since yesterday morning, one of our companions has been so depressed, that I’m starting to get depressed just from watching her.

That person is, of course, Aroro.

“… It’s just been a long time since she’s been in love.” Seriara replied to my question.

If it’s Seriara saying it, then it must be true. She is Aroro’s best friend, after all, so she probably understands what happened the best.

Though I sometimes wonder about Seriara… She is a beauty without equal alright, but she also has striking similarities to the second princess of Belgirat, to the point that I can’t even joke about it.

Many people assume that she is a bastard child of the royal family, even.

There are also plenty of mysteries about her.

Like how nobody knows where she came from. Even if you try asking her about it, she’ll jokingly tell you that she forgot.

Most likely though, she cannot talk about it. Where she was born or who are her family.

It’s undeniable that she had the ability to become a knight, but it’s rumored that she only got her post due to some background connections.

At the end of the day though, only Seriara herself knows the truth.

“With that child?” Rowan asked.

Rowae Vitan. The third son of the Vitan family.

His family has a bad reputation of being the ‘cold-blooded earl of Belgirat’.

Or at least, that’s what commoners say. The nobility doesn’t look at the Vitans badly.

Rowae became a knight with the aim of clearing the stigma of his family’s name, so as to make things easier for his older brother who will eventually inherit the house.

However, as soon as he became a knight, Rowae became a bit disappointed when he found out that the impression that the nobility had of the Vitan house was not that bad.

In any case, he recently married his wife and will soon become a father.

For the sake of his unborn child, whenever he has a chance, he always strives to raise his family’s reputation by mentioning that he is part of the noble Vitan house.

Contrary to what his appearance may suggest, Rowae is actually quite the hard worker.

“He may look like a kid, but he is already an adult, which means he is at least 15 years old.

“Aroro is 19, so what’s the problem? An age gap of four years is not a big deal, is it?” Seriara replied to Rowae’s question.

Well, I suppose we can’t say anything about that.

Both me and Rowae married people who had more than a four years age difference to us, after all.

Like how I married the girl that I admired since my childhood, and that was five years older than me. We have spent a long time together.

And well, even if that was not the case, it would be unwise to try touching on the topic of ages when talking to women.


(Rowae Vitan’s Point of View)


While eating lunch, the three of us talked while keeping a distance from the sighing Aroro.

“In the first place, what even happened that night?” I decided to ask.

By the time I had returned from my outing, the boy was already completely drunk.

“When I arrived, Aroro was beating Glock down.” Luheintz commented.

He had returned to the tavern later than me, and what he saw was the shocking spectacle of our companion staying on top of Glock and hitting him continuously.

Luheintz told me that he thought it was something as silly as, ‘Glock must have stroked Aroro’s butt’, but this was clearly not the case.

“I don’t know where to start… I’m not sure if I have enough time to tell you everything.

“Well, why don’t you go first, lord Robin? Tell us what you saw after you entered the tavern.” Seriara mused.

Me? Let’s see…

From what I saw when I got there, the boy, who was apparently the root of the problem, didn’t look to be drunk at all.

In fact, he seemed to be perfectly sober.

But apparently, he had long become completely drunk.

And Aroro was crying by that point.

She didn’t break down crying or raise her voice though. Tears were just quietly flowing from her face.

And Seriara had burst into laughter once she saw Aroro cry.

She was pointing at Aroro as she laughed.

I really thought those two were best friends, but that merciless burst of laughter made me wonder if they actually hated one another.

And our acquaintance, the excellent adventurer, Glock, who was sitting with them, was clearly trying to escape.

Honestly, he probably refrained from running away only because he must have wanted to escape together with the boy, as he wouldn’t know what would happen to the boy if he was left alone.

I really have no idea what caused all that.

However, no matter how I looked at it, it was obvious that that was a very strange situation with a very weird mood in it. That was all I knew when I arrived.

I had simply planned on taking a bath, then going to rest early, as we were going to leave early in the next morning.

That was really my plan. I was just going to pass by the tavern, climb up the stairs to the inn, enter my room and go sleep there.

But when I saw my colleagues drinking with Glock and the boy at that table, I just couldn’t ignore it. I just had to intervene at that very strange situation.

And in hindsight, I don’t think I have made the wrong choice.


(Seriara’s Point of View)


At that night…

It all started when me and Aroro were having dinner by ourselves, when suddenly, the adventurer and the boy happened to come to the tavern.

There were some twists and turns, but we were able to join their table.

And then, the boy decided to accept the drink that Glock had suggested.

We were trying to get the boy who had never drunk alcohol before to drink.

How did we go from this to where the story ended?

Well… It was because of the atmosphere of the situation, I guess?

And I suppose I also had some influence on how things developed.

What? You think there is anything wrong with it?

Just like how a man can try getting a woman drunk to do something, can’t a woman also try to get a man drunk and do something to him?

I don’t want you to think that alcohol is a privilege that is only available for men.

Besides, a bit of alcohol can be a real lubricant oil for love, can’t it? I’m sure you two understand.

… After all, there are plenty of rumors about how lord Luheintz and lord Robin were playing around quite a bit before getting married, right?

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