My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 99


Lin Suci was dazed for half a day, and finally climbed out of the teleportation array with difficulty. He was ready to fight a battle that would decide life and death. Clenching his Sansi sword tightly, he pumped up his cinnabar field and was about to strike first in fury. When he finally opened his eyes, he met the two men in black robes.

“Yo, your stance is not bad, are you going to fight with your senior brother now?”

The black-robed man, Xu Wuwang, held a crested dog’s tail in his hands and wiped Lin Suci’s cheek.

Lin Suci’s eyes stared blankly, and he could clearly see his second senior brother, Xu Wuwang, in front of him, while the other was…


The devil cultivator wrapped in black was Lin Suci’s master, Qing Fou, who had been absent for many years.

“Child!” Qing Fou spread out his hands and gave his little apprentice a big hug.

Lin Suci was hugged and rubbed for a long time. His hair blew up, and after a while, he smiled awkwardly, “Did Master make this teleportation formation?”

“Why not? You are in danger, so your master spent a lot of time making a teleportation formation. All I was waiting was to sense your presence and catch you back here to avoid danger!”

Qing Fou was clearly impressed with himself as he was rubbing Lin Suci’s head. He exclaimed, “Look at it, without master around, even well children like you get hungry and thin.”

How could Lin Suci not become thin? In the past one year in the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, it was equivalent to forcibly fasting for a year. He was also someone with a heavy appetite, and he had long been hungry and restless, so it was normal for his flesh to shrink in a circle.

“Why, Big Senior didn’t find you a good meal?” The crested dog’s tail in Xu Wuwang’s hands kept teasing Lin Suci. It was so ticklish that Lin Suci kept hiding from it, from left to right.

“I ate rather well!” Lin Suci still had the remaining bone beads on his body, so he immediately donated it, “Master, Second Senior Brother, try it. This is a souvenir I brought from the event.”

Qing Fou was knowledgeable, so he recognized them at a glance.

“Yo, so you’ve entered the devil realm?”

Lin Suci shook his head, “It’s just a small world of the devil race.”

“You don’t leave the good things for Big Senior? Is it alright to give them to us?” Xu Wuwang teased Lin Suci again.

“Big Senior already has them.”

Lin Suci said generously.

Qing Fou smiled and said, “Yes, your Big Senior…”


Qing Fou’s face changed slightly, “You were with your Big Senior?”

Lin Suci nodded obediently, “There’re Five Senior Brother and Little Senior Brother too.”

Xu Wuwang’s expression also changed, “No way…”

The master and apprentice stared at each other.


“Don’t call me!”

Qing Fou grabbed Lin Suci’s shoulder and asked earnestly, “Child, speak to Father, where was your Big Senior when Father dragged you over?”

Lin Suci thought for a while, “Just by my side.”

The corners of Qing Fou’s mouth twitched, and he silently turned his head to look at Xu Wuwang, “Oh, Wuwang…”

Xu Wuwang immediately got up and turned his head away, “Don’t call me! I’m going to cultivate!”

“Bah! You traitor, can’t you share the burden of your master?!”

Xu Wuwang was helpless, “Share burden? What can I share anyways? I’ve already told you that we should send a message before initiating our act, but you were too in a hurry, and just dragged Little Junior Brother here. Now you’ve done it, I’m going to see how you’re explaining this to Big Senior.”

Qing Fou was also a little flustered. Rubbing his hands together, he chuckled, “Can’t you see that I’m worried that my little child would suffer… I got anxious, and forgot.”

Lin Suci realized it later.

He was dragged directly by the teleportation formation. He wondered how Yan Boshen, who was watching him disappear, would react…

He shuddered and jumped up, “Master, master, send me back! If we’re too late, Boshen may have to dismantle my bones!”

It was a little late for him to say that.

The teleportation formation that disappeared on the ground once again emitted golden light, and a dark and heavy aura filled the air. From the teleportation formation, several figures slowly flashed.

The black mist dissipated.

Yan Boshen was holding a long sword and looked at Lin Suci expressionlessly.

Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming brought along Wan’er and Qian Qian a step later. They were startled when they saw Qing Fou.

“Master? Why is it you? We thought it was the Lin family who designed this to snatch Little Junior Brother!”

Yan Boshen’s silent fighting spirit gradually retracted. He withdrew his sword, and nodded slightly to Qing Fou, “Master.”

Qing Fou stood up straight, laughed awkwardly and even a little flatteringly, “Oh, Boshen, long time no see.”

Xu Wuwang intentionally interrupted Qing Fou, “Master, you really have no dignity as a senior.”

Qing Fou was aggrieved.

The location of the teleportation formation was not very far away, only a few thousand miles. He dragged Lin Suci directly from Mr. Zuo’s small courtyard to the dock of Void Realm.

Qing Fou rambled a lot.

He was waiting for his apprentices in Fengjin Domain. Unexpectedly, in the past few years, not a single apprentice had arrived. Depressed, he studied hard in Fengjin Domain and spent all his time for his own advancement. When he learned that the outside world had changed several times, he was afraid that his disciples would stir up unwanted and unstoppable trouble, so he hurried out and sneakily slipped away the most troublesome Lin Suci first.

The group of master and apprentices directly paid the money and went to Void Realm, returning to Qian Qian’s courtyard. Huilian and Ruan Linggu had been waiting for a long time again.

Lin Suci had stayed there for many years and was very comfortable with the place as he kept babbling to Zhongli Haiming for his heroic performance in the formation of ‘Poison’.

Zhongli Haiming rubbed his chin, and after learning that Yan Boshen had brought Lin Suci into the formation of ‘Poison’ in the name of a beast under contract, he thought for a while, “Then, if I set up a stall outside the formation of ‘Poison’ which specializes in selling powerful contractible beasts, or contractible people, who can help small beasts break into the formation, couldn’t I make a huge sum of money?”

Lin Suci silently gave a thumbs-up, “Little Senior Brother is amazing.”

He had never thought about it since his stay there, but thanks to Zhongli Haiming, he found a business opportunity. It was really the Zhongli Haiming who grew up with money in his eyes.

Instead of Bone General, he was more like Mister Money.

Huilian was more interested in the formation of ‘Poison.’ He grabbed Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang and asked a lot of questions, getting restless.

“Third Senior Brother, forget it. You are not suitable for solo fights,” Xiao Lan was an honest person. Seeing Huilian’s intentions, he quickly poured cold water on him.

Huilian also knew that he was a talisman master, and it would be a difficult path for him to walk as a martial cultivator. Moreover, when he rarely used force in the past, he never had training grounds for cultivation, so he really did not dare to kill himself without authorization.

When Qing Fou learned about the relationship between the Lin family and Lin Suci, he was surprised for a long period, and kept asking Lin Suci, “The lord of the Lin family is really not your biological father?”

“No, no, no!” Lin Suci explained countless times, “He said, I am a spirit formed by heaven and earth, a life without a master. He was just raising me.”

When Yan Boshen heard that, the corners of his mouth drooped.


Before opening his kitten opened his eyes, he was all raised by that person. For more than a century, they got along day and night.

Even if he knew that that person might really be just a man who raised Lin Suci like a child, since Lin Suci had not opened his eyes and could not remember anything at that time, Yan Boshen still felt a little uncomfortable.

There seems to be something missing.

“Tsk, if you are really his biological, then it’s easier.”

Qing Fou spoke casually, “The lord of the Lin family, the great power of the Judgement stage, the only co-owner in the world. You are his son, then all his belongings are yours. Is there still the need to use your life in the formation of ‘Poison’ in Void Realm? It is even estimated that the lord can directly open a small world for you to play.”

Lin Suci reminded, “He really did opened one.”

Qing Fou: “…opened a small world?”

Lin Suci: “Yes.”

When he learned that the small world was completely remodelled after the mortal world, Qing Fou made a final decision, “He’s mad!”

Even if it was the power of the Judgement Stage to open a small world with his own ability, wasn’t it just to create a place where he could practice wholeheartedly! However, the lord of the Lin family spent so much ability and spiritual energy in it, just to trap Lin Suci inside and study for exams? Why don’t you go into politics and become an official?

But in that way, Qing Fou also saw the dangerous side of Lin Bugui. That person must not be messed with. His strength was unimaginable, and for Lin Suci, he could do many unexpected things.

Qing Fou made an instant decision, “Let’s return to Fengjin Domain.”

Fengjin Domain was the demon realm, and it had nothing to do with the human realm. Even if Lin Bugui was the king of humans, with his identity, if he wanted to enter the demon realm, he also needed the approval of the Demon Emperor.

In any case, the demon realm was their best hiding place right now.

A group of seven, master and apprentices, plus Wan’er and Qian Qian, stepped over the boundary monument of Void Realm, waiting for a response from Fengjin Domain.

Void Realm was the dividing line between the human realm and the demon realm. In other words, it was a door between the demon realm and the human realm.

That door was not open to the public.

Some people lived in Void Realm for a lifetime, and no matter how high their cultivation base was, they could not go to the demon realm through Void Realm, because the rules of demon cultivation were not allowed.

Humans wanted to set foot in the demon realm, and since there were many rules and regulations, it was not easy.

From Void Realm to the boundary monument, the waves were surging, and a looming large boat sailed quietly towards them. Listening to Qing Fou’s words, Lin Suci was a little curious, “Then how did Master get to Fengjin Domain?”

Under Qing Fou’s black hood, he looked awkward, “Of course it’s because your master has some connections.”

It’s probably a lie. Lin Suci knew as soon as he heard it. How could it be possible to enter only because of connections?

There were many demon cultivators in the demon realm, and it was easy to get to know them. If everyone had connections, the demon realm would long been occupied by humans.

However, since Qing Fou was not willing to say anything else, Lin Suci could not ask any further.

The big boat came, and only picked up the master and group of apprentices, along with Wan’er and Qian Qian. The huge boat was empty, no one else was there.

Lin Suci was lying on the side of the boat, watching the waves, splashing one after another. Void Realm gradually got smaller, and he felt a little excited.


Qing Fou called out to him.

Lin Suci went over and saw Qing Fou taking out a lot of things from the mustard seeds and distributing the bunch to his apprentices. When it was Lin Suci’s turn, he stuffed him with things that could fill the gap between his arms, making it look like Lin suci was giving them a great hug.

“When we get off the boat, and see the person who comes to pick us up, give these to him. It’s polite and it’s the rule, you know?”

Lin Suci nodded seriously, “Sure, I’ll give it to the person who picks us up.”

What kind of rule is this? Praying to the pier?

It’s Fengjin Domain, the demon realm. Speaking of that, Lin Bugui mentioned that he had formed his own divine consciousness in Fengjin Domain. Did that mean that he was actually a cat from Fengjin Domain?

Thinking of that, Lin Suci stretched out his ears and tail excitedly, rarely revealing his half-demon state. When the boat stopped, he took the first step to get off the boat.

The atmosphere of the demon realm was different from the outside! Lin Suci’s eyes gleamed. The air was filled with a pleasant smell, making his pores expand and his ears twitch.

He took a step and almost bumped into a person standing directly opposite, who was waiting quietly.

“I’m sorry!” Lin Suci just apologized, but before he raised his head, he remembered what his master said. It was estimated that it was the person picking them up, and with a smile on his face, Lin Suci stuffed a lot of jingling gifts into that person’s arms.

The person was caught off guard. With gifts occupying his arms, he lowered his head for a moment, and stared at Lin Suci, “…Little brat, what do you mean by this?”

That person’s voice was low, full of magnetism, mixed with a hint of strangeness. Those who heard him could find that one’s ears were softened.

Lin Suci raised his head and met the person’s eyes.

Golden, vertical slit-shaped pupils.

Long, red hair, like flames.

And that somewhat familiar… voice.

Lin Suci’s eyes stared blankly, and he blurted out in disbelief, “…Li Wen?”

Why was the person coming to pick them up, was the Demon Emperor, Li Wen?!


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