My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 102


What would a group of demon cubs who were not guided by adult demons do?

If it was long ago, Lin Suci would never have imagined the cause if he had to think about it. At most, he would have thought that a group of cubs would only make a fool of themselves.

But now, he was among the little cubs, and he clearly knew how in the depth the word “fool” was.

The place where the cubs cultivate was most suitable for their physique and cultivation method. In the ice field to the north, although the conditions were simple and harsh, the spiritual energy contained in the atmosphere was not any higher than outside. The cubs were taught what to do before they entered the snowy field. Without anyone’s reminder, they ran all over the place, rolled in the snow and dug holes everywhere, letting their bodies have as much contact with the great area of snow as possible.

Little Suci bit his fingers and stood aside. The cubs in front of him were almost turning the skies upside down. The winged feather clan had already turned the world upside down as they had big chunks of snow in their mouths, both wings and claws were covered in snow. The furry cubs with no wings were on the ground. With ice lumps in hand, they threw them fiercely into the sky, chasing after the winged cubs.

Chatting and crying constantly, that state of chaos had been going on for almost a day.

Little Suci was still clueless of what they were there for.

“Why don’t you both come to play together? If you don’t come, the spiritual energy will be all snatched by them!”

A round-faced little girl with flowers tied to her head grabbed a snowball and smashed it at Little Suci.

Little Suci’s reflex’s made him dodge to avoid it.

The little girl tilted her head blankly, nibbling her hands, “Why did you avoid it? Don’t you want to eat it?”


Little Suci looked down at the snowballs on the ground, and then looked around. The little cubs that had already started a world battlefield with snowballs were soon at a loss.

Little Boshen squatted down and touched the snow, then squeezed some fine ice and rubbed it.

“Spiritual energy is all in it.”

Little Boshen stuffed the ice slag into Little Suci’s mouth and said solemnly, “Come on, eat more.”

“Mmff!” Little Suci was in a hurry, struggling to get away, and was forced by Little Boshen to stuff a few big lumps of ice down his throat.

The spiritual energy in the ice lumps was very fine and gentle, and it took no effort to absorb it. It was indeed very suitable for cubs that have not matured.

Little Suci ate it cold, spat out the ice slag, grabbed a lump of ice with a hand, and rushed towards Liitle Boshen.

“I want you to have a taste too!”

Little Boshen ran as soon as possible.

The two were just like other little cubs, chasing and playing. It was so hot and intense that Little Suci was sweating on the icy field.

The cubs had unlimited vitality, and they could play for a long time with the snow. Little Suci was not to be outdone, so he followed Little Boshen to absorb the ice lumps. The ice field where a group of cubs crossed was like a crop encountering locusts, leaving horrible pits, both big and small.

Little Suci led Little Boshen and leveled the pit he dug with his feet, pretending that nothing had happened. He ate spiritual energy, burped, and migrated with the large army.

Those cubs had been living in Fengjin Domain since they were young, and they were far clearer than Lin Suci about where to go and how to cultivate at what age. That made Lin Suci decided to be a follower instead.

There were many cubs, from the feather clan, the wolf clan, the snake clan, those with wings, those with fur or bare skin, and everything else. That also caused the racial comparison between the cubs where they each formed a group with their own kind.

Little Suci was amazed.

The cubs who were only a few years old already knew how to divide themselves into groups.

It could probably be seen from them that the demon clans in the Fengjin Domain were not so harmonious.

Thinking about it, the demon emperor has been imprisoned for many years, and the demon clan, without a leader, did not fight for status and rights. Based on clan’s basics, they probably had some small disagreements with each other.

It meant that the outsiders, like Little Suci and Little Boshen, did not care about those grievances and hatreds at all. They could coexist peacefully with other cubs of any kind.

“Xiao Ci stay away, he’s bad, he will peck at you!”

That was the little demon cub who got along well with Little Suci along the way. It had the body of a leopard cat. Although it was small, it had a fierce face, which made Little Suci felt in awe.

They were obviously part of the cats, but the other one was the wild king of cats. Little Suci was pecked several times by the cubs of the raven clan on his head. Seeing that he was being bullied, the leopard cat cub rolled up its sleeves angrily, jumped up and grabbed the claws of the raven clan. It just dragged the raven clan down to the ground and pressed against it so it could hammer that raven madly.

The furry cub beside him cheered, while the feather clan cubs chirped and threw ice lumps in an attempt to rescue the raven.

Due to Lin Suci, the excitement amongst the cubs just now dispersed in a jiffy. Soon, the little cubs absorbing spiritual energy earnestly gathered around, watching the scene with joy.

Little Suci’s heart felt complicated.

He was helped by a real kitten…


Little Boshen next to him raised his hand to cover his mouth, pretending that it was not him who laughed out loud. He blinked his eyes solemnly, revealing a bit of dumbfounded-ness.

Little Suci puffed up his cheeks.

After Boshen shrank, he turned bad.

Little Suci stepped forward and grabbed Little Boshen’s horn.

“You laughed at me!”

Little Boshen hurriedly stopped Little Suci. He kept dodging, but failed, so he Let Little Suci continued rubbing his horns.

“Let’s play in another place, stop rubbing.”

Little Suci continued.

Little Boshen stretched out his hand and poked Little Suci. A helpless smile appeared on his innocent face, and then he telepathically said, “You can’t rub here, this is my…”

Little Suci jumped up like he burnt his butt. His face flushed immediately, and he took three steps back. However, seeing Little Boshen’s smiling face, Lin Suci quickly realized that they were all just little cubs. He did not have to be afraid!

Little Suci immediately spread out his hands, “Service fee, ten thousand spirit stones!”

Little Boshen raised his both hands.

With several clanks, a large pile of bright stones smashed Little Suci directly into an ice pit. He was buried till all that was left was his slender tail.

“Ahhhh!!!” Lin Suci took a bite of the ice slag off guard. His cheeks trembled from the cold, and he struggled to climb out from under the pile of shiny stones. He was stunned.

“I just asked you for a service fee! You are so ruthless that you want to bury me!” Little Suci got angry, grabbed a handful of snow and smashed it at Little Boshen!

Little Boshen dodged, and explained seriously. “I was paying you the service fee, but I couldn’t control myself and threw too much.”

That pile on the ground was not a spiritual stone.

Little Suci was very vigilant, “Don’t try to fool me!”

“Wow, that’s a lot of cloud spar!” The cubs that were still fighting next to them turned their heads unintentionally, and their eyes were almost out of the frame when they saw the sparkling stones in place. They stopped their fights, so they all surrounded Little Suci, looking at the cloud spars on the ground and gulped.

“There are so many cloud spars. Daddy said, if someone has more than a thousand cloud spars, they come from a huge family!” The one-horned little demon cub stretched out its fingers and counted one by one, “One, two, three…”

The cubs had not learnt many numbers, and it was not enough to use their hands and feet over and over again. The group of curious cubs generously lent their hands, feet and claws to calculate the numbers together.

The corner of Little Suci’s mouth twitched.

Those cloud spars turned out to be the currency of the demon world.

That lot was definitely not a small number.

Little Suci became vigilant, “You and I are both newcomers, why do you have so many cloud spars?”

“I’m not new here,” Little Boshen shook his head, “I’ve been here many years ago.”

When Little Suci gave some thought about it, he noticed that the cute little Boshen in front of him was actually over three hundred years old. Then in his past years, it seemed that it was not surprising that he would visit the demon world.

He immediately accepted that statement, so he squatted down and waited for the cubs to finish counting and collecting the money.

However, a large group of cubs could not count correctly, and they still refused to give up. Whoever moved would be the ones in a hurry.

Both Little Suci and Little Boshen put away all the cloud spars together.

In an instant, all the little cubs caused chaos, making so much noise that the world was about to collapse.

Little Suci covered his ears, jumped on top of an ice rock, looked down, and said loudly, “If you want to continue counting, you have to be obedient. Let’s go to a place and cultivate obediently. Only those who meet the requirements can continue counting!”

“Me, me, me! I am super obedient!”

“My cultivation base has the fastest improvement, let me count!”

Little Suci jumped down and was surrounded by the cubs in the center. He raised his hand high, holding a handful of cloud spars in his hand.

“We’ll start counting now!”

The little cubs were very curious beings, and they had great memory. They obediently followed behind Little Suci while being greedy for cloud spar, so they stopped digging pits of ice or smashing snowballs at each other. They followed Little Suci every day, went everywhere to absorb the spiritual energy, and made acquaintances with Little Suci with their bulging bellies.

When the cubs were in order, the group suddenly seemed much more interesting.

In addition to the ice fields in the North, there were also high snow mountains. Aside from that, there were several moving flying mountains floating in the air.

Little Suci and Little Boshen led the team, followed by a large group of cubs that drilled a big pit in the ice field. The aqua demon cubs found a ton of spiritual beads that had been buried for many years. They shared among the large group of cubs, making them burp with satisfaction.

The furry cubs ran up the snow mountains. The mountains were densely covered with countless illusions. They bit and tug at each other, reminding each other to get out of the illusion together. Soon, they successfully entered the snow mountains. Countless spiritual plants were all picked and the cubs almost tossed them around to play.

Fortunately, Little Boshen knew those spiritual plants well. He gave the little cubs some other things, replacing those spiritual plants, and carefully put them into mustard seeds.

The cubs of the feather clan rushed up when they encountered flying mountains. However, they were beaten down by the imprisoned big demons above. They shed several feathers.

Little Suci found out a lot of talismans and stuffed them to feather clan cubs.

The feather clan’s cubs suddenly became imposing, and they teased the imprisoned big demon. Each of them flew down with shiny things in their mouths, and all piled up at Little Suci’s feet.

A lot of jade jewelry was still very old and had spiritual energy.

Little Suci evenly distributed those to the little brats who were queuing up.

After a period of time, Little Suci suddenly felt that he did not feel like coming to cultivate, but rather baby-sitting a group of children.

This will not work!

Little Suci grabbed Little Boshen and muttered.

The two fleshy little hands clapped loudly.

Little Suci absorbed spiritual energy very quickly. He was different from the real cubs. The cubs could absorb by lumps, yet he could absorb by area. As for Little Boshen, Little Suci was certain that he could absorb the entire ice field.

In that way, he could not absorb energy with the cubs. Otherwise, he would either go hungry, or the cubs would.

That night, Little Suci and Little Boshen quietly got up, ran for dozens of miles overnight, and absorbed the place where the little brats could not go all night. They came back with full tummies.

The cubs did not realize that at all. They played happily every day. Only a little tiger looked at Little Suci and said curiously, “You seem to have gained weight.”

Little Suci said solemnly, “That’s because I don’t exercise after eating.”

Little Suci immediately drove the cubs to run around, consuming their energy.

Little Suci was responsible for playing with the cubs, and Little Boshen was in charge of playing with Little Suci. They got along very well in that mode. After a few months of messing around, the cubs could gradually store their spiritual energy into their bodies and transformed it into demon power for usage.

Those were all getting started.

Little Suci began to take them all over the place.

Dealing with talismans was Little Suci’s expertise. Dealing with formations was Little Suci’s expertise. Using talismans and formation with demon cubs was what Little Suci never did, so he was very excited.

He surrounded a mountain with a group of young demons.

That was a mountain with erratic movement, but it was not the flying mountain where the big demon was imprisoned. The little cubs there could not tell the origin of that mountain as well.

The reason why Little Suci chose that place was that the mountain was very small, which was only a few circles larger than soil slopes. The surroundings were covered with snow and ice, and the spiritual energy contained in it was sufficient for Little Suci to absorb.

That was a good place to cultivate.

Little Suci taught the group of cubs how to play with talismans and how to set up formations. He himself and Little Boshen took three steps back, ready to back up the cubs at any time.

“One, two, three!”

With a ‘boom’, the mountain exploded.

Frozen snow and flying ice flowers spread all over the sky, and the group of cubs who were hit by spiritual energy almost flew into the sky.

Thanks to Little Suci and Little Boshen’s preparation in advance, they went everywhere to catch the cubs and bring them back.

With such a powerful force, the cubs were so excited that they ran over to cheer and watch their results.

“Ah… Xiao Ci, Xiao Ci! Oh no, we got into trouble!”

The little leopard cat grabbed Little Suci’s hand and dragged him over.

“It’s over! We will definitely be scolded…”

A large group of cubs surrounded the blasted mountain. All of them fell into the same fear.

Little Suci was at a loss. He and Little Boshen squeezed in to take a look.

Oh wow, we really got into trouble.

Where the mountain was blasted, an ice coffin was exposed.

The crystal-transparent ice coffin did not have a trace of mist, and it was clearly visible that there was a person lying inside.


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