My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 108


The new Cardinal Sect was established. Qing Fou installed the spiritual pulse and personally led the disciples to cultivate their foundation bit by bit. Inject their spiritual energy into it, and completely subdue the spiritual pulse.

Lin Suci had nothing to do and wandered around, but he was caught by Zhongli Haiming. Along with the snacks made by Huilian, they went around a hundred miles to visit the neighbours.

The demon world’s attitude towards humans was very subtle, neither friendly nor hostile, but they were still polite towards each other superficially.

As a result, when Zhongli Haiming knocked on the door, the big demon inside the house changed his expression.

Fortunately, he was holding Lin Suci, who was in his original form, in his arms. When he saw the big demon with straight eyebrows, he directly showed the kitten in his arms, labelling himself as the same kind of demon cultivator. Therefore, he easily took care of the surrounding neighbours.

“In the future, it’s all about relying on each other. We have established a good relationship, so if we have any problems, someone will help us.” Zhongli Haiming told Lin Suci, “I remembered the time when we suffered greatly, we were just within Mysterious Heart Sect’s range, which was a loss. There were no neighbours around, and the only one that was closest to us was Mysterious Heart Sect… Tsk, it makes me depressed just thinking about it.”

The three words Mysterious Heart Sect made Lin Suci feel a little dazed. He almost forgot that there was such an existence.

Speaking of which, it has been more than ten years since Mysterious Heart Sect was destroyed. There was still a kid who escaped from Mysterious Heart Sect. What was the name? How was the kid?

Lin Suci thought about that vaguely, and was stuffed with a mouthful of rice cakes by Zhongli Haiming, so he forgot to think further.

After visiting several neighbours one by one, Zhongli Haiming went everywhere to look for business opportunities. He was excited and planned to open up his new battlefield in the demon world. He wanted to expand his business scope to both the human and the demon world.

Lin Suci nibbled on the rice cake and slowly followed behind his little senior brother. In front of him, Zhongli Haiming still looked like a youngster, as he had not changed one bit.

When Zhongli Haiming spoke, the innocence revealed in his speech was completely incompatible with his status as the most intelligent apprentice of the Cardinal Sect. It did not match his identity as the Bone General of the devil race even more.

“Little Senior Brother, are you planning to stay in the demon world?”

Lin Suci followed Zhongli Haiming slowly to explore the distribution of the surrounding vegetation, spirit grass and spirit beasts as he asked with great interest, “Speaking of which, Little Senior Brother, you are not a demon, are you?”

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Zhongli Haiming started sneezing violently.

“Ah choo! Ah choo!” After he sneezed, he coughed again, and there were tears in his eyes when he bent down.

Zhongli Haiming rubbed his nose. His face stunned, “Are you scolding me in your heart?”

Lin Suci yelled injustice, “No, I will only speak openly when I scold people!”

That was strange. Zhongli Haiming touched his nose, and began to answer Lin Suci’s question, “I am indeed not a demon. To be serious, I am actually a devil.”

Lin Suci nodded.

He was very clear about that, but Zhongli Haiming had never mentioned it on his own initiative.

Bone General’s parts were less written in the original book, and Lin Suci was unsure of the past of his little senior brother.

Zhongli Haiming followed Lin Suci to chew on rice cakes, and said vaguely, “I am a bone devil. It seems that my parents were gone during the civil war in the devil world, and I was picked up by Master and raised.”

Zhongli Haiming’s original form was the little golden skeleton, which looked incredibly valuable. Lin Suci felt that Zhongli Haiming’s parents must also be high-level devils in the devil world. Unfortunately, only one child was left behind.

However, they were also fortunate that their master was a person who picked up little cubs everywhere, which prevented Zhongli Haiming from dying in the demon world and Lin Suci from dying on the mountain.

“Speaking of which, it seems that we were all picked up by Master, including Big Senior Brother.”

Zhongli Haiming added abruptly.

Lin Suci was surprised, “Boshen too?”

“Pick” was a word that had too many hidden meanings. For example, his little senior brother, Zhongli Haiming, without his parents, almost became a wandering little devil, and was picked up by their master, and Lin Suci, who was abandoned in the wilderness and picked up by their master.

Their fourth senior sister, Ruan Linggu, was picked up by their master during escape mode.

What Lin Suci did not know was Second Senior Brother, Xu Wuwang, Third Senior Brother, Jing Huilian, Fifth Senior Brother, Xiao Lan, and his Boshen.

“It was too late when I came. I only remember hearing them talk about it decades ago. I don’t know the details.” Zhongli Haiming urged Lin Suci, “Why don’t you ask?”

Lin Suci was really about to take action.

There were not many descriptions of the villain, Yan Ran, in the original book. He had an unknown origin, unknown destination, had no past and no ties.

Meanwhile, by his side, Yan Boshen had a name and a surname, a sect and companions, and him.

What’s more, the direction in the original book had been completely disturbed. At that timeline, the progress in the original book has actually reached the time where Bai Qingkong and the villain, Yan Ran, were in a fight.

Now, his owner and he were in the demon world. Bai Qingkong was in the human world, and there had been no conflict. That line had completely collapsed, and the original plot could not go on.

There was no way to peep for info from the original plot. Lin Suci really could only ask verbally if he wanted to know about Yan Boshen’s past.

Should he ask Yan Boshen face to face: What’s your past?

Lin Suci shook his head.

He did not feel that Yan Boshen would not tell him, but he might have to pay some price in the middle of it.

In the past two years, Yan Boshen was no longer the Yan Boshen, who was satisfied with just hugging.

After hesitating for a long time, Lin Suci asked Zhongli Haiming vaguely, “Little Senior Brother, you have travelled a lot and have a lot of knowledge. Do you know there is something that can be used as a gift for me to give to Big Senior Brother?”

Zhongli Haiming was stunned by that question, and nodded after a while, “Yes… probably.”

Lin Suci smiled naively, “Then please, Little Senior Brother, go and help me get some.”

“Oh.” Zhongli Haiming agreed in confusion.

It took Lin Suci seven days to recognize all the people around him. When Qing Fou was about to take him to cultivate and urging him, who had the lowest level of cultivation, to work harder, the Demon Emperor’s envoy from Unshakable Mountain came to the Cardinal Sect. With a wide smile, he wanted to meet Lin Suci.

Lin Suci was dressed in the most common black clothes of Cardinal Sect, with his sleeves rolled up and his long hair tied up in a high bun. He was thrown by Qing Fou to Xiao Lan to have a sword battle, With seven hundred full sword slashes from the front and back. He used all his strength in each stroke. Already sweating, he was sitting down with the Sansi sword in hand.

The envoy looked at Lin Suci and bowed with a smile, “Hello, Little Master, his Majesty has invited Little Master to head to Unshakable Mountain.”

His Majesty referred to Li Wen.

Even if Qi Lan woke up, he had already retired hundreds of years ago, so he had no longer be concerned about the affairs of the demon world. Those days, he was either sleeping, be secretive in his movements, or his existence was not found.

Li Wen was looking for him? Lin Suci rubbed the sweat off his forehead and became curious, “Why is he looking for me?”

“His Majesty said that there are a batch of treasures that have been unpacked and felt that it’ll be suitable for Little Master to use, so his Majesty invited to pick one or two treasures.”

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, and he immediately responded, “Great, I’ll be there soon!”

He brought him something good! He could not let the treasures go in vain!

Like a package, his recognition for his half-father came with a half-cousin, while the half-cousin came with treasures. It was worth it, really worth it.

If Qi Lan was in front of Lin Suci, he would definitely shout ‘Father’ out loud.

Lin Suci wanted to go with Yan Boshen, but he could not find Yan Boshen after walking around in circles. He just folded a paper crane and let it go to find Yan Boshen, so it could tell him the news of him leaving the place. After that, he gladly and diligently followed the envoy to Unshakable Mountain.

Unshakable Mountain was not really only Li Wen’s lair, but rather the place where every generation of Demon Emperors lived. Unshakable Mountain’s location was far away from all the demon clan gatherings, and there was no trace of demon clan ears in the surrounding mountains. Perhaps it was out of reverence for the Demon Emperor, or perhaps it was to save their lives.

Lin Suci felt pressure as he approached Unshakable Mountain.

That coercion was different from what anyone had given him. It was living spirit within that was accumulated over thousands of years.

Unshakable Mountain was extremely tall, and Lin Suci’s human form was restricted. Therefore, he relied on changing back to his cat form, sitting on a talisman, and swaying to fly upwards.

There was a city in the mountains, Nameless. Li Wen was in Nameless City.

The scenery was all blue and green, and several red arrow flowers were in full bloom. Lin Suci landed and walked along the path in the sea of ​​​​flowers, smelling the faint fragrance of the ​​​​flowers, making his head a little dizzy.

His five senses were keen, so the scent of flowers was pungent to him. He covered his mouth and nose, and stepped up his pace.

It was the first time he came to Unshakable Mountain, and Lin Suci rushed directly towards the place where the pressure was most impacted.

“What are you running around blindly for? Here.”

Lin Suci lowered his head and rushed to an old moss-covered wall with vines hanging down, only to hear a lazy voice calling out to him not far behind.

Li Wen looked like he had just woken up. His hair was dishevelled, and his clothes were snug and loose. He stood by a tall post and yawned impatiently.

Only then did Lin Suci realize that the place where Li Wen was located was blocked by the pillar. He headed straight ahead.

In the huge Nameless City, Lin Suci was shocked that he did not see a little demon who was accompanying him, as always. Li Wen personally came out to pick him up. They walked around the long, silent wooden building. The footsteps of the two of them sounded empty.

“Why didn’t your jailer come with you?”

When Li Wen pushed open a heavy door, he turned around and said to Lin Suci.

When jailer was mentioned, what first came to mind was Yan Boshen.

If Yan Boshen was jailer, so what was he? A prison inmate?

Lin Suci was dissatisfied, and immediately retorted, “With someone like your level, it’s enough for me to be the jailer.”

Li Wen turned his head and gave him a heavy look. The muscles at the corners of his eyes seemed to twitch: “…”

“You can take advantage of this moment to play tricks. There will be times that you’ll cry.”

It was rare for Li Wen to hold back his breath, but he still rolled his eyes at Lin Suci.

The dusty door opened, and the dust inside flew out, causing Lin Suci to cough.

Li Wen walked in without realizing much.

Lin Suci put a talisman on him to separate the dust, and then walked in slowly behind Li Wen.

The room was huge. It was so bug that it was beyond Lin Suci’s imagination.

But it was very simple.

It was completely loaded with books.

The bookcases were lined up in rows. Each row was as high as five Lin Suci combined, and had the width of one hundred Lin Suci.

“…I really can’t tell,” Lin Suci was amazed after seeing the rich collection of books inside, “that you are such a cultured demon.”

Li Wen leaned against a bookcase and sneered, “This is the book collection pavilion of the demon clan. What every Demon Emperor must do is to read all the books here.”

Lin Suci was in awe.

He could hardly see the head of the books with just a casual glance. If the number was calculated, there must be tens of thousands of books in total.

It turned out that being a Demon Emperor was not that easy.

“So, where’s the treasure you’ve wanted to give me? Here?”

However, Lin Suci was not interested in the Demon Emperor’s mission and went straight to the topic.

Li Wen slowly raised his eyelids, but dodged the question, “Do you know what kind of person that Yan is?”

Lin Suci frowned, “What do you mean by that?”

Li Wen said lazily, “I don’t mean anything. Since you have inherited Uncle’s blood, I kindly remind you, don’t be deceived by people who are good at disguising. Look, you have been by his side for more than ten years, yet you are clueless about his identity. Kid, don’t you think something is wrong here?”

Lin Suci really did not know about Yan Boshen’s past, but he did not feel that there was something hidden between him and Yan Boshen.

“If you’re trying to sow discord, I’ll leave first. What a waste of time.”

Lin Suci gave Li Wen the white eye, and was turning around to leave.

“The answer is right in front of you.”

Li Wen’s voice sounded behind Lin Suci.

“In these books, you can get the answers you want. From them, you can know who Yan Boshen, or Yan Ran, is.”


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