My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 111


In his last life, Lin Suci read books almost every day, and there were all kinds of novels to pass his time. There was a time when he was so bored that he even broguht out very detailed history books to read.

Lin Suci has experienced how boring history books were.

He originally thought that the book collection in the library in the demon world were all about history, like having the records of the changes of the demon world for tens of thousands of years. That kind of book must have been very boring, and would make him fall asleep after reading it.

For that reason, he specially prepared some refreshing, pleasantly sweet grass, and got three cans of spicy dried fish from Huilian. With the sweet grass in his mouth, the grass roots stimulated and forced him to concentrate. It had the taste of sourness, sweetness and spice, which was full of flavor.

Li Wen did not tell him where to start, and Lin Suci was the only one in the huge library. He walked around, and there was no category label on the list of books, so he could only distinguish them by himself.

Since he had not started, he decided to casually look at the books first.

Lin Suci took the books in the middle row of a bookshelf that was situated the nearest to the entrance as soon as he entered. He took his low stool and sat by the spiraling stairs, where sunlight could barely get to him.

The low stool’s four legs were bent a bit. When Lin Suci, who was sitting on it, had any movement of pushing and pulling, the stool would rock back and forth as well.

After everything was tidied up, Lin Suci started to get down to business.

When he opened the book in his hand and read the first page, he was dumbfounded.

The contents of the book were dense. Many words could be seen, but Lin Suci did not know any of them.

The characters in the demon world were different from those in the human world.

Lin Suci whimpered for half a day before locking the door behind his back. He held a book in hand with sweet grass in his mouth, while he looked everywhere for Qi Lan.

His cousin, Li Wen, would not put on a good expression when he saw him. Since Lin Suci was not interested in seeing Li Wen’s face either, he decided that the best person who could teach him the characters of the demon world was naturally his half-father, Qi Lan.

It was just that Qi Lan would appear and disappear unpredictably. Since the Cardinal Sect was completed, he rarely appeared. He did come once in a while, but he would come and go in a hurry.

Qi Lan did not stay too long at the Cardinal Sect, and he was not in Jin’s courtyard the past days. Lin Suci thought about it. Since there was no ice field, and the ice coffin had been put away, the place where Qi Lan would land his feet could not come to mind, except for the city of Unshakable Mountain.

Lin Suci was smart, and directly went straight to the most oppressive place in the mountain city, where it was filled with suffocating demonic energy.

He circled around, reaching behind the wall covered with moss and vines that he almost broke into when he came for the first time.

Once inside, Lin Suci found that the temperature there was obviously lower. The ground was covered with frost, and the grass and leaves were sickly. There were still many icicles hanging under the eaves of the huge white jade palace.

That should be Qi Lan’s residence.

Lin Suci stepped on the ice and found that Qi Lan really liked the cold of ice and snow.

Everywhere was empty. Lin Suci stood outside and shouted “Biological Father Demon Emperor” a few times, but there was no response.

Could it be that his biological father was not there?

No one was present, and Lin Suci did not head in. He just hugged his little stool and put it in the yard, took out a blanket from the mustard seed to wrap it up, and stroked the air with his fingers while holding the book.

After waiting for an indeterminate amount of time, Lin Suci felt an extra breath behind him. He turned his head abruptly, and Qi Lan was seen standing behind him with an enigmatic face. Raising his finger, he pointed to the book in his hand, “…It’s upside down.”

Lin Suci: “…”

He turned the book the other way and clicked his tongue, “I really don’t know the characters in the demon world.”

“I can see,” Qi Lan added slowly, “because you are actually holding it upside down now.”

Lin Suci: “…”

He suddenly understood what Qi Lan said before. The difference between being shameful himself and seeing other’s shamefulness in front of him was subtle.

Halfway through the fight between father and son, Qi Lan won in the first round.

The purpose of Lin Suci’s arrival was very obvious, which was that he did not know how to read. He could not find someone else to teach him, so he came to trouble his half-father.

The difference between a half father and a whole father was probably that the whole father would wholeheartedly help his son with such things, while the half father would laugh all day long without mercy.

Lin Suci was ridiculed, and silently felt that he might not be suitable to have an affectionate family. Or, Qi Lan might not be suitable to have an affectionate family.

Although he was ridiculed, his half-father, Qi Lan, still had a sense of responsibility, and sneaked Lin Suci back to his place, stuffed him with a few thick books, and taught him how to read.

After all, Lin Suci was still in his kitten stage. He had a strong learning ability, and he basically could deduce many things from one case, so he did not cause Qi Lan any trouble. Moreover, they had a shared bloodline, so, many things could be understood without having to say them clearly.

Lin Suci studied there at Qi Lan’s place for two hours every day. Qi Lan only taught him for a moment or two at most, while Lin Suci had to figure the rest out for the rest of the time.

Halfway through, the father and son barely managed to progress their work of reading. After more than half a month of studying, Lin Suci was able to hold the thick encyclopedia, and seem to know how to read the collection of books.

After all those sufferings, Lin Suci felt that he was hurting his muscles and bones, which was more tiring than him going out to cultivate.

When he wanted to read the books again, his hidden excitement was gone as he felt a sense of defeat and accomplishment after completing a task.

The thickness of the first book Lin Suci held was only two fingers thick. With the words he had learned in the demon world and the literacy encyclopedia prepared by Qi Lan, he could basically understand the content even by guessing.

It was the story of a great demon that was in a chaotic war more than three thousand years ago, when Fengjin Domain had yet to be formed, and the demon world was still in civil strife.

It was different from what Lin Suci imagined. The person who prepared that book wrote very interestingly. The author added many rumors and interesting conjectures to it. There were also numerous exciting short stories. Lin Suci could not believe that he had been reading the book with eager and enjoyment.

Lin Suci had changed his mind about the room of book collections due to that character in the book. It might be an interesting journey.

When Lin Suci read the tenth book, he unexpectedly found that the book could not be opened.

Holding the book in his hands, he tried everything he could, but still could not open the book cover.

“Are you stupid, don’t you know how to be a little smarter?”

Lin Suci was still desperately trying to break open the book with both hands in the library when he heard a sneer from the top.

Lin Suci followed the source of the voice and found a towering tree at the top of the floor. It seemed that the tree grew on the other side of the courtyard wall. Its branches were too high and dense, and it had already extended to the small wooden building.

Among the verdant green leaves, Lin Suci saw Li Wen at a glance, sitting on a tree branch, holding a wine bottle, and mocking him with a smile.

Lin Suci was not angry either. Knowing that his cousin had always been angry with him, he felt that he was a mature big cat and had to learn to be tolerant.

Lin Suci smiled and shook his hand, “Oh, cousin, then tell me, how to be smarter?”

Hearing Lin Suci’s way of addressing him, Li Wen first rolled his eyes, and then said slowly, “Don’t you know how to infuse demon energy to open it?”

Infuse demon energy?

Lin Suci was a little confused. If he had to convert the demon energy to spiritual energy, he would still know the way. However, as for the demon energy, he still had not figured out whether he had it in him even he had grown till that age.

His kind-hearted cousin only reminded him once. Then, as the branches flicked and the leaves trembled, the proud red-haired demon emperor was gone.

Relying on that reminder, Lin Suci tried hard over and over again, but could not unveil the secret, so he simply took the book and went to find his half-father again.

Unfortunately, Qi Lan’s palace was empty that time. Lin Suci searched for him twice on separate says, yet there was no sight of him.

The book could not be taken away from the city of Unshakable Mountain. Lin Suci hesitated for a long time before simply putting it down and going back to meet Yan Boshen.

The Cardinal Sect was very lively. During the day, Lin Suci was pretty much staying in the city of Unshakable Mountain. Since it was rare for him to return, he had a sudden realization.

A lot of people and demons were crowding in the purposely-built wider yard, and there were many youngsters among them. It was noisy and he could see Xiao Lan, along with Zhongli Haiming, standing on the round drum stools, talking about something.

What happened?

Lin Suci stood and listened for a while, only to realize that his sect was about to recruit outer disciples.

When the new Cardinal Sect was established, Qing Fou had the idea of recruiting some outer disciples, not for anything else, but purely to let the other apprentices gain a firm foothold in the demon realm.

Although the outside world did not know about the relationship between Lin Suci and the Demon Emperor, but Lin Suci had been travelling to and fro from Unshakable Mountain City for a long time, which was seen by several big demons. Not to mention, a year ago, the little cubs that went on trial all went home and kept praising a companion named Little Suci. After many inquiries, they did not know who the cold and silent companion was, but they were basically sure that Little Suci was a disciple from the newly-arriving Cardinal Sect.

A little demon cub and a group of foreign cultivators somehow had something to do with the demon emperor. After learning that the Cardinal Sect was accepting disciples, many big demons had a thought and decided to pay a visit to the sect with their cubs in their arms.

Lin Suci only took a few glances, and noticed the many cubs that he had brought up on the northern ice field. They were all caught in their parents’ armpits, and were kicking and struggling desperately. Biting their parents’ arms, they cried like they were being kidnapped.

In order to prevent imrself from being recognized by the cubs, Lin Suci took out a veil from the mustard seed, covered half of his face, and sneaked in from the edge of the crowd.

With a headache, Zhongli Haiming said with the back of his throat, “We don’t accept cubs! We don’t raise children for others! Take all the underage cubs back! Raising one is troublesome enough!”

However, he either did not speak fast enough, or underestimated the shamefulness of the big demons. Seeing that Cardinal Sect really did not accept cubs, a group of big demons looked at each other, and somehow threw the cubs in their arms towards Zhongli Haiming and Xiao Lan in unison. Those without wings turned around and left, while those with wings took only one breath to fly away. In the crowded yard, there were only a group of crying cubs and a few humans who were at a loss.

Lin Suci was caught off guard and was almost exposed. Fortunately, he had a quick reaction. Seeing that the situation was not great, he quickly slipped into the nearest area, the kitchen.

As soon as he went in and squatted down, he found several people squatting beside him.

His family’s second senior brother, third senior brother and fourth senior sister were squatted down in a row. They turned their heads to look at him in unison.

Lin Suci was silent, and then looked up to the outside. Xiao Lan, the most well-behaved disciple in the whole sect, was at a loss and terrified.

However, Zhongli Haiming was even worse. He had a few cubs in their original form hanging on his body. He was caught in a panic, and he could not get them off. In the end, he broke down and yelled, “Master!!!!”

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