My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 107


Qi Lan’s words made Lin Suci confused, but fortunately, Qi Lan continued, “I did not give birth to you.”

Lin Suci: “So how did I get here?”

“Ask Lin Bugui.” Qi Lan said slowly, “He was the one who clearly knows your birth. He was the one who let you be born in this world back then.”

It was all back to Lin Bugui again.

Lin Suci accidentally asked his thoughts, “So, you and Lin Bugui are my parents?”

Qi Lan’s eyelids slightly sank, “…Don’t mix me up with Lin Bugui, that… lunatic.”

It sounded that their relationship was not what Lin Suci, Qing Fou or Jin Chi thought. Rather than a normal relationship, it would be better to say that there was a bit of tension within.

It was true that they had known each other for thousands of years, but seriously, they have faced each other for more than six hundred years.

Lin Bugui began to ignore the world, while Qi Lan handed over his power to Li Wen. The two of them were almost hidden from the world, so they did not continue to confront each other.

Lin Suci did not understand what was going on at all.

Two completely hostile people created him?

Qi Lan looked at Lin Suci’s confused appearance and sighed, “I really don’t want to tell you…”

Although he muttered like that, he still rubbed his forehead, showing his rare patience.

Lin Suci’s birth actually was clear to Qi Lan.

Just as Lin Bugui said, Lin Suci’s initial birth was nothing but the accumulation of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. He made his own spirit, but it was just like giving birth to a baby. There was nothing else, but life.

Lin Bugui’s way of raising Lin Suci was to steal spiritual energy from Qi Lan.

Lin Suci was a spiritual body formed from heaven and earth. He was neither human nor devil, which naturally caused Lin Bugui to take advantage of a demon.

Aside from others who never crossed Lin Bugui’s mind, the most powerful person in the demon world was Qi Lan. It was during the time when Li Wen was captured and left the demon world, which made Lin Bugui frequently step into Fengjin Domain, like a nobody.

Qi Lan had not fallen in deep sleep at that time, but just avoided the world and hid in the spiritual place he created.

Lin Bugui was shameless as he pretended to visit Qi Lan to reminisce, but in fact, he robbed Qi Lan’s spiritual energy. After feeding Lin Suci for nearly a hundred years, spiritual consciousness was able to appear.

With spiritual consciousness, one could be transformed into a body.

What Lin Bugui said to Lin Suci was that Lin Suci accidentally saw a cat, so he turned into a cat. But it was impossible at that time, because he did not have that bloodline, so he could not really obtain a cat body.

It was all due to Qi Lan that he could take the form of a cat.

Qi Lan’s original self was a cat, a white nine-tailed cat with green eyes.

Lin Suci’s spiritual consciousness was placed by Qi Lan’s side. Qi Lan had performed a spiritual release, all of which were completely absorbed by Lin Suci. At the same time, Qi Lan had lost a gamble with Lin Bugui and Qi Lan voluntarily introduced his blood to Lin Suci’s body, forming the main bloodline of Lin Suci’s body.

After that, Lin Suci slowly transformed into a white little milk kitten that was no different from Qi Lan.

However, after he was just born, Qi Lan had fell into deep sleep. They had never seen each other’s eyes.

Even so, lying in the ice coffin silently for countless years, as soon as Qi Lan could sense the outside world, he discovered his spiritual aura that came from Lin Suci.

It was the spiritual aura that had been dispensed from his body, close and dear to himself.

Qi Lan naturally knew that the person carrying the ice coffin was probably the one who inherited his bloodline, shared his spiritual aura, was created by him and Lin Bugui, and was born into the world.

He was unsure why the white little milk cat has grown into a black kitten.

Regarding that, Lin Suci was also at a loss, “I don’t know.”

Judging from the previous situation where the city lord was looking for cats when Lin Suci was in Bihai Continent, in Lin Bugui’s eyes, he was also a white kitten. Why did he become black muddle-headedly?

Qi Lan sneered, “It must be that you stayed with that lunatic for too long, so you were blackened by him.”

Lin Suci said suavely, “But, isn’t the head of the Lin family a human?”

“What human…” Qi Lan’s eyes were filled with disgust, “He is no longer…”

Qi Lan did not continue.

However, he hated Lin Bugui, and Lin Suci clearly felt it.

The relationship between the two of them was really strange.

Perhaps it should be said that they were a little afraid of each other’s existence.

Just like when Lin Bugui explained Lin Suci’s birth to him, there was no sign of Qi Lan from the beginning to the end. Qi Lan was completely obliterated.

However, when Qi Lan mentioned Lin Bugui, he called him a—— ‘lunatic’.

Those two were both powerful people with thousands of years or nearly two thousand years of cultivation. They should be the people in the world who could understand each other the most.

But they had absolute hostility towards each other instead.

“Son, although I am not the one who gave birth to you, you have inherited my bloodline, my spiritual aura, so you are my child.” Qi Lan said lightly, “As I am not completely your father, I have a piece of advice for you.”

“Stay further away from Lin Bugui.”

At that point, Lin Suci nodded easily, “No problem.”

He did not have any sorts of affection for Lin Bugui anyways, but he was frightened by Lin Bugui’s small world tactics. He always felt that the person looked completely different from what he actually was.

What Lin Suci felt was roughly the kind of paranoia that Lin Bugui had.

It was not good for his health.

Qi Lan did not say anything more. He just waved to Lin Suci lazily, “I’ll rely on you to support me in the future, son.”

Lin Suci hesitated, “If you don’t let me call you father, then should I call you… mother?”

“…Seriously.” Qi Lan muttered, “When I have a flaw, I don’t feel at all. Seeing others having the flaw right in front of me makes my hands itch.”

Lin Suci was very vigilant and took three steps back.

He found that he really could not be cheeky when in front of that half-father who was suspected of being his own father.

He would be beaten.

In the end, Qi Lan hesitated and did not beat him. With the thought of not being upset without looking, he drove him out.

Lin Suci boasted to Yan Boshen, “I will have a support in the future, isn’t it amazing?!”

Yan Boshen smiled and groaned at him, “Didn’t you always have a support?”

Lin Suci was stunned for a moment before jumping up to lie on Yan Boshen’s back, chuckling, “That’s different!”

Yan Boshen’s existence was his luck, and it was not easily determined by his past births that he had no control of.

When Xia Wuwang brought his junior brothers and sisters back to take a look, he found that his sect’s most annoying little junior brother had all of a sudden become the illegitimate son of the previous generation of His Majesty the Demon Emperor. Knowing that Lin Suci was His Majesty the Demon Emperor’s cousin, Xia Wuwang was directly in shock.

In particular, everyone knew that in Bihai Continent, the Lin family called Lin Suci the young master, indicating that Lin Suci was the illegitimate son of the head of the Lin family.

A group of people muttered for a long time before coming to the same conclusion as Lin Suci.

“So if we turn poor, we can send a letter to the demon emperor to ask Little Junior Brother’s rations, and then send a letter to the head of the Lin family asking for Little Junior Brother’s resources?”

That was the conclusion that Zhongli Haiming came to. He gave a clap and cheered, “In the future, we will not be afraid of the jingles of the poor anymore!”

After everyone gathered at the Cardinal Sect to discuss, they decided to open up a new place, put up the Cardinal Sect sign, and promoted that there was a powerful immortal sect in the world, called the Cardinal Sect.

With Lin Suci’s relations, even if the land of the demon world was not given to humans, it had to be given to the cousin of the demon emperor. Soon, there would be cultivators from the demon world who came to help seek land, approve the category, and even sent people to help.

The family of eight from Cardinal Sect, together with the disciples of the Jin family, kept clanking all day. Within a few days, they built several beautiful houses.

The housing area still had the appearance of the original Cardinal Sect. There was a yard, and aside from the main house, there were several rooms for apprentices built on the left and right.

Lin Suci ran back and forth and followed Yan Boshen to choose wood for the door plaque. The three powerful characters of “The Cardinal Sect” were written into the bones and hung outside the yard.

When the new Cardinal Sect was completed, Qi Lan and Li Wen were also present.

The location was not far from remote, but it had a certain distance from the gathering location between the demon races. But, fortunately, it was not involve on any sides and was at a freer place.

When Qi Lan came, he handed Lin Suci a small box, and ruffled a handful of Lin Suci’s hair. He messed up the not-resisting Lin Suci’s hair until he was satisfied before Qi Lan withdrew his hand.

“Take it, a gift.”

“It’s good enough for you to come, why are you sending gifts too? Only outsiders do this.” Lin Suci politely declined, raised the small box and shouted at Qing Fou, who rolled up his sleeves and wiped the plaque on the door not far away, “Master! I’ve a present from my half-father!”

Qi Lan laughed.

Ten days and a half later, when Li Wen looked at Lin Suci again, the irritability in his eyes was gone. There was still confusion, but the good thing was that he did not get physical right away.

It seemed that he accepted the blood relationship between them.

Lin Suci said affectionately, “Yo, hello cousin!”

He directly greeted Li Wen with open arms.

Li Wen had a heavy face just now, and was so angry that Lin Suci’s actions made his nose crooked, “…Can you be more embarrassed?!”

If he isn’t giving anything, then don’t. Why was he so angry?

Lin Suci withdrew his hands, clicked his tongue, turned around and left.


Li Wen called him again.

After a while, he reluctantly took out a small box from his mustard seeds and smashed it at Lin Suci.

For the sake of the gift, Lin Suci gave Li Wen a big smile.

As soon as Qi Lan’s box was opened, Qing Fou was taken aback, “Spiritual pulse?!!!”

To his shock, the gift in the box was a high-grade spiritual pulse*.

(*T/N: It is known to bring numerous benefits to cultivators training. In general, a person who possesses a Spiritual Pulse would have a much faster training speed than normal individuals, and would also experience many shortcuts. Activating their spiritual pulse will improve the owner’s battle prowess considerably.)

“What a huge gift!”

The other senior brothers and sisters who were watching were stunned, and they all gathered around Qi Lan, talking all over the place.

“Little Junior Brother’s father is my father. Please come this way, Father, let me make you tea.”

“Senior, do you have any vacancies here, how about I come to help you?”

“Senior, you are so beautiful. I have seen thousands of people in the world, and none of them are even comparable to senior’s looks.” Compared with the flattery of the senior and junior brothers, Ruan Linggu straightened her hair, twisted her waist and walked over.

She smiled sweetly, “I heard that Senior is alone. Why don’t junior come and serve you, how about it?”

Lin Suci hurriedly kicked Yan Boshen, “Boshen! Fourth Senior Sister wants to be my mother like this!”

“Don’t be afraid,” Yan Boshen opened the other boxes and said slowly, “If she still wants to be your mother, with me here, she will have to call you sister-in-law firsmmmh…”

Lin Suci pressed Yan Boshen’s mouth. No matter how thick his face was, he could not help but blushed slightly.

Yan Boshen grabbed Lin Suci’s hand and insisted, “Eldest brother is like a father, eldest…”

Lin Suci’s eyes were sharp and hands were agile when he quickly grabbed a fruit and shoved it into Yan Boshen’s mouth. His eyes gleamed while he uttered in a low voice and a blushing face, “I have to shut your mouth after all, huh?”

Yan Boshen thought for a while, and sent a voice telepathically to Lin Suci, “I actually wanted you to shut…”

Lin Suci collapsed and fled with the small box in his arms.

Yan Boshen lowered his eyes and smiled.

That scene completely reflected into Qi Lan’s eyes.

He pondered for a moment, and gave Yan Boshen a voice transmission.

“At midnight tonight, let’s talk about the ice and snow field.”


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