My Glasses

Chapter 85 – Glasses boy thinks about his future


“Eh!? Your training is over!?” Lisse asked me.

After today’s practice at the underground training room was over, Lisse went to the bath to wash off all the sweat, dirt and fatigue. When she came back, I told her about the current situation.

As for me, I’ll go to the bath after dinner.

In any case, Lisse returned just as I had finished preparing the meal, so me, Sorichika and Lisse sat at the table.

Today’s dinner was a large piece of bread and meat stew. Since I bought the bread, the only thing I made was the stew.

Well, that’s about the limit of what I can make. We don’t have much variety in our food due to me not wanting to spend too much money, so I don’t make anything fancy.

“This feels a bit different from normal.” Lisse said as she ate.

She seemed to be liking it. I tried using a few vegetables to season the meat this time.

Sorichika said nothing about the food, so I don’t know if she’s liking or disliking it… Though she often times says that she dislikes the food in front of her.

But well, it’s not bad enough to the point that she doesn’t eat it, so it’s fine.

In any case, Lisse went back to the previous point, “Isn’t it too early? It’s only been a month.”

It’s already been one month…

After a while of training on the road, I started training with Sorichika to learn more about informational Gifts.

Lisse and Zant worked on the combat-focused training on the other hand. Both me and Lisse were at the underground training room, but the focus of our practice sessions was quite different.

Well, we still ran together in the road in the mornings, but we trained separately with our respective instructors in the afternoons.

Considering the difference in ability between her and Zant, I guess she can’t believe that my training ended this quickly, because she’s probably under the impression that I caught up to Sorichika after this time.

Of course, the reality is completely different.

“I was just taught the basics. I should do the rest myself.” I told Lisse.

I then looked at Sorichika, who was silently sipping her stew, and she nodded to my comment, “Everyone with informational Gifts can do different things, so there is no point in teaching things in detail. Eil now has to find his own path and train himself.” She explained.

That’s how it is.

“I hate carrots.” Sorichika then said.

“Eat them.” I flatly refused my master’s selfishness.

With blank eyes, she brought the carrot, that was on the edge of the stew, to her mouth. It was such a smooth movement that made me wonder if she really hated them.

Over the past month, Sorichika also said that she hated meat, bread and onions. She seemed to have so many types of food that she hated, that it made me wonder if she liked anything.

However, she still eats it normally, so I don’t really understand how she works.

But well, it is what it is. I guess I simply shouldn’t take her words seriously.

I’m similar to her in some aspects, so I can understand it.

“So, Eil, what are you going to do from tomorrow onwards? Will you join us?” Lisse asked me.

That’s the first thing I thought of, but, “If I join you two, I’ll just get in the way.” I replied.

Right now, Lisse is being thoroughly trained by Zant. He beats her up from morning to night, but that’s a necessary part of her training.

There’s no room for me to enter such a deep master-student relationship.

Besides, I don’t even use a sword, so I won’t get much benefit from swordsmanship training. I will just get in the way as Zant will need to dedicate some attention to me instead of Lisse.

“Eh? No, it’s okay. You can come in just fine.” Lisse told me.

“… Because you want a break?” I asked her.

“Yeah. It’s really tough.” She replied honestly.

I knew it just from looking at her expression.

That old man is really overdoing it. He isn’t getting her seriously injured, but he is definitely getting her real sore as he beats her up.

Though well, I think it’s amazing that Lisse can keep on persevering like this. It’s not easy to have enough guts to keep going along with this kind of training without any complaining.

“I’m a bit curious about how this training feels, but no matter how you look at it, I’m not fit for sword fighting.” I told Lisse.

I don’t have a good physique and am somewhat weak. I don’t think I’d be able to use a sword well even if I went through a hellish training. At most, I’d be able to reach an average level.

I’d much rather spend my time improving my skills with the bow instead of that.

“… Ah.” I muttered.

That’s it. I remembered it. This was why I joined this assassin school; it was because I wanted to hone my skills with the bow and improve my firepower.

In that case…

“Sorichika, can I go back to the village now?” I asked her.

It’s been over a month since I left the assassins’ village.

The reason I was kicked out was because Chace, Florentine and Cherry would not learn how to procure food and survive for as long as I was there, since I procured enough food for everyone.

A month might have been enough for them to gather the necessary knowledge and skills to become self-sufficient though.

And there is a bow master in that village. I was only able to meet them once before I was kicked out, so I’d like to start practicing it for real.

I also want to learn how to better handle poisons. I was planning on asking that old lady to teach me about it.

And finally, my Glasses.

I can see that they’re more than what I can handle right now. It’s too much power for me. It’s not enough for me to kill myself, I think, but it’s still necessary for me to further train my usage of my Glasses.

However, I already finished my training on Informational Gifts in Haidiga, so I think I’m done with what I had to do in this city.

That’s basically it.


“What are you talking about? Where are you going?” Lisse asked me.

Oh. Coming to think of it, I didn’t tell Lisse about it.

I didn’t like her much ever since the Chalk Chicken incident, but I think I calmed down after a month of eating dinner together.

Though it’s only to the extent of us being friends.

In fact, there are plenty of things I didn’t talk about, and Lisse also didn’t talk about her personal life either… I’d say our friendship is pretty superficial, overall.

“To put it simply, this wasn’t the place I was originally supposed to train at, but there was an issue that forced me to temporarily leave, so I came here.” I explained.

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, so I limited myself to only this much.

Especially talking about the assassins’ village itself. It might be a bad idea to expose its existence without permission… Bad enough to endanger my life, even.

“Do you mean the Tower of Bryne?” Lisse asked me.

Eh? Bryne?

“What is-” I was about to ask what that was.

But without any knocking being done, the door to our place was opened from the outside, “Is Eil here? Oh, here you are are.”

Ah… This person is Roda. The two-star adventurer, the representative of the assassins in Haidiga that I have only met once, more than a month ago.

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