Chapter 37


It was the first time Lin Suci met a person who would transfer his pain that caused him to collapse away from him. After the transfer, he still had no clues at all. He even wanted to take the serious injury Suci just bore to help him further.

Even in his past years, he had never met such a person before.

In the whole world, or in three thousand worlds, Yan Boshen was his first.

Not to mention being his first unique one.

Lin Suci lowered his eyes and was speechless for a long time before he blankly said, “I…I’ll be obedient.”

“Oh,” Yan Boshen seemed to be slightly surprised, but he pressed his lips to accept decisively, “I will supervise you.”

Lin Suci was obediently wagged his tail at the moment, standing honestly beside Yan Boshen, actively supporting his arm. He had been hesitating for a long time to say a few extra words, but they could not make their exits, only his pair of big eyes stared at Yan Boshen, acting like the best-behaved cat in the world.

Yan Boshen looked at him and wanted to laugh, but held back.

However, in just a few words of their conversations, the situation there had changed rapidly.

Peng Sheng who was surrounded ignored all those disciples, but shouted loudly, “Disciples of Cardinal Sect, hand over my apprentice right now!”

The first few leading disciples who had been “forced” with questions knew what Peng Sheng wanted to do. At the moment, the elders of the sect had not arrived in time. If they returned Peng Sheng the captured disciple of Jin Yu Pavilion that he asked for, then they would have to deny no matter what.

The disciples who were deceived by Jin Yu Pavilion was so furious that they could not surround Peng Sheng anymore, so they turned around, drew a sword, as they firmly surrounding Lin Suci.

“This young disciple,” the one speaking was a young man in his twenties, who was also the chief of a large martial arts group. After nodding at Yan Boshen, he said to Lin Suci, “Don’t be afraid. Once we take care of those rascals, we will protect you.”

“Yes, don’t be afraid, young disciple, we will protect you and we must not let them take away the witnesses!”

The young disciples firmly surrounded the Cardinal Sect disciples, and pointed their magical tools at Peng Sheng who was not far away from them, with vigilance in their eyes.

“Senior Peng, you’re so ridiculous…” The shriveled man curled his beard with anger and criticized with a low voice, “You can just catch the kid quietly. Why did you have to make such ruckus? If you let the Pavilion Master know, I’m afraid there will be bad consequences.”

“If it wasn’t for that kid who caught my apprentice, would I still show myself?” Peng Sheng looked like he did not care, “What are you scared of? It’s just a bunch of disciples in foundation. Once we have Pavilion Master to show himself, and erase their memories.”

“The most urgent task is to rescue my apprentice from that little bastard who knows nothing about life and death.” Peng Sheng looked at the crowd of over a hundred disciples. His gaze was fixed on the few black-clothed young people who were firmly guarded in the center, as he coldly snorted.

The shriveled man was anxious, “Didn’t you see that they all put out a distress signal? When their Master comes, it will be over!”

“When their Master comes, they won’t remember anything.”

Peng Sheng smirked compassionately.

Lin Suci said nothing else, the sharpness of a beast’s ears was very high, so he could hear Peng Sheng’s every word clearly even from afar.

Wanting to erase memories, and die without a confession?

It was no doubt that little cabbage and Shu Changyi have already slipped away, even if they had not, he would still have a way to spread the news all over the world.

Lin Suci supported Yan Boshen by the arm, watched Peng Sheng in the distance, and passed the message through telepathy, “They want to erase our memories.”

Yan Boshen did not reply with telepathy though, “The means of erasing memory is rude, and it is easy to cause harm to people.”

The disciples closest to them heard it earnestly and hurriedly asked, “Jin Yu Pavilion wants to erase our memories?”

“Yes,” Lin Suci immediately understood what Yan Boshen meant, and moved his pair of cat ears, “I heard that they wanted to take away the witness, erase memory, and let us die without a confession.”

The disciples gritted their teeth, “How could a Jin Yu Pavilion be so arrogant! He played us like the dust in his hands!”

Lin Suci continued, “I’m worried now that if someone resists, he would kill them directly. If we waited after our memories are erased, they will pretend to be dead in the Secret Realm. If the Masters are not in time, I am afraid that the damage will not be small.”

“I definitely won’t give them this opportunity!” An apprentice gave an order to the other disciples of his Master, “Everyone, protect this young disciple! Escort him and the witness to leave first!”

“This Shixiong,” Lin Suci said, “If I’m leaving alone, who should I call for help?”

The apprentice was taken aback.

Lin Suci continued, “There are no covers in the sky, we have so many of us here, are we just here to stand guard?”

“That… What does young disciple mean?” the apprentice asked.

Lin Suci answered, “It’s simple, just run in all directions, just take advantage of him being alone, as long as he doesn’t catch us.”

“But you…” Before that apprentice finished, Lin Suci stepped back and raised his hand to hold Hui Lian, “Third shixiong, you can help our first shixiong up.”

Then, under the cover of the crowd, he quietly turned into a kitten, hooked his nails, and crawled on Yan Boshen’s boots before climbing on his back.

Yan Boshen was dressed in black, and Lin Suci was covered in black fur. He was lying behind Yan Boshen’s shoulders. If they did not look at the emerald eyes, they would hardly find a cat hidden there.

Lin Suci did not care about anyone next to him. Taking advantage of the cover, his small paw hooked up the skirt of Yan Boshen’s clothes and rolled in neatly.

A small bag bulged in front of Yan Boshen’s abdomen.

Lin Suci stretched out his head and grinned, “It’s fine like this.”

The apprentice hesitated, “This won’t work, if they can’t find you, I’m afraid…”

“Leave this to me.” Hui Lian took out a talisman from his pocket and shook it. The talisman quietly transformed into shape as a black-clothed youth who was roughly the same as Lin Suci leaped out.

“That’s great…” The apprentice paused, thought of something, and quietly spread the message to others. Not long after, nearly a hundred disciples there understood in their hearts.

On the other end, Peng Sheng was extremely arrogant. Facing those young disciples, he seemed to treat them like ants, as he pinched a spirit ball in his hand.

“Just get out of the way, when I kill that little beast, then all of you can leave.”

Lin Suci hidden in the deep placket of Yan Boshen raised his little paw. Just a little, a little, a bit more.

In the next instant, nearly a hundred disciples who were just dressed in colorful clothes shook their bodies as they were all changed into a set of black clothes. At first glance, they were all black and blacker.

At the same time, the apprentice pushed Hui Lian.


Lin Suci watched the scene he never expected, and dared to see it in his heart. His paws gripped Yan Boshen’s shirt, stretched his neck and said enthusiastically to the apprentice, “Hey, little young man, what’s your name and from which sect are you from? When I’m back, I’ll definitely step foot in there and thank your gratitude…”

Before he finished speaking, Yan Boshen stood up, and walked with Hui Lian along with their swords. They soon quietly vanished among the countless disciples hovering in the sky.

The overwhelming black-clothed disciples fled in all directions. Peng Sheng was caught off guard by that situation as he watched the few people at the Cardinal Sect could not be found among the crowd.

“It’s over!” The shriveled man saw the scene. He was furious. Pointing at Peng Sheng, his fingers trembled, “You! You are done being brave. Look now, it’s all over!”

Peng Sheng also did not expect that. He was shocked and finally made a quick decision, “First, kill that little bastard and snatch my apprentice back. If there’s no evidence, we wouldn’t have to be afraid even if he told the whole world!”

Amidst the “black skies”, Peng Sheng distinguished a half-beast figure that was shaking its cat’s tail and ears. With much hesitation, the spirit ball in his hand was thrown straight at the black-clothed boy!

With the thunderous blow of a Jin Dan monk, the black figure in the crowd suddenly dispersed, turning into fumes of greenish-blue smoke.

“That’s not good!” Peng Sheng’s expression changed suddenly, “I was tricked by those little rascals!”

At the same time he shot, the group of black-clothed disciples had already scattered and fled. Now, they could not even see a single figure.

It was at that moment that Peng Sheng really realized that something went wrong.

Lin Suci did not care what happened to Peng Sheng behind him. Yan Boshen raised his sword and shrank to the ground an inch. Only in a short time, he had already leapt over a few hills, far away from the jurisdiction of the Jin Yu Pavilion.

Once he left the danger zone, he emerged from Yan Boshen’s chest and transformed back into a human.

“Now, he’s got it,” Lin Suci squinted, “who knew talking so much nonsense could give us an advantage.”

If Peng Sheng directly made a move, a fight between a Jin Dan monk and their group of disciples would not end well, or else, how could they escape so smoothly.

Lin Suci smiled and asked, “Boshen, Boshen, do you know what is this called?”

Yan Boshen glanced at him. It seemed that the careless little kitten had a pleasant smile on his face.

He frowned slightly and his lips were slightly pale.

Lin Suci immediately remembered that his shixiong transferred his injury to him, so he was still an injured person.

With a small smile, Lin Suci hurriedly support Yan Boshen’s arm. Yan Boshen did not mind his help, so he shared the weight of his body with Lin Suci.

Lin Suci was not strong enough, he was crushed tremblingly. However, he still used his strength, gritted his teeth and stabilized himself to help Yan Boshen up. His worried expression spoke, “Boshen…”

Yan Boshen turned pale, shook his head slightly, and whispered, “I’m fine.”

How could he be fine at that moment, he was clearly forcing himself.

Lin Suci was in a messy thought, but he did not know what to do. All he could do was look at Yan Boshen pitifully.

The three of them walked together. Hui Lian waited for a long time, but neither the senior, nor the junior gave him half a glance. He coldly snorted, and he “inserted” himself between them, “What was the ‘talking so much nonsense’ you just said meant?”

Lin Suci was no longer in the mood to tease, and honestly replied, “It means that the cause of death of a villain is spouting too much nonsense.”

“He’s not dead though.”

“Almost.” Lin Suci sullenly continued, “I have booked him a luxurious funeral package!”

Hui Lian was curious, “You little brat, what would you do without us?”

Lin Suci made a sinister and cunning look, “The secrets of the earth cannot be exposed.”

As soon as he pretended to be serious, Lin Suci was a little triumphant and could not help but wanted to show off, “Let’s wait, when my lovely little cabba…”


Yan Boshen gave a dry cough like he was attempting to breath.

Lin Suci’s attention was immediately focused somewhere else, and he became nervous, “Uncomfortable? Where are you hurt? What can I do for you?”

“No problems…” Yan Boshen said in a deep breath, but his brows were locked, frowning. Compared to the usual appearance of his face that never changed, he was completely pale. His lips were losing its color, and it seemed that the symptoms of his sickness were showing, one by one.

He did not seem like “no problems” at all. Lin Suci regretted it. If he paid more attention to avoid the source and not being remembered by the name, Yan Boshen would not be injured for him.

On their next journey, the little cat became obedient and stopped talking. He turned around Yan Boshen like his little tail, hushing coldly and intently, focusing on Yan Boshen’s physique.

Swords landed slowly on the ground as Lin Suci’s small body tried his best to support Yan Boshen who was slightly taller than him, and walked slowly step by step. As he walked, the kitten also reminded him to be careful.

Hui Lian, who had been forgotten his presence all the way, stayed in place. When the duo walked away, Qing Fou and Ruan Linggu in the house heard the movement outside and stepped out, only to see the two people who were fused together drifting away.

Ruan Linggu was surprised, “Young disciple is supporting Shixiong(senior)? He’s not injured, right?”

Qing Fou was also shocked, “If Boshen is willing to put his dignity away and be supported by someone, could he be extremely hurt?”

Seeing her senior like that, the junior’s heart was lifted, Hui Lian held back the words all the way until the duo was not in his sight, when he finally hummed out, “Of course the injury will not let Shixiong be like this, he is just… showing affection.”


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