Chapter 40


Lin Suci’s mind was blank.

Why was he there for? What did he want to say to Yan Boshen?

The water splashed and sprinkled, but it was Yan Boshen who waved his big hand, reaching for an outer clothing from the shore not far away and covered the part between his waist and abdomen.

The straight gaze of sight was blocked, Lin Suci slowly raised his head, and looked at Yan Boshen’s face who was utterly confused. He said with relaxation and slight joy, “Haha, the water here is quite thick.”

Yan Boshen: “…”

Lin Suci realized what he said after finishing, and quickly remedied himself, “No, I mean, this water is quite hard…clear! Yes, it’s crystal clear!”

Yan Boshen wasted a lot of effort. He was abruptly sullen and expressionless, “Why are you looking for me?”

If one did not listen carefully, one would feel that his voice was fine, but Lin Suci was clever and sensitive now. With his ears erected, he naturally heard two types of husky voice in Yan Boshen’s tone.

For some reason, the muffled low voice fell into his ears. Lin Suci was rather uncomfortable, so he kept touching his nose.

“Uh, I’m looking for you to…” Lin Suci thought for a long time, but his mind was filled with the slight ripples of the just clear lake water. He worked hard for a long time, but his attention still could not help from escaping to the part covered by the clothing. Racking his brains, he could not remember what he was there for. He casually found an excuse, “…see if your injuries are getting better.”

Even if Yan Boshen knew that it was an excuse that Lin Suci temporarily gave, he could no expose him. After all, he could understand Lin Suci’s thoughts at a glance.

“It’s much better.”

Yan Boshen stood in the water and put on his clothes, pulling Lin Suci ashore.

It was a natural cold lake there, chilly mist lingered as the two of them sat on the shore, looking at the distance together. It was just that there was fog around them, so the surrounding environment could not be seen clearly several feet away.

Lin Suci calmed down for a moment, and the little secret excitement he had just disappeared. His mind gradually recovered, and the things he had thought about before slowly returned to his head.

“Senior, Master returned Peng Qu, and Hu Se was also thrown back to Feng Wu, why did he keep Qian Guan and not let him go?”

Now, Lin Suci wanted to keep Mysterious Heart Sect in his heart and figure out everything he needed to know, in order to give his family a brighter road.

Yan Boshen said indifferently, “Hesitating.”

The Golden Jade Pavilion was too wide-ranging. Peng Qu just somehow unluckily ran into Lin Suci’s hands. Even without Peng Qu, as long as they knew about the matters of Golden Jade Pavilion, those sects would have the upper hand, and they could hold down the Golden Jade Pavilion no matter what.

Hu Se was even more unlucky. He was a killer for both silver and goods, but he still failed. The Cardinal Sect did not intend to gain hatred from another killer organization, and became good enough to send the person back.

As for Qian Guan, he was the beginning of the whole thing. Since the Mysterious Heart Sect was not easily solved by those other sects after all, it simply came from the same religion, so it was difficult for Qing Fou to act.

If the change was used properly, it might be able to break the deadlock between the Cardinal Sect and the Mysterious Heart Sect for many years. If it could be completely torn through and get rid of the shackles, it would be a rare opportunity in many years.

He was just worried that Qing Fou had something else in mind.

Lin Suci asked, “Didn’t Master already and open religions and establish sects? Can’t we completely separate our ways from Mysterious Heart Sect?”

“It would break bones and connect tendons…” Yan Boshen expression did not look great.

Lin Suci did not completely understand, “Then, why did Master would come out alone?”

If he remembered correctly, Master’s master and Master’s senior were both the former head of the Mysterious Heart Sect. Even Master’s nephew was also the current head of the sect. It stood to reason that a direct disciple should not go to the point of being a single independent faction and leave his sect.

Although Lin Suci felt that leaving was a good thing, because they were separated from the Mysterious Heart Sect that was full of villains and away from the silly Wang Lichen.

Yan Bai was silent for a moment, and said nonchalantly, “Master has rebelled against his sect.”

Lin Suci’s chin almost fell out of shock, “What?!”

How…How was that possible? What his master said was a bit uglier, that he was a big fool who had nothing to do with the world and was about to pass his own life. How could there be such a setting similar to a villain’s experience?

Rebelled against his sect and got kicked out… He should at least make a huge mistake, right?

No matter how he thought about Qing Fou, who was always talking about alchemy all day long, it could be possible.

Lin Suci reached out his hand and lifted his chin back silently. His mind was blank for a while, then shook his head, raised his hand and slapped himself. He sincerely said, “Master is really… mighty and domineering!”

Yan Boshen looked at him, finding it hard to speak a word.

“Rebelled away from the sect” was a thing that would cause a major shocking scandal no matter where the news went. When it fell into Lin Suci’s mouth, he just considered it as a “mighty and domineering” thing?

Lin Suci was amazed, “It turns out that our sect is not really a small sect after all. Master is also a rebellious disciple who was once brilliant. Senior, you are a sweeping monk. The other senior brothers and sisters are also awesome as well. Oh my, I can’t believe I fell into a golden nest!”

Lin Suci continued with joy. “Not bad, not bad. If we look at it this way, we will have an explanation for the many enemies of our sect. This kind of setting is really prestigious!”

Yan Boshen originally wanted to explain the details to Lin Suci. When he heard him spoke a single sentence, and danced around, not knowing what he was dreaming about, Yan Boshen raised his hand and knocked him on the head.

“Eh?” Lin Suci’s smile on his face had not faded, as he stared blankly at the murderous look of Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen looked at the little cat that was dazed and having an unknowingly stupid appearance, his back teeth were grinded. He said in frustration, “Go back.”

“No!” Lin Suci took advantage of that moment to recollect his thoughts, and said quickly, “Boshen Boshen, you just said that our Master had rebelled and kicked out from his sect, so what can we do to erase all connections with Mysterious Heart Sect?”

Yan Boshen spoke deeply, “…There is an easiest way.”

Lin Suci’s spirit stood on end, “Please say it!”

Yan Boshen said slowly and deeply, “As long as Mysterious Heart Sect doesn’t exist anymore.”

Lin Suci shuddered, “As long as it doesn’t exist anymore… You put it so simply, but until then…” Who knew if the Great Demon King, Yan Ran would also send them and their Cardinal Sect to the underworld for a miserable reunion?

“Think of something more practical,” Lin Suci hugged his knees, thinking hard for a long time, “How about taking my corpse to the door to ask for an explanation, do you think you can…”

Before Lin Suci finished, he felt the air suddenly drop in temperature, as if the dew of the cold frost hit him, making him shiver.

Looking up, Yan Boshen’s complexion was gloomy and uncertain. The suffocating aura between his brows almost turned into a substance.

The sharpness of a beast made Lin Suci cleverer, so he quickly added, “A fake! I pretend to be a fake corpse and come to the door to use my chances!”

Lin Suci said, “Let’s imagine for now, if Qian Guan escaped, accidentally killed me, and then aggravated their problems. By then, our sect can directly demand that we can cut our connections with theirs, completely. How about that?”

“No need.” Yan Boshen spoke calmly, “Don’t worry. Just leave the matter to me. Mysterious Heart Sect will definitely have nothing to do with us.”

Lin Suci was full of confidence in his big senior. When he said that he should leave it to him, Lin Suci was convinced that it would not be long before the Cardinal Sect and Mysterious Hearts Sect would be completely separated.

In that way, when the Great Demon King came to destroy the Mysterious Heart Sect, they would be safe and sound.

That’s great!

Lin Suci was on cloud nine. The big rock that was on his heart had finally fallen onto the ground.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered something, and winked at Yan Boshen, “Boshen, Boshen, do you want to go into the water? Sitting here is pretty uncomfortable, right?”

Time had passed for so long and the duo talked a lot of gossip. Yan Boshen even forgotten the awkwardness just now. He asked in surprise, “Huh?”

Lin Suci’s eyes fell faintly between Yan Boshen’s legs. Without any of his spoken words, Yan Boshen realized that the little cub was going to make trouble again.

“Ahem…” Lin Suci also pretended to be aware of it. With his youthful face, he pretended to look mature and reassured him, “Don’t be embarrassed, I won’t peek at you.”

He said politely, but his eyes were not constricted at all, as if he almost wanted to drill through the fabric of the clothes and look inside. He clearly had the naked curiosity and wicked taste under his “composed and mature” look.

Yan Boshen laughed helplessly because of that little arrogant cub, and stood up without saying a word. He bent down and lifted Lin Suci horizontally.


Lin Suci’s four limbs dangled in the air, lying in Yan Boshen’s arms in a daze, “Boshen… Wah!”

When he just yelled his name, the next moment, Yan Boshen threw Lin Suci out in the air with both arms.

With a ‘splash’, the little kitten plunged into the cold lake and flopped for a long time before stepping on the soles of his feet and faintly popping out his head.

“Boshen, what are you doing!”

Lin Suci was very aggrieved. His face was stained with water, and his body was soaked in the cold lake. The chilly air penetrated his bones, and his excitement before just disappeared.

Standing on the shore, Yan Boshen was covered by the fog of mist. His expression was faintly distinguishable.

“I just thought about it. If I’m not here, no one can control you outside.”

Following his unhurried words, Yan Boshen slowly waded into the water and approached step by step.

“It’s better to stay with me and cultivate together with me honestly.”

Yan Boshen stopped before Lin Suci, raised his hand and lightly flicked the cub’s forehead, “Do you agree?”

Lin Suci hesitated for a long time, and asked cautiously, “Can I ask a question?”

“Yes, you can.”

Yan Boshen nodded as he answered.

Lin Suci was lost in his thoughts for a long time. His fingers tangled together, as if he was a little nervous. After looking up at Yan Boshen for almost half a day, he babbled.


Yan Boshen was a little puzzled about his struggling look, “Just ask what you want, if you don’t know anything, you can…”

“You said to cultivate together…” Lin Suci spoke, covering his flushed face, “Does it mean dual cultivation?”

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