My Glasses

Chapter 121 – Glasses boy, and the time spent before the departure


A few days have passed since I made the decision to go to the Tower of Bryne.

During those days, each of us made the most of the final teachings that we could get from our masters.


Chace, yesterday, accepted the challenge of a little girl called Swallow, his master in spear training. They spent the whole day sparring.

And today, Chace said he was going to sleep through the entire day. He must still be sleeping even now.

In any case, I watched them train at one point, and it was quite impressive.

If they were using real spears, she would have definitely killed Chace during that spar.

From what Chace told me, it was pretty common for them to train by sparring, and it basically resulted in her beating him over and over again with her spear.

And the reason Chace was always half-naked, was because, ‘it hurts more when I get hit’, apparently.

As in, it hurts more if he is hit directly instead of hit over his clothes.

‘It’s because I’m an idiot who struggles with remembering things. It’s easier to remember things that hurt.’ Chace told me.

I don’t think that makes much sense, nor do I know if it’s effective in any way.

However, I think I can understand why Chace is getting stronger at such a fast pace.

It’s because that thug hates losing.

Even if it’s against his master, he still gets frustrated as he keeps on losing.

Perhaps the best shortcut to become stronger, is to be a sore loser.


Florentine goes to the place of the bald blacksmith old man each day, but what she does there is a bit unusual.

Her Anomalous Ogre gift is apparently quite troublesome for her master. He seems to worry about it more than her, even.

To put it simply, Anomalous Ogre greatly increases her strength. It’s a Gift that I never heard of before, so it’s probably a very rare Gift… And well, this Gift increases her strength to tremendous levels.

In other words, she’s already way too strong. She can kill people just by grabbing them or by throwing things at them.

She can also easily break objects if she holds them with too much strength, so…

If one were to give her a weapon and train her in its usage, would it allow her to make full use of her Gift?

The circumstances of a battle are ever-changing, and she might fight enemies that her weapons might not work fully against.

If she is trained in a way where she can’t fight without weapons, wouldn’t it be a waste? When she is already this strong with her bare hands?

Would it be a good idea to make her a mediocre fighter with weapons? One that becomes uneasy without a weapon in her hands?

In the first place, weapons can’t withstand Florentine’s superhuman strength for long. Any weapon that she wields would break in no time.

When weapons are deteriorating this fast in her hands, won’t they become useless during a battle?

Therefore, with all this in mind, her master decided that it was best to teach Florentine to become stronger by fighting with her bare hands.

That was the conclusion that he reached.

On a side note, Florentine says that she is a pacifist, so she doesn’t know how to fight… I think that’s an absolute lie.

But I do think it’s true that she has no specific guidelines or ideals related to when and how she wants to fight.

Which is probably why she accepted the idea of training her bare-handed combat, as recommended by her master.

She trains by throwing, grabbing, punching and kicking nearby objects. Her training involves the enhancement of this kind of primitive strength.

That said, she has yet to learn how to fully control her Gift, so she may need to prioritize that over properly mastering a fighting style.

… But I wish she would graduate from wood carving soon.

I don’t know who told her to do it, but please make her stop this. I’m begging you.

In any case, Florentine also seems to have two Gifts.

The first one is Anomalous Ogre.

The other, just like Zant’s, is a Gift that I cannot read.

I wonder… Is Florentine aware that she has two Gifts? Or is she oblivious to it?

… I can’t really ask her about it.


Cherry was training as a magician, and when she was resting due to running out of magical power, she also studied poisons and medicines under the apothecary old lady.

After I returned to the village from Haidiga, I also started going to the old lady’s place to learn about poisons and medicine together with Cherry.

I know nothing about magician training though.

However, the old lady seems to like Cherry more than me, so she teaches her about some drugs and poisons that she doesn’t teach me.

It’s a bit frustrating, but perhaps it’s just because I’m not suited to learning it.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to learn about deadly poisons, so there is part of her knowledge that I want nothing to do with.

The same doesn’t hold true for Cherry though, as she wants to become a real assassin.

I’m not sure how much she is learning about being a magician though… But well, it’s something related to her Gift, so it’s not something I can simply ask.


Lisse is learning how to fight with her sword by training with the old man who was the driver of that hellish carriage trip, ‘Horse’.

Zant was the one who taught her sword fighting back in Haidiga, but Zant wasn’t particularly good at it.

He defeated Lisse not with his skill with the sword, but with his sheer overwhelming speed and strength instead.

So, Lisse’s response to training here has been quite different to what it was like in Haidiga.

She also seems to spar with her master from time to time, just like Chace spars with Swallow.

Lisse and Chace also seem to view each other as rivals, though Lisse is the stronger one.

Oh, and her control over the Shadow Hunter Sword has improved considerably. At the very minimum, she no longer destroys a sword after a single swing with it.


As for me…

“Can you feel it?” My master asked.

“The second one is shaking.” I replied.

“Good. Aim.” He told me.

Blindfolded, I aimed my bow and shot an arrow at the invisible darkness.

There was a sound of an arrow hitting something.

The second one shook a lot.

“Underwhelming.” My master clicked his tongue.

“I missed?” I asked.

It’s shaking quite a bit, so I’m sure I hit it…

“Not in the middle.” My master told me.

… Oh, I see?

I aimed at the middle, but I missed it?

“You’re starting to hit though.” My master told me.

I took off the blindfold and put on my Glasses.

We were near the forest, at the foot of the mountain, right in front of the area inhabited by Demon Beasts.

In front of me was that dense forest that I couldn’t see through without the Night Vision of my Glasses.

“Well, you’ve improved quickly. I didn’t expect you to make it this far in only two months.” My master told me.

Oh? This must be the first time he has ever praised me.

In front of me was a dark-skinned man with a rare black hair and black beard… A middle-aged man with the characteristics of one who came from the desert. He is quite the handsome man.

And he is also my bow master, Scorpion.

However, this man does not have his left arm.

Like Roda, he used to be both an adventurer and an assassin. He used to be known as the ‘Unparalleled Red Star of the Desert’, due to his incredible skill with the bow.

But after losing his arm 10 years ago, he became unable to use it.

I haven’t heard anything else, so I assumed Scorpion didn’t want to delve any further into this topic.

In any case, even if he could no longer teach me the technical aspects of using a bow, he was still able to teach me how to work on my intuition while wielding one.

So, he has been taking care of me since.

What I have learned from him over the past two months, was the ability to sense invisible targets.

I have a special sight-related Gift, the Glasses.

Conversely, if I lose my Glasses, my firepower will surely drop tremendously.

Ever since I became able to use my Glasses, I started feeling like I may have been relying too much on them.

But what if something happened? What if they were taken out of my face? Lost in a back alley? Fell off in the middle of the battle?

I may be able to create new Glasses, but relying on that just means I’ll become even more dependent on my Glasses. I may start panicking if I ever arrive at a situation where my Glasses are not available.

Well, I might be overworrying about it, but I do think my hunting skills will drop if I start relying too much on my Glasses.

So, I wanted to train my usage of the bow, relying only on the bow itself.

And that’s what I have been learning. The ability to perceive nearby objects for as long as they’re moving.

It’s the ability of a hunter… No, of an adventurer. The ability to sense the presence of others… Slowly, I’ve started getting better at understanding how to feel this.

And that’s why it’s so frightening that there are people who I can’t perceive, even though I have been practicing this sense for a long while now.

It’s scary to have someone stand behind me without me noticing them, or to have someone sneak up on me.

Like what happened back at the Leavant mansion, or with the inhabitants of this village.

What I have been learning from Scorpion, was how to sharpen these senses that I was already aware of.

Furthermore, to hone these senses while still wielding a bow.

It’s training that lets me sharpen my senses while I am in a combat stance.

Perception is faster than sight. If I can notice the target before I see it, I will be able to aim faster and shoot arrows faster than I do now.

I wasn’t able to do it at all at first, but… Surprisingly, it’s actually possible to do this.

At the start, I was only able to vaguely notice the presence of things near me, but now I can sense them to some extent even while they’re farther away, and I can aim at them with my bow.

I couldn’t see them while blindfolded, but there were targets tied to the tree branches with ropes. The goal of the training was to aim at the target shaken by Scorpion.

However, I am still aiming only at targets that are straight ahead, and it takes me time to properly perceive them.

This is not at the level where it can be used in actual combat.

But I can practice this at any time, so all I need to do is to keep training.

I already got the vague feeling of it. What comes next is to polish this skill.

“Alright. This should be the end of our training. From here on out, you should be able to improve by yourself.” Scorpion told me.

I straightened my posture, then bowed to him, “Thank you very much.”

It’s always important to thank and respect one’s master. I won’t forget to do this much.

“… Sky Lizard.” Scorpion muttered.

I stayed silent.

“My dearest Asan wants to eat one. You’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you? So please hunt one before you leave.” Scorpion told me.

… Alright.

That giant cat… Well, it’s not a cat. It’s a Demon Beast, the Sand Walker.

But it’s a Demon Beast that is apparently owned by Scorpion. And its name is Asan.

Apparently, it means ‘White Moon’ in an ancient desert language.

I ended up hearing a lot about her. From Scorpion’s first encounter with Asan to all their memories together.

Scorpion is really proud of her.

I’ve listened to him talk about her so many times, that my eyes now naturally start closing when he starts talking about her.

So, when the cat’s name comes up, I no longer show any response.

If I give him a half-hearted agreement in response to his praises, I’ll get scolded. And if I disagree, I’ll get scolded too.

Therefore, it’s best to just nod and stay silent. Silence is the best here.

Which is why I decided to quietly agree to his demand and leave.

After all, I also want to eat the Sky Lizard, so it’s convenient that he asked me to hunt it.

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