Chapter 39


There were not many bamboo slips distributed from the Cardinal Sect. Lin Suci only re-engraved a dozen of them, and the dozen that were casted to the sects was dispersed to the surroundings. Within a few days, the news was like a gust of wind, rustling all over the ears of the cultivators/monks.

Such an ugly thing happened in a secret realm where many sects had signed an agreement for the disciples’ experience, which was undoubtedly the biggest and most sensational news around there.


More than twenty cultivating sects, ages ranging from the elders at the top to the disciples at the bottom, gathered in front of the gate of Golden Jade Pavilion. Thousands of monks were there to seek for an explanation.

The Golden Jade Pavilion could sentence a matter as big or small when something happened in the usual days, so it had the power to protect itself. However, this time, it completely offended all the cultivation sects.

The elders of the major sects who came to ask for an explanation did not show their good sides. If the Golden Jade Pavilion did not open the gates, and they would smash it open with their actions. There was no room for a peaceful solution.

Without a plan, the pavilion master of Golden Jade Pavilion avoided eye contact and sent Peng Sheng out as a form of explanation. However, he was killed on the spot by one of the Yuan Ying monks who guarded the calf. That was not a solution, but a vent of anger.

In the end, the Golden Jade Pavilion had to open the gates to welcome the high-ranking monks of various sects to enter. Unsure of what they just discussed, the pavilion master of Golden Jade Pavilion finally led the group of elders back to their sects personally. Their expressions were gray and pale.

The Cardinal Sect did not participate in the whole action though.

Lin Suci originally thought that he would be able to join in the fun, after all, in the original book, after little cabbage announced the matter, Golden Jade Pavilion’s vitality was greatly damaged, and it was almost torn apart.

That was a rare excitement, but it was a pity that Qing Fou stopped him and did not allow his departure.

Yan Boshen untied Lin Suci’s waist chain and went alone. No one in the sect could stand Lin Suci. They were worried that the youngest and most curious kid from the outer world would accidentally rush to join in the fun, and were afraid that he would be sent back as skewers.

Under Qing Fou’s order, Xiao Lan took over a heavy burden.

“Little apprentice, come and sit down.” Xiao Lan set up a bamboo kiosk and held melon seeds and peanuts that were obtained from the kitchen. He greeted Lin Suci enthusiastically, as if he wanted to have a talk with him.

Lin Suci was not in a good mood those past few days. In the end, Yan Boshen was injured. In order not to leave a scar, he went to the cold lake of behind the mountains for the past two days. He could not help with anything. He could only squat on the edge of the cliff and watched the shadowy figure wrapped in it.

After that, being unable to watch the big event made Lin Suci a little panic.

Xiao Lan gnawed on the melon seeds, seeming to be distressed about how to speak. Lin Suci bit the dried fish abruptly and sighed into the cool breeze. For a moment, he spoke first, “Fifth senior, why did Master ask you to let me come over?”

“What Master meant was that the youngest in our family will have to meet people in the future. You have already mastered the basics anyway, so there are some things that should be shared with you.” Xiao Lan scratched his head and smiled slyly, “After all, you are so temperamental. It’s not good at all. If you step out, people who want to kill you will definitely queue in a long line.”

Lin Suci asked, “…What’s wrong with me?”

“Strictly speaking, it doesn’t have much to do with you, little apprentice.” Xiao Lan hesitated, “This is mainly because the relationship between our family and other sects outside is a little, just a little…”

“Not harmonious.”

Lin Suci did not give a damn about his implicit statement at all. “Fifth senior can just tell me, what’s wrong with our sect?”

“About this, I have to talk about it starting from many, many years ago.”

Lin Suci sat in jeopardy, listening to the story with ears pricked up.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Lan took a U-turn and said, “Let’s not talk about those that are too far away. It’s boring. To put it simply, when we started a sect, we formed a lot of enmity. This hatred is not for any of us, but for the name of our Cardinal Sect. Therefore, little apprentice, you must pay attention if you hold the title as a disciple of the Cardinal Sect.”

Lin Suci was very curious about the whole story, but his heart was jumping with anxiousness when he found that the most anticipated part was hidden by Xiao Lan.

“Fifth senior, what kind of hatred, how did we get it? You have to explain it clearly to me.”

Xiao Lan gnawed the melon seeds for a long time, and slowly said, “Our existence is a kind of hatred, there is no particular reason for that.”

“In the past few years, we did not involve ourselves with any other sect. It was only in these years that we finally had contact with other sects around here. Nevertheless, they all still have a grudge against us. You just have to remember, if you have a choice to not have relationship with other sects, just don’t.”

“In the secret realm, the one you saved…” Lin Suci asked, “Is that considered a relationship?”

“Yes, it is.”

Xiao Lan nodded his head heavily, “I remembered the time when we had one of their disciples in our hands and they almost damaged our place. They didn’t give us a good face for many years. After saving them once, they will definitely not deal with us in a sullen way. Consider it as deducting an invisible enemy.”

“If it wasn’t for that situation, believe it or not, they would dare to sabotage us directly.”

Lin Suci recalled how the girl looked desperate after learning their identity, and nodded, “I believe it.”

“Also,” Xiao Lan continued, “Don’t think that everyone at the gate of Purple Gold Glaze would help you. In fact, if it wasn’t for everyone’s involvement in this huge and important matter, not one single person will come to step out for you.”

Lin Suci immediately disagreed, “Who said that, big senior would step out for me!”

Xiaolan choked, “I’m talking about outsiders!”

“Outsiders…” Lin Suci hesitated, “The leader who helped us speak, didn’t he seem to support us?”

“Do you know who he is?” Xiao Lan asked.

Lin Suci naturally shook his head, “Who?”

“The chief disciple of the Chongyun Sect, Tu Shen.” Xiao Lan continued, “A few months ago, Master specially asked Big Senior to take you and Sixth Junior to celebrate his birthday, just to let the Chongyun Sect disciples take good care of us. That’s why that fellow would stand up for us.”

Lin Suci spoke thoughtfully, “He is a good man. He has the courage and mind, is willing to come forward, and looks…”

“Hey hey hey. Stop, stop!” Xiao Lan jumped up as if he burned his buttocks, and quickly waved his hand, “That’s all with your praises, don’t compliment any further! If Big Senior know about this, I will definitely be beaten.”

“Why will you get beaten? I’m just introducing the person at the time.” Lin Suci was surprised, “What’s the matter? He helped a lot at the time. If I go to the Chongyun sect, I will definitely go and thank him in person. .”

“No, no, no!” Xiao Lan said firmly, “Just pretend you don’t know his identity from me. As for showing your gratitude, it’s not your time to do it.”

Xiao Lan seemed to be afraid of what Lin Suci would have to say, and continued his series of words, “Master asked me to tell you that our sect is not welcomed by people outside, and it is also easy to be treated hostile. Now is a terrible time, so we can’t show ourselves. If we are not involved, this matter would have been resolved smoothly. With we involved ourselves, maybe it would cause a disturbance.”

in Suci probably knew Qing Fou’s thoughts, but he still had question marks in his mind. Cardinal Sect had no traces in the original works. Why was it so famous?

That was not in line with common sense.

According to his senses, any sect with famous names and origin would definitely had past dramas, so there was certainly such a description in the novel, even if it was just a few words about it in essays.

There was nothing in the Cardinal Sect. It was clean, as if it had never existed before.

It was just like……

All traces were obliterated.

Lin Suci could not help but thought of the Mysterious Heart Sect that was completely destroyed by Yan Ran.

Could it be that because the villain, Yan Ran knew about the little connection between the Cardinal Sect and the Mysterious Heart Sect, so he wiped Mysterious Heart Sect out. Would he also do that… to the Cardinal Sect?

Lin Suci stood up, his breathing was slightly rushed.

The Golden Jade Pavilion retreated when the Purple Gold Glaze showed the secrets. After those things, there might be less than a year’s time to be the return of the big villain, Yan Ran.

Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat.

Naturally, Yan Ran should not have a world without heaven, no place, and no parents. No matter how simple the appearance in the novel was, he must have traces of survival in that world. Then, if he rushed to find him before Yan Ran appeared…

No, it was useless to find him too.

Yan Ran was born a demon, with no thoughts and desires, without heaven and earth, and wherever he went, it would involve killing. Whether he was seeking fame or fortune from other villains, or his cultivation realm, the difference was that he had no desires.

A demon without any human instincts remaining.

The point was that no one could win.

What would he do if he found him? Send food? He might get eaten by him instead.

Lin Suci was well-aware of the moat-like ravines in it, even if it was little cabbage, there would be no way to stop Yan Ran. Yan Ran could be said to be an existing being that would win by force. Then, he must change another way of thinking to resolve the deadlock.

Lin Suci held onto the table with his hands, and a lot of sweat oozed out from his forehead, dripping down his eyelashes on the table, as it faintly dissipated.

Never let Yan Ran destroy the Cardinal Sect.

Since it was impossible to lie his hands on Yan Ran, then he could start from Mysterious Heart Sect!

There was still a year to go, and he must completely separate Cardinal Sect and Mysterious Heart Sect! He must not let his sect give Mysterious Heart Sect a funeral!

It was necessary to save the Cardinal Sect from Yan Ran’s hands!

“Little apprentice?” Xiao Lan was shocked when he saw his little junior suddenly looked like he was possessed. Xiao Lan was at a loss, “Are you okay?”

Lin Suci slowly wiped away the sweat on his forehead, and his eyes were shining. They seemed to be filled with a kind of light that made people unable to look directly at them, “Nothing! I’ll leave first!”

Xiao Lan watched Lin Suci’s tail flicked as he sped off, “Hey hey hey! Where are you going! Did you remember the Master’s account!”

“I surely did!”

Lin Suci howled as he ran, “I’m going to find Big Senior!”

Thick mist and thin clouds were around the area. It was getting hazy.

The cold lake was quiet, without a splash of water.

Lin Suci ran very fast, running along the bumpy stairs. One of his feet slipped accidentally and his center of gravity fell unstable. He tumbled down straight from the stairs.


Lin Suci was so frightened that his face turned blue. Before he could make any movements, he fell straight into the cold lake where the air was so cold.

The sound of splash that echoed through the valley was accompanied by Lin Suci’s howling. His arms and legs fumbled chaotically, completely forgot that he was a cat cub that swims. He stretched out his head and spit out water, yelling miserably, “Help! Ah!”

In the next instant, in the cold lake, a strong arm firmly encircled the struggling Lin Suci from behind.

Lin Suci was taken into an ice-cold hug, and his whole body trembled in the cold.

“And, what’s wrong with you again?”

In the familiar voices, it was the familiar frustration.

Lin Suci found the direction in his heart instantly, and was completely at ease. He wiped off the drops of water on his face and turned around.

“Boshen, I’m here to tell you…”

Lin Suci had not finished speaking, and his eyes looked straight ahead. The next moment, his head that was once full of thoughts flew away in a distance.

The person holding him in front of him had no clothes. Above the waistline that the cold lake of water could not cover was completely naked and exposed to the air.

His body, which had always been wrapped in neat clothes, had a clear texture. A layer of flowing dark color was faintly covered under the skin, which disappeared in a flash.

He was covered with drops of water, and the mist condensed on his eyelashes. It dripped slowly, along his cheeks, to the chin, and dripping onto his moving Adam’s apple.

Lin Suci’s gaze slowly descended along the drop of water, watching the drop of water from Yan Boshen’s abdominal muscles. It continued rolling down, along the line above the thighs. Soon, it dripped into the water.

Lin Suci watched the quiet, clear pool water slowly spreading out a circle of ripples under Yan Boshen’s waist.

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