My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 103


The ice coffin was large and crystal clear. Little Suci could clearly see the person lying inside.

Long white hair was scattered on the shoulders and arms under the pillow. The person’s facial features with closed eyes were as delicate as those in paintings. There were some ice crystals between the eyebrows, like a treasure handed down by a combination of ice and snow.

The person’s hands were placed on the lower abdomen. The clothes of snow were not wrinkled at all as the person lay flat and neat, as if the person had fallen into deep sleep.

Little Suci held his breath and kept waiting. It took a long time for him to realize that the person in the ice coffin had no signs of life and could not wake up.

The group of cubs squatted beside the ice coffin and looked around. They bit their fingers as they worried.

“When I go back, my father will definitely give my bum a beating.”

“My mother is going to apologize to others again… Sigh.”

The little leopard cat poked Little Suci, “Suci, Suci, let’s restore the hill.”

Little Suci also intended to do that. The person in the ice coffin might have passed away for a long time. However, due to their disturbance, the person had no peace. It was clearly a sin.

Little Suci folded his hands together and recited something. After apologizing to the person in the ice coffin, he went to Little Boshen, trying to discuss about restoring the blasted hill.

“It’s too late.”

Little Boshen stretched out his hand, and captured the ice crystals in the air, and shook his head.

At first, Little Suci did not understand the meaning behind Little Boshen’s words. However, he noticed that when the sky was filled with ice and snow, the blasted hill became smaller instead. It was as if it had melted in the ice and snow. That was when he realized.

That low hill where the ice coffin was stored was not a hill at all.

According to the position where it was blasted, after the ice coffin was exposed, the ice and snow that had lost its previous protective power scattered and melted.

Little Suci pounced and tried grabbing a few times, but he only caught a hand-full of ice crystals. Its original shape was all scattered, and it became a ground of frost.

“We’re done for…” Little Suci muttered to himself, and said to Little Boshen with his pale face, “What should I do if I get into trouble?”

Little Boshen touched the ice crystals, and answered irrelevantly, “The spiritual energy here is richer than that of the spirit-gathering array.”

Little Suci was startled, and went to check the surroundings with Little Boshen. There was a clear gap between the frost that had melted on the ground and the surrounding area, and it was only after he lay down that he could clearly feel that the aura in the circle of frost was pure and rich, almost dozens of times more than what he usually felt.

The little cubs had already spent their time there like no one would stop them as they buried themselves in the ice and snow, desperately absorbing the spiritual energy.

Little Suci did not waste it. He and Little Boshen dug a pit and jumped into it. It took a few hours to absorb all the spiritual energy around them.

He, a cultivator in the fusion stage, used to distance himself tens of miles away from the cubs to fully obtain it. However, although there only seemed to have a small area of frost, he used all his abilities to absorb it instead, which cost him a few hours.

Meanwhile, Little Boshen had been absorbing the spiritual energy casually, like he was playing, which also exposed his rare side of satisfaction there.

In other words, after so many years, that was the only place where the spiritual energy was sufficient enough for Boshen to feel.

Little Suci was feeling guilty and sorry for the person in the ice coffin.

They dismantled other’s cemetery and sucked in their much-needed spiritual energy. In the snowy field, the solitary ice coffin had to silently watch their robber-like behavior. It was simply miserable for the person to bear.

Little Suci squatted in front of the ice coffin and muttered, “Big Bro, why don’t you give me a dream at night? Tell me who your name is and where you live, or who else is worth entrusting. I would like to take you back and plead guilty, so that you can rest in peace again.”

The white-haired beauty in the ice coffin naturally did not answer him.

“I-I-I! I know!”

A little Gyrfalcon raised its wings and jumped onto Little Suci’s head, “I heard my father say that the previous generation of demon emperors had white hair. If he had white hair, then he was His Majesty of the previous generation of demon emperors!”

“That’s not it. His Majesty the demon emperor of the previous generation not only has white hair, but his eyes are the color of green jades!” The little leopard cat pointed at Little Suci, “Like Suci’s eyes.”

“Then is he the Snow Demon who disappeared a hundred years ago?” Little Butterfly raised a hand, “Since he sleeps in the snow, he is the Snow Demon!”

“It’s the imprisoned murderer!”

“It’s the abandoned Demon God!”

Little Suci was forced to listen to all kinds of legends about His Majesty the Demon Emperor of the previous generation, the Snow Demon, the imprisoned murderer, and the abandoned Demon God.

The little cubs could not do anything else, but they had good memory for remembering everything the adults have said. They recalled every detail and did the storytelling, which brought the legends to life.

After Little Suci heard them, he knew that the person had nothing to do with the magical characters in the legend.

It’s difficult to settle now.

There was a group of little cubs behind him and an ice coffin. He could not build a spirit-gathering hill as a tomb for the ice coffin, but he could not abandon the ice coffin either. After hesitating for ages, he discussed with Little Boshen.

“How about we take him back?”

The north was covered with ice fields, with nobody and no signs of demons. If Little Suci just left the ice coffin there, what if it encountered something outside that would destroy the ice coffin?

Since he had made a mistake, he could not continue it. He needed to make up for it.

The point was that the ice coffin was three times larger than Little Suci. He compared it while lying down to find that the ice coffin could directly crush him.

It can’t be put in the mustard seeds either, what should I do?

Little Suci frowned and bit his nails.

Little Boshen thought for a while and stepped forward to support the ice coffin.  A trace of spiritual energy flowed from his palm.

The ice coffin gradually shrunk following the injection of aura.

Its final shape was about the same length as Little Suci.

The person lying in the ice coffin was as delicate as a puppet after being shrunk.

Little Suci rubbed together the furs and feathers lost by the cubs, and weaved them into two hemp ropes. He tied the ice coffin, and carried it on his back.

No matter what, he had to send the ice coffin back. If he really could not find someone to take over, it would not be a big deal to give it to the demon emperor.

It was his people and he had the responsibility and obligation to find a new grave for the white-haired beauty.

Little Suci, with the height of three heads, carried the small ice coffin and swayed while walking, but he did not dare to let the little cubs carry it. Since Boshen refused to help Little Suci, he could only rely on himself the whole time to carry it back alone.

There were too many places worth visiting in the Northern Icefield. As the leader, Little Suci listened to the little ones about the directions. At most, he would discuss with Little Boshen and change the details.

That was a cultivation ground especially for them to cultivate. The further they went, the less spiritual energy they could get, the more ice creatures they would encounter.

Demons unexpectedly appeared.

Under Little Suci’s torment, the cubs entered the Qi –cultivating stage at an early period, which was just a few months after cultivation begun. However, they lacked actual combat experience, so they turned back and ran upon seeing the demons.

Leaving behind Little Suci, who was carrying a small ice coffin, the corners of his mouth twitched.

“What are you all running for?! Come! Back! Quick!”

It was all due to Little Suci’s strong suppression that made the cubs, who was meeting their opponents for the first time to go back to where they ran from. With a stern face, he taught the cubs to line up, starting with the weakest Snowfield Rabbit, guiding them to the ways to divide their work and to cooperate.

There were cubs that had four furry limbs, two-legged ones with wings, some amphibious ones, and some boneless ones.

They included almost the entire species of demons in Fengjin Domain, with different preferences and different abilities.

It took Little Suci a full two months to clearly identify the direction of all their abilities, and then it would be much easier to distribute them.

The cubs had tasks every day. They got no rewards defeating low-level creatures and got rewards defeating those of the same rank. If they defeated high-level creatures beyond their level, they would be directly regrouped by Little Suci and distributed equally to each team.

Their strengths and weaknesses were matched with each other. Those of the same species were all separated. Under Little Suci’s guidance, dozens of cubs changed their formations every once in a while. They cultivated each other, and became familiar with each other.

That happened for a year and the little cubs grew up very fast. Almost all of their original form was larger than Little Suci, which also caused Little Suci to be reluctant to change back to his original form. He kept appearing in front of them in the appearance of a half-demon.

Some of the little brats were greedy for Little Suci’s soft, palm-sized form, but they did not touch him. The only one who could touch him was Little Boshen.

When Little Boshen was holding Little Suci’s cat form, he had to carry the ice coffin. In order not to carry the ice coffin, Little Boshen gave up the goodness of patting the cat.

Little Suci could only carry the ice coffin on his own. He was secretly hurt.

In a year, all the cubs grew up, but he did not.

In other words, for more than ten years, his original form had never changed.

The northern icefields were full of footprints left by the cubs. Among the footsteps were only two set of human foot prints, which were left by Little Boshen and Little Suci as they came and went.

At the entrance, the adult demons that came to pick up their cubs were densely crowded in one place.

There were friends, old friends, and enemies. From their sarcasm to their fights, when the cubs came running, the adult demons had already formed a group themselves.

“Dad! Don’t beat Dumbo’s dad! Otherwise I’ll ignore you!”

“Brother, stop it! That’s my good friend’s sister, don’t be rude!”

“Mom, mom, don’t you think that Big Sis over there is pretty? She is so pitiful and only has a sister in her family. Do you want to bring her back?”

The adult demons that sent the cubs to the icefield were used to fighting when they met. However, unlike every time before, that group of cubs that had a tough relationship with each other before, actually got along well. They even had the aura of a good friend group!

That made it impossible for the adult demons to beat the parents of their children’s friends.

In a jiffy, everyone looked at each other, rolled down their sleeves and forced a friendly smile to each other. They even complimented each other’s children. When the children made an appointment to drop by, the corners of the adult demons’ mouths could not hold back from twitching.

Drop by our house? Which kind of fish would visit the ark’s home?

Why don’t you just take some sauce with you and go directly into someone’s kitchen?

Those little cubs might have their brains broken.

The adult demons brought their cubs back, barely chatted with the opposite side and left one after another.

At the entrance of the bustling icefield, only Little Suci and Little Boshen were left.

There was also the small ice coffin that was carried on Little Suci’s back.


Just as Little Suci was about to turn back into his adult body, he saw a black shadow not far away that was getting closer. After the shadow landed, Qing Fou came side by side with Jin Chi.

Little Suci immediately put his hands on his hips, imitating the little leopard cat and complained, “Other little cubs have already been picked up by their adults. Why are you here now?!”

Qing Fou’s eyes were bright, and after looking at Little Suci and Little Boshen, he reached out his hand, “I was wrong, I was wrong, come and give Dad a hug!”

Qing Fou hugged an ice coffin instead.

Boshen, who was only willing to pretend to be a child in front of Suci, had already turned back into an adult. He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “You can just hug this gift.”

Lin Suci also changed back. He moved his muscles and bones, and said with a smile, “Dad, you see, I’m very attentive. I remembered to bring you a gift.”

Qing Fou and Jin Chi faced each other, holding the ice coffin in their hands. They went silent and stiff.

“Son, your gift seems a little too big.”

Qing Fou raised his head. His eyes showed signs of unpleasantness, “Father thinks that you might need to be kicked out of the house.”


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