My Glasses

Chapter 122 – Glasses boy further realizes the power of the Glasses on the day before the departure


It was night.

Each of us has spent our last day in the village now.

Whether it was because of preparations for tomorrow, or because of particularly harsh last day assignments from our masters, every one of us immediately retreated to our rooms after dinner.

Even Chace went back to sleep after he ate dinner.

“… I won’t see you again for a while.” I muttered.

I was no exception. I was already in my room and was planning on going to bed early in preparation for tomorrow. I even turned off the lights of my room already.

But besides me, there is her.

Yep, that gigantic cat is here.

The partner of my master.

They have a troublesome relationship, it seems, but my master’s partner isn’t even a human, but a cat… Or rather, this isn’t even a cat.

But well, this cat sometimes comes to my room and sleeps with me.

I think she goes to the room of a different assassin trainee each night, actually. It’s particularly easy to know her location when she goes to Lisse’s room.

I don’t know why this cat comes.

Maybe it has a role to fulfill, or perhaps it’s just on a whim.

But well, I don’t mind it either way.

This cat, the Sand Walker, was originally a Demon Beast that lived in the desert. Scorpion must have brought her here from the desert.

And from what I’ve heard, the desert is extremely hot.

Which is why this cat seems to be resistant to the heat, which leads to her mercilessly coming to our rooms even in the middle of summer.

And since her body temperature is higher than that of a human, when the two of us are alone in a small room, it quickly becomes quite hot.

But even then, I’ve been quite moved by having her by my side, so I don’t really kick her out.

Honestly, I can’t help thinking that she is cute.

She’s so cute that I can’t even look coldly at Scorpion when he starts bragging about her.

Roda once said that he wanted to have a dog that looked like a wolf. I don’t know if he was serious or not, but I think I’d prefer a cat.

It’s not realistic to keep a cat of this size though, so a normal cat would be fine.

There were cats back in my village too, but thanks to my sister chasing them around in an attempt to show affection, they all became extremely wary of humans, and started running away as soon as a human approached them.

Even if the owner of the cat called them, they still did not stop being vigilant. They watched carefully, with their ears up and tails down.

As such, I wasn’t able to have much contact with the cats of my village.

But this cat? It feels quite nice, doesn’t it? Even if she isn’t really a cat.

She doesn’t talk like a human does, she doesn’t want to know my personal information like a human does, she never makes demands, doesn’t hold me accountable, nor does she impose unreasonable things upon me like humans do.

And she’s not even a cursed stag beetle. Her only downside is that she likes meat a bit too much.

And above all that, I don’t need to lie to myself when near this cat. I can freely expose myself without worries.

I wonder when it happened… When did I allow my heart to open up to this cat?

I’ve never trusted humans much, not even my master, so this is a different feeling.

… Pets are nice.

I think I’m going to have a cat in the future.

… Coming to think of it, Lisse remained scared of this cat until the very last day.

At first, she made quite the fuss, saying that this cat was going to eat humans, and that its head was bigger than ours and that it could use its mouth to gobble us down.

Lisse seems to be a bit more used to the cat by now, but she still doesn’t let her guard down.

And each time Lisse made a statement about how this cat is dangerous, Florentine made a reply like, ‘Idiot. Do you think cats eat humans?’

And then she ignored Lisse’s rebuttal that said, ‘This isn’t a cat no matter how you look at it.’

Well… I think Lisse is right though. This cat probably eats humans.

Even if Asan doesn’t attack humans, I still think that it is a Demon Beast that will attack and eat people.

It’s certainly a meat lover alright.

…. But well, it doesn’t really matter.

I laid down together with it, and then stroked the head of the sleeping cat.

Its smooth fur is quite comfortable.

I like this fur… I want it.

I wonder if I could hunt a Sand Walker if I went to the desert? Would Asan still think of other Sand Walkers as its companions? Would it hate me if I hunted one?

That would be no good!

Let’s give up on that idea and content myself with touching this smooth fur.

And while stroking her silky fur, I vaguely started thinking about the Gifts that I registered so far.


After returning to the assassins’ village, I was able to register three Gifts from the villagers here.

From Scorpion, Demon Beast Tamer.

From Swallow, Float.

From Horse, Mist.

Also, the old lady that teaches poisons had a Gift that I couldn’t identify, but she said something about it being related to poisons.

Therefore, it’s possible that she has a Gift that I don’t know. I think I might be able to register it if I get some information on her Gift somehow.

In any case, Demon Beast Tamer is the power to communicate with Demon Beasts.

Some time back, the driver of that hellish carriage trip, Horse, told me about Asan, and how it was contracted to someone in the village.

It’s possible that the evolved version of the Demon Beast Tamer gift allows one to create contracts.

I tried setting the Gift on my Glasses, but I was still unable to communicate with the cat though.

As for Float, it’s a Gift that manipulates one’s weight.

I wasn’t sure how to use it at first, but after a single day of watching Swallow train with Chace, the usage of the Gift became clear.

Swallow uses this Gift with fine precision and incredible speed.

By increasing her weight, her attacks become heavier. By reducing her weight, she becomes more agile.

And she is skilled enough with it, that she can use her Gift in a way that won’t let the opponent notice that she is manipulating her own weight. She does everything in a way that makes her moves feel natural.

Considering how freely she uses her Gift, Float may very well be a part of her already.

There’s no doubt that she is incredibly skilled. She’s probably capable of easily defeating an Ironhead on her own, even though that Demon Beast is made of pure muscles.

And well, she’s this strong while still being a child… It’s truly amazing. Even without her Gift, I’m sure she’d still be quite strong.

As for Mist, it’s a Gift that allows one to turn their own body into mist, along with the things one is wearing.

However, it consumes a lot of magical power.

I can only maintain it for about five seconds. If I were to use it in an actual battle, my limit would probably be two or three seconds though.

It’s a Gift that one needs to be careful with when they’ll use it.

I feel very tired after using this one, so it’s better to avoid using it unless it’s strictly necessary.

It can be used as an emergency avoid tool at least, but I feel like using it like that would basically guarantee my defeat, as I’d be way too tired after doing that.

Perhaps I should try thinking more about how to use it instead of when to use it.


I put on my Glasses and decided to check all the Gifts that I have registered, including the new ones.

In the meantime, I kept on stroking the cat.

Physical Reinforcement; Speed Reinforcement; Enhanced Hearing;

Sight Enhancement; Olfactory Enhancement; Hit Correction;

Flower Bolt; Life Absorption; Blue Map;

Spirit Possession; Shadow Hunter Sword; One Point;

Red Hot; Funny Fake; Sound Bomb;

Dark Bellows; Medical Vision; Appraisal Eye; Hawk’s Farsight;

Sword Specialization; Quick Edge; Tree Wind;

Full Impact; Shadow Hunter Warrior; Anomalous Ogre;

Fast Boots; Demon Beast Tamer; Float and Mist.

… And those are all.

The number has increased, but plenty of the Gifts are hard to use.

I tried many of them out over the past two months.

First things first, my biggest concern, properly drawing out the power of Full Impact, was resolved without incident.

To put it simply, it was a matter of directing the impact.

When one activates that Gift without properly specifying the direction or scale of the impact, the effect spreads itself out as a sphere surrounding the object.

As in, my arrows were even sending out impact towards their back.

It would have been much more effective if the impact was focused entirely on what was ahead of the arrow, but it was instead wasting impact power above, below and behind the arrow.

The Gift was weak because the impact was dispersed.

The book I read did say that one could add impact to a blow with their own hands, and perhaps I would have been able to notice this problem immediately if I tried it out like that.

But I had already wounded myself by using Flower Bolt on my own hands, so I decided to not try Full Impact on myself.

Had I used it on my own hands, I would have surely harmed myself with Full Impact, even if it would have also helped me immediately figure out that the impact was spreading out around me.

But as I didn’t do that, I instead had to keep on shooting arrows, and carefully observed them, trying to understand the problem.

After quite a while doing that, I figured it out once I noticed that the grass and leaves around the arrow were swaying as it flew.

It took a while, but I think this was a wonderful experience.

Now I have no more problems with this Gift and am able to concentrate my shot into a single point and produce a large impact. My tools have been increased by one.

However, just like how I had seen during the hunt of the Obsidian Wolf, the sound of the impact is loud.

I don’t think I can use this ability in public. I would immediately be found out if I did.

That said, Shadow Hunter is a much easier Gift to use.

It’s possible to suppress the luminescence of the Shadow Hunter gift, so I’m able to use it in public without any worries.

I have two Shadow Hunter gifts available to me. Lisse’s Shadow Hunter Sword, and Horun’s Shadow Hunter Warrior.

Lisse’s Gift further enhances a specific type of weapon, her swords.

Horun’s Gift isn’t focused on any weapon in particular. It’s not as strong as Lisse’s when it comes to swords, but it’s stronger than Lisse’s when used with other weapons.

Therefore, I use Horun’s Gift.

… It feels strange to rely on my sister’s strength, but I should make use of anything that is available to me… I still feel troubled about it though.

And then there are some Gifts that can only be used with specific weapons, like the Sword Specialization that I got from the knight old man. It’s completely worthless for me, even if it must be great for someone who uses Swords.

… I’m getting sleepy.

Guess I should be saying goodbye to this cat for a while… Though I may never come back to this village.

I wanted to enjoy the fur of the cat a bit more, but it would be bad if I didn’t sleep properly before tomorrow came.

Tomorrow, I will travel again.

I was told we wouldn’t be traveling for long, but if I got sick during the trip, I would trouble everyone. Lack of sleep will not be tolerated.

“… Will we meet again?” I asked the cat.

It was still sleeping though, so it gave me no reply.

But that’s fine. I like it like this.

So, I took off my Glasses, and decided to go sleep…


I was planning on going to sleep.

I can’t quite explain what I was feeling at the time.

Perhaps I was just a bit sleepy, or maybe I just wanted to play a bit with the cat that I’ve grown fond of.

There was no reason in particular behind my actions.

But somehow, I wanted to do it.

Without thinking much about it, I put the Glasses that I was wearing on the head of the sleeping cat.

The size didn’t fit.

The cat’s head was bigger than mine.

The glasses were basically hanging on top of the cat’s big nose…

And then, the lens shone.

I was so startled that I almost raised my voice, but I ended up reflexively covering my mouth and stood up quickly.

My sleepiness instantly flew away.

It was shining.

It feels like it was a long time ago that this last happened. Back in that night when Cherry got in a carriage accident.

Since then, the glasses hadn’t glowed again, so I forgot about it, but… It did happen before, didn’t it?

I couldn’t really test much about the glowing by myself, so I put it off for later, and ended up forgetting about it in its entirety.

… But well… Is this how it feels when my glasses start shining?

It’s not that I feel uncomfortable with it, but it’s more like I don’t want anybody else to ever see this phenomenon.

If someone sees it, they’ll surely understand that there are some secrets in these glasses.

And well, this is also plain dazzling.

Because the lights had been turned out, my eyes were used to the completely dark room.

The light of my glasses isn’t that strong, but it’s not kind to my eyes that already accustomed themselves to the darkness.

… Hold on.

While squinting my eyes, I tried looking at the shining lens. I feel like something is being reflected on them.

What is it…? Are they…?

Letters? Floating letters?

Oh, right. I can do this.

I created new glasses and blackened their lenses, so that I could see even while looking at the sun.

I never had any use for this ability, so I had forgotten about it too.

With this, the shining light shouldn’t be troublesome anymore.

Now let’s see what’s written… Eh?

“… Sand Walk?” I muttered.

… Could this be… The cat’s Gift?

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