My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 98


Lin Suci found out that the Bone King had been defeated by himself, and after being shocked for a while, he immediately screeched. He motioned to Xiao Lan, Wan’er and Qian Qian to compliment him, exaggerating it a hundred times, almost making him the most powerful sword cultivator in the whole universe.

The actual powerful sword cultivator, Yan Boshen only smiled without a word. Xiao Lan could not help saying after hearing Lin Suci’s boast, “I saw it with my own eyes when I came, Big…”

Zhongli Haiming jumped up and covered his mouth, so he could not continue his words after that.

Xiao Lan blinked.

Didn’t he just want to say that when he came, he saw his Big Senior used his spiritual energy to slightly suppress the realm of the black skeleton? Otherwise, how could Lin Suci, who was a fusion, be able to defeat the Nascent Soul Bone King?

Zhongli Haiming shut Xiao Lan’s mouth and raised his skeleton finger, “He’s just praising you for being very handsome just now.”

Lin Suci raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Xiao Lan and his group came back with more than three thousand bone beads. Lin Suci taught them how to absorb them. Wan’er and Qian Qian shook their heads after hearing a few words. Xiao Lan was the only one who happily agreed and he was buried in the soil for several days.

However, Xiao Lan only absorbed it once. After getting up, his face turned pale. When he saw Lin Suci holding out the bone beads and was about to give them to him for a second time, he shook his head frantically, “Don’t give them to me, I don’t want them!”

Xiao Lan suffered a lot, and he was still terrified. After learning that Lin Suci had been buried three times, he was flabbergasted.

“Little Junior Brother… is a ruthless person.”

Lin Suci proudly raised his head, “You’re exaggerating.”

The ruthless Lin Suci was ruthless to himself again. He buried the two thousand bone beads that no one wanted to absorb with him and stayed in the soil twice more.

After meeting up, they had nowhere to go because they went in all directions, so they have to turn around again.

The six people joined together, and their movements were much faster than before. The gathering speed of one thousand bone beads was much quicker than before. When five thousand bone beads were gathered, they finally collided with Bai Qingkong and his group.

Meanwhile, within the event of Withering of Ten thousand Bones, several Bone Kings have been summoned.

Lin Suci collided with it twice at his side, and the rest fell apart under Bai Qingkong’s sword.

Bai Qingkong clearly advanced again.

His eyes were already deep-black, and when he looked up, they were like black pearls, shining brightly.

“There is no place to go in this area anymore.”

Lin Suci also understood what Bai Qingkong said. They had walked in all four directions for so long, and all met at one place together. They already stepped on all the places.

The scope of three thousand miles seemed far larger than the living world. If Lin Suci was using mortal ironware, it was estimated that he could have used up a hundred blades due to all the slashing.

“I want to wake Zhixi up.”

Bai Qingkong said succinctly and powerfully.

Lin Suci had no objection to that. In fact, he did not participate in their affairs anyway.

With Shu Changyi there, he could also tell Bai Qingkong some of the things he remembered in another way. Bai Qingkong was a smart one, so just by listening and getting pushed back and forth, he knew what to do.

There were still five thousand bone beads in Lin Suci’s hand. He waved to Bai Qingkong and asked him to do whatever he wanted, while Lin Suci buried himself four more times, and Xiao Lan followed to bury himself once.

When Lin Suci came out, the deathly world was shaking.

The gray sky that never lit up tore apart, leaving countless marks. Numerous dead bones poured out. Na Erdie and Bu Qi flew up to face them unequivocally.

The Withering of Ten Thousand Bones was going to be broken.

Lin Suci was surprised by Bai Qingkong’s comprehension skills. In a short period of time, he actually found a trick and dug out Lin Zhixi’s spiritual knowledge hidden in the deathly world.

He stood beside Yan Boshen. With the Sansi sword dancing in the air and leaving no gaps for escape, Lin Suci and Xiao Lan became the only fighting force in their group.

Wan’er and Qian Qian carried Zhongli Haiming, and excitedly took out the retrospective mirror to commemorate the dying of the event.

Lin Suci did not dare to say anything, and just blinked while looking at Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen who was only on the sidelines smiled. The three sword cultivators and one demon cultivator were all fighting hard. On their side, it seemed that Lin Suci and Xiao Lan were particularly pitiful.

Yan Boshen raised his hand slowly.

With a “Boom,” the dead world was completely destroyed by a spiritual wave riot.

White powder fluttered like bits of stars, falling from the sky to the ground.

Mixed with snowflakes, they fell in the yard.

Snowflakes fell on Lin Suci’s head, and he shivered while holding the Sansi sword.

They got out?

Lin Suci looked around in surprise. A group of ten of them all stood in the courtyard of Mr. Zuo’s house, the same as before they left. It was still the middle of winter, and snowflakes were falling.

Bai Qingkong had already hit the door.

That time, he easily opened the door and rushed in.

Lin Suci slowly put away the Sansi sword and stretched his body.

“Wow, we’re finally out.”

The one-year Witering of Ten Thousand Bones, the event that completely transformed Bai Qingkong, was also theevent that completely turned Lin Zhixi… into a devil.

It ended.

The chaotic footsteps sounded, and a dozen Lin Family disciples ran out of the room.

All of them had pale faces as they helped each other out. When they saw Lin Suci standing in the yard, they all gathered around.

“Young Lord!”

Female cultivator Wen Ying looked happy, but also a little flustered, “Young Lord, Lin Zhixi’s bloodline… has awakened!”

Lin Suci reminded friendly, “Well, I know. I just came out of his bloodline inheritance barrier.”

“Young Lord…he has completely become a devil!” A male cultivator stepped forward with an indignant expression, “The foulest blood in his body has completely taken over him! He is no longer of the Lin family.”

“Young Lord, in fact, since he has awakened, we can no longer perform blood exchange for him.”

The disciples of the Lin family were also miserable. Lin Zhixi’s bloodline was suddenly awakened, and they stopped in time. They stayed deadly still for a whole year. When they woke up, they found that the people who needed to exchange blood was turned into a complete demon.

Lin Suci looked behind them to see that Bai Qingkong helped the extremely weak Lin Zhixi out.

Lin Zhixi was only casually wrapped in a coat, and the skin that was not covered by the cloth was covered with black totems. His cheeks, neck, and other body parts were coated with ominous dark aura.

He raised his head, a pair of blood-red eyes blinked, and the handsome look he once had turned into a bewitching beauty.

Lin Suci suddenly admired Bai Qingkong for being able to see the true essence through phenomenon. After Lin Zhixi became a devil, he was really good-looking and very suitable for the bed.

Lin Suci’s head was lightly poked.

When he turned around, Yan Boshen was looking at him with a faint smile.

Lin Suci clenched his hips with a straight face, “This kid is so lucky. I wanted to ridicule him at first.”

Unexpectedly, destiny could not be violated. Lin Zhixi was still awakened in the end.

Lin Suci suddenly felt that he was extremely aggrieved.

His revenge was just halfway through, but he could not carry it out.

However, after taking another look at Lin Zhixi’s blood-red eyes and the devilish energy in his body, Lin Suci felt that he should forget it, and just spare him once.

Without being able to watch the further drama, Lin Suci was too lazy to continue there. He dragged Yan Boshen, “Let’s go.”

It was cold in the middle of winter, and Lin Suci stomped his feet, just wanting to go back to the Jin Family’s yard to take a nap.

Yan Boshen nodded.

“Young Lord…”

Wen Ying stopped in front of Lin Suci and slightly smiled, “This place is not far from my home. Why don’t I take you back first?”

Lin Suci was vigilant, “Thank you, but no need.”

“Young Lord, the lord has made a new room for you. There are many small toys that you liked to play with when you were young. Please go back and have a look.”

Another cultivator came out to persuade him.

Lin Suci was unshakable, “Excuse me. I don’t like what I liked when I was young anymore.”

“Then Young Lord, you are tired. You can head back first. There is a maid good at massaging at home. Why doesn’t Young Lord let her give you a thorough massage to loosen your bones?”

It was another Lin family disciple who had taken a different approach.

Lin Suci was righteous, “I won’t let anyone touch me!”

Lin family disciples: “…”

Yan Boshen could not bear to laugh.

“Let’s go.” Yan Boshen held Lin Suci’s hand, ready to take him away.


Wen Ying stopped Lin Suci again, “Young Lord, we came to perform the blood exchange for Lin Zhixi, so we used our own spiritual energy. Now, we are too exhausted, and don’t feel too well. I hope Young Lord can help send us back, how about this?”

As soon as she said those words, one of the Lin family disciples, who was wise, fell to the ground on the spot, and cried out “Damn” twice.

Lin Suci: “…”

“I understand what your intentions are. But, I believe that you know what my intentions are, right?” Lin Suci was annoyed and could only speak bluntly.

Wen Ying smiled implicitly, “Young Lord’s words are right, but we are not the roundworms in Young Lord’s stomach, so how do we know what Young Lord’s intentions?”

Come on, these people, who can be sent out, are really all shameless.

When asked about who was the most shameless one, Lin Suci would definitely not lose.

“Let’s put it this way, I won’t follow you back. I. Won’t. Follow. You. Back.” Lin Suci said seriously.

The people behind Wen Ying gathered around.

“Young Lord, it’s better for you to cooperate.”

Lin Suci vaguely felt the pressure exerted from a high-stage cultivator.

At that time, Yan Boshen asked Lin Suci, unbothered, “Guess, how many sword swings do you think I need to deal with them altogether?”

Those words were filled with incomparable arrogance, and the face of the people on the other side changed.

Among the dozen or so people, two Nascent Souls and multiple Golden Cores were simply not cultivators that ordinary people could deal with. And when Yan Boshen finally opened his mouth, it was a sign of contempt towards them.

Lin Suci felt that Yan Boshen asked that question because he certainly could do it.

Two Nascent Souls were there! Not to mention, that many Golden Cores…

Having been with Yan Boshen for many years, Lin Suci was still clueless about what Yan Boshen’s true cultivation base was.

But, two Nascent Souls…

Lin Suci hesitated for a moment, “…Uh, one hundred and one swings?”

Fifty swings for each Nascent Soul, and one swings for all the Golden Cores at once. It should be enough, right?

Yan Boshen smiled and rubbed his head, “Good, if you say one hundred and one swings, then I’ll do one hundred and one swings.”

Lin Suci’s expression solidified.

So, he underestimated Yan Boshen after all?

The disciples of the Lin family on the opposite side were completely enraged by Yan Boshen’s arrogance, and they drew out their swords one after another.

Lin Suci clicked his tongue.

What is this…


He was still having a headache at the situation in front of him when the ground under his feet suddenly softened. Golden light lit up the ground, and a circle of teleportation formation opened under his feet, directly swallowing him!

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