My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 106


That sentence was tantamount to a shocking thunder, knocking Lin Suci unconscious.

Fortunately, Li Wen’s twisted face looked more surprised than he was, and there was someone who could accompany him to distort his face.

The white-haired beauty yawned. He had just exited the ice coffin after sleeping in it for a hundred years. His face was full of drowsiness while his eyes kept blinking. Those green jade eyes shone with the brightest light.

Lin Suci realized later that the white-haired beauty in front of him had the same eyes as him.

Maybe it was not just the eyes.

The white-haired beauty held back his sleepiness, glanced at Lin Suci, reached out and hooked the kitten directly to his front. The kitten was under his eyelids as the beauty raised his hand and rubbed the kitty’s head.

“…nice touch.”

He muttered softly.

Lin Suci was still shocked about being the white-haired beauty’s illegitimate child, so he did not resist at all, or in other words, he did not have the heart to resist.

If he being an illegitimate child was real, would that person in front of him be his father?

Was that his biological father?

Then, won’t Lin Bugui be…

His… mother?

Lin Suci shuddered violently, unable to imagine.

However, he remembered what Lin Bugui said at the time, mentioning that he picked him up, and that his birth was caused by Lin Bugui.

The white-haired beauty in front of him claimed to be his father, which made him so confused.

Lin Suci had long been dizzy about his tangled background, and stood there with a dull gaze. Pretending to be a puppet, he remained motionless.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You lied to me!!!”

The one who had a bigger reaction than Lin Suci was Li Wen.

It was as if he found a hundred half-eaten worms around his mouth. He was so disgusted that he could neither swallow, nor spit it out, slowing witnessing that he was going to be choked to death.

The white-haired beauty did not lift his eyelids. He just looked at Lin Suci and rubbed his chin, “…He does look a lot similar to me. It’s just that this fur…”

He looked a little speechless seeing Lin Suci’s black hair and withdrew his hand.


Apart from his eyes, Lin Suci really could not find anything common with the white-haired beauty. How could he say the word ‘similar’?

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen, who were in the fog, were swept out of the door by a gust of wind, and there was a click of a closed door behind them. They could hear Li Wen’s howling-like mourning cry from inside.

Lin Suci stood in the courtyard for a while and raised his eyes, “Boshen, why do I feel that this matter is a bit strange?”

Where could such a coincidence come from? His biological father was dug up from a blasted hill.

Boshen rubbed Lin Suci’s bun and smiled lightly, “It’s nothing surprising.”

It was only then that Lin Suci discovered that since the ice coffin appeared in the explosion, Yan Boshen had always had such a calm attitude, and he became suspicious, “Boshen, don’t you think your attitude is even stranger??”

Yan Boshen was the most concerned about matters like his biological father. However, Lin Suci remembered clearly just now that Yan Boshen was just like a lively watcher, occasionally raising his head to look at him, not at all surprised by what he said to the white-haired beauty.


Yan Boshen thought for a while, and then told Lin Suci the truth, “I slightly guessed when we met him.”

Lin Suci was shocked.

This can be guessed?

No, how can you even have the mind to guess this?

Seeing that Lin Suci was completely at a loss, Yan Boshen explained it to him in a hurry.

It turned out that when the ice coffin was discovered, Yan Boshen found out that there was something wrong with the mountain where the spiritual energy gathered. The biggest problem was that the spiritual energy was exactly the same as that on Lin Suci’s body, and they rushed to drill into Lin Suci’s body.

As for the person lying in the ice coffin, at first glance, he noticed traces of the same bloodline as Lin Suci.

To identify a demon’s birth, the best methods would be by observing the spirit aura and the bloodline.

As for the white-haired beauty in the ice coffin, those two points were very compatible with Lin Suci.

The most important thing was that the life in the ice coffin had not ended.

At that time, Yan Boshen was very careful, and asked Lin Suci to carry the ice coffin on his back, relying on his spiritual aura to nurture the ice coffin.

It took almost a year to transmit Lin Suci’s spiritual energy to the white-haired beauty.

Now that he was awake, it was not surprising to Yan Boshen.

With the white-haired beauty’s confirmation of Lin Suci, it was definitely more accurate than Yan Boshen’s guess.

It turned out that everything was linked to him in countless ways.

Yet, Lin Suci also thought that he was truly as how Lin Bugui said he was formed, by combining spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

The door was closed for a few hours when Qing Fou and Jin Chi came. They escorted Lin Suci away and after asking questions, they were shocked to find that the person who came was his biological father.

“My cub, you are now on a high branch. You don’t have to be afraid that the head of the Lin family will take you away.” Qing Fou was greatly relieved.

Lin Suci frowned, “I always feel that something’s a little weird.”

Jin Chi said, “It’s simple, just treat yourself as the child your parents are fighting for after separation. You’ll understand better.”

Lin Suci suddenly realized, “Oh! That’s true!”

If Lin Bugui and the white-haired beauty were really regarded as his parents, according to that statement, it might be that they broke up a hundred years ago. Lin Bugui took advantage of the white-haired beauty’s nap and snatched back the child, but he lost it. After the child was grown up, Lin Bugui would probably be afraid of being found out by the white-haired beauty, so he wanted to abduct the child back.

As for the white-haired beauty, he had not yet revealed the idea of ​​competing for children.

Lin Suci was shocked by his own thoughts.

It all… makes sense.

No wonder Lin Bugui said that he was not his father, but his mother.

Lin Suci was itching in his heart. Finally, he patiently inquired about the past of the white-haired beauty, who was suspected to be his biological father.

The white-haired beauty’s name was Qi Lan, but that name has not been called since his sister’s death. He had been the Demon Emperor for nearly a thousand years. All the demons in the demon realm only knew that he was His Majesty, the Demon Emperor.

Qi Lan’s past was too glorious. It could be said that the demon realm, Fengjin Domain, was all built by him.

During his emperor days, he once reached a consensus with the human world that they would not invade each other and would offer help to each other when they wanted to have a relationship with the demon world.

As for the emperor of the human world, there was only Lin Bugui, who was in the Judgment Phase (God’s Test).

The two of them might have known each other for more than a thousand years, which was a very profound old friendship.

Lin Suci listened, and found that the whole thing was completely transformed into that his parents were childhood sweethearts, and later broke up… Wait, that was still suspicious and uncertain.

Lin Suci did not know when Li Wen left, but he only knew that the door had been closed for a few days, and there was no movement inside. The others dared not disturb His Majesty, the Demon Emperor of the previous generation, so they let it slide. At most, Qing Fou, his wild father, encouraged Lin Suci to bother his biological father.

“Hey, things have not begun to take shape.” Lin Suci decisively refused, “If I’m not his cub, wouldn’t it be embarrassing!”

Qing Fou gave him a pat, “Nonsense. His Majesty recognized you. Are you saying that His majesty lied to you for fun, scheming something?”

Lin Suci muttered, “Who knows.”

Not only was everyone else, even he himself confused. Those days, he had been sketching out a lot of good dramas in his heart, waiting for Qi Lan’s call to fully implement that matter.

After a few days, it might be due to sleepy Qi Lan got enough sleep, but the door finally opened.

He still had the same white hair that was loose and was dressed in neat white clothes. The sun was just right. He yawned, and saw Lin Suci who was sitting with Yan Boshen under the steps, and waved lazily, “Son, come here.”

Lin Suci ran over to Qi Lan, who was suspected of being his father.

Qi Lan did not look like Lin Bugui, as if paranoid wanted to take him away. As long as his freedom was not imprisoned, everything was negotiable.

“Your Majesty the Demon Emperor.”

Lin Suci came over and spread out his hands that were filled with a pile of well-polished jade rings in his palm, “You are old but I have to bother you for a while. Can you give me a blow here?”

Qi Lan glanced at Lin Suc. Facing his smiling face, he said slowly, “You want to draw some of my spiritual energy and get some defensive stones?”

Lin Suci smiled stiffly, “…” Meow?

He did not say anything, did he?

“Heh, put them away.” Qi Lan seemed to be mocking a little, “These are all from an unknown amount of years ago. Let me handle the rest.”

Lin Suci silently retracted his hand: “…”

It seemed that there was no need for any inspection. The one in front of him was really likely to be his biological father.

Qi Lan raised his hand and shot out a ball of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy poured into the jade ring in Lin Suci’s palm. More than a dozen jade rings radiated dazzling light, and there was a layer of streamer on the surface.

Lin Suci was flabbergasted.

The energy was just randomly unleashed, right? Yet, it directly made the ordinary jade he got into a high-level defense spiritual charm?

When Lin Suci looked up at Qi Lan again, he was like staring at a golden money box.

Qi Lan ordered Lin Suci and Yan Boshen to enter the room where he stayed. At that moment, the room has completely changed.

It was unsure where the white snow came from and when it piled up the whole room. Frost was hanging everywhere, and the cold air was blowing. Their field of vision was all white.

All the furniture in the room disappeared, perhaps buried by ice and snow. The only thing that could be settled and seen was the ice coffin that Lin Suci had carried for a year.

Qi Lan sat back in the ice coffin by himself, leisurely, while Lin Suci and Yan Boshen stepped on the snow and ice, sliding carefully.

“You…” Qi Lan’s attention fell on Yan Boshen, who was supporting Lin Suci. There was a hint of inspection in the beauty’s eyes.

Yan Boshen raised his head to meet Qi Lan’s gaze, and nodded slightly, “Your Majesty.”

Qi Lan raised his hand and said casually, “It’s fine to call my name, or anything else. Now, Li Wen is the Demon Emperor, don’t provoke His majesty’s dignity.”

Yan Boshen expressed no opinions.

Lin Suci rubbed his chin. He thought that if he really was the illegitimate child of the mighty person in front of him, wouldn’t it mean that Li Wen was his cousin?

As they were family, Li LWen would definitely no longer be embarrassed to look into his faults, right?

It was a pity that Li Wen has been gone for a long time, and he could no longer have a friendly meeting with his cousin, who he had entanglements with in the past.

“I heard Li Wen said that you can manipulate him?”

Qi Lan clenched his chin as he leaned towards Lin Suci, “Tell me, what’s going on.”

Lin Suci was quite humble, “I found out that this was purely an accident. I bit him in order to survive. When I was desperately struggling, I found that he could listen to my orders and execute them.”

Qi Lan laughed, “That kid is really miserable, he was bullied by our family’s bloodline.”

Lin Suci got a few hints from his speech. So, if he could manipulate Li Wen, was he really inheriting Qi Lan’s ability?

Then, the person in front of him would be such a great treasure!

Qi Lan touched his chin and said to Lin Suci, “Come on, call me Father.”


Lin Suci cried out without any psychological burden, while his eyes shone without hesitation.

Unexpectedly, Qi Lan raised his hand, “Although it sounds very addictive, it’s still seems a bit weird. Don’t call me that, I’m not your biological father anyway.”

Lin Suci reacted and was stupefied, “What?”

Wait, wait, what’s with that situation? Was he just teasing him?


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