My Glasses

Chapter 93 – Glasses boy talks about the rewards


Now that I think about it… “Am I getting any reward from this?”

We had been talking about money, so this came to mind.

“Oh, you woke up.” Roda commented.

I didn’t sleep in the first place. I was just thinking.

“What about me? Will I get a reward too?” Lisse asked.

Lisse won’t get anything. She wasn’t even part of the original plan.

“You’re not getting anything, Lisse.” Roda told her, as expected.

Lisse seemed to have expected that too, as she didn’t seem to be particularly dejected by his words. I suppose she understands that she’s just here to carry luggage.

But that’s not the case for me.

“You’re not getting anything either, Eil. As you’re, officially, only here to carry my luggage.

“However, I called you here because I decided that I needed you, so I have essentially commissioned your work.

“Therefore, while you won’t be getting any direct reward from the hunt itself, I’ll still personally pay you for your help.” Roda told me.

Oh, is that how it is? I’m glad I asked then.

It’s only natural for a disciple to help their master, so I thought it couldn’t be helped if I got no reward at all.

After all, what I have learned from my master isn’t something that can have a monetary value assigned to it.

Even if I tried to forcefully convert the worth of my training to money, the final value would be absurdly high.

Moreover, what I’m learning now are the special skills of the assassins, something that is completely hidden from the general public.

This is something that is simply impossible to be learned with money alone. It’s the kind of thing that makes me really appreciate the master-student relationships that I have.

Which is why I thought it was normal to get no reward.

I don’t know if Roda is just being generous, or if this is the result of his professionalism, which makes him want to pay a fair reward for whoever he hires.

In any case, I don’t know if it will be little or a lot, but it seems like I’ll get a reward.

“Good for you. Then I guess there is no need to pay you back for the Ironhead tongue, right?” Lisse told me.

“If you think that’s fine, then it’s fine. But I will despise you very much if that’s how you handle this.” I replied.

“I still don’t think it makes much sense for me to pay you back for a gift, but I’ll just get angry if I try arguing with you about this, so… Roda, lend me some money.” Lisse said.

Roda smiled wryly in response, “Let’s take this slowly and calm down, okay?

“To get back on topic, you’ll get a reward Eil, but please understand that you most likely won’t be getting any material from the Obsidian Wolf itself.”

I suppose it can’t be helped. I’m here just for searching, so it’s inevitable that the people doing the extermination will be the ones who get the materials.

Fur, fangs and bones of an Obsidian Wolf are all very valuable and can be sold at very high prices.

The extra rewards that the guild leader mentioned were probably taking into consideration the value of the Obsidian Wolf’s materials.

“I wish I could at least get a small fang…” Lisse commented.

A fang? That would be great. It could end up making a pretty good knife.

Now that Lisse mentioned it, I kinda want one too.

After all, when I hunted the Sky Lizard before, my dismantling knife broke.

Sure, I did get the blacksmith of the assassins’ village to make a new one for me, but it’s just a normal knife. It works fine for wild animals, but I want something better if I am to dismantle Demon Beasts.

And a knife made from the fangs of an Obsidian Wolf would be perfect for that. A large fang of this Demon Beast would be good enough to make a fantastic sword, even.

In fact, old folk tales often mention heroes who used swords forged out of the fangs of an Obsidian Wolf.

“That’s still a tough request. The hunt this time isn’t being led by Haidiga.” Roda told us.


“Not led by Haidiga? What do you mean?” Lisse asked.

I was curious about it too, but I decided to not ask… However, Lisse asked it anyways.

I’m a bit envious of this bluntness of her, even if I would never try to imitate it.

“Ah… Well, I guess it’s fine.” Roda seemed to be unsure if he should talk about it or not, but he decided to tell us about it anyways, “The knights you saw seem to really want the kill for themselves.

“They apparently came here from a different country while chasing the Obsidian Wolf.

“However, wanting to kill it isn’t enough to let them take our prey within the kingdom of Nastiara, especially the prey of a city where adventurers gather, like Haidiga.

“However, denying them could lead to an international issue, so… Even if they’re hiding their identity, we can be fairly sure that there is something going on behind the scenes, so we can’t reject them altogether.

“Therefore, the guild leader decided that he wouldn’t leave everything to the foreigners, but he would let them lead the hunt. That’s how this operation was organized.

“So, right now, the people of Haidiga are serving as backup.

“In terms of who is in charge, the knights are first, then the adventurers from the capital come after, and then us, the adventurers of Haidiga.

“Even I am just on standby. If I am not needed, I should not intervene.”

I see, so that’s how it is?

“In other words, from Haidiga’s point of view, the knights who came from outside just came here and snatched the delicious prey?” Lisse asked.

In response to her plain words, Roda gave a plain response, “That’s absolutely true.

“But honestly, I think that’s fine.”

“Is that so? I think I would be annoyed if a prey was stolen away from me.

“What about you, Eil? Wouldn’t you be annoyed?” Lisse asked me.

Me? Well… “I’ll despise you if you don’t pay me back for the Ironhead tongue.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, and I’m still not convinced that your logic makes sense, but that’s not the point here.

“Tell me if someone stealing your prey would get you angry.” Lisse replied.

Stealing my prey? Well…

“I think I have a similar opinion to Roda, though my reason might be different.” I told her.

“Huh? How come?” She asked.

“If someone else wants to do something dangerous, then it’s fine to leave it to them. There’s no reason to go out of my way to fight scary monsters myself.” I told her.

Roda laughed at my reply, “I have a similar line of thought.

“If Haidiga leads this hunt, then I’m sure some people will die in the process.

“It’s better if we can avoid shedding people’s blood.”

I suppose that is true. I certainly don’t want to hear that an acquaintance died in a hunt.

“But it’s you that we’re talking about, Roda. Can’t you hunt this Demon Beast by yourself?” Lisse asked.

I’m not sure if it was okay for Lisse to say that. She may have not said anything about Roda being the main assassin of Haidiga, but this is still a bit too much information.

We don’t know if the carriage’s driver is listening, so it would be better to not say this kind of thing.

Though well, when considering how much Roda already told us, it should be safe to assume that we don’t need to worry about this kind of thing.

“I’m strong against people. Originally, Demon Beasts were outside of my jurisdiction.” Roda replied.

Oh… Of course, he is an assassin.

And shortly after that, the carriage started slowing down.

Seems like we have arrived.

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