My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 112


Those cubs all had their own origins. There were even a few cubs of the leader of the demon race among them, yet they were thrown there by their irresponsible parents. The sound of crying and howling almost knocked over the roof of the Cardinal Sect.

Zhongli Haiming was about to cry.

He had never dealt with such young cubs before. He was a devil, who should be the natural enemy of demons, yet he needed to be the nanny for those youngsters. How could it turn out to be like that?

In the whole division, only Xiao Lan had a little conscience as he tried every means to settle down the group of cubs with Zhongli Haiming, barely making them to stop crying. Then, they hurried away to find someone who could call the shots.

The master of the Cardinal Sect, Qing Fou, did not care about it at all.

He plausibly said, “How Master bicker with those little guys? This kind of thing should be done by you young children.”

As for Yan Boshen, Xiao Lan did not dare to ask. The second senior brother, Xu Wuwang, had always been a man who did not give a care about the world, while the third senior brother… Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming were afraid that the hot-tempered senior brother would be furious, so they directly fight with the cubs by themselves.

The two looked at each other and rushed towards Ruan Linggu together.

Lin Suci took the opportunity to slip away, but Ruan Linggu directly lifted him by pulling the back of his collar.

“Little junior brother, since you are all little cubs, you should be the most suitable one to interact with the cubs. You go.”

Seeing that Zhongli Kuiming and Xiao Lan were about to rush over, Ruan Linggu threw Lin Suci out without any kindred spirit.

“Senior Sister?!!!”

Lin Suci could not believe it.

His intention to hide was so obvious, so he could not believe that Fourth Senior Sister could not see that he was hiding!

However, it was obvious that Fourth Senior Sister had seen his intentions and threw him out instead… That was too much!

Ruan Linggu pushed Lin Suci away without hesitation.

Lin Suci was caught directly by Zhongli Haiming with quick eyes and hands.

“Little junior brother! Help!!!”

A large group of youngsters were bouncing back and forth in the courtyard of the Cardinal Sect, running and jumping around. There were several small objects in the yard, so many youngsters went to get them on their own and played with them back and forth.

Lin Suci could not refuse, so he turned back into a half-demon cub with the height of three heads, scratched his nose, and skedaddled to the cubs.

“Little Suci!”

Many cubs that he had cultivated together before saw Lin Suci, and rushed over excitedly as they shouted.

A large group of cubs were chattering. Some were flying overhead and some were burying their bodies in the ground. Almost every place that surrounded Lin Suci was noisy.

Lin Suci had a headache.

He covered his ears, showed the attitude as the head of the cubs when he was in the ice field, and directed the cubs to bring some low stools. Then, they were sat together in three rows in the yard, well-behaved.

Under Lin Suci’s command, the cubs obediently put back those things that had been turned into a mess.

Lin Suci moved a low stool to sit opposite them. Facing more than thirty pairs of innocent eyes of the cubs, he felt a little headache.

“Why are you all here?”

The little leopard cat was the first to answer, “My father told me to come and be a disciple!”

“Yes, yes, yes. That’s what my mother said!”

The large group of cubs was not as tall as Zhongli Haiming’s waist even if they stood straight. They kept putting their hands up, saying that their family’s big demons forced them over and wanted them to follow the sect master to…

What was it again?

A group of little demon cubs looked at each other in blank dismay. Just now, they were only focused on crying and struggling, but they forgotten the orders of the big demons.

The little leopard cat was an intelligent one and immediately thought of a sentence that the big demons often said, and recited it loudly, “My father said to let me work hard with the sect master!”

Since there was a standard answer, the other cubs were striving to be the first to copy that answer, “Yes, yes, come here to serve!”


Lin Suci was really confused. What were those big demons thinking, sending half-grown cubs to serve? Was that a sign of surrender?

No, they were a human sect. Which kind of surrender did they choose?

Even if he was also a demon, he could not understand what those big demons were thinking.

However, after all, the cubs were thrown over to them and they had to make arrangements. But before that…

“Do you… know how to create demon energy?”

Lin Suci thought for a while, and decided to ask the cubs about his biggest headache at the moment.

“Demon energy?” The butterfly girl blinked her eyes, and raised her hand that was exuding demon energy, “Like this?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, “How did you do it?”

“How do I do it… I did it since I was born.” Lin Suci was stabbed in his chest with a knife upon hearing the little girl’s child tone.

The other brats also nodded one after another, “Isn’t demon energy inherent?”

Lin Suci licked his lips. He did not have it. He could not even open a book.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t have any demon energy.” Lin Suci’s face was gloomy. The half-grown ears drooped, and he sobbed softly, “I was abandoned by my father when I was young, so I didn’t learn anything. I don’t know what demon energy is. Now, I can’t do this natural skill.”

A group of little demon cubs had been friends and had fought side by side with Lin Suci. Knowing that their little friend was almost crying, they also got emotional. Standing on the low stool and patting their chests, they reassured him, “Don’t worry, Little Suci, we can help you!”

The little demon cubs all strived to say, “Yes, yes, we can help you!”

Lin Suci showed a shy smile, “Then, thank you.”

More than thirty little demon cubs settled down at the Cardinal Sect. Their original forms were not big, so Lin Suci built two new rooms for them after thinking of the relationship between the cubs, one for the boys and one for the girls. Huge, wide beds that surrounded the room could accommodate more than a dozen cubs.

The cubs had never seen that kind of huge bed since they were young, so they rolled around excitedly on it. A few of them turned back to their original forms and chased after each other, having fun.

The little demon cubs talked about serving, so Lin Suci really let them serve.

In the past few days, he had maintained his half-grown appearance, learning how to operate the demon energy in his body with the little demon cubs.

When Yan Boshen came back and saw the scene, he hesitated for a while. But, he did not become a kid to blend in after all. He just stayed aside every day, watching Lin Suci rack his brains to remobilize his body.

The way of human cultivation was completely different from that of demons. Lin Suci arrived at the Cardinal Sect just after he was just a month old. His cultivation method was learned from his master and seniors. After so many years, he had always followed the human cultivation method.

Now, he was following a group of little demon cubs, starting from scratch and learning how to mobilize the demon energy that had always existed in his body.

Fortunately, the little demon cubs were all half-grown children. Although they could not speak clearly, they were of the same age and in similar physical condition. Even gesturing could also give Lin Suci some aid.

It took Lin Suci half a month to finally feel the mobilization of the demon energy.

The cubs immediately regarded themselves as Lin Suci’s teacher, and happily wanted to assign tasks to Lin Suci, something like to rush to the first level in three days, and achieve the demon core stage in five days.

After Lin Suci looked up the cultivation patterns of demons, he picked up the two noisiest kids one by one in each hand, and carried them to the backyard to take on them.

When Lin Suci was able to freely use his demon energy, he returned to the library.

The book was still quietly placed there. As soon as Lin Suci went in, he grabbed the book, took a deep breath, solemnly channeled his demon energy, and opened the cover with a thin layer of demon energy wrapped in his palm.

That time, he easily opened the pages of the book.

Before Lin Suci could react with joy, a wave of demon energy rushed towards his face from the pages of the book!


Lin Suci’s eyes felt a stabbing pain. The moment he closed his eyes, the scene in front of him changed.

Lin Suci, who was supposed to be standing in the library, noticed the atmosphere was filled with flying sand and yellow smoke. The sound of bells was faintly heard in the distance.

He raised his sleeves to cover his eyes, so as not to be blinded by the wind and sand.

The cold wind blew on him, causing apiercing pain.

Lin Suci’s complexion slightly changed.

“Kill him.”

A voice suddenly sounded in Lin Suci’s ears. It was cold, without any hint of emotion.

He was a little dazed, but before his eyes, a few figures vaguely appeared in the yellow sand that was everywhere.

“We can’t kill him! He is our hope!”

It was a woman’s cry, so piercing that Lin Suci had to cover his ears. But, his actions were completely unable to stop the penetration of that sound.

Lin Suci frowned, bit his lower lip ruthlessly, and suppressed his painful moan.

What is going on?

He squinted, and saw that he was in a sea of sand. The figures in the distance were constantly intertwined, pushed away, and rushed up to each other again. It seemed that there were some struggles, or some senseless resistance.


It was a hoarse voice, a growl of immense regret!

Lin Suci trembled all over, as if a knife had been inserted into his chest. The sharp pain made his heart go cold.

Something is wrong!

The situation here is so wrong!

Lin Suci quickly figured out a trick for himself and tried to reach out to his mustard seeds with his hand, but it was in vain.

There was nothing on his fingers.

The pain in Lin Suci’s heart gradually dissipated, while the hoarse voice in the distance made a long wheezing noise in the open air. The voice was full of anger, regret, and resentment.

Behind the faint sand curtain covered by the yellow sand, a massacre was taken place.

The human figures suddenly became larger. A huge demonic body that looked like a python, but not, kept twisting its body as the ground trembled. The sky was covered with dark clouds, and heavy rain poured down.

Those figures started to run instead.

They were running towards Lin Suci’s position.

Lin Suci wanted to lift his foot to get out of the way, but found that his foot was deeply rooted and he could barely move.

He moved anxiously, frowning as he watched those people approaching him quickly while he was at a loss.

“He’s crazy! He really is the son of that lunatic, and he inherited that lunatic’s blood!”

“It’s all your fault, why did you kill Tong! If Tong was not dead, he would definitely not be provoked!”

Those people changed back to their original form as they ran, still blaming each other.

As they got closer, Lin Suci could clearly see that it was a cougar, a huge scorpion, and a muntjac.

Behind them, the python-like demon was chasing after them.

Lin Suci’s heart trembled.

Tong, python-like demon, lunatic… A battle in the yellow sand.

Why was that situation a bit like the title on the book cover, Battle of Division and Rupture?

Before Lin Suci could continue thinking, those demons had already passed his position, and the big demon behind him swept over like a gust of wind, passing directly through Lin Suci’s body, and chasing after them.

Lin Suci closed his eyes tightly for a moment. His heart almost jumped up to his throat.

After a while, those big demons started an intertwined battle again.

Lin Suci changed his direction and saw the scene clearly, which could be said to be a scene of one-sided torturous killing.

Not long after, there were a few corpses of big demons on the ground.

However, in the heavy rain, the python-like demon turned back to its human form, walking step by step along the way it came from, knelt down, and picked up a small corpse.

Boom, boom, boom…

Lin Suci’s vision blurred as his whole body felt weightless. The next moment, he saw stacks of bookshelves in the library.

Lin Suci was panting heavily, sweating profusely all over his body. He supported himself with one hand on the bookshelf as he lowered his head to see the book in his hand. On the opened page, the title was the death of Huan Dietong.

Was he… pulled into the backtracking of the book?

Lin Suci’s heartbeat thumped in the speed of lightning as he clenched the book tightly. Before he could react, the diaphragm of his body changed quietly.

Lin Suci felt that his whole body was hot and he felt dizzy. Just as he wanted to move, he fell to the ground without uttering a word.


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