My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 101


The completely different point between the demon world and the human world lies in the way of life and cultivation.

The demons of the demon world altogether were not more than one thousandth of humans. Although the number was small, the good thing they had was concentration and unity.

Jin Chi’s courtyard was close to the South, and it was still far from the demon emperor’s mountain city, which made Lin Suci heave a sigh of relief. However, he also wondered, was Yunyou Cave not a good place? How could Li wen stay in the demon world for such a long time? Wasn’t he the demon emperor who yearned for the human world the most?

As a result, he did not dare to go out. He stayed in the yard all day, and his cat fur was about to become mouldy.

He could not go on like that. After discussing with Yan Boshen, Qing Fou decided to send Lin Suci out for cultivation practices.

To the North of the Fengjin Domain were full of snow fields. Lin Suci had grown up so big, yet he only saw the few piles of snow in Yunyou Cave. When he learned that he had to go all the way North to cultivate in the snow field, he was so excited that he got himself a thick and furry cloak, wrapping himself with it tightly.

Jin Chi was still dressing as a woman as usual. Looking at Lin Suci, who only had his palm-sized face exposed, Jin Chi rolled the eyes gracefully.

“Look at your son, his stupidity is showing.”

Qing Fou was still checking the tokens on his body for his several apprentices, without raising his head, “I don’t care. I’m just ensuring he stay alive by taking care of him. You want to pick the bones from an egg, go find Boshen.”

Jin Chi’s head turned.

Yan Boshen was tidying up Lin Suci’s furry collar. There was silly smile on his face, and his voice was soft, like dripping water, “It looks prettier like this.”

Jin Chi: “…”

With a blank face, Jin Chi telepathically told Qing Fou, “Your eldest apprentice is blind, and your youngest apprentice is stupid. You won’t be settling down for the rest of your life, so hurry up and leave with me.”

Qing Fou ‘blah blah blah’ a few times before pointing at the other apprentices, “I still have some seedlings at home!”

The seedlings from the Cardinal Sect, except for the eldest apprentice and the youngest apprentice, were sitting in a circle, listening to Xu Wuwang explaining about the taboos and precautions in Fengjin Domain. With a glance, they were all obedient people.

Due to the different stages of cultivation, the places they went to were also different. Jing Huilian and Ruan Linggu took Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming, wanting to follow Jin Chi’s eldest apprentice to Moye Pagoda. Jin Chi did not say where Lin Suci was going. As his pet owner, Yan Boshen would naturally follow Lin Suci.

There were very few people in Fengjin Domain who travelled by flying swords. Most of them were demons with wings, or demons that could walk in the sky, flying all around the place. It might be due to their natural guard against humans, or humans’ natural guards against demons. At least in the sky, both sides would not bump into each other.

Lin Suci realized later that he had to rely on his feet to walk to the snowfield.

That was not the most debacle one, the most disastrous was nothing more than the news brought by Jin Chi.


Everyone in the courtyard was ready to depart. They were surrounded by the demon cultivators in Jin Chi’s house, escorting them to their destinations. Jin Chi dropped a message, and everyone was stunned as they turned to look at Lin Suci.

Lin Suci wrapped his thick cloak around him, making him look like dough, and slumped on the low stool with difficulty, even more at a loss, “Me?”

Jin Chi nodded: “You have only been born for not more than ten years. In the demon clan, you are just a kitten.”

Lin Suci also felt that there was nothing wrong with him, so he directly ignored his years in the Lin family, raised his tail and raised his chin, “Yes, I am a genius kitten! The king of all cubs!”

According to the age concept of the demon clan, no one’s young was at the age of enlightenment during the teenage years, yet he was already an amazing fusion cultivator and had a very high status.

Jin Chi: “The king of the cubs, yet you are still just a kitten.”

However, according to the demon clan’s habits, all the young of the same age would be put together and thrown to the trial grounds for them to cultivate.

Regardless of Lin Suci’s appearance as a seventeen-eighteen-and-a-half-year-old adult, with a fusion stage, he had to wait and act according to the rules of Fengjin Domain since he was there.

Everyone else went to a larger trial field that was more challenging, but Lin Suci was completely stunned after arriving at the snowfield.

The cold wind whistled, and the air mixed with snowflakes and icicles coldly slapped Lin Suci’s face. He was frozen stiff and hid behind Yan Boshen, his red face was dumbfounded.

He travelled a long distance and walked for ten days to reach the snowfield. He was originally there to welcome his first cultivation practice in the demon world.



“Mom, don’t go, stay with child a little more!”

“Boo hoo…”

“Hahaha, idiot, come after me!”

Not far away, on the cold and endless icy field, a group of fluffy meatball-like young demons mixed with a group of feathered and scaly cubs. They were either hugging their parents and crying, or having a group chase. The scene was endless.

Lin Suci’s expression solidified.

“That, Master…”

Lin Suci turned his head and raised his finger to point to the group of cubs not far away, “Am I… going to be with them?”

It was not Qing Fou who answered him, but Jin Chi.

“Don’t underestimate them. Those children are probably older than you. It’s just that they take a little longer to transform.”

So? Those group of cubs who were still inseparable from their parents… Were they his companions?

Lin Suci’s eyes darkened.

“Boshen…” He clenched onto Yan Boshen’s sleeve tightly, and he had a big brain moment, “Aren’t I your contracted beast, let’s go find a trial site that suits you, then I’ll accompany you!”

He could tolerate going up the knife mountain and swimming in the sea of ​​​​fire. No matter how hard or tired when enduring those, as long as he dwas not sent to spend time squatting with those groups of real cubs.

Yan Boshen rubbed his flushed cheeks, “Be obedient, I’ll accompany you.”

“About that, nephew, you can’t accompany him.” Jin Chi pointed a finger implicitly. The adult demon cultivators who brought the cubs all changed back to their original forms, flapped their wings, or ran on all fours, abandoning their cubs, leaving for a place far, far away.

“Parents are not allowed to look after them.”

Lin Suci’s mouth twitched.

I’m finished.

Not even Yan Boshen could be left for him.

Yan Boshen groaned.

Was he leaving him? Lin Suci scratched his head, feeling a little annoyed.

“I see.”

Yan Boshen seemed to have figured out something, and he said to Qing Fou, “Master, all of you can return first. I’ll accompany him for a moment longer.”

“Remember, in another quarter of an hour, all the adult demons and people cannot stay here.”

Jin Chi warned, and took the lead to leave with Qing Fou.

Lin Suci was afraid of attracting the attention of the demon cubs, so he had already changed back to his original form.

The kitten that was hiding in the thick cloak was much smaller than the group of cubs.

The kitten’s clear eyes blinked, and meowed grievingly.

Yan Boshen raised his hand and touched Lin Suci’s fur. He raised a finger, squinted and chuckled, “Let me show you something interesting.”

In Lin Suci’s eyes, Yan Boshen, who was as tall as the sky and earth, slowly shrank in his eyes.

Lin Suci’s eyes were wide open.

Not long after, the adult Yan Boshen was reduced to the appearance of a young child, only five or six years old.

The young Yan Boshen hugged Lin Suci and his round eyes formed crescent moons, “This should be fine.”

Lin Suci was already dumbfounded. He shook his head, and suddenly remembered, “No way, they are all demons here.”

Little Yan Boshen frowned slightly, “I almost forgot…”

He closed his eyes and his body changed again.

The part above the brow bone of little Yan Boshen’s forehead protruded a pair of small antlers like a deer’s. Scales covered half of his face.

It was a shimmering color, and it was unclear whether it was silver or gray. However, they looked like white on his cheeks. When turning his head, the scales flickered, reflecting a splendid light.

Lin Suci was dumbfounded again.

The furry little paws stepped on his arms and gave the scales a few touches. The two paws lifted up and hugged the pair of horns.

Little Yan Boshen let him move however he wanted. While hugging him, he raised the kitten a little higher, very condoning.

After rubbing those features for a long time, Lin Suci was speechless.

The touch was not an illusion at all, they were real.

“How did you do that?”

Lin Suci was very surprised.

It was difficult for human beings to obtain the physical appearance of the demon clan. At most, it would be by changing external appearance, but the texture would essentially be the same.

Little Yan Boshen squinted and smiled, “I won’t tell you.”

Lin Suci found out that after Yan Boshen’s body shrank, Yan Boshen’s emotion also changed. He was not as calm as he was before, and he had some young aura.

However, what he imagined in his mind was that even Yan Boshen in his childhood should be a cold child with a tense face with a kind and polite attitude.

Not the one in front of him. Yan Boshen was hugging him, blinking his big eyes. He was so adorable that Lin Suci almost rubbed himself against that little child.

Could it be that Yan Boshen… was an illegitimate son?

Lin Suci did not have time to think about it. Little Yan Boshen pointed his finger at Lin Suci’s forehead and poked lightly.

Lin Suci’s body changed slightly.

The palm-sized kitten’s body emitted a burst of golden light, and Lin Suci thumped to the ground.

His naked body was chubby, white and puffy.

Lin Suci spread out his paws and saw that his palm was about the same size as Little Yan Boshen’s, and when put together, the size was just right.

Little Yan Boshen had already stuffed him with a reduced version of clothes.

The dressed-up Lin Suci suddenly turned into a half-demon cub.

He had a five or six-year-old human appearance, with a pair of half-crescent ears on his head, and a slender tail behind his buttocks tossing around. His emerald-green vertical pupils were clear, and the characteristics of being from a demon clan were obvious.

“Now, this is fine.”

Little Yan Boshen took a look at Little Lin Suci and smiled with satisfaction.

There was a voice over there.

The quarter of an hour had come, and all the little cubs were actively moving closer and gathering together.

Little Lin Suci and Little Yan Boshen held their fleshy hands and ran over.

There were a lot of little cubs, those who cry constantly, and those who bully others. Even if they gathered together, they were noisy and in a mess.

Little Lin Suci and Little Yan Boshen squeezed into the group of cubs.

Their human appearance of five or six years old did not make them seem old. The cubs there were said to be young demons, but their form was a size bigger than Lin Suci and Yan Boshen. When they squeezed past them, they almost squashed Little Lin Suci.

“Wow, you both can transform?”

There was a furry leopard cub squatting at Little Lin Suci’s feet. Tilting its head, it curiously fiddled with Lin Suci’s tail with his paws.

Lin Suci curled up his tail high, avoiding the harassment of the little leopard.

“Hmph, what’s so great about that. It’s just a half-demon state, I know it too!” A hot-tempered little cub snorted and chanted words in its mouth. Soon, the gray and black furry body gradually changed, and with a puff, a little half-demon with round ears hidden in unkempt hair appeared.

With one, there would be two. One after another, some of the cubs there would also turn into half-demons. In a few moments while being in the commotion, Little Lin Suci and Little Yan Boshen were surrounded by a group of little half-demons.

There was also a group of original cubs who could not transform, so they cried in frustration.

Lin Suci looked around at the cubs that were wiping their noses and laughing triumphantly. Suddenly, he felt that his first cultivation path in Fengjin Domain would be a little difficult.


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