Chapter 36


It had been almost a year since Lin Suci arrived in that world. He never thought that the day he coughed blood due to injuries would come.

The familiar metallic texture of blood robbed his sense of smell. His body had lost its strength as his mind was filled with disturbing loud roars. His ears buzzed when he felt his five senses in the world nearly lost their touch. The feeling of floating and fluttering in the air took over him, as if he had experienced  lying on a hospital bed again, waiting for the feeling of his own life passing away with starry eyes.

Lin Suci opened his eyes, but what was in front of him went blurry.

He was breathing, but it seemed that he could not inhale any air. His chest and lungs were almost at its peak to explode.

It’s over.

This is…going nowhere.

His life was about to be given away, just like that.

I’m not satisfied with this…


Lin Suci’s body trembled.

An overbearing chill rushed through his arm as it attacked his entire body. He had already lost his dominant body. Under that sudden collision, pain and numbness hit at once, and Lin Suci’s fingertips trembled.

Many voices echoed in his ears.

“Young disciple!”

“Are you seriously injured?”

“Quick, I have…”

Vaguely, Lin Suci did not seem to hear the voice of his keeper.

Uncertain how much time had passed, Lin Suci’s eyelashes moved.

He raised his eyelids weakly and saw the face of Yan Boshen who was tightly holding him.


His handsome senior, at the moment, was not very attractive.

His face was as gloomy as the drop of ink. Between the tightly twisted eyebrows was the anger of heavy rain in the mountains.

Lin Suci’ ears were full of buzzes, only to see Yan Boshen’s mouth opened, as if he had said a few words, but not a single sound was made.

He stared at Yan Boshen blankly.

What did you say?

He could not hear it clearly.

Yan Boshen’s hands slowly rose, and covered his eyes.


The warmth in his palm brought Lin Suci’s blissful comfort. At the same time, the pain in the body seemed to be cut off by a barrier.

It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Lin Suci’s hearing finally returned to normal. His body that was just rushed and washed by the chills gradually regained its consciousness. He lied down in Yan Boshen’s arms, his breathing gradually stabilized.

At that time, his mind was awake enough to think about what just happened.

Someone called his name, and he vomited blood due to his internal injuries.

Who was that person?

Lin Suci frowned slightly.

“I can’t believe Peng Sheng, a Jin Dan (golden core) monk of Jin Yu (Golden Jade) Pavilion, could be so deceiving. That’s unethical!”

Hui Lian quickly pasted a healing talisman on Lin Suci’s body while teeth-gritting.

This time, what he said was clearly heard by Lin Suci.

Yan Boshen pressed his fingers lightly onto his wrist as a support.

“Don’t move.”

Yan Boshen’s voice finally reached his ears. It was hoarse and full of gloom, which made Lin Suci’s scalp went numb.

Lin Suci’s hand turned stiff.

Yan Boshen, who was holding him, slowly loosened the hand covering his eyes. He whispered, “How are you now?”

Lin Suci knew that his keeper was treating him.

He examined his body, which was just going to die miserably. At that moment, his body had unknowingly recovered, as if…

Lin Suci was surprised.

Why was his body full of vitality when he was just spitting liters of blood from a serious injury, like a wilting tree growing leaves for spring?

As soon as Lin Suci flipped his body, he regained his strength easily and firmly stood up from Yan Boshen’s arms.

“I seem to be completely fine now?” Lin Suci looked at Yan Boshen blankly.

Yan Boshen knelt on the ground, still holding the posture when he was supporting Lin Suci just now.

“Yes.” Yan Boshen took a deep look at him and got up.

Hui Lian and the others exchanged quick glances.

Lin Suci wiped the bloodshot from the corner of his mouth.

The sky fell under pressure when a Jin Dan monk attacked a young disciple, which completely caused a commotion among hundreds of disciples.

In particular, the injured person was the one who “exposed” the dark means of the Jin Yu Pavilion in the previous journey in the secret realm.

When the disciples clearly saw the boy who fell on the ground, they were already busy panicking, frightened and angry about the incident where the grass was destroyed by bamboos.

“Is Jin Yu Pavilion trying to kill all that was involved?”

“How do we explain the matter about bamboos destroying the grass?”

“And, what about the explanation about the assassin’s cooperation with Xuan Xinmen!”

It was all hustle and bustle. Like a gust of wind, it blew the fire which ignited the restless hearts of those disciples from front to back as they surrounded the cultivator of Jin Yu Pavilion who descended from the skies.

“Senior Jin Dan, what piece of mind do you have when attacking a disciple!”

“Didn’t we just talk about it? If the secret has been leaked, they will kill people involved…”

“We all know your secrets, so are we all going to be killed?!”

“Jin Yu Pavilion deceives people too much!”

The disciples on trial were only able to practice Chi and build a foundation. When they were weak in power, young, and full of resentment, they had no more power to care about others so much. They shouted as they preached everywhere. Many nearby areas were able to hear them.

The middle-aged man who came from the skies was full of anger when he was suddenly surrounded by a group of low-leveled disciples. He raised the sword in his hand, but fortunately he was stopped by a thin man next to him.

“You don’t have to do this! Never!”

“This group of ignorant children deserves a teachable lesson!” Peng Sheng despised the hundreds of monk disciples, so it was certain that he did not give much thought in his speech, because he simply did not bear to look at them.

The disciples standing in the front row had sharp eyes and saw Peng Sheng’s movement.

If Lin Suci was severely injured by his strong pressure just to let everyone see the arrogance of Jin Yu Pavilion, then that action made the other disciples completely understood the contempt hidden in the arrogance.

He despises everyone.

From the attitude of one of his Jin Dan monks, it could be seen that Jin Yu Pavilion despised all sects.

There were a few leaders and disciples that were stupid people. However, just with one sentence, they already understood the attitude of Jin Yu Pavilion.

On the other hand, the true reason behind the matter of bamboo destroying grass was known without asking.

It was meant to lure them to danger!

“Quickly inform the master!” The leader, who was considered a major disciple, responded in a jiffy and ordered loudly, “Jin Yu Pavilion is hiding evil intentions, I feared that our “lives” will be impossible to protect! Please call the master for help!”

Most of the disciples who came out to cultivate had ways to connect with the master. Under the leadership of the big disciples, they crushed wooden signs one after another and sent out a call for help.

The series of actions went by too fast that Peng Sheng had no time to react. Outside the gate, the sky was colorful and golden, like splashes of paint. All of which were the signal fireworks of various martial arts.

Lin Suci’s scar was healed and he forgot the pain, stretching his neck for a while, he raised both hands and clapped in awe, “Awesome, this is the first time I saw this feat of offending dozens of sects with his own power.”

In that place, that person did not appear on the scene. Little cabbage won the Town Orb, and the Xu Gates opened. However, the disciples among them did not know about bamboo destroying the grass. The disciple sent by Jin Yu Pavilion sent them away. It took a few days when they found that the Town Orb was missing. At that time, little cabbage had fallen into an underground secret realm again.

Lin Suci looked left and right, little cabbage and Shu Changyi, who were he still greeted before his injury, was nowhere to be seen in the noisy crowd at that moment.

I’m afraid it’s not… slipping away, right?

Forget it. It has nothing to do with them anyways.

“Jin Dan monk, how should we fight this…” Xiao Lan muttered while watching Peng Sheng, who was surrounded by the crowd, after “exposing” two surprises.

“If we fight side by side, there’s still a way to beat them.” Zhongli Haiming rubbed his chin, “They bullied our young disciples. That’s like stepping on our faces with slaps!”

“Yes, anyway, there’s our big shixiong(senior) after all…” Before Xiao Lan’s finished, Hui Lian pounded him hard and gave him a look of warning.

Lin Suci did not see his three shixiongs. At that moment, he “kneaded” and “rubbed” his chest. The pain in his chest had been completely relieved. It did not hurt, so he took the time to complain to his keeper.

“Boshen, Boshen, he bullied me!”

Lin Suci pointed at Peng Sheng, “When can I achieve the level of Jin Dan, to beat him back?”

“Jin Dan?” Yan Boshen raised his sleeves and meticulously wiped off the blood stains on the corners of his mouth for Lin Suci, without raising his head, “It’s still too early for you.”

Lin Suci was not discouraged, “What do you mean still early. Look, I’ve practiced Chi in three months and built a foundation in nine months. Won’t Jin Dan be in my sight by now?”

Yan Boshen looked down at the blood stains on his sleeves, the red blood dulled on his black sleeves as time passed.

“Are you angry?”

Lin Suci nodded in fury, “I’m a man, how can I be bullied and not fight back!”

Yan Boshen seemed to let out a grin at his lips, “What man can you be now? You are still just a kid.”

Lin Suci’s cheeks bulged, like a chipmunk hiding nuts in its mouth, “Just because I am young doesn’t mean you can’t think of me as a man! My heart is made of steel, like a strong man!”

“That’s good.”

Yan Boshen patted him on the head, “If you want to get revenge, it’s still early for you. However, I can do it.”

Lin Suci immediately refused, “No! I’ll do it myself!”

How can I rely on the keeper to get revenge for me?

Moreover, if his keeper came forward, wouldn’t it be similar as having the sect present? If so, then it would not only be a personal grudge, it would uncertainly be the beginning of a big problem.

Lin Suci instantly continued, “Shixiong, if there are grudges, revenge is made; when there are grievances, end it with anger. I am not in a hurry anyway.”

Anyway, Jin Yu Pavilion would not go rampant for long.

Otherwise, he would go a little nasty, and pour salt to wounds.

A hero pays no attention to the sources, and revenge depends on skills.

“You are my cat,” Yan Bai’s deep gaze fell on that Peng Sheng, his tone was calm.

There were worries in Hui Lian’s eyes, “Shixiong…”

The sword in Yan Baishen’s hand buzzed in its sheath, wanting to leap out.


Lin Suci was really afraid that Yan Boshen would actually help him out. He was getting into deep trouble, so he hurriedly clutched the sword, and whispered in a low voice, “It’s boring to fight with a Jin Dan monk face-to-face. If there were injuries, wouldn’t I be distressed?”

Yan Boshen, who was full of fighting spirit, was taken aback. He proceeded to calm down his inner fighting spirit as he gazed upon Lin Suci. He was caught off guard, “…Oh?”

Lin Suci spoke sincerely, “Shixiong, you are the moon in the sky, a jade in hand, the treasure of the world, and my dearest darling, how can you fight that vulgar and sordid fat pig that will make you lose your life at a glance? Believe me, I have a better method.”

The corners of Yan Boshen’s mouth could not restrain itself from rising slightly, his eyes faintly flickered, and the rare pleasure between his eyebrows was clearly visible.

Lin Suci’s expression did not change, and he planned to continue praising him.

“Yes, Big Shixiong, Suci is right, not to mention that you are seriously injured. You will suffer too much from confronting the Jin Dan monk.”

Hui Lian showed a full look of disapproval.

Lin Suci’s stomach of butterflies suddenly appeared, and he was startled, “…What?”

Yan Boshen gave Hui Lian a quick glance, hinting two warnings.

But at that moment, Lin Suci did not have the time to look at Hui Lian, his head were bustled with thoughts. He hesitated for a moment, and spoke softly, “Boshen, are you… hurt?”

Yan Boshen seemed to be sighing.

“Are you still hurt?”

He asked rhetorically.

Lin Suci shook his head stiffly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

After Yan Boshen stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, the warm current and chilliness rushed in and out, causing him to escape from his serious injury.

“Well,” Yan Boshen’s voice was deep, “then I’m not hurt either.”


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