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My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 105

Lin Suci slowly and steadily released his hand, and then even more gently, taking a step back.

He was stared straight at by the man. His heart beat faster, and there was an indescribable excitement all over his body. This is so wrong.

The white-haired beauty in the ice coffin was silent. His green eyes were very beautiful, like the most thorough existence in the world. Those eyes and Lin Suci’s eyes were staring at each other. Both of their eyes reflected the figure of the other.


The first to break the deadlock was Li Wen.

He leaned against the ice coffin in surprise, his face was full of shock, “Are you awake?!”

Lin Suci took the opportunity to escape to the back and ran outside. He shouted to Yan Boshen outside with a look of horror, “Boshen, Boshen! It’s incredible! A corpse moved! That person suddenly moved!”

The cat was so frightened that he turned back to his original form halfway, and jumped into Yan Boshen’s arms, desperately trying to drill into his embrace.

Yan Boshen hugged the kitten and grabbed his small paws that kept digging, chuckling.

The kitten’s voice was loud, not to mention the actual person who was mistaken as a corpse inside, even other people in the yard could hear him clearly.

“He’s alive!” Lin Suci said to Yan Boshen while swinging his four claws in the air, “He just stared at me like that! It scared me to death!”

When Lin Suci said that he was frightened, he really was.

He had been carrying the ice coffin for a year. Apart from sleeping, the ice coffin and the white-haired beauty inside had been on his back all day and never left. After all, in his heart, that white-haired beauty had passed away for many years, and his soul has long left his body. The empty shell was the same as dolls to him.

As a result, the person was still alive. He even opened his eyes in front of Lin Suci and woke up.

Did that mean that all the things he said before were all heard by him clearly?

It’s the end of me!

Lin Suci pulled away Yan Boshen’s clothes and buried himself in Yan Boshen’s arms, with a solemn expression on the serious cat’s face.

His Majesty, the Demon Emperor of the previous generation, would not regard Lin Suci as the monster amongst all monsters after hearing his words, then capture and cook him, right?

Lin Suci shivered.

Yan Boshen hugged Lin Suci and coaxed. He then tried to lean in to kiss him, but Lin Suci scratched his face angrily.

“Bah! Can you be any shameless? I’m still a kitten at the moment, don’t move or do anything!”

Yan Boshen blocked Lin Suci’s sharp claws, and forcefully kissed Lin Suci a few times, eating a mouthful of fur.

After kissing the kitten, Yan Boshen rubbed him and said slowly, “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to you.”

Lin Suci did not feel comforted, but was still worried, “Do you think he really won’t be convinced by his nephew to come and beat me up? I’m just a little cub, and I can’t stand the beatings of two generations of demon emperors.”

“No,” Yan Boshen hesitated for a while before saying, “he won’t do anything to you.”

During their conversation, a roar came from the room where the ice coffin was stored, and Lin Suci’s ears twitched.

That was clearly Li Wen’s growl.

What happened to the pair of uncle and nephew? His Majesty, the previous Demon Emperor, just woke up, and the current Demon Emperor was about to be driven crazy?

Lin Suci was a little scared, so he jumped to the edge of the window with his little paws, and stared at into the room with his green jade eyes.

The ice coffin was already empty. The white-haired beauty stood with his back to him, tall and slender, with a thin waist.

On the other hand, Li Wen, who was standing opposite the white-haired beauty, had already gritted his teeth and looked furious. His golden eyes were about to turn red.

“Li Wen, you’ve lost your temper again.”

The white-haired beauty’s voice was clear and light, with a bit of negligence. There was a slight pitch change in his tone that Lin Suci had never heard before.

“Uncle!” Li Wen was furious, “How can you still speak like this at such a time! Can’t you, can’t you just…”

The white-haired beauty raised a finger,”Shh…” He suppressed his voice, half-smiling, “A kitten slipped in.”

Just as the white-haired beauty was talking, Lin Suci quickly turned around and scurried away.

However, no matter how fast he ran, he never escaped the spiritual aura following close behind him.

The aura rolled his stomach directly, and brought his whole cat body in from the outside along the crack of the window.

“Meow meow meow!”

Lin Suci screamed shrilly. His claws shook in thin air, and his skin was tightened all over his body.

It’s game over! Am I going to be handled by the two generations of demon emperors?

Lin Suci was tense and almost wanted to strike first, but unfortunately he remembered that he was just a weak brat. His support, Yan Boshen was outside, so it was too late for him to reach out and save him.

Alas, he should be obedient. Maybe he could save some suffering.

The kitty had always been a shrewd kitty.

Lin Suci fell into an embrace.

It was completely different from Yan Boshen’s embrace. Yan Boshen’s hug seemed cold, but actually had gentle warmth. The one who was embracing him now had a sense of chilliness that was completely piled up like ice from the inside to the outside.

Lin Suci’s whole body froze.

He realized with hindsight that the person holding him should be the white-haired beauty.

The previous demon emperor.

He raised his eyelids tremblingly and met the smiling gaze of the white-haired beauty.

“This little brat dares to eavesdrop!” Li Wen looked like he was about to devour Lin Suci alive, and that hideous face was not at all amiable.

Of course, Lin Suci did not expect Li Wen to show a smile to him. All self-inflicted sin should be taken up by oneself.

Lin Suci obediently stayed in the arms of the white-haired beauty, not daring to move at all. He only telepathically spoke to Yan Boshen, “Come and save the cat!!!”


It took a long while. Yan Boshen’s reply was late.

The door was knocked.

“Li Wen, go and open the door.”

The white-haired beauty carried Lin Suci while ordering the Demon Emperor without raising his head.

The demon emperor endured again. He swallowed his breath to open the door. With so much effort, he almost took the door off.

Yan Boshen walked up to the white-haired beauty, stretched out his hand, and said simply, “My cat.”

The white-haired beauty smiled, lazy and playful: “You said, whose cat… is this?”

Yan Boshen was neither arrogant nor humble, “Mine.”

Lin Suci held out a paw tremblingly while still being in the white-haired beauty’s arms, “Mine!”

Yan Boshen and the white-haired beauty looked at him at the same time.

Lin Suci carefully struggled in the white-haired beauty’s arms, jumped out lightly, shook the unkempt fur on his body, and said righteously, “I am mine, and he is mine too.”

That “he”, of course, was referring to Yan Boshen.

“Oh?” The white-haired beauty raised his eyebrows, glanced at Yan Boshen with interest, and then curled his lips into a smile.

“Good eye.”

Lin Suci raised his chest proudly, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Lin Suci turned back into his human body and stood beside Yan Boshen with a sincere expression, “I didn’t eavesdrop on purpose, and I didn’t hear anything. You should also know that kittens are active cubs, so I just can’t control myself when I changed back to my original form.”

The white-haired beauty looked understanding: “I see.”

“Uncle!” Li Wen frowned, “That little brat lied to you. He is a guy full of lies and evil nature! You can’t believe what he says!”

The white-haired beauty shifted his gaze to Li Wen, but his emotions were unknown, “Oh, do you think he is very bad?”

His Majesty, the Demon Emperor Li Wen, naturally nodded and complained, “Uncle, you don’t even know how abominable this little brat is. I have lived for five hundred years and have never seen a second wicked fellow like him!”

He was embarrassed to talk about what happened after he was manipulated by the other. However, when he met Lin Suci, he was afraid of being a laughing stock. Li Wen gritted his teeth, finding that he had no evidence to complain.

Li Wen naturally attributed that to Lin Suci being too cunning.

“I’m afraid there’s something wrong with him, uncle.” Li Wen glanced at Lin Suci and decided to file a complaint, “He can temporarily control my spiritual consciousness through the bloodline.”

The white-haired beauty raised his eyebrows slightly, “Oh?”

Lin Suci could not help taking that as a compliment to him, and scratched his head shyly, “It’s just an insignificant trick, nothing worth mentioning about.”

Li Wen’s eye sockets nearly burst into flames.

An insignificant trick? Then why didn’t he go ahead and find out about the second trick in the world too?!

The white-haired beauty smiled.

“Li Wen, you said that he was evil, but is it true?”

“Naturally, it’s true!” Li Wen vowed, “This little brat has only been born for about more than ten years, yet the sins he done were too many that it’s tiring to be put in the bamboo slats!”

Lin Suci could not help protesting, “Hey, you’re making up nonsense and smearing me. What indescribable sins have I done that it’s so hard to be put in books?!”

He was a little brat who was struggling to grow up. He struggled every day in his cultivation. He never caused trouble, earnestly seeking his own development. Why had they become sins when being spoken in Li Wen’s mouth?

The big devil, standing beside him, Yan Ran, could not afford his words either!

Li Wen sneered and snapped his fingers, “Uncle, you may not know, but this little brat, as early as more than ten years, sucked all the spiritual energy from my Yunyou Cave. He even bit me, almost breaking the enchantment around my Yunyou Cave. Similarly, he raised a big devil, wiped out the Mysterious Heart Sect, killed numerous cultivators, joined and travelled with the demon cultivator. Just a year before he came to Fengjin Domain, he just went to the small world of the demon clan, and was covered in the scent of death. Also, the Lin family…”

Li Wen looked at Lin Suci with an extremely unhappy look, “Uncle should also know the head of the Lin family, but you have slept for more than a hundred years, and so you may not know that this little brat is the illegitimate son of the head of the Lin family.”

“Huh?” When the white-haired beauty heard that, his mood changed significantly.

“For the sake of this little brat, Lin family had done numerous things in the past few years.” Li Wen frowned, “Especially when the head of the Lin family beheaded some members of his own family, which almost caused chaos. It is said that it was because those people had the feeling of killing this little brat.”

Lin Suci listened and blinked blankly.

He was talking about him?

Why did it sound like it have nothing to do with him at all?

Li Wen mentioned about him raising the big devil…

Lin Suci touched his chin, and felt that it was acceptable, which sounded a bit interesting.

“Li Wen.” The white-haired beauty said slowly, “So what exactly do you hate about this little guy?”

“I hate his everything!” Li Wen said decisively, “From his personality to his appearance, I hate them all!”

The white-haired beauty touched his chin. Those movements were somewhat familiar.

He was quite distressed, “Then this is not easy to handle.”

“Uncle, don’t be deceived by the appearance of this little brat. He has the looks of a deceiver!” Li Wen was almost bitter, “And this guy is the illegitimate son of the head of the Lin family. If we don’t kill him as soon as possible, then it will be troublesome when wait till he inherits the Lin family.”

Lin Suci could not help protesting again, “Hey, I’m still listening here!”

Li Wen rolled his eyes.

The white-haired beauty groaned for a while, “…You see, Li Wen, you may have misunderstood something.”

“What can I misunderstand? I am the direct victim of this brat’s harm to the world!” Li Wen’s anger, which he had held back for many years, was kneaded into a ball and almost exploded.

“You hate his personality…” The white-haired beauty pointed at Lin Suci, “You said that you’ve never met another person like him. Don’t you know that I’ve always been like this many years ago?”

Li Wen was caught off guard, “Huh?”

Lin Suci grabbed Yan Boshen’s hand, “He is such a good man. You’ve help me out of trouble!”

Yan Boshen looked at him with gentle eyes, like looking at a little fool.

“The appearance you hate…”

The white-haired beauty frowned, “I remember you always said that the most beautiful person is me?”

“Oh, wait, that’s right,” The white-haired beauty did not wait for Li Wen to react, before he added slowly, “he is not the illegitimate son of the Lin Family’s Lin Bugui.”

“To be precise, he is my illegitimate child.”



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