My Glasses

Chapter 84 – Glasses boy casually thinks at the end of the training


Maybe my Glasses can actually conquer the world.

That’s the conclusion I reached after about a month of thinking and experimenting with my Glasses.

“That’s all I can teach you.” Sorichika told me.

We were at the underground training room, sitting at a table, across one another.

“Well, what do you think? Do you understand your Gift better now?” Sorichika asked me.

I didn’t answer her, but I definitely understand my Gift better now. To the point that I thought that this power might be enough to conquer the world.

Though at the same time, this kind of goal is way too high for me. What would even be the purpose to try conquering the world? I don’t have the talent nor the ambition to try something like that.

So that’s how it is.

Besides, being able to conquer the world doesn’t mean strongest in the world.

No matter what kind of Gift one has, nor matter what kind of weapon one has, if you use it incorrectly, you’ll just be wasting your treasures.

Furthermore, trying to achieve more than you’re capable of will inevitably lead to self-destruction. History speaks for itself on that regard.

And in my case, the Glasses can only show their true worth if their details aren’t known to anyone. I need to be careful and make sure nobody can understand how they truly function.

Because if someone finds out about it, they might seriously try erasing me.

And so… “Is this enough for you?” I asked Sorichika, who was looking at me with such an unfocused gaze, that I couldn’t actually tell if she was looking at me or not.

That’s how she always was. Sorichika is a terribly skinny woman on her twenties. She has pale blond hair that flutters gently even without wind, and her dim blue eyes are always unfocued… That’s Sorichika. The woman who is always in a half-asleep state.

“What do you mean with enough?” She asked me.

She didn’t seem to understand my question, so I decided to rephrase it, “As in, are you okay with not knowing the details of my Gift?”

I don’t think she’d leave me alone if she knew its details. My Gift is too dangerous to leave unattended.

Sorichika taught me about informational Gifts, but I hardly talked anything about my own Gift.

In other words, she shouldn’t know what I’m capable of doing even though she is my teacher. She never asked me about it, and I never spoke about it either.

I don’t think she has fully grasped what I can do.

“I don’t mind it.” Sorichika replied with her usual unfocused gaze, “The spirits don’t hate you. You have little evil in your heart. You can be left alone.”

Little evil in my heart, huh? I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m a good person…

“Besides, I can kill you at any time, so there is no reason to be alarmed.” She told me.

Oh, so that’s how it is… If I get carried away and abuse my powers, she’ll kill me. I’ll keep that in mind.


And thus, the short information-focused training was over.

I learned a lot from Sorichika, but I think all that she taught me were the basics.

From here on, I’ll have to learn on my own and improve my Gift.

I guess that was her goal all along though. That’s probably why she asked no details about my Gift.

Over this past month, I was able to notice something… Sorichika is a similar type of person to me.

She didn’t ask me what she didn’t need to, and she didn’t say more than she needed to. Just like me.

She doesn’t want to talk about herself or to have others know about herself. She’s definitely a person with an informational type of Gift.

She told me no details about her Gift either. Presumably, all I should have known was that it was somewhat related to spirits, as I didn’t ask about her Gift either.

However, I did look at it with my Glasses. The name of her Gift is Spirit Possession. She can let herself be possessed by spirits and become something that transcends a human being.

How exactly her characteristics change depends on the type of spirit possessing her, but things like flying, passing through matter, and assimilating with water on the ground are all possible.

The reason why she was glowing back when I first met her was probably because she was being possessed by a spirit too, though I can’t say it for sure.

And well, when considering how far she is from being a normal human, I doubt I’d be able to do anything about it if she tried assassinating me.

So, when she told me that she could kill me at any time, that was probably not a threat. She was just speaking the facts out loud.

… And well, I suppose that’s fine.

“So, are we not going to meet each other tomorrow?” I asked her.

“There’s no reason to keep on meeting. My work is done.” She replied.

I understand this much. Just like me, she doesn’t want to appear in front of people, if possible. I can definitely understand this feeling.

“Can you eat properly by yourself though?” I asked her.

“… I don’t know.” She replied.

But this was the problem.

Even I, who don’t want to get involved with other people, can’t really leave Sorichika alone.

“For now, I’ll take you with me.” I told her.

She doesn’t eat much.

She seems to have been living a life almost completely detached from reality. Spending most of her days on nothing but water.

It’s no wonder that she’s this skinny, for she is completely malnourished.

She claimed to eat the bare minimum, but eating once a week is far from that. I’m not sure if she’d live for much longer if things kept going like that.

It’s been less than a month since I became her apprentice.

Even if it costs me money, I’ve taken on the responsibility of making sure she eats properly. Thanks to that, her complexion has gotten considerably better, especially when compared to the ghostly feel that she gave out on our first meeting.

When I asked her if she wouldn’t collapse if she kept living the way she did, she replied that she collapsed like normal people did.

… I really thought that it would be no good to leave her alone. I’m confident that most things will work out without my intervention, but Sorichika is a troublesome person in a completely different way from my sister, so she can’t be left alone.

Basically, this person spends way too little energy in trying to live.

“Come on, let’s go. Lisse’s training will be over soon.” I told her.

Sorichika remained silent, as usual, so I forcibly took her hand and started moving.

She doesn’t follow if I don’t do that, so it can’t be helped.

“Zant, I’m leaving for the day.” I told him.

That dirty old man was a bit further away within the training room. He was beating Lisse with his wooden sword right now.

“Alright. It’s about time we finish here anyways. Good work today.” Zant replied.

And even though he looked away to reply to me, Zant’s sword was still able to hit Lisse’s leg.

And Lisse, who was already wobbly and tired after the training session, fell on the ground after having her leg hit.

“Ouch…” She muttered.

Yeah, seems like she has reached her limit. Let’s go home.


So, I took my troublesome teacher with me, to the house that Lisse and I have been living at.

I have had enough energy this past month, so I have been in charge of cooking dinner for me, Sorichika and Lisse.

With Sorichika sat at the table, I stood at the kitchen, thinking about things as I cooked.

It seems like the training on informational Gifts has now ended.

I wonder what will we do from tomorrow onwards then… Will I be joining Lisse in training with Zant?

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