Chapter 38


Lin Suci did not know what his third senior had muttered behind his back. When Yan Boshen was injured, his heart had melted to pieces. The cat cub, who had always ricocheted to a realm he had never been before, just wanted to be able to reincarnate with three heads and six arms to protect Yan Boshen in his arms.

Yan Boshen made a little trouble for Lin Suci. Seeing the astute little guy during the usual days, he just let it slide. Although he had an itch in his heart, he still remembered of the serious business they had. After a half-day recuperation in the cave, he used an ice bed to adjust his breath, repaired his internal injuries, and quickly took Lin Suci to return to the foot of the mountain.

Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming had returned early, and the entire divisions were surrounding the main hall from top to bottom, staring down at the three people thrown on the floor.

Ever since they were arrested, Qian Guan, Hu Se, and the young man from Golden Jade Pavilion, had gone through many hardships and frustrations. Their eyes turned dull, hands were tied and the trio were thrown on the ground, but they neither cried nor made trouble. They were just as quiet as a welcomed guest.

Right there, Huilian already informed Qing Fou about what exactly happened in the secret realm, and the private matters about it was particularly important.

When Yan Boshen came in with Lin Suci with his little tail, Qing Fou had already rolled up his sleeves. He squatted on the ground and stuffed the three people’s mouths with something.


Lin Suci and Yan Boshen greeted with honesty and stood aside to watch.

The pill in Qing Fou’s hand would melt instantly after inserted into the mouth. The three of them who were on the ground shook their heads to avoid it, but they could not escape, so they were fed abruptly.

Lin Suci looked with interest, “Master, what do you give them to eat, won’t it be expensive?”

Qing Fou was already about to answer, and almost choked upon hearing the last part of Lin Suci’s question.

“It’s really expensive, one thousand spiritual stones for one pill. That would be a total of three thousand spiritual stones.” Qing Fou snorted, “If you caused the trouble, you should pay the money.”

Lin Suci stuck out his tongue and rolled up his sleeves, “Then, I will dig it out from them.”

“Come back,” Qing Fou supported his forehead with his fingers, feeling a headache for that unstinting little apprentice, “Boshen, take care of your little apprentice.”

If there was one person in the whole division who could hold Lin Suci down, it would only be his big apprentice.

Yan Boshen waved, “Come here.”

Lin Suci made a fake move and shook. After Yan Boshen called him, he turned abruptly back.

“Say, what the hell is going on?”

Qing Fou did not care about the headache from his little apprentice anymore. Seeing that the three people on the ground were already shaking and sweating on their foreheads, he sneered.

The first person who spoke in a panic was Qian Guan.

When Qing Fou asked at the front, Ruan Linggu directly activated a streamer barrier with both hands behind him, facing the three people.

Qian Guan’s guts were scared a long time ago. When he was given permission to speak, he spilled the beans directly from the bamboo tube. Starting from the calculation to sabotage Huilian, he spoke everything on his mind.

On other hand, the young man from Golden Jade Pavilion resisted the effects of the pill for a while. However, it was hard to resist, so he opened his mouth and spouted the scheme.

The last one was Hu Se. He was born as a killer after all, because he resisted it for the longest time among the trio, until his whole body sweated to the point of weakness. His gaze was messed up for some time, and was taken advantage of and completely lost the battle.

The three people revealed a lot of content, but the most conservative person was Hu Se’s mouth, because it spoke the least. They did not really about Qian Guan’s info. The key was about the stuff that came out from Peng Qu’s mouth of Golden Jade Pavilion. There were many things that he exposed that Lin Suci did not know of.

Seeing the three people tossing over and over and confessing several times, and finding that their confession was not deviated, Qing Fou finally gave a light clap and reloaded the three into the spirit capsule.

The barrier in Ruan Linggu’s hand shook and turned directly into a jade slip.

“Suci.” Qing Fou called Lin Suci over, spreading out a lot of blank bamboo slips.

“Learn from your senior sister how to re-engrave.”


Lin Suci stepped forward, Ruan Linggu taught him meticulously, and took him hand in hand. Lin Suci re-engraved one alone, and after that, it was Lin Suci’s turn to do all the remaining work.

There were a lot of bamboo slips on the case, and Lin Suci asked, “How many do we need?”

“The more the merrier.” Qing Fou folded his arms, his expression darkened, “Fifty for the bases, no caps on top.”

Lin Suci was tongue-tied, “No, Master, what are we doing with all these?”

Yan Bai understood Qing Fou’s meaning, and went forward to help Lin Suci sort out the re-engraved bamboo slips, and explained: “This is retrospective, and Master is going to distribute it to each of the big sects.”

Lin Suci made it through at one point and immediately understood what to do.

“Master, I have a good idea.” Lin Suci raised his hand, “At the end of this retrospective, add one sentence, please spread to other sects if you receive it.”

Qing Fou: “Oh? Why?”

Lin Suci was eloquent, “Of course it is to save bamboo slips! Don’t you know how much it is for one?”

Qing Fou was speechless.

As an earner to support his family, Zhongli Haiming’s face was sullen, “Our family is not that poor enough to save up bamboo slips.”

“This is not about being poor. Little senior, think about it, how many sects are calculated and how many of them had big cases? If we distributed all of them to others alone, they might not accept the message. It is better to let us distribute them to the surrounding areas. Through the surroundings, we could expand it to other places, from the main sect to the large groups. This way, the degree of conviction is also high.”

Lin Suci said all that methodically.

Qing Fou froze for a moment, “Hey, that’s a good idea. Little cub, your head is useful after all.”

Lin Suci lifted his chin, “I think it’s fine, just me being the second in the world.”

“Who is the first?” Ruan Linggu was curious.

Lin Suci was even more proud, “Of course, it’s my great senior!”

Yan Boshen, who was caught off guard to be labelled as the first in the world, said, “…are you joking again?”

Lin Suci blinked his big eyes full of sincerity, “How is this a joke? It’s the spoken truth with all my heart. In my heart, my Boshen is naturally not the match of anyone in the world!”

Yan Boshen deepened the grip of his fist instead of his lips and coughed slightly. In a daze, Lin Suci seemed to notice the back of his owner’s neck, slightly stained with pink.

Am I mistaken?

Lin Suci rubbed his eyes.

How could his owner be embarrassed?

Maybe… He did?

Lin Suci quietly leaned to Yan Boshen’s side. He took the advantage when the Master and his seniors went to distribute the bamboo slips to the various martial sects, when no one paid attention to them, and quickly glanced around. He seized the moment when Yan Boshen was unprepared. Steadying himself on tip-toes, he grasped Yan Boshen’s arm, secretly got close to him, and sighed into his earlobe.

Lin Suci did not blink after finishing that action, and stared nervously at Yan Boshen’s earlobe. Between the electric light flaming stone, a big palm slowly covered his eyes.

In the darkness, Lin Suci heard Yan Boshen’s hoarse sigh in his ears. His senior vaguely seemed to grit his teeth, “…Little jerk.”

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