My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 100


Li Wen.

The Demon Emperor.

It took Lin Suci a long time to remember that he had stepped into Li Wen’s territory.

Oh my.

Lin Suci slowly took two steps backwards, somewhat regretting his loud voice just now.

Actually, it had been more than ten years since that incident. If he just pretended not to know him, Li Wen probably did not know him either.

However, why did he just shout at the top of his lungs?

To show off his huge voice box?

Lin Suci silently felt disdainful of himself.

The red-haired Demon Emperor in front of him was dressed in wuxia (martial arts) clothing that matched with black and red. The dark-patterned, red collar was folded to both sides, revealing his firm chest. No matter how strong the sea breeze blew, the Demon Emperor dressed up as showily.

Li Wen frowned.

The jade-like eyes of the little demon cub, with cat ears and cat tail wagging in front of him, was somewhat familiar.

After returning from the imprisonment of more than ten years, he became the Demon Emperor again, and all his thoughts were devoted to Fengjin Domain, and what happened in the beginning was almost forgotten.

However, as the people descended from the boat, he saw at a glance another young man, who dressed in the cloth of the color of haze, looking as elegant as a gentleman.

Li Wen’s gold eyes paused as he went a trip down memory lane.

The memories that have been sealed for many years was gradually being aroused as the young man, who was gradually approaching and catching the little demon cub, arrived. The two people stood in front of him.

From breaking free from the forbidden area, having chaotic consciousness, spiritual energy, sobriety, and then to the lawless little brat, and the young cultivator who dared to split the mountain with his body.

It’s them?

Li Wen’s attention fell on Lin Suci.

Lin Suci felt a piercing gaze.  He sheepishly moved, and continued to retreat silently.

Sir, please, I beg for your memory to be just a little worse. Forget it, forget it!

Lin Suci, who had been chanting silently in his heart, found that Li Wen took a step forward and stood right in front of him. A shadow was casted on him, covering him tightly.

Lin Suci gulped and slowly raised his head.

He met the wicked smile of His Majesty the Demon Emperor, who was full of evil spirits.

“Long time no see, lit, tle, child.”

Lin Suci wanted to retreat, but he could not.

Behind him, his master, senior brothers and sisters were looking at him blankly.

Yan Boshen clearly recognized Li Wen. The sword in his hand vibrated restlessly in the scabbard.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and asked timidly, “Hello, I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

He pretended to be a fledgling boy, “This is the first time I’ve left the house. Have you recognized the wrong person, your Majesty?”

Now, he could only pray that Li Wen could not recognize or hear his voice clearly!

“Wrong person?” Li Wen crossed his arms and looked at him with a wicked smile, “Little child, do you know how important you are in my heart? I’ve been thinking of you and looking forward to you for so many years… If I did recognize the wrong person, that person will never be you.”

Lin Suci was tangled, “I’m sorry, please forgive me for not being able to respond to your feelings. However, please seek others for empathy.”

Li Wen: “…”

Seeing that the Demon Emperor was almost choked with anger by Lin Suci, Qing Fou quickly stepped forward and dragged Lin Suci to the back, smiled and gave Li Wen a hand, “Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, it’s just a coincidence.”

Li Wen did not want to give a damn about Qing Fou, but Qing Fou was the best friend of his subordinate’s son. He had been in Fengjin Domain for ten years, and he was a good person.

He snorted.

The truth is… it’s not a coincidence.

Li Wen was just sniffing the sea breeze when a powerful force broke through his barrier, floating into Fengjin Domain, so he came to check on his alertness. After staying there for an hour, he only waited for a little kitten that had been away for many years.

The kind that fuelled his hatred, too.

Thinking of how powerless and humiliated he was driven by a young cub more than ten years ago, Li Wen’s face slowly turned ashen.

That fellow bumped into his hands again.

Maybe the heavens were thinking of letting him take revenge!

Ignoring the mighty force in the sea breeze, Li Wen raised his hand with a wicked smile. Condensing a ball of spiritual energy, he said amiably to Lin Suci, “Little brat, after many years of separation, you have given me a meeting gift, so I can’t be rude, too, how about a greeting gift for you?”

Lin Suci immediately ran towards the sea, “It’s nothing much!!!”

How could he defeat the first generation Demon Emperor? If he stood there and let his Majesty beat him, wouldn’t that be suic*de?!

Li Wen’s hatred for him was high, he could tell just by looking at his golden pupils that were turning red!

The more fermented the hatred is, the stronger it is!!!

Lin Suci wished he had not stepped into Fengjin Domain at all.

A spiritual power ball hit Lin Suci’s feet directly.

Thanks to his high- enough jump, he twisted his waist and fell into the shallow sea next to him. The previous position where his foot was had been blasted into a deep pit of dozens of feet. In other words, it turned into an abyss.

Lin Suci grabbed the flying talisman and looked down at the endless abyss on the ground, so scared that he almost burst into tears.

Who are you kidding? Things get this exciting as soon as I arrive?

Was he going to be buried under the hands of the Demon Emperor?

Lin Suci choked up.

The heavens want me dead!

Li Wen had already raised his hand, and the purple demonic energy was condensed, ready to strike Lin Suci a second fatal blow at any time.

Yan Boshen’s sword has been drawn.

Qing Fou, Xu Wuwang and several others took out their magic weapons and stood in front of Lin Suci.

The waves were surging.

Lin Suci was soaked wet by the sea water, lying in the air like a poor man.

He took a breath, drew out his Sansi Sword, thought about it, and changed back to his original form. He held the incomparably huge Sansi Sword, sat on the talisman, and said vigilantly to Li Wen, “Hey! Think about what you are going to do to me next! I can tell you, I can pay back everything you bet on me!”

Li Wen’s hand froze.

There was a twinkle in the slightly red eyes.

He almost forgot that the kitten was the first strange one he had encountered in thousands of years.

He seemed to have some strange abilities up his sleeves, including the humiliation he received.

Thinking of that, the light in Li Wen’s eyes sank. When he was about to finish Lin Suci directly, a sword stood in front of him.

The sword was three feet three long, and its pale green blade reflected a pair of eyes, golden, reddish, with vertical pupils.

It was Li Wen’s eyes.

He was startled.

The one who stopped in front of him was a young man he was also familiar with.

Yan Boshen’s sword was rarely drawn out from the scabbard.

It was already the second time in front of Li Wen.

The first time, he stirred up the wind and clouds, causing sudden chaos in the sky; the second time, he stood there quietly, looking up at him.

“Devil cultivator?”

Li Wen noticed the dark aura on Yan Boshen’s body that was like an abyss.

Yan Boshen said no word, just blocking in front of Lin Suci, while his sword cut off all Li Wen’s attacks.

Lin Suci quietly pulled the talisman and flew back.

The kitten fell onto Yan Boshen’s shoulders.

He tilted his head and said impolitely to Li Wen, “Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, you see, when we first arrive, it’s not appropriate for you to yell and kill, isn’t it? Otherwise, let’s appoint a meeting tomorrow and we’ll work it all out, agreed?”

Li Wen said firmly, “No!”

Seeing the enemy in front of him, how could letting it go and forgetting revenge be a thing for him? He was not a soft-hearted person.

Lin Suci scratched the top of his head, rather annoyed.

Seriously, how did he provoke that guy?

“Then there is no other choice…”

Lin Suci muttered softly.

Without waiting for the others to react, Lin Suci’s whole cat body turned into a flash of lightning as he slammed himself onto Li Wen’s body. Li Wen’s expression changed greatly. Before he had time to react, Lin Suci’s claws were already around his neck. The little fangs were crooked as they poked into Li Wen’s neck.

Li Wen could not move an inch of his body.

He maintained a stiff posture, and with clear consciousness, he felt the continuous flow of spiritual energy and demonic energy from his body rushing towards Lin Suci along with the wound on his neck.

It’s! Happening! Again!

Li Wen was anxious and furious. His eyes were completely red, and the veins on his neck were obvious, completely pushing him to the edge of a cliff.

Meanwhile, behind the so frightened person, Lin Suci continued hugging the Demon Emperor’s neck and sucked in the Demon Emperor’s energy. Before he retracted his fangs, he tilted his head and burped loudly, seemingly filled his tummy.

Li Wen’s face flushed and he was so angry that he wanted to kill the cat.

Lin Suci stepped on the elegant catwalk and returned to Yan Boshen’s shoulders, wagging his tail, “Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, can we leave now, and talk about the rest on another day?”

Li Wen clutched his neck, panting heavily. His heart felt like he had already dumped one hundred and eighty on Lin Suci, but he still looked at Lin Suci vigilantly, not daring to make any more moves.

Even after more than ten years, the feeling that his body was completely out of control due to others made him remember it till the present.

And what Lin Suci did back then all meant that he was a stingy little brat. Who knew what he could do next!

Presently, they were in FengJin Domain. He was the first generation of being a demon emperor, the co-owner of the demon world in the whole world. If he was seen by the public that he was controlled by the shameless behavior of a little cat on the pier, he was afraid that he would completely lose his mind by killing the cat first, and then slaughter the whole island.

Lin Suci still had his limits at that point. He showed his tolerant side, not daring to trigger Li Wen’s bottom line. Even if he knew that he might be able to continue manipulating the demon emperor and bully him for fun after the incident more than ten years ago, the price of bullying would be too high for him to play.

“Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, I’m grateful for your Majesty’s warm hospitality! We’ll head in first, so see you next time?” Lin Suci raised his cat paws and shook it at Li Wen friendly.

Li Wen was still in fury that smoke rose from his head, but he could not act rashly, so he had to give in, “Scram!”

Anyway, the people had already arrived at Fengjin Domain. Sooner or later, he would be able to catch the weakness of that little brat.

At that time, one cat would be eaten by eighteen to relieve the hatred in his heart!

Qing Fou was silent all the way.

“Child, speak to Father, are you and the demon emperor…”

“Didn’t I get kidnapped back then, it was that guy who did it!”

Lin Suci recounted the events of that year in a few words.

The only one who was clueless about the incident was Xu Wuwang. But after he heard it, he immediately asked, “You just jumped up to bite him, and he didn’t try hitting you anymore. What kind of agreement is this?”

Lin Suci was embarrassed to tell the truth.

“Maybe he sensed my aura and felt embarrassed to embarrass me, a kitten.”

Yan Boshen just smiled.

From the moment he saw Li Wen, his whole body fell into a high spirit of preparation for battle. Only at that moment did he put his arms around the kitten and relax.

Jin Chi’s courtyard in Fengjin Domain was much larger than when he was in Bihai Continent. Disciples and descendants filled the courtyard.

Although they left several space reserved for Qing Fou’s apprentices, Lin Suci stayed with Yan Boshen as usual.

Turning back into his human form, Lin Suci lay on Yan Boshen’s body, playing with Yan Boshen’s earlobe, suddenly having a whim.

He took a bite of Li Wen and inhaled Li Wen’s spiritual energy. If a mere demon emperor could be conscious of him, and the person in front of him…

Lin Suci lay down, and with a nibble, he bit on Yan Boshen’s earlobe.

Yan Boshen let out a muffled groan in his throat.

The hand that was holding the back of the cat’s neck exerted a lot of force.

Lin Suci sucked it for a long time, making the earlobes flushed with redness.

He let go, stood up and looked left and right.

“Boshen, now you have to listen to me.” Lin Suci said tentatively, “Raise your hand.”

Yan Boshen stared at him and slowly raised his hand.

There’s certainly a drama going on!

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, “Do a five!”

Yan Boshen put his five fingers together.

Lin Suci smiled again and gave the command, “Do a two. Like this, do it like this with your fingers!”

Sitting on Yan Boshen’s waist, he was earnestly fiddling with Yan Boshen’s fingers. Yan Boshen, who had been listening to his instructions, put his fingers together, lifted up, and gave Lin Suci a loud slap on his bum.

“Oh my!”

Lin Suci panicked, “That’s wrong! Boshen! It’s wrong mmphh…”

Yan Boshen was too lazy to listen to what he was flustered about, so he directly suppressed the kitten and playfully bullied him till his heart’s content.


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