My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 109


Li Wen’s words brought shock to Lin Suci.

“What do you mean by that?”

Li Wen seemed to be well-prepared for Lin Suci’s reaction, and sneered, “Isn’t what I meant obvious enough? The origin of your owner, jailer, senior brother, and close friend, is not that simple.”

“That’s it, don’t ask me more. I’m just entrusted by others anyway.” Li Wen yawned and walked out.

“The authorization of the library has been opened for you. If you want to see it, then you are welcomed. Don’t come to me if you have nothing better to do, or I will bother you.”

Li Wen left, leaving Lin Suci standing in front of the tens of thousands of book collections. Looking up at the grey sky where he could barely see its top, Lin Suci pursed his lips and frowned.

Lin Suci did not stay in the library for too long. He just walked from one side of the stack of books to the other stacks. His fingers ran along the thick layer of dust, turning the tips of his fingers black.

His emotion was in “chaos”, but that kind of “chaos” was not something that he could describe exactly. Lin Suci sat at the door and looked at the tens of thousands of books in collection. He was blank for a while, then slowly got up and patted the dust away, murmuring, “…what’s the matter with all of this.”

After Lin Suci returned to Cardinal Sect, he looked for Yan Boshen everywhere.

The paper crane he released was still parked on a small wooden stake outside the fence, fluttering with the butterflies.

Lin Suci stared blankly as his field of vision went dark.

Is Yan Boshen not found yet?

Did he know that someone had been filing lawsuits against him that it reached Lin Suci?!

Lin Suci was panicking in fury. Rolling up his sleeves with a sullen face, he went looking for the person everywhere.

Of all the other senior brothers and sisters in the sect, only his second senior brother was absent. He always went out to cultivate, which was normal. Several other brothers and sisters were gathering in the main hall, exchanging opinions back and forth in front of a pamphlet.

“Where’s Big Senior Brother?”

Lin Suci entered the room and stood there for a while. Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, he waited till their conversation was over, before he hurriedly asked again.

Ruan Linggu raised her eyelids, “You’re asking us about your Big Senior Brother? How could we know it better than you?”

The Cardinal Sect’s only honest Xiao Lan gave some thought for a while, “I remember that I haven’t seen Big Senior Brother since yesterday.”

After that reminder, Lin Suci also vaguely discovered that it was indeed the case. It was just that before going to bed last night, Yan Boshen had always been there. The familiar scent had numbed his sensitivity, causing him to finally react to the change at present.

Speaking of which, it seemed to be like that the past few days. During the day, Yan Boshen was rarely there. He appeared once, and then disappeared. It was only by staying with him at night that it did not show that he was often absent.

Lin Suci frowned.

What has happened to Yan Boshen recently?

The situation seemed to have continued since the construction of the new Cardinal Sect as well?

Lin Suci stared at his wrist in a daze.

On his hand, there have been three long-term marks made by Yan Boshen. They were three spirit rings that could pass his news to Yan Boshen when he was in danger. Yan Boshen would then appear in front of him in a short time after the spirit ring was touched.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and then shook his head.

Never mind.

He could not use that method to scare him in order to find him.

Lin Suci could only go back, and wait for the night to guard Yan Boshen’s presence.

“Little Junior Brother.”

Just as he turned around, Zhongli Haiming stopped him.

Zhongli Haiming pulled him aside and handed Lin Suci a small box mysteriously.

“This is what you asked me last time, and I tried my best to get it for you.”

Lin Suci stared straight at the small box and gulped.

Zhongli Haiming repeatedly warned, “Don’t open it when you are on your own.”

Lin Suci clenched the small box tightly and nodded cautiously, “Don’t worry. I will never take this out so easily!”

Even if he was a little curious, he could still hold the urge back!

The youngest brothers of the Cardinal Sect exchanged understanding glances with each other, then revealing a smile tacitly.

Once Lin Suci received the small box, his anxiety was temporarily relieved.

Their room was built on a hill several feet away from the main hall, surrounded by newly planted peach trees, which had just grown leaves and new shoots that were delicate and tender. Lin Suci picked some peaches along the way, while feeding himself as he walked.

By the end of his snack, he was full of vitality.

Isn’t it just a trivial matter? No worries.

Almost every one of the disciples of the Cardinal Sect had their own room, which meant that Yan Boshen and Lin Suci lived in a cave at the beginning. When they arrived at the new location, it was unknown if it was intentional, but Yan Boshen’s house was renovated so that it was more than half the size of a normal room, and all of Lin Suci’s belongings were added to it. Meanwhile, Lin Suci did not have his own house.

In that regard, Qing Fou also plausibly said, “You are a kitten, so there is no reason for you to live by yourself. Go and help your senior brother move things. Don’t come here to cause trouble.”

He did not refuse seriously on one hand, but decided to be quick in his hands and feet while waiting till the sect was fully renovated, so he could move in. After that, he no longer felt bothered about being a teenage cat without having a personal house.

The hills were all covered with fruit trees. Lin Suci and Yan Boshen’s house was hidden in the towering tree leaves.

The plants in the demon world were very different from that in the human world. Almost all of them had their main spirits. Lin Suci walked along the way, and the leaves shook as if to say hello to the little master.

Lin Suci went back and waited for a long time. He felt that the time of waiting was greatly lengthened. He felt that he should not be waiting so stupidly, so he went for a stroll around the sect. He casually hung a basket between two jujube (red date) trees and pasted a talisman on it. Then, he changed back to him original form, and lied in it, while being pushed by the power from the talisman, swaying gently from side to side.

The swaying was too comfortable, and the light from the outside sun penetrating through the layers of leaves was too warm. Soon, Lin Suci fell asleep while being swayed.

That nap was a long one. He felt like he had a dream.

He dreamt that Yan Boshen had turned into a huge black cat with the same emerald eyes as him, while he was a palm-sized kitten. Big Cat Yan Boshen bit the back of his neck, and carried him over the mountains, took him into a canyon, and threw him down with a plop.

With a splash, Lin Suci landed in a shallow pool. His little claws tried to catch everywhere as he shouted for help. Big Cat Yan squatted by the bank, tilted his head while looking at him quietly. Suddenly, Yan Boshen stretched out a paw, pressed his head, and pushed him into the water.

“Are you more awake now?”


Lin Suci was startled that made him open his eyes in panic.

It was seen that Big Cat Yan in his dream was Yan Boshen at the moment. Yan Boshen took him out of the hanging basket, walked towards the house with his arms around him.


Lin Suci rubbed his eyes and let out a long sigh of relief.

“This is great…”

When Yan Boshen just came back, he saw the kitten kicking its paws while sleeping in the cool night, afraid that he would catch a cold.

“What’s the matter?”

Yan Boshen carried Lin Suci and placed him on the bamboo bed. Lin Suci turned over. When he sat up, his whole body was fluffy with messy fur.

Yan Boshen used his hand as a comb, and combed the messy fur for him.

“Waiting for me?”

Lin Suci immediately nodded, “Yes!”

As he said that, he slapped Yan Boshen’s thigh with his paws, “Tell me about you, what have you become now? No one has seen you during the day, and you didn’t come home at night, do you have a cat outside?!”

Lin Suci was heartbroken.

Yan Boshen held in his laughter and said slowly, “I can’t even raise one cat, how many do you expect me to raise?”

After a pause, he inexplicably lowered his voice, “However, if it’s you… I can still raise a few kittens, no matter the amount.”

Lin Suci was at a loss, not understanding what Yan Boshen said.

“Forget it…” Yan Boshen was unsure why he spoke such words to Lin Suci. Looking at the confused kitten in his arms, with a headache, he found that he was just like some strange adult with an unusual heart.

Yan Boshen condensed a spiritual ball of light in his hands and pressed it gently into Lin Suci’s body. The kitten suddenly turned back into his human form in his arms.

“These days, I’ve been looking for a place to cultivate, so I’ve been showing up late.”

Yan Boshen explained.

Lin Suci said abruptly, “Then do you know what happened when you were away?”

Yan Boshen raised his eyebrows, and looked at Lin Suci while he was still hiding his smirk, “What happened?”

Lin Suci said calmly, “Li Wen came to me.”

Lin Suci told Yan Boshen everything, from his meeting with Li Wen’s envoy to the library of the demon emperor and all the secrets about Yan Boshen’s identity.

It was unknown when Yan Boshen’s eyes slightly darkened.

He just listened to Lin Suci’s words quietly, while gently rubbing his earlobe, and whispered, “…Why did you tell me directly about this kind of thing?”

Whether it was Li Wen’s words or the library, Lin Suci would not be able to tell him, especially when party of speculation in that matter was him.

Lin Suci pouted, “If I didn’t tell you, it’ll be hard for me to hide it in my heart. If others told you, it’ll be hard for your heart to take in. If I said it, so be it. What’s the big deal?”

Yan Boshen hugged Lin Suci, leaned on his shoulder and smiled softly.

His shoulders shrugged, and Lin Suci’s body also trembled.

“…Is it a funny thing again?” Lin Suci muttered.

Yan Boshen slowly let go of him, stared at him, and spoke softly, “You trust me so much. Did what Li Wen said really not bother you?”

Lin Suci was reasonable, “It doesn’t matter what your identity is, aren’t you still my senior brother and my powerful owner? You speak as if you will change after having an identity that I don’t know about. You know how Li Wen is, don’t you? He just finds that I’m not pleasing to his eye, who knows if he is deliberately trying to sow discord!”

Yan Boshen smiled again. This time, there were two more things that Lin Suci could not understand.

“He was right.”

Yan Boshen said softly, “Want to know?”

Lin Suci hesitated for a while, “Are you going to tell me?”

Instead, Yan Boshen spoke unhurriedly, “…Didn’t he say that he wants you to find the answer from the library? Go, find the answer from there. Once you have found the answer, ask me again.”

Lin Suci snapped his fingers and said, “On it~”

The matter between the two was resolved, and Lin Suci heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that finding out was not a big deal after all. He easily took out the small box in his arms.

After the official business was over, it was time for the private business.

Lin Suci cleared his throat and winked at Boshen, “Boshen, Boshen, I’m giving you a present.”

There was too much evil delight in that sly face. Even Yan Boshen also hesitated before slowly taking the small box.

When he opened the small box, Lin Suci propped up the bed with his hands. His eyes gleamed with excitement, and his tail stretched out behind him, wobbling.

“Open it, open it!”

Lin Suci urged.

The small box in Yan Boshen’s hand was opened.

When he saw what was inside, he slightly choked.


Lin Suci stretched his neck and was about to go to see what kind of huge treasure was in that box. The tip of his nose seemed to be breathing a strange and sticky scent. The pores all over his body expanded, and he comfortably let out a moan.

No way, how could he react like he was spiked with a drug?

Lin Suci forcefully resisted the uproar in his body and looked down.

In the small box, three to five fresh grass blades lay quietly within.

Small catnip.

It was the… aphrodisiac of the cat world.

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