Chapter 41


Lin Suci, who just spoke ‘misfortune’ with his mouth, was thrown into the cold lake by the person. The hanging ladder was also covered with a lid. Except for Yan Boshen and Qing Fou, no one else could get in, but he could not get up as well. He was detained abruptly, letting him admit to his mistakes while cultivating alone.

It took Lin Suci three to five days to finally realize that he was not wrong at all. It was all because Yan Boshen’s was too thin-skinned.

Tsk, it was fun to tease him, but his strength too strong, and it almost decreased half of his life.

Lin Suci accidentally inhaled some spiritual energy from Li Wen before, and immediately jumped to the ninth level of foundation. Although Lin Suci’s status had risen, but his strength was not as high as his status. His basics were too weak as it was easily swayed and quite unstable.

Yan Boshen directly took that opportunity to shut him in the cold lake, where it was prosperous with spiritual energy. It was not an ordinary place for cultivation. Cultivating there would definitely bring him a lot of progress in a day.

Lin Suci had not come into contact with many, but he could only vaguely realize that the place was very different than Li Wen’s Yunyou Cave. It was not a mundane place.

He also knew that at any rate, Yan Boshen would solve the problem of Mysterious Heart Sect. Since the problem of Golden Jade Pavilion were settled by other sect, at that moment, it was a good time for him to concentrate on training his foundation.

For a month and a half, Lin Suci stayed honestly in the cold lake, repeatedly drew Qi from the surroundings and wandering around, tempering his weak body.

During that period, only Yan Boshen had hurriedly visited him twice and mentored him a few times. Otherwise, he had not even seen a living thing there, let alone all the news from the outside world.

For a whole month, Lin Suci had not taken half a step away from the cold lake, until his body was full of spiritual energy and his diaphragm was stable of controlling his breathing. The lid was forcibly added to that place, and it was finally withdrawn by Yan Boshen.

Linn Suci went back to the cave and slept for three days and three nights, completely replenishing the exhausted energy. After all that rest, he opened his eyes.

Having his sleep for numerous days and nights, Lin Suci wiped the corners of his mouth, went down to the foot of the mountain and rushed straight into the kitchen.

Even if he ate a full stomach of fasting pills, he still could not ignore his love to feast. He fasted for a month, so his stomach turned so greedy. Rushing into the kitchen, like the little bandit who robbed the house, all the lids were opened and he ate everywhere.

Fortunately, on the wooden shelf, there were a few cans of snacks that Huilian saved him. Lin Suci did not pay attention to that. He lifted the lid and sat on the vegetable rack in the kitchen, gnawing on the dried fish.

“And, I thought I faced a thief and wanted to see who was the brave thief who dare steal from our Cardinal Sect. Who knew it turns out to be a kitten thief.”

Lin Suci was immersed in the dried fish. When he looked up, the door leaning against the wall and looking at him with a smile was Ruan Linggu, who he had not seen for a long time.

“Fourth Senior Sister!” Lin Suci raised his hand to greet his senior, “I’m hungry.”

“You have to bear it if you are hungry. Third Senior Brother San is not here. There is no second person in our sect who can cook.”

Lin Suci jumped off the vegetable stand, holding the can of dried fish as if struck by lightning, “Third Senior is not at home?!”

Third Senior Brother San was not here, then who would fill his stomach?!

Seeing the young junior who had just lost his soul, Ruan Linggu was helpless, “Cang Lingzong offered to help with the Mysterious Heart Sect matter before, and now he borrowed our Third Senior to teach their disciples to make charms.”

Lin Suci heard something he did not know from inside the cave.

“The Mysterious Heart Sect… is resolved?”


Ruan Linggu kneaded Lin Suci’s chaotic hair bun, and said casually, “Even Big Senior have all taken action, how can we not solve it? From then on, we have completely broken the relationship with Mysterious Heart Sect and we will never have to deal with those disgusting villains.”

“What did the Big Senior do?” Lin Suci was curious.

Ruan Linggu hesitated, “I don’t think you should ask, you kitten cub. It’s not suitable for you to know this.”

Fearing that Lin Suci would continue asking, Ruan Linggu immediately said, “By the way, you have been in seclusion for so long, did you make progress?”

The Fourth Senior Sister also taught him a lot, and she was also Lin Suci’s teacher in exorcism. As soon as Lin Suci heard that, he diverted his attention and followed Ruan Linggu to the test his skills.

Lin Suci ran a test given by Ruan Linggu. Soon, there were also people in the originally empty courtyard.

“Little Junior, you’re out! Come and help!”

Xiao Lan was holding a big bucket in his arms, and two big boxes slung on his wrist.

Lin Suci and Ruan Linggu took them forward and sent them into the main hall.

“Fifth Senior Brother, where are the others?”

Xiao Lan wiped the sweat on the forehead, “Senior Sister didn’t tell you? Big Senior Brother went out to find materials for you. Third Senior Brother was borrowed out to teach, and Little Junior Brother went to resell what we got from the flying leaves we picked.”

Big Senior Brother is not here…” Lin Suci was a little agitated, and asked again, “What about Master?”

“Master…” Xiao Lan grinned, looked around carefully, and lowered his voice, “Our connections with Mysterious Heart Sect have been completely broken, and Master feels sorry for his Master and uncles, so he had been isolating himself these days.”

Ruan Linggu put the things that Xiao Lan had brought out, and said indifferently,”Mysterious Heart Sect was the one who did too much at first. Now, we only broke the relationship and didn’t force them with that too much. We have done our best to make it seem polite. If it was from other sects, these types of deeds that harmed people’s lives would surely be difficult to settle if it was exposed.”

“Master is thinking about old times…” Xiao Lan scratched his head, “Let me say that after those old Masters and uncles left, he shouldn’t promise to take care of their sect’s last words. Now, it made our Master feel uncomfortable.”

Take care of Mysterious Heart Sect? Lin Suci was a little curious, “Why did his Master want our Master to take care of their sect when they left? The Mysterious Heart Sect is so big that it needs to depend on our Master?”

“Naturally, our master is very powerful.” Xiao Lan was rather proud.

Lin Suci: “How powerful is he?”

Xiao Lan was tongue-tied, “I can’t tell you how specific it is. In short, Master is very powerful.”

Ruan Linggu said, “Only Big Senior, or Second Senior brothers would know how powerful our Master was. Starting from Third Senior Brother, when we entered the sect, the Master had already retired, completely.”


Lin Suci’s heart ached when he heard that.

Could it be that Master was someone with unworldly talent and preferred to stay incognito?

It did not seem right. if he really was a person of rare talent, then the Mysterious Heart Sect would not treat him that way, and it was even more impossible to be incognito. It was clear that he did everything, like establishing religions not far from his original sect, in broad daylight.

He was so mysterious.

Lin Suci wanted to ask, but both Ruan Linggu and Xiao Lan were unclear. They did not give him a chance to ask questions either.

The whole sect up and down was now only left with Qing Fou, Ruan Linggu, Xiao Lan and Lin Suci. Qing Fou was in isolation and stayed indoors, so it was only three seniors and juniors left.

Lin Suci followed Ruan Linggu’s learning method, almost starting from the basics. The training tools used by Ruan Linggu were all remastered old tools that were repaired, including hundreds of varieties. Ruan Linggu selected some light and simple ones that were suitable for demon cultivation, and taught Lin Suci bit by bit from scratch.

In the morning, Lin Suci followed Ruan Linggu to learn the artifacts, and in the afternoon, he practiced swordsmanship with Xiao Lan. Lin Suci started practicing every morning and rested at sunset, repeating every day boringly and dryly.

“When will Big Senior Brother come back…” Lin Suci could not get up directly from the ground after being hit by Xiao Lan’s sword. He was lying on the ground and panting. The bamboo sword in his hand was thrown aside and he was too tired to hold it.

Ruan Linggu was a young girl who looked fragile, but her heart was cruel and her moves were sharp. If he did just a little wrong, he would attract thunder and lightning threats. For the sake of his skinny and tender body, Lin Suci succumbed to tears and fought.

Xiao Lan did not threaten or beat people. It was a pity that the two of them practiced swordsmanship. During the daily duel practices, Lin Suci would repeatedly be beaten up by a sword. Every day, he would be beaten into a cat biscuit, almost dying between short breaths.

Lin Suci missed Yan Boshen very much whenever he practiced hard under the merciless senior brothers and sisters.

In the past, he practiced with Yan Boshen. He looked indifferently, but actually took good care of Lin Suci everywhere. Wherever he was unsure of something, he personally demonstrated and gave instructions to correct his mistakes little by little. Nonetheless, every day Yan Boshen would indulge Lin Suci’s act when he climbed onto his body.

However, Fourth Senior Sister and Fifth Senior Brother…

Lin Suci turned over and sighed, covering his face.

“Big Senior Brother might need a few more days.” Xiao Lan put down the giant sword, smiled and squatted in front of Lin Suci, “When you are tired, just rest. There’s no rush in the meantime, you are already making rapid progress.”

Lin Suci pouted, “If so, then I can’t be as good as little cabbage…”

Xiao Lan was at a loss, “Little cabbage?”

Lin Suci knew that Xiao Lan had no impression of Bai Qingkong, and did not say much, but simply explained, “He’s a little brother I knew. He is young and talented. Compared with me, I am just a little behind him.”

Lin Suci used two fingers to make a pinch, but just a little more than a pinch.

Xiao Lan smiled, “But didn’t you say that you can’t be as good as him?”

Lin Suci was expressionless, “I am a normal person.”

Only normal people were crazy to compare their talents with the protagonist of the world.

It was just a way to shame himself.

Lin Suci sighed heavily, turned over to sit it, and got out a fasting pill from his sleeve.

Without Huilian, Lin Suci always followed and ate fasting pills every day. He was tearful and pitiful when having them. But they were all at corners where they could play explosions when he entered the kitchen, so no one could trust each other to go in. Lin Suci had no choice but to chew on the medicine with tears every day.

“If you are greedy, should we go out and buy some food?” Xiao Lan asked.

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, “We can go out and buy?”

But the next moment, he froze again, “No way, I don’t have money.”

Xiao Lan: “You won’t need money to buy food. Why don’t you go to hunt two wild animals, I will hunt some, and then tomorrow morning, we will go to the market to sell them? We can do that in exchange of money to stop your greediness.”

“Great!” Lin Suci nodded immediately.

Ruan Linggu would casually give Lin Suci a vacation for the two juniors who were going out to buy food. When Lin Suci asked her if she was going, Ruan Linggu refused, but made a request.

“Although I’m not going, you guys have to bring presents to Senior Sister here when you go out. You see, there is a rouge shop in the city. You can bring me a box of rouge when you come back.”

Lin Suci understood that girl’s love, so he asked while nodding his head, “In addition to rouges, how about buying a hairpin for Senior Sister too?”

Ruan Linggu covered her lips and smiled lightly, but it was meaningful, “I don’t want the hairpin you bought. With this money, it’s better to keep it for Big Senior Brother.”

Lin Suci thought about it, and he agreed. The owner of his family has spent all his savings on him, not to mention that he had taken good care of him from start till the end. What kind of gift should he give Yan Boshen?

Since he wanted to give a gift to Yan Boshen, Lin Suci could not just send it casually.

Lin Suci did what he said. In order to save more money, he did not go to bed all night. He caught the spirit beasts on the nearby hills all over the mountains. Cries of ghosts and howls woke up all night, and they gradually calmed down at dawn.

Just after dawn, Lin Suci, who had not slept all night, dragged dozens of soulless spirit beasts behind him, and followed Xiao Lan’s flying sword to the main city with joy.

The spirit beasts sold early in the morning. They were gone quickly since Lin Suci’s small face looked so young, which made a big advantage. Seeing he was so young, the buyers did not have the audacity to bully the kid, most of them were cheery. Before noon, the spirit beasts in Lin Suci and Xiao Lan’s hand were all sold out.

A total of more than three hundred spirit stones were exchanged.

Lin Suci kept the spirit stone and said, “The money comes very quickly, why don’t we usually do this?”

“They are all spirit beasts from the nearby hills. If you catch this way every day, the surrounding area will disappear in a few days.” Xiao Lan got up and cleaned up the stall. With money in hand, he said happily, “Let’s go shopping. ”

The money was like pocket money. After, giving Ruan Linggu a box of rouge, buying a gift for Yan Boshen, they would use the remaining money to buy food.

The first destination was the rouge shop.

Lin Suci did not know much about that kind of shop, so when he asked Xiao Lan, he did not know any questions, and asked the girls who passed by.

The woman shook her handkerchief and looked at Lin Suci with affection. She tapped her slender finger and pointed towards one place, “You can just go south and turn into the alley. There is a home with the red lantern. There is someone who sells rouge, I’m sure this young man will be satisfied.”

Lin Suci thanked him, and followed the location pointed by the girl with Xiao Lan. After numerous turns, they arrived an alley with red lights.

“Achoo–” Lin Suci rubbed his nose. He had already sneezed three to five times.

Xiao Lan did not look very well either. He frowned and looked around “Xiao Ci, it doesn’t seem to be right here.”

Lin Suci nodded with a sullen face, “Indeed, all around is the smell of fragrant powder.”

It was a pain for the little kitten. He had a sensitive nose. Along the road, he ribbed his nose uncomfortably, leaving a ring of red in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, I will buy rouge for Senior Sister first.”

Lin Suci looked everywhere, but fortunately, there was a big rouge shop here.

Xiao Lan and Lin Suci did not understand anything, they all got help from the young women in the shop, who kept teasing and pointed at them. Finally, they chose a box of rouge that was indistinguishable from the others in their eyes.

When Lin Suci was counting his money, the young women shook his veil and beckoned behind him, “The little girl over there, here is a young man buying rouge. Come meet him, maybe next time. He would buy it from you.”

Lin Suci looked back curiously.

Behind him were two young girls wearing red and green. Their hairs were tied with hair pins. Not to mention, the choking powdery smell came from their beautiful facial features that were all coated with the white powder. At first glance, they looked like female ghosts.

“Young man, these two girls are from the Fragrance House next door. They are young and don’t know how to solicit guests, but they are pretty good. If you don’t dislike them, why don’t you go sit there with them?”

Lin Suci listened to the young lady’s words and met the eyes of the shorter girl with pink skirts. His whole body was frozen.

The girl in the pink skirt was dumbfounded as if she had seen a ghost, “…Xing…Xingchen?”

Lin Suci’s face was distorted, “…” Who could tell him why the world male protagonist was right there selling himself as a prostitute at the kiln?

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