My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 110


Small catnip was a good thing. For Lin Suci, it was an existence that he had hardly encountered in the past but had heard about for a long time.

Lin Suci’s first reaction was to pounce on the box and press it under his belly in a panic, then quickly took out a talisman and stuck it on his body.

What a joke. He have inhaled so much of the catnip that he was afraid he was going to put a hundred layers of talismans on his ears and butt that day!

His reaction was not considered swift, because after Yan Boshen took a glance after opening it, Lin Suci only rushed up like a gust of wind, staring at him nervously.

“I’ve given the wrong one. It’s not this one!”

Yan Boshen looked down at him, “It’s not?”

Lin Suci shook his head violently, “It’s not!”

That was not what he wanted! In what direction was his little senior brother thinking! How did he get him catnip instead!

Lin Suci knew how rare that thing was, but he could not bring hi heart to compliment how powerful Zhongli Haiming was!

Little Senior Brother, your good intentions have done something bad!

Lin Suci cried out in his heart, and said cautiously, “…that, Little Senior Brother picked it for me and it seems to be mixed altogether. Let me put it away.”

He quickly put away the little box of catnip. When the air filled with the cat-attracting sweet smell of catnip gradually dissipated, only would he dare to sigh in relief.

Yan Boshen did not seem to pay too much attention to that little catnip. After Lin Suci cleaned up, he said softly, “After waiting for me for so long, you should be sleepy. You can sleep.”

Lin Suci also felt that it was time to rest. He was so sleepy that he could not keep his eyelids open, but he became more energetic after being frightened by the little catnip.

However, if he said that he was still very energetic at night, he was afraid that he would not be the same the next day.

Lin Suci considered the degree of seriousness before rolling into the blanket obediently.

They had not communicated before going to bed for many days. Yan Boshen took advantage of his rare early return and pressed against Lin Suci with intimacy.

Lin Suci kept pushing him away, but gradually could not resist the man’s intimacy. Lin Suci became more enthusiastic and did not waste a good night.

Ever since Lin Suci’s body got rid of the immaturity of a kitten, he enjoyed it a lot more.

Being tired after a while, he was so dazed that he did not know when his eyes shut. He vaguely felt that he had forgotten something.

Probably sleeping too soundly, Lin Suci woke up the next day when the sun was high.

After sitting on the bed while hugging the blanket for half an hour, Lin Suci reluctantly got out of bed. He hesitated for a long time before deciding to head to Unshakable Mountain.

All the little demons in the City of Unshakable Mountain knew Lin Suci, and let him go all the way without hindrance. The current owner of Unshakable Mountain was Li Wen, who was clearly impatient to meet Lin Suci.

Now, the two of them were cousins in terms of relationship. Li Wen had no mother, and he had only one uncle. Not to mention, his uncle was also Lin Suci’s half father. The only bloodline among the same generation in the world was the two of them. It stood to reason that they should be very close.

It was a pity that more than ten years ago, Li Wen captured Lin Suci with his claws, which made Lin Suci bit his body, and manipulated Li Wen several times. Their relationship would never reach the level of happiness and harmony.

Li Wen, who was able to avoid seeing him, did not retaliate against Lin Suci, which was already the greatest patience he had for his relatives.

But, Lin Suci did not care at all whether he would meet Li Wen when he arrived there. He directly went to the library in the same direction as last time.

The huge library seemed to have a layer of distorted space, stretching as far as the eye could see.

The vast ocean-like collection of books was densely packed, and there were tens of thousands of books that could be seen.

Lin Suci clicked his tongue.

He took the lead by taking up heavy duty, which was doing the cleaning and sanitation.

According to Li Wen, that was the place where every generation of demon emperor came in to read. The present demon emperor was Li Wen, and Li Wen succeeded the position of demon emperor more than four hundred years ago. During that period, there was no big demon that could open that door.

In other words, four hundred years of dust have been accumulated there…

Lin Suci raised his eyebrows. He thought that he was tricked by Li Wen into cleaning up, right?

The library was so tall and wide that he could hardly see its edge. It was far from enough to use all the cleaning talismans that Lin Suci carried with him. He only barely cleaned out a row of bookshelves, leaving almost ninety-nine percent of the bookshelf untouched.

He simply spread out the talisman paper, sat cross-legged on the ground and drew the talisman on the spot. While drawing, he pinched his fingers and added more talisman papers below the talisman he was preparing. He also wasted a lot of wind talismans during the process. After placing the confinement talisman on the books, he directly used the wind talisman to sweep the dust out.

That method was also more self-inflicting. Lin Suci attached seven to eight talismans to his body, isolating all the air outside. Those that fluttered in the air were all hazy dust, and when it was swept away, the dust became clearly visible.

The library was gigantic, so it took Lin Suci more than ten days to clean it up.

Qing Fou learned that it was Li Wen who asked Lin Suci to go, so he did not stop him, but arranged a lot of cultivation content for Lin Suci according to the cultivation of the apprentices every day.

That caused Lin Suci to roll up his sleeves and start cleaning when he went to the library again, while busily having a brush in his mouth and a talisman book in hand. He drew talismans while picking up information from the book collections, almost making him a cat that was doing the cultivation of three people.

Even so, Lin Suci still accomplished his tasks beautifully.

When the library was clean, Lin Suci handed in a thousand talismans to Qing Fou, a retrospective card that could motivate cultivators to swing their sword for a thousand times a day, more than two hundred jade defensive stones, and a low-level spirit-gathering pot.

Lin Suci had not been learning the art of gears from Ruan Linggu for long, so he was still too unfamiliar with it. Everything he did felt stiff, which showed that the defensive stone could barely be used. It was reasonable to say that Lin Suci, a cultivator who was at the ninth level of fusion state, should be able to practice creating a mid-level spirit-gathering pot. However, after trying for so long, he could only achieve a low-level spirit-gathering pot.

Qing Fou took and inspected it, which made him puzzled.

“Son… cough, child, something is wrong with the spirit-gathering pot you made. Why is there a little bit of devilish energy mixed in it?”

Lin Suci had worked so hard for a month. When he could finally be lazy and lie on the grass outside the door while wagging his tail, as soon as Qing Fou’s words came to his ears, he jumped up.

“How can there be devilish energy, Master, are you getting so old that your eyes went dizzy…”

“Bah!” Qing Fou was furious, and jumped up to retort, “Master is young, beautiful and in the prime of life. Compared to your two biological fathers, Master is just a newborn baby!”

Lin Suci clicked his tongue.

Well, his master was only a few hundred years old, while his two suspected-to-be biological fathers both had more than one thousand or two thousand years of cultivation.

When Lin Suci approached, the junior spirit-gathering pot was turning on the wooden plate under Qing Fou’s hands, and it was indeed possible to see a little bit of magic breath inside.

Lin Suci was wondering.

His spirit-gathering pot was never mingled in others’ hands, and he made it himself from the beginning to the end. It was easy to understand that there was a demonic essence on it. But, how could there be a devilish essence?

“Have you encountered any devils recently?” Qing Fou reminded.

Lin Suci thought for a while, “Does Little Senior Brother count?”

Qing Fou flatly denied, “Your little senior brother’s spiritual essence has long been fused with yours due to compatibility, and he has cultivated the immortal way for so long. As long as he doesn’t release the devilish energy in his body, it will not contaminate anything at all.”

If it’s not Little Senior Brother, then who else?

Lin Suci thought for a long time but could not figure it out. It was obvious that the only devil race around him was his senior brother, Zhongli Haiming.

Even his big senior brother, Yan Boshen, was just a devil cultivator, not part of the devil race.

So, where did the breath of devilish energy come from?

Lin Suci still could not figure it out, so he simply repeated his steps of making the spirit-gathering pot. Every material he added and placed every time was copied from the last time he made it, completely repeating his steps.

After finishing that one, Lin Suci sent it to Qing Fou again.

Qing Fou checked and called for Yan Boshen.

Lin Suci was like a student being spot-checked. Biting his fingertips, he stared at Qing Fou and Yan Boshen, who were not far away and were immersed in their conversation.

In the end, it was Yan Boshen who led him back.

“About my spirit-gathering pot, is anything wrong with it?” Lin Suci asked impatiently.

Both the spirit-gathering pots were in Yan Boshen’s hands. After Yan Boshen took the two spirit-gathering pots back, he placed them on the traditional Chinese square table outside, and raised his hand to call Lin Suci, “Come and take a look, is there any difference?”

Lin Suci looked at it carefully and frowned, “…there is no difference.”

He was a little confused.

There was no difference at all, which meant that the spirit-gathering pot he created on his second attempt with great care also had devilish energy in it.

Lin Suci bit his finger. His eyebrows furrowed tightly, unable to figure out which critical phase had the problem.

Yan Boshen lowered his eyelids and pondered for a moment, then put away the two spirit-gathering pots.

“You don’t have to do this now.”

The spiritual artifact he made contained devilish breath. If it were someone else, it could be concluded that the creator was a devil.

However, Lin Suci was not. He was born with a spirit body, conceived in the demon world, and grew up in the human world. He had nothing to do with the devil race from the beginning till the end.

After all, all over the world, no one of the demon race would be the devil race.

However, the situation he was in was really weird.

Lin Suci asked Yan Boshen, “What in the world is going on? What do you and Master think?”

Yan Boshen hesitated for a while, but did not say much. He told Lin Suci instead, “Don’t pay attention to this kind of thing. It will be gone after a while. Master just asks you to take a break, give up on gear techniques, and concentrate on swords and talismans. ”

Those words reached Lin Suci’s ears, which probably meant that his master could not find the cause of the problem, so he could only let him avoid it first, so as not to be maliciously speculated by others.

Lin Suci really did not care much about the presence of the devilish energy. If there was one thing in the world that interested him the most, it was Yan Boshen’s background.

But at present, it seemed that he was still far away from knowing Yan Boshen’s identity.

Yan Boshen asked him to put aside the matter of the spirit-gathering pot for the time being. At first, Lin Suci was distracted by his thoughts about the devilish aura in the weapon he made, but after a while, he had no time to think about it.

The library has been cleaned thoroughly. This time, Lin Suci’s entry into the library was the first time he had officially read the collection of books.

The vast history of the demon world for tens of thousands of years was all condensed in that library, and now, that place was opened to him.

He was finally able to find Yan Boshen’s secret there.


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