My Glasses

Chapter 114 – That night’s story – part three


(Seriara’s Point of View)


The game that Glock proposed went around twice without any incidents.

I was told to tell them about my history with men, and about how many men I have made cry.

… Yes, I lost twice.

I suppose I was just unlucky? Well, in any case, my unluckiness doesn’t matter much for the story, so let’s just move on.

The game had been run two times.

Nothing much had happened until that point.

Because the boy had yet to win or lose.

But in the third game, it happened.

“Oh, it’s Eil’s loss.” Glock said.

“I-I won…! I wooooon! Woooooooah!” Aroro exclaimed.

The boy lost and Aroro won.

It was the worst possible combination… Though well, for Aroro, the greatest opportunity had come.

However… She had been drinking for quite a bit with the boy, so I suppose it couldn’t be helped that she let out a victorious roar like that one.

“W-we-we-well… Ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-kiss. How about a kiss!?” Aroro asked him.

I blame Aroro for this.

I blame her for stuttering like this. To talk in such a clumsy way, while having such a dangerous expression that would make anyone get wary of her.

However, at the time, I did think that this offense was a true winning move. It was not a bad choice.

It’s something that makes use of the drunken courage, and it’s not particularly strange to say this kind of thing at a drinking party.

Even if the other party refuses you, you can always make excuses about how you were drunk and didn’t think things through, so you can keep things the same as they were before.

Well, if it was me, I would have made use of the situation to kiss without even asking first though. I would not have given a choice to the other party.

And then, after that… Fufufu…

Ah, I apologize for my impoliteness. I was trapped in a bit of a lustful delusion for a moment.

But this was the moment where we finally understood it.

“Okay. I’ll undress.” The boy said. *

That the boy was drunk.


(Seriara’s Point of View)


“Undress?” Both me and Glock tilted our heads as we repeated the boy’s words.

“Uuuhhyoo!” Aroro raised a very vulgar shout as she saw the boy take off his shirt.

It couldn’t be helped. She was really drunk.

In the first place, she’s a coward who cannot woo a man without the power of alcohol. An absolute idiot who does not know how to use that splendid body of hers to seduce someone.

“… It’s hot.” The boy let out a sigh.

“H-hey, hold on…” Glock muttered as he saw the boy start his next move.

For the boy had reached out for the Zombie Rum on the table. He drank the remaining half of the bottle in one gulp, then cleared his throat.

Me, Glock and Aroro went silent.

… After a few seconds, the boy said, “Well then, shall we continue?”

He truly looked sober.

His face didn’t turn red, and his tone wasn’t particularly strange.

But there was something weird about his behavior. Something that we couldn’t clearly explain, but that we could easily understand.

It was obvious that he was doing something wrong, but was unable to understand what his own actions meant.

Me and Glock exchanged glances.

We understood that the boy’s behavior was strange, so it was about time to break up.

That was our intention at least.

… But there was one person at our table who could not read the mood.

“Alright! I’m going to undress too!” Aroro exclaimed.

It was clear that Aroro was completely drunk. She was acting like the typical drunkard who falls asleep on the streets. That kind of drunkenness was clearly visible on her face.

And, she must have gotten really excited when seeing the boy take off his shirt. Her emotions must have been running wild.

However, the boy stopped Aroro from undressing.

“No good.” He said.

“Eh…?” Aroro said.

“Because I’m the one who will undress.” The boy stated.

I wasn’t even sure if he understood what he was saying, but the boy was saying this kind of thing with a completely straight face.

“While I’m undressing, I won’t let anybody else undress.” The boy said.

If we don’t take the meaning of the words into account, the way he said it was actually kinda cool.

But fundamentally, it was just a drunkard saying nonsense to a drunkard.

I really thought it was like that. I thought there was no bigger meaning behind it. I figured it was futile to try looking for logic behind the words of a drunkard.

And Aroro… She started crying as she heard those words. She burst into tears.

“You… You don’t like boing…?” She asked him with a thin and small voice. A voice that sounded just like a little girl’s.

Those unexpected words hit me hard. They just somehow made me snap, and I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into laughter.

Looking back on it now, I don’t think it was that funny, but… Well, I had already been drinking for quite a while at that point, so please understand that I wasn’t thinking properly either.

And it was at around that time that lord Robin joined us.

“Hey, what is all this fuss about?” Lord Robin asked us.

I was laughing out loud. I tried suppressing it to explain the situation to him, but I just couldn’t do it in time.

The boy reacted faster than me.

And as you all know, the boy was still half-naked.

Aroro was looking at the boy with an expression that could only fit an adult woman… She was no longer Aroro. She was now Eroro. **

“Nice to meet you. It’s boobs, not boing.” The boy said.

And well, what happened next?

“Nice to meet you. I’m Rowae Vitan.” Lord Robin replied. ***

Lord Robin’s response was quite chaotic, wasn’t it?

To have the courage to make a normal reply, without even changing his facial expression, while responding to someone who introduced himself in such a nonsensical manner… It was truly impressive.

“Huh!? Do you dislike boing!?” Eroro shouted.

“Boing is no good. It’s boobs.” The boy replied.

The boy was oddly fixated on this matter related to chests.

However, he was not lowering his gaze at all. He was talking to Eroro while looking her directly in the eyes. He was saying things with a clear and direct tone.

I would have felt a bit more relieved if his words were lascivious in some way, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

Honestly, I felt like I was seeing a glimpse of something truly horrifying.

“Then, I’ll undress!” Eroro exclaimed.

“You can’t. Undress I am.” The boy replied.

“Wait wait wait wait! That’s no good! Wait!” Glock shouted.

While saying something that was clearly grammatically wrong, the boy stood up and put his hands on his pants.

Glock, who had just been watching this from the sidelines, trying to not get involved and just waiting and seeing what was going to happen, now raised his voice and tried to intervene.

Lord Robin was faster and reflexively stopped the boy with force though.

He had a nice timing alright.

As the boy was not hesitating in the slightest, we did not have the luxury to tell him to wait without doing anything.

If lord Robin had been even a second late, then the boy’s pants would have fallen and… Well, then Eroro would have become a wild beast.

“Stop it! If you take off your underwear in public, you’ll be arrested!” Glock exclaimed.

“It’s alright.” The boy calmly said to Glock, with a pointlessly dignified face, “Because I will take my pants off properly.”

“Don’t do it! You’re seriously going to jail!” Glock shouted.

… That was really, really dangerous.


(Luheintz’s Point of View)


“After that, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

“I hit the boy on the head and knocked him unconscious. Lord Robin made use of the opportunity to retrieve the boy and take him away from the tavern.

“In the meantime, Glock distracted Eroro to let lord Robin have a chance of escaping.

“However, when Eroro realized that the boy was gone, she started violently attacking Glock.” Seriara told us.

I see… I nodded to her words after hearing this far.

“And it was at that moment that I entered the tavern, right?” I asked, to which Seriara nodded.

At that time, I ended up having to stop Aroro’s rampage, then apologize for my subordinates’ misbehavior to everyone in the tavern.

The people there had all gone completely silent as they stared at the fuss that my subordinates were causing.

In the end, I was able to settle things by paying for the bills of all customers that were currently at the tavern.

And that’s the end of the story. We now know the whole story of what happened at that night.

I felt a sense of accomplishment from managing to hear all that with a straight face.

But I was also somewhat tired after hearing this long story, and I also felt an indescribably heavy aftertaste.

It was not a feeling of despair, but it was not a happy feeling either… It was just weird, and heavy.

After a small moment of silence, I came to my conclusion. “… Well, I suppose that’s it then.

“That boy is our benefactor, so… Let’s just forget it.

“The whole story that happened at that night,” I lifted my cup, “don’t tell anyone about it.”

Seriara and Robin both clashed their cups with mine.

Our knightly oath was now made. This story of boing and boobs shall be kept a secret.


* Translator’s Note: “Kisu” means “Kiss” in Japanese. “Nugisu” means “undress” in Japanese. Eil misunderstood Aroro’s words because he was drunk and because she stuttered. This was lost in translation because kissing and undressing don’t sound similar in English.

** Translator’s Note: “Ero” comes from “Erotic”. Seriara is making a pun with Aroro’s name here.

*** Translator’s Note: In Japanese, it’s common to omit a few words when introducing yourself. If you say “Nice to meet you. Eil.” the other party will understand that you meant, “Nice to meet you. My name is Eil.” With the way that Eil’s sentence was structured, its meaning could be interpreted as, “Nice to meet you. My name is boobs, not boing.” Which is why Robin replied with a self-introduction.

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