My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 104


Lin Suci was at a loss.

What did he do to get kicked out of his sect? No, or his family?

Didn’t he just give Qing Fou an ice coffin with a white-haired beauty inside?

“Master, Dad, this is the first sentence you say after seeing me, don’t you think it’s too harsh?”

Lin Suci protested.

Qing Fou’s face remained gentle, “To be honest, if Father can, Father doesn’t want to see you at all, you troublemaker.”

Lin Suci: “…” So cruel.

After finding out that the ice coffin was accidentally found by Lin Suci while blowing up hills with a group of cubs and he carried it throughout his journey for a year, Qing Fou almost went crazy.

Qing Fou, who had always been taking great care of his young apprentice, his wild son, finally tore open his loving face and shook Lin Suci’s shoulders with hatred, “Tell me, tell me about yourself! Other’s cubs go out and come back with great progress, but how about you? You… well, you did make some progress, but don’t you think you are too capable of causing trouble?”

Lin Suci quickly avenged his grievance, “I didn’t do this alone, they all participated, and Big Senior too!”

He immediately regretted that the cubs had left too early, without even a single witness or accomplice.

“And who is the mastermind?” Qing Fou asked kindly.

Lin Suci: “…”

Oh my.

It really was him.

Lin Suci had no place to refute, so he kicked the icicles under his feet. He admitted it.

Qing Fou turned to look at Yan Boshen again.

The eldest apprentice of his sect smiled as he watched Lin Suci being scolded. The gentle Qing Fou did not even bother battling an extra eye at him.

Anyway, Qing Fou could not scold his eldest apprentice, so Qing Fou continued to concentrate his firepower. It was rare to have such an opportunity to catch Lin Suci and give him a hearty lesson.

Lin Suci was tired from listening to it, so he simply turned back to his original form and sat in Yan Boshen’s palm. When he knew that Qing Fou’s lesson reached the critical point, he raised his paw to cooperate. His calm appearance did not make him seem like he was getting scolded at all.

Qing Fou was in fury and glared at Yan Boshen angrily, “Aren’t you caring about your little junior!”

As soon as Yan Boshen heard the words, he lowered his head and rubbed Lin Suci’s neck. He said in a soft voice, “Have you admitted your mistake?”

Lin Suci bit his finger, and said vaguely, “Wuwu!”

It was unsure if he was admitting his mistake, or arguing.

Yan Boshen raised Lin Suci in his hand, and calmly said to Qing Fou, “He knew he was wrong.”

Qing Fou: “…”

He really lost his temper to that pair of apprentices. With a worn look, Qing Fou shook his hand helplessly, “Let’s go back.”

The ice coffins that came unknowingly also followed them back.

Lin Suci justified his loss and followed Qing Fou and the others back with the shrunken ice coffin on his back.

There was no huge icefield in the south, and the temperature was relatively high. Lin Suci, who had stayed in the icefield for a year, was almost moved to tears when he felt the warm sun and soft wind. It was a new feeling!

All the good things came to an abrupt end when he brought the ice coffin back to the Jin family yard.

Xu Wuwang and others have not returned yet. The one in charge of Jin family was not only Jin Chi, but also Jin Chi’s parents who lived not far away.

That strange ice coffin made Jin Chi very curious, which also attracted Jin family’s parents.

Lin Suci made a special room, swept it clean, and placed the ice coffin there. The parent and child of the Jin family circled around the ice coffin for a few times. After seeing the person lying inside, the father of the Jin family twitched the corners of his mouth, grabbed Jin Chi to one side and muttered softly.

The Jin family’s mother was still lying outside the ice coffin, staring at the white-haired beauty inside. She was obviously muttering something.

When it was getting late, the Jin family’s parents came out of the room and ordered Qing Fou and his apprentice to meet them outside. They could not help asking Lin Suci, “Suci, where did you find this ice coffin?”

Lin Suci clearly stated the time, place and method of discovery. He clearly felt the muscles in the corners of Jin’s father’s eyes twitch.

“…you all just, blow it up?” He kept inhaling deep breaths, seemingly enduring something.

Lin Suci touched his nose, “Ahem, it was an accident, an accident.”

“So, Sir, do you know the one lying inside?”

Lin Suci asked.

The father of the Jin family glared at him, “Of course, how can I not know him! How could those who walk around the demon world and lived for three hundred years don’t know him!”

Lin Suci: “…” He was done for. He really made himself a huge disaster.

Only then did the father of the Jin family tell Lin Suci who the person in the ice coffin was.

Hundreds of years ago, when Li Wen was just a cub, the demon emperor of the demon world at that time was a weird big demon.

That weird thing he had was neither his appearance, nor his original form, but his Majesty the Demon Emperor had to fall into a deep sleep every hundreds of years.

The sleep was as short as three or five years to more than ten years long.

It was just that the demon world was tightly held in his palm at that time. There were no mortals in Fengjin Domain. Even if the demon world did not have his presence, there would be no chaos.

His Majesty the Demon Emperor also had a strange personality.

The inheritance of the throne of the demon world would always change after the previous demon emperor was defeated by the new one, and when the blood of the previous one was sacrificed to the demon world.

However, four hundred years ago, His Majesty the Demon Emperor directly selected his young nephew, Li Wen, and spent a hundred years teaching Li Wen to be the strongest demon in the demon world besides his Majesty. At the same time, he announced the inheritance of the throne. Li Wen took over as the demon emperor.

At the same time, His Majesty, the demon emperor of the previous generation, began his seclusion. Contrary to the time when he was in office, he occasionally disappeared for thirty to five decades. However, he only appeared for thirty to fifty years, and then disappeared for nearly a hundred years.

Li Wen was also imprisoned by several immortal sects outside when his Majesty disappeared. Therefore, he also left for nearly a hundred years.

When Li Wen returned, there was no shadow of His Majesty the Demon Emperor of the previous generation.

Then, it was blown up with a bunch of talismans by Lin Suci and a group of cubs.

Lin Suci’s face became a little distorted.

His Majesty the Demon Emperor of the previous generation?

Did he accidentally get some incredible hidden copy?

No, no, no, there was nothing in the original works about His Majesty the Demon Emperor of the previous generation, so there must be no plot line in him. Maybe he was just an ordinary big demon with a relatively powerful identity.

Even so, Lin Suci also took two more precautions for the white-haired beauty lying in the ice coffin.

He carefully looked at the white-haired beauty around the ice coffin for a long time, but could not find anything similar to Li Wen. Didn’t they all say that nephews were like uncles? That saying did not seem to work for them at all.

Li Wen had red hair and golden eyes. His whole body looked like it came out from flames. Hearing from the father of the Jin family, the previous generation of the demon emperor, His Majesty, had white hair, and eyes like green jades.

The difference in temperament was even more than 108,000 miles. If Lin Suci had to insist, then Li Wen and his uncle did have a little similarity, which was that Li Wen’s old cave was just like the place where the ice coffin was buried, full of snow.

Lin Suci was a little curious. His heart was as if it was scratched by his paws a few times, itchy.

He looked around the ice coffin all day. No matter where he looked, he could not find anything.

Instead, Li Wen came uninvited.

When the demon emperor came to the Jin family in person, the father and son of the Jin family went out to greet him. It was unknown what they spoke of, but when Li Wen finally came into the yard where Lin Suci and the others stayed, his eyes were not quite right.

The red-haired Demon Emperor’s entire body was just like his hair, like a walking flame, bedazzling one’s eyes.

He walked with wind. The edges of his clothes were flying, and there was a strong and pure demonic energy flowing around his body. Lin Suci smelled it from afar, and shrugged his nose.

The others who were living in the yard had long been hiding far away, only Lin Suci and Yan Boshen were left.

Li Wen’s footsteps halted not far away. His eyes fell on Lin Suci in a complicated way. Perhaps he remembered the previous contradiction. With signs of unhappiness in his face, he asked coldly, “Where is he?”

Lin Suci naturally knew who he was referring to. But, looking at Li Wen, he did not want to cooperate willingly, so deliberately pretended to be stupid, “He? What he?”

Li Wen’s eyes were crackling with fire, but he was patient, “My uncle.”

Lin Suci snorted and said calmly, “I don’t know your uncle.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Wen had already condensed a mass of demonic energy and fiercely shot it at Lin Suci.

“I see that you deserve a beating!!!”

Lin Suci stepped back several times, took out his Sansi Sword, and put out a talisman. He immediately created three sets of defensive barriers, weakening Li Wen’s attack layer by layer. He said, “You really have a bad temper. How can you act up without any agreement?”

Li Wen’s forehead burst with blue veins, and he said word by word, “I can have a worse temper. Do you want to experience it?”

Lin Suci was really eager to try.

However, he was just in the fusion stage. Without even nearing the golden core stage, how could he dare fight against a demon emperor? After thinking about it, he decided to let him go.

Lin Suci slid behind Yan Boshen, stuck his head out, and instantly smiled as he said to Li Wen affectionately, “Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, how are you so free to visit today?”

Li Wen: “…”

Lin Suci had already shown him the way enthusiastically, “Come on, come on, I know you are missing this great lord. Please come in.”

Li Wen felt like he had a stinger in his throat as he looked in Lin Suci’s eyes indescribably.

After staring at Lin Suci for a long time, he found that the cat in front of him had no knowledge of his situation at all. At least he knew that, so he turned his head and asked Yan Boshen, “…You don’t care?”

Having met several times, Li Wen also knew that Yan Boshen was the supervisor of Lin Suci. However, he never met a supervisor who would allow its cub to not only be so arrogant, but also used to disgust people.

Yan Boshen said calmly, “Our family, he manages it.”

Li Wen: “…”

Forget it, there’s nothing great to talk about with these people.

Li Wen came with great aura, yet he was tortured by Lin Suci. When he stepped into the room where the ice coffin was stored, his footsteps were heavy.

Lin Suci smiled amiably, led Li Wen in, and pointed to the spot.

The eyelashes of the person lying in the ice coffin could be clearly seen.

Li Wen stared at it for a while, and slowly heaved out a sigh of relief.

He stretched out his hand and was about to take away the ice coffin.

“Hey what are you doing?”

Lin Suci quickly reached out to stop him.

Saving the Demon Emperor of the previous generation deserved him a big credit. How could Li Wen ignore about the reward payment after moving away the ice coffin!

Li Wen did not expect Lin Suci to stop him. He did not hold it firmly when the heavy ice coffin slanted. The lid of the coffin tilted open.

“You!” Li Wen was furious. The kitten in front of him was simply created by God to test his patience.

Lin Suci did not expect it either, so he was stunned for a while. He quickly held onto the lid of the coffin, pushed it back hard, and muttered something in his mouth, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t get mad at me, Lord Demon Emperor.”

Li Wen got an apology, so his anger subsided a little. But when he looked up, he realized that Lin Suci’s apologetic expression was directed at the white-haired beauty in the ice coffin.

He was choked up.

Lin Suci focused on closing the lid of the ice coffin.

In fact, it was only tilted slightly, so it could have been covered with a single push. However, Lin Suci exerted a lot of strength, but was unable to push the cover back to restore it.

Something’s not right?

Lin Suci lowered his head and met the hand under the ice coffin, supporting the lid of the ice coffin.

Pale as snow, fingers like sliced green onions, it was a slender hand.

Lin Suci dazedly followed that hand and looked up.

The white-haired beauty sleeping in the ice coffin opened his eyes.

His jade eyes were staring at him silently.

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