My Glasses

Chapter 115 – Glasses boy is troubled


“… I don’t get it.” I muttered to myself.

Why is it like this? What am I doing wrong?

No matter how many times I attempt it, I’m not getting any different results.

Or rather, I’m not getting the results I want.

The extra power is too weak. The strength is definitely being attached, but…

I sighed.

I was currently in the middle of the forest near Haidiga, right at the foot of the mountain, a place that the Demon Beasts have yet to return to.

Due to the influence of the Obsidian Wolf, the ecosystem of the mountain is still considerably disturbed, but it seems like the Demon Beasts are gradually returning to their home.

There are people keeping watch on the situation, and Roda said that they expect things to normalize in about a month.

Today, I only trained in the morning, then went hunting in the afternoon.

And right now, five wild birds were lined up in front of me.

The first had an arrow stuck to its thin neck.

The second had an arrow piercing through its body.

The third had its neck broken.

The fourth also had a broken neck.

The fifth too, had a broken neck.

As far as hunt results go, this was perfect.

After all, the Body Heat Vision of the Glasses was just too convenient. To the point that it might even make my hunting skills go rusty if I rely too much on it.

But… But it just wasn’t right.

It was too strange. No matter how much I thought about it, this was just weird.

I came here today to test the Gift that I registered on the hunt the other day.

Full Impact, the Gift of Ainliese.

I was sure that this Gift was going to be what fixed the problem of insufficient firepower with my bow. That’s why I was trying to test it out now, so as to learn how to properly incorporate it into actual combat.

However… It’s not as powerful as I expected.

I saw it clearly during the battle. Ainliese’s arrow was strong enough to knock off the huge leg of the Obsidian Wolf, who was standing still in battle stance and firmly using it to maintain its balance.

If a single arrow can have that much impact. Even if I missed a vital point, I should still be able to kill a large wild boar in a single shot.

At the very minimum, when the targets are light and small birds, then I should be able to hunt them with just the impact of the arrow alone. I wouldn’t even need to hit them.

And yet, contrary to my expectations, the generated impact was weak.

Shooting an arrow at a thin tree didn’t even break it. It just blew off some of its bark.

No matter how many times I tried, the result only amounted to this much.

I thought that maybe it would only be properly effective against living creatures, so I tried testing it against wild birds.

The bones in the area hit by the impact were broken, but it was the same level of impact as hitting them with a wooden stick.

Even if I aimed directly at the neck, it was only enough to break the neck bone of the bird.

It was definitely enough to prove that the impact was occurring, but the level of impact was about the same as what I got when I shot the tree.

There is no doubt about it. The Gift is working.

I can hear the sound of the impact, and I do feel my magical power being drained when I use this.

But the effect is weak.

No matter how much magical power I put into Full Impact, the extra firepower gained was just way too small.


I am aware that Gifts registered by my Glasses are not reproduced at full power.

Me using Full Impact should only have about half as much power as what Ainliese can produce.

Basically, my Glasses creates degraded copies of other people’s Gifts. Even it allows me to have many Gifts, they will never be as good as the originals.

This is how the Glasses works.

And well, I don’t think this Gift is inferior to others, even if there are limits to the power of the replicated Gifts.

That said… This power loss can’t be caused just by the limitations of the Glasses.

Half the effect of Full Impact, when that Gift was strong enough to throw off the balance of an Obsidian Wolf? There is no way that it should be this weak.


Alright, let’s do this.

After thinking about this for a while, I made up my mind.

Now that a decision has been made, I can quickly act on it.

I tied the birds together, put them on my shoulders, then ran back to Haidiga at full speed.

It’s only for this year, but for now, I have teachers that I can rely on. It would be a waste to spend so much precious time pondering about this alone.

I can still rely on those teachers for now.

And well, while I may not want to let other people understand how my Glasses work, there is one person who, unfortunately, already knows what my Gift does.

And since this person already knows about it, then I have no reason to hide it from him anymore.

That said, when considering the timing of all this, I’d prefer it if I didn’t do anything that would lead to me owing him something… Hopefully our conversation won’t make anything of the sort happen.


I belatedly joined the afternoon training, and while I was there, I asked Zant to call Roda for me tonight.

Late in the night, Roda did come to the house that me and Lisse were living in. And he was bringing snacks and… Sake?

… I’d rather not see any alcohol near me for a while…

I asked Lisse to return to her room early, then I sat across from Roda and declined his invitation to drink with him.

Then, I decided to talk about the main topic straight away, “I tried your Gift out today, but the Flower Bolt was too weak.”

Roda already knows a lot.

Therefore, there is no reason to hide the abilities of my Glasses from him.

That said, I still have no intention of openly speaking about the specific details, so I decided to lie a bit here.

“Oh? The effect of my Flower Bolt was too weak?” Roda asked me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

At this moment, he grinned widely.

Then, he poured the sake into his cup, and slowly took a sip of it.

When he was done, he said, “So, Full Impact didn’t have as much power as what you saw in the battle against the Obsidian Wolf, I assume? It was even weaker than what you had expected, right?”

… How does he know it?

… Roda really is amazing.

Am I showing my thoughts in my face somehow? I don’t think I’m showing them at least, but still…

“Eil, let me tell you one thing first and foremost.” Roda grinned and pointed his index finger up, “Gifts can evolve.”

… Evolve?

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