My Glasses

Chapter 113 – That night’s story – part two


(Seriara’s Point of View)


Where did I leave off?

Oh, right, it was when we asked for a drink for the boy.

“Alright, I’ll choose then. Since it’s his first drink, then it’s easier if it’s something fruity. Therefore, let’s go with Zombie Rum.” Glock decided on the drink, just like the boy requested.

And that’s how his first drinking experience began.

To put it plainly, it was the worst.

You know what Aroro is like.

She has those ripe limbs. That needlessly large chest that you can easily want to rub.

Skin that feels extremely comfortable to stroke.

A firm butt that is perfect for slapping.

… What is all that body for? Is it just a decoration? She was just so bad at using it to her favor.

Well, you all know that she isn’t that good at this kind of thing, I suppose.

It seems like the first guy she went out with was quite nasty, so she started distancing herself from love after that experience.

But still, she did have one experience at least, you know? She should be able to leverage that, as an older person with more experience than that boy.

It was not an abundant amount of experience, but even scarce experience is some love experience.

But slow or bad at love couldn’t begin to describe what Aroro was like. She was so bad that I think even lord Robin would have had a better chance at courting the boy than she had.

That’s just how pathetic her flirting was. It was absolutely terrible.

“W-what about this drink next!? Wouldn’t it be good!?” Aroro told the boy.

“I can’t trust you. Once my older sister came running while trying to drag me to play, but she tripped, fell, and started crying.

“Her behavior made my parents suspect that I was the one who made her cry. Older women are dangerous.” The boy replied.

He was clearly wary of her after her attempt of making him drink strong alcohol, yet she kept on trying to force herself to get closer to him anyways.

“Did the fourth arrow you shot at that hunting ground aim at my heart?” Aroro asked him.

“I don’t get what you’re talking about. You’re being as incomprehensible as my sister.” The boy replied.

I’m not sure what she was thinking at that point. Even I, who wanted to support her, couldn’t help feeling like those incomprehensible and roundabout pick-up lines were ridiculous.

“H-h-h-h-h-hey, how about it? Why don’t you play with this older sister right here?” Aroro hugged him.

“Your behavior is way too suspicious. Also, please don’t hug me, I’ll shout.” He replied.

I thought she was finally trying to do something useful by using her adult charm at that point, but the boy simply didn’t like it when she blatantly attached herself to him.

Honestly, I kinda want to complain about his reaction too. I never thought I’d see a man who would actively show disgust when a woman presses her large chest against him.

… Well, maybe it’s just his taste, but never mind that.

The point is that the whole thing was terrible. Absolutely terrible.

The sight of Aroro making this kind of desperate attempt to court him was just too ridiculous. It was even hard to look at it.

So, I decided that I should try intervening a bit.

“Why don’t we have another drink?” I suggested.

The boy had drunk the rum surprisingly easily. Apparently, he liked the alcohol.

So, I decided to interrupt Aroro’s clumsy attack and switched to the approach of letting the boy consume more alcohol.

Even Aroro, as bad as she was at this, must have realized that it would be impossible to get things to work out the way they were going, so she agreed to my suggestion.

She also drank alcohol together with him as she kept on trying to court him.

Though now that I think about it, I can now understand that the boy was already drunk by that point.

That is probably why he didn’t react well when hit by Aroro’s chest.

I mean, men can be happy even with smaller ones, right? There’s no way he wouldn’t react to Aroro’s chest at all.

You two can understand when considering what your wives are like, right?

Huh? Bad throat? This coughing surely came at a convenient time.

Well, back to the story.

While I can now say that the boy was drunk, at that time I really thought he was behaving just like normal.

His behavior was mostly the same as usual, and he was able to properly answer questions aimed at him.

Nothing about him overlapped with the behavior of people who drink so much that they sleep on the streets.

As such, the boy continued to quietly drink, without any resistance, as me and Aroro encouraged him to.


(Luheintz’s Point of View)


I was curious about the continuation of the story, but our lunch break was over, so it was time to leave.

“We were just getting to the climax though. We were soon reaching the point where lord Robin appeared.” Seriara complained.

“I’m curious about it, but that’s all there is to it.” I replied.

And after that, everyone followed my instructions, cleared out the camp, then moved out.

Under these clear skies, our four houses galloped over the seemingly endless highway.

While we moved, I could hear Aroro trying to reply to some questioning from Seriara, “Eh? Ah, well, you know… Uhn… No, it’s not like that.

“Not like that? Uhn.. Yeah, maybe… I mean, no, not this. Isn’t this too much?

“I think it was more like… Well, maybe it was more like that? Or perhaps like…

“But then, it’s not like that, but more like, but also like, the opposite.

“No, not this opposite, but more like…”

Seriara seemed to be attentively listening as their horses ran side by side.

Undoubtedly, she was obtaining extra material for when we continue the story tonight.

I couldn’t quite understand what Seriara asked, and Aroro’s replies came too fragmented to let me make any sense of it, so I decided to not worry about it. I will certainly find out about it tonight, after all.

So, me and Robin pretended to not hear anything as we continued moving forward.

By the evening, we arrived at the city on schedule, so we immediately rented a lodging.

Our journey will continue for a while longer.

Tomorrow we will get back on our houses early in the morning, so we need to properly heal our fatigue today, as tomorrow too will be quite taxing on us.

This is especially true for me, as I’m a bit older than everyone else. I can’t be too unreasonable on my body.

Even if my training schedule is the same as the youngsters’, I’m just not the same as them in terms of stamina.

The slight dull pain in my back also worries me a bit, so I made sure to soak in the bath properly to heal my fatigue.

I almost dozed off in the bathtub, in fact, but I was able to notice it and decided that it was about time to leave.

Then, I headed to the dining room, where I had made an appointment with my subordinates.

The sun had already set by now.


(Luheintz’s Point of View)


Two of my subordinates were in the dining room.

They seemed to be eating and drinking already.

“What about Aroro?” I asked.

“She said she was going to rest early. She finished dinner and already went to her room.” Seriara replied.

Well, she has been depressed since yesterday, so I suppose it can’t be helped.

I too feel like going to sleep already, actually, but for a completely different reason.

I want to quickly eat, have a few drinks, then jump onto the bed.

I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep soundly as soon as I lay down. I’m way too tired right now.

But that will have to wait.

“Lord Luheintz is here, so please continue the story, Seriara.” Robin told her.

I usually don’t show much interest in other people’s love lives, but I do want to know what happened this time.

“Hold on a second. Let me get some cheap wine first… Alright, this one is good.” I ordered a cheap drink from the bartender.

Then, Seriara opened her mouth, “Alright.

“Before anything else though, let me share some information that I got today.

“When I asked Aroro, ‘when did you fall in love with him and what do you like about him?’ She told me that she noticed that she liked him when she felt like she really needed to protect him from my poisonous fangs.

“Aroro definitely wanted to thank him for helping her too, so she wondered if she could teach him about what it was like to be with an adult woman… From the moment she started to think this kind of thing, she became more and more conscious of him and started liking him more and more.

“I don’t know how many times I felt like puking while hearing her say that, but I somehow endured it until the end.”

And so, after providing this supplementary explanation to us, with a cold expression on her face, Seriara went to the climax of the story.


(Seriara’s Point of View)


Aroro and I didn’t realize that the boy was already drunk, so we ordered more and more alcohol and kept on pushing it on him.

“Hey, hold on a second…” Glock commented.

Glock had mostly been on the sidelines until now, but he decided to intervene. Probably because of his monetary situation.

After all, we did give a bit too much alcohol to the boy.

I had forgotten about it because the boy continued to drink without any hesitation, but this was a bit too much for someone who was drinking for the first time.

But even at this point, the boy did not seem to be drunk.

“Alright, alright. We have all drunk a fair bit, so why don’t we play a game?” Glock suggested.

It was probably a plan to stop the boy from drinking any further, as we were only ordering expensive drinks, so Glock must have really wanted to cut down on the costs.

“I have a few dice here; we’ll play with those.

“We all throw a die each. The person who rolls the biggest number wins, and the person with the lowest number loses.

“The person who loses must either play a punishment game or have a drink.

“The contents of the punishment game shall be decided by the winner, but if the loser decides to drink instead, then the winner must drink too.

“So, essentially, you have to make moderate punishment games, or you’ll be forced to drink too. The thrill of the game is to aim for a barely passable line. The thing that is just enough to make the loser still want to do it without escaping from the punishment with the drink.

“As for the drink itself… Of course, Zombie Rum. It’s a cheap and strong drink, so it’s perfect for this kind of thing.”

It was a simple game. The one with highest number wins, lowest number loses, and winner can give a punishment game to the loser.

If the loser refuses to complete the punishment game, they have to drink, but then the winner will drink too.

It was fairly straight-forward and we only needed one die to play.

Oh, and if a tie occurs, whoever rolled the die later ends up counting as the higher result.

And well… You realized it, don’t you?

This is where it all started.

The entire situation was set. A big mess coming was inevitable.

But it was only after the game started that we realized it.

That the boy was already completely drunk.

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