My Glasses

Chapter 92 – Glasses boy thinks about Glasses


There were three carriages, each pulled by two horses, parked outside the town.

Without any discussion being done, each group boarded a different carriage, as if they already knew which one was theirs.

We, led by Roda, also boarded one, and as soon as we got inside, the carriage immediately started moving.

The carriage was shaking quite a bit. It must be moving at a pretty fast pace.

“It will take some time to arrive, so if you’re feeling sleepy, you may sleep.” Roda told us.

I appreciate the offer, but after unexpectedly meeting my sister in this kind of place, I have completely woken up.

“Yesterday, Eil treated me to the tongue of an Ironhead. Did you eat it before, Roda?” Lisse asked.

“Oh, yes. It’s quite good. Zant liked it a lot too.” Roda replied.

“I know, right? It looks a bit gross, but its unique texture more than makes up for it. It was a bit elastic, but it wasn’t hard at all, nor did it smell bad. It was quite something.” Lisse said.

Seems like her drowsiness has passed already as well, so she started chatting with Roda.

I agree with her that the tongue of the Ironhead was good, though the Sky Lizard was also great, so it was hard to decide which one was my favorite.

But putting that aside, I’d like to clear my mind a bit before we arrive.

“Hey, Eil, when we finish this job, I’ll treat you to something… Are you sleeping already?” Lisse asked me.

I’m not sleeping. I’m just closing my eyes.

“I’m going to sleep for a bit, but I’ll remember the treat.” I told her.

“Oh, you’ll sleep… Can you even sleep here?” She asked me.

“Not if you keep talking to me… I’ll ask for something extravagant, by the way.” I replied.

“Oh, alright. Leave it to me.” She said.


“Maybe the Ironhead’s tongue would be good. It can be quite expensive, but since you’re splurging, I’ll be looking forward to it.” I told her.

“Eh? That is… Eil, you do know that I don’t have much money, right?” Lisse replied.

I said only what I needed to say and ignored Lisse’s remarks.

She shook my shoulders, but I ignored her. Even after he shook me violently, I still ignored her.

Even after my glasses were taken off, I ignored her. And after she put my glasses upside down, I still ignored her, though I silently fixed them and put them back in place.

I also ignored her clicking her tongue.

“Come on, now, just stop this. It’s annoying to watch.” Roda said.

“But a whole tongue is too expensive… Hey, Roda, can you lend me some money?” Lisse asked him.

He sighed, “… I guess it can’t be helped.”

“You can give it to me.” I commented.

“Give money to you?” Roda said, “… Look, I wouldn’t mind if it was just pocket money, but I’m not giving a considerable amount to any of you.”

“Why don’t you think of it as a special tribute towards the happiness of a cute and beautiful girl?” Lisse told him.

Both me and Roda stayed silent.

She clicked her tongue, “Guess I’m just cat grass, after all.”

“Well, calm down, okay? I don’t even know what that means.” Roda replied.

Lisse finally stopped talking after that, so my consciousness got buried in my thoughts.


In this last encounter, I was able to register three Gifts, one of them was Roda’s.

Flower Bolt, Life Absorption and Blue Map.

Flower Bolt was from Roda; Life Absorption from the tanned female knight; Blue Map from the carriage’s driver.

Flower Bolt was a type of magic that allowed you to emit lightning from your hands.

In other words, Roda was a swordsman who could also use magic… No, he’s an assassin.

Life Absorption was a type of physical strengthening ability that was activated by collecting life force from your surroundings.

It drains more energy from those who are close to you, and you can even make this Gift collect energy from only specified targets… However, it seems to not be able to drain enough life force to the point that it would extinguish one’s life.

Blue map searches for something specific in your surroundings. You can specify what exactly you’re searching for, and the range of the Gift is influenced primarily by the power of the user.

This was the Gift I was most satisfied to register, as it is very practical and can be used at any moment without any worries.

Though Flower Bolt is quite something… I’ve seen lightning fall down from the skies before. It can knock down trees and put them on fire… It’s a terrifying power.

But I don’t know the details of this Gift. And if I don’t experiment with it, then I won’t be able to use it in actual combat.

Or rather, it’s scary to imagine handling the power of something that can knock down a large tree.

But asking Roda about it is… Not an option.

There’s no way I can tell him that I can use the Gifts that I have seen with my glasses before.


Through trial and error, Sorichika’s lectures, and some training, I was able to figure out more about my Glasses.

The power of my Gift is similar to the Evil Eye that Zant had previously mentioned, but it doesn’t quite fit into the definition either.

If I had to give it a name, I’d just go with Magic Glasses, for simplicity’s sake.

I have the ability to register, duplicate, and reproduce the Gifts that have been seen by my Glasses.

It’s an extremely useful and versatile ability, but it also has many restrictions.

First of all, it’s impossible to perfectly duplicate the registered Gift. Anything I copy is always inferior to the original. I seem to be able to reach only about half the original’s power.

Moreover, I can only register a Gift when I see someone using it.

Or rather, I can’t even see someone’s Gift if it is not in use.


In Zant’s case, which was the first Gift that I registered, I could only see one of his Gifts, the Hit Correction.

This is something that seems to be constantly in use, and that is activated automatically without Zant needing to do anything. Perhaps he is not even able to deactivate it.

However, I was unable to learn anything about Zant’s other Gift, as he has never activated it himself.

And well, when considering that he didn’t even know he had two Gifts until I told him about it, I don’t think he knows how to activate his other Gift either. Perhaps it is something as special as my Glasses.

Nonetheless, I tried watching various people in the city and registering the Gifts that I could see.

This kind of power might even be something that allows one to conquer the world if one wants to… Though I think that’s way too much of a goal for me.

Ah, and I also don’t seem to be able to register a Gift that I don’t know anything about.

Due to that, I’ve read quite a few books on Gifts, so as to be able to register most Gifts that I see.

Right now, I should be able to register anything from a common Gift to a somewhat rare one.

And on that note, Roda’s Flower Bolt and Lisse’s Shadow Hunter Sword both seem to be fairly rare.

… Since I was able to register Roda’s Gift, then this means he has been using it for quite some time… But what is he using it for? How can it be used? What is the Flower Bolt really like.

… I really can’t ask him any of that.

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