My Glasses

Chapter 91 – Glasses boy goes hunt the Obsidian Wolf


The moment I entered the room, I was met with loose gazes that made me very self-aware.

As expected of masters. They hide their claws and fangs well.

This is different from the adventurers’ guild that I stopped by back in the royal capital. This isn’t a crowd of people crammed together, but a room filled with professionals.

Even if I try sneaking around here, I’m sure they’ll be able to see through me. It’s a situation where I can’t deceive anyone.

“Oh, did I make you wait? Are we the last ones?” Roda casually said.

It’s still early in the morning. It even feels like it’s still night.

Roda brought us to the adventurer’s guild of Haidiga.

Here, the people who will be participating in the hunt for the Obsidian Wolf have gathered, with each group waiting at their own table.

There were eight people in here, not counting us.

One team had four people. Two strong men and two strong women sat at their table.

The women in this team were familiar. They were the poisonous and thorny one, and they were visibly surprised to see me and Lisse.

The men were using partial metal armor, instead of full knight armors.

The women were using light-looking leather armor.

They definitely seem to be hiding their identities then. Otherwise, they’d be using full knight armors with crests that revealed their identity.

Their equipment is well-maintained, but it also seems like something that was used many times.

Overall, their appearance is certainly that of battle-hardened adventurers. Had I not known they were knights, I would have definitely believed that… Well, it’s not like this matters anyways.

And there were four people at the other table.

… Oh, those people.

I don’t need to ask why they’re here. They’re here because they’re strong. That’s definitely the only reason.

However, it was certainly surprising to see four people that know me sitting at that table.

Three of them were members of the top adventurer team of the royal capital, Black Swan of Dawn.

The fourth person was a blond woman whose hairstyle I remember well.

One man and three women, with one of them being my sister.

If I recall correctly, the man with his hair tied is Glock, the woman that is slightly older than me is Ainliese, and the other is my sister.

And the blond woman, who is not a member of Black Swan of Dawn, is Lorobel.

And as expected, the members of Black Swan of Dawn showed a small reaction when seeing me, but they refrained from doing anything else.

It was surprising that we met again here, but knowing me has nothing to do with work. They know how to keep things separate.

I’ll also pretend that I don’t know them. It will be less of a hassle this way.

“Mmm? Have I seen him before…? Hey, Ain, he-” Horun started talking as she stared at me.

“Shut up and wait. Don’t stare at people.

“Also, don’t touch my clothes with your hand that just grabbed meat… Where are you wiping them!? Why are you rubbing them here!?” Ainliese exclaimed.

Only my sister showed a strange reaction when she saw me, but I’ll pretend I don’t know her.

… Though in the first place, how were you unable to recognize your own brother? We met a small while ago, alright? Just what is the problem with my sister?

“You’re always in a bad mood when you wake up, Ain.” Horun commented.

“I’m angry about this even without the waking up matter… How can you dirty the clothes I just bought with oil so quickly…? You are a complete moron, you know that?” Ainliese replied.

“You’re here, Roda.” A person appeared from the door behind the counter.

I was feeling refreshed when seeing Ainliese reprimand my sister like that, but the mood suddenly changed now that this elderly man has appeared.

Now, the hunt has begun.


“The advance party has already left. You all are the last ones. The rest is up to you.” The elderly man told us.

This strong elderly man was the head of the adventurer’s guild of Haidiga, and he briefly explained how this operation would work.

First, we’ll use a horse-drawn carriage to take us to the foot of the mountain. There is one outside the city that is already waiting for us.

Then, we’ll join up with the advance party, with the adventurers who have been leading the investigation to figure out the rough location of the Obsidian Wolf, and we’ll begin the search in earnest.

The search is scheduled to last the whole day. If we can’t find the Obsidian Wolf by then, we’ll have to assume that our prey has already left the mountain, and will therefore have to investigate what else could be causing the decrease in the number of Demon Beasts within the mountain.

That was the gist of it.

“The reward will be basic one for this kind of hunt, plus extras based on the condition of the prey. Detailed negotiations can be done later.

“That’s all for now. Do you have any final questions?” The elderly man asked.

One man, at the table filled with people who are probably knights, raised his hand. He is an old man with a scar on his face, and he looks to be as strong as a guild leader, “What about those younglings. I haven’t heard about hindrances participating.”

Younglings obviously refer to me and Lisse. This man stared directly at us, with a stare that would even scare adults of.

“Huh? Do you have any complaints-

“Uuh…” Lisse started replying, but I punched her at the side to get her to shut up.

She was now about to start complaining to me, but I silenced her with my gaze… Good grief, this too is included on the list of unnecessary things that she shouldn’t do.

The hunt has already begun.

Right now, they’re sorting out what they need and what they don’t need. They can still change things as needed before they leave.

It’s only natural that they wish to eliminate factors which will reduce the success chance of the hunt, which means eliminating us, who are still too weak to participate.

“They’ll be carrying my luggage. I’ll take care of them.

“And well, you can think of them as a last reserve force in case of an emergency.” Roda, who brought us here, casually explained.

The other side doesn’t seem to be content with this explanation though, “They’ll get in the way. Leave them.”

“Is that so? Shouldn’t something like the Obsidian Wolf be easy to you though? Did you overrate your abilities before joining us perchance?

“If you can’t actually hunt it with this level of interference, then why don’t you just leave through the door there.

“This city has its own way of doing things. If you don’t like it, get out.” Roda’s attitude and tone are light, but his words really drove the point across.

The old man glared at Roda for a while, then snorted and stood up.

That was the signal. We’re departing.


Everyone walked out of the room. With Roda, me and Lisse being the last ones to leave.

Once we were outside, “Lisse.” Roda called out to Lisse, “About the old man a while back…”

“Ah, I’m not scared of his scarred face. I’m just angry that you punched me.” Lisse glared at me.

I don’t care if I angered her though, “He’s the kindest man in the group. Don’t bother him.” I told her.

“Huh?” Lisse said.

He talked like that because he judged that it was too early for us to participate in this hunt. He wanted to kick out the people who would be instantly be killed if they faced the Obsidian Wolf.

The decision to not bring hindrances is not only for one’s own sake, but also for the other party’s sake.

If someone is truly thinking only about themselves, then they’ll look at weak people not as a hindrance, but as a decoy. Trying to push us out of this hunt was his way of showing kindness.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t trust anyone who welcomed our participation.

“I agree with Eil.” Roda commented, “Don’t get too close so as to not get in his way.

“That kind of person says whatever he wants without holding back. That’s his way of stretching his arms to save as many people as he can.

“Don’t you think it would leave a bad aftertaste? To see someone dying because of your inactivity?”

Bad aftertaste, huh? I never experienced it myself, but just imagining it makes my heart ache.

“Though I was more surprised by how well-known your face is, Eil.” Roda said.

Ah… Did he notice it? That I have a connection to Black Swan of Dawn?

“Coming to think of it, a strange woman reacted when she saw you.” Lisse commented.

Seems like she didn’t notice anything else. It was only my sister that called her attention.

After all, she was the only strange woman there.

“I think that must be a misunderstanding on her end. I would never be friends with a woman who wipes her hands on an acquaintance’s clothes after eating meat.” I told Lisse.

Yeah, we’re not friends.

We’re family.

… Unfortunately, we’re family.

“As expected, even you, Lisse, wouldn’t do that kind of thing.” I told her.

A friend of mine truly wouldn’t ever do something as outrageous as what my sister did, after all.

“What do you mean with ‘as expected’? How can you be sure I won’t do it?” Lisse grinned.

“If you do that, I’ll ask Zant to create an extra hard training course for you.” I replied.

“P-please don’t! I’m already at my limit here!” Lisse exclaimed.

Then don’t do it. You’re not my sister, so please listen to what I say.

… And in the first place, I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to have many people similar to my sister near me.

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