My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 97


After eating a thousand bone beads, their effects on Lin Suci were not too big. At least he could get rid of relying on his naked eyes, because he could completely distinguish the fake humans and the bone spirits.

However, just in front of the natural Bone General, Zhongli Haiming, it was still not enough to see.

There were no rules and regulations for everything in the dead world. Lin Suci and the others went in their own direction, killing all the way, cultivating all the way. Walking and walking, they actually met with Bu Qi and Na Erdie.

Bu Qi and Na Erdie were clearly going in the opposite direction from Lin Suci and his group.

The Smoke and Scent Sword could not sit still at all. Lying on Bu Qi’s shoulders, it kept shaking him and cursing about the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, with a dishevelled look, “I don’t want to stay in such a ghostly place anymore! You must leave quickly!!!”

Bu Qi completely ignored the fluttering girl lying on top of his head, and bowed to Lin Suci and Yan Boshen.

Na Erdie took out seven to eight hundred bone beads and handed them over to her employer, Lin Suci.

Both of them majored in martial arts. They were a sword cultivator and a demon cultivator, so their journey was always filled with violence and chaos. Eventually, wherever they went, they would not let go of a single bone spirit.

“You went south, and we headed north… How can we meet?” Zhongli Haiming lay on Lin Suci’s head, just in line with Smoke and Scent’s eyes. His hollow eyes made the sword stopped talking with fright, and shrank behind Bu Qi.

Bu Qi did not like to talk, and neither was Na Erdie, which led to Smoke and Scent, the sword spirit, to exchange information with them.

“We just went straight, walking and slashing all the way, while eating all the bone spirits we encountered. We never turn around a corner.” Smoke and Scent gestured, “I’m the true scared one when I see you. What the hell is this place, it’s too scary!”

If the people on both sides were walking straight forward, going opposite directions would only get them further apart. However, now that they met, it meant that the place was round?

Lin Suci was at a loss.

That was not written in the book.

And in terms of similar speed, if it was really round, since they met, Bai Qingkong and Xiao Lan should also meet.

But, nope.

Bu Qi and Na Erdie came together. Both sides were the same way, so they could not continue moving forward. They simply went west and east, chasing after Bai Qingkong and Xiao Lan to join them.

Bu Qi and Na Erdie naturally chose the east, which was in Bai Qingkong’s direction, while Lin Suci and Yan Boshen, along with Zhongli Haiming, went west to find Xiao Lan.

With Zhongli Haiming and Lin Suci able to easily sense the presence of bone spirits, the three of them moved very quickly. In almost half the time before, they captured another one thousand bone beads.

Zhongli Haiming had already picked up a broken tree trunk and started digging a hole for Lin Suci.

Lin Suci absorbed three rounds before colliding with Xiao Lan and the others.

In a lively temple fair, in Lin Suci’s eyes, everywhere was the lifeless souls and withered bones. Death energy filled the atmosphere, and ghosts were crying and growling everywhere on the lit street.

Lin Suci stuffed two pieces of cotton in his ears with an expressionless face, and then put them in Yan Boshen’s as well.

No matter how long he stayed in Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, he still could not bear that kind of devilish sound coming into his ears.

Sansi Sword was already eager to try as it was jumping back and forth in the scabbard.

Among the trio, the only fighting strength was Lin Suci, because Yan Boshen would only give him instructions, and not do anything. As for Zhongli Haiming, an all-around helper, it might be better for Lin Suci to draw his sword and face the bone spirits, which was much faster, instead of expecting him to take action.

Lin Suci simply rolled up his sleeves, threw Zhongli Haiming on top of his head, and charged forward with his sword.

Hundreds of bone spirits at the temple fair stretched out their withered claws, and with the clacking between colliding bones, they rushed towards Lin Suci.

Lin Suci had practised to the point where his heart was as calm as water. Surrounded by hundreds of bone spirits, he was not timid. Lifting his sword and throwing the talismans, he leaped to draw out the sword energy. All his moves were flowing smoothly, like running water. There were no restrictions as he knocked down the dead bones into powder, one by one.

Zhongli Haiming, who was lying on Lin Suci’s head, was in a very complicated mood.

“Reminiscing back then, my little junior brother didn’t even know how to hold a sword. Look now, he’s already better than his senior…”

Lin Suci directly lifted up Zhongli Haiming, who was sitting on top of his head and sighed, and threw him to the ground, “Don’t reminisce about the past, come and pick up the bone beads.”

Zhongli Haiming felt aggrieved. The palm-sized, small skeleton bent over to pick up the bone beads.

Change happened in an instant.

The six to seven hundred bone beads that had not yet been picked up on the ground emitted a dark light. They fused together in just a short moment, turning into a black bead the size of one person, rising into the air.

Lin Suci was stunned.

Bone King?

Shouldn’t that be Bai Qingkong’s treatment? Why did it arrive within his reach?!

In the event of The Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, every time the withered bones exceeded ten thousand, the Bone King would be born. The Bone King had strength no less than a Golden Core, and was the best fodder for Bai Qingkong to leap a stage.

However, that was for the protagonist Bai Qingkong!!!

Lin Suci’s expression changed greatly. He immediately picked up Zhongli Haiming with one hand and ran, “Boshen, help ahhh!!!”

For his kind, escaping for his life was the right thing to do!!!

Lin Suci ran wildly, while Zhongli Haiming was shaken till he almost lost his brains. The black beads behind him slowly turned into an incomparably huge black skeleton, making a crackling sound.

Lin Suci dared not look back, and instantly jumped onto Yan Boshen with his legs wrapped around his waist. He pointed behind him, “I can’t beat that thing!”

A cat that came to his door could not be justified without taking advantage of the door’s owner. Lin Suci was still complaining, but Yan Boshen held his face and let him go after a deep kiss.

“If you didn’t fight, how do you know you couldn’t beat it?”

Lin Suci’s frightened and pale face turned red again. His lips were even redder.

“This thing is surely more advanced than a Golden Core at first glance!” With Zhongli Haiming present, Lin Suci did not dare to speak too frankly, and told Yan Boshen euphemistically.

Yan Boshen raised his eyes.

The big black skeleton frame behind him already exuded a faint evil aura, and approached Lin Suci.

“Go and have a try.” Yan Boshen turned the person around and pushed him towards the big skeleton.

Lin Suci was shocked.

“I’m here, nothing will go wrong.”

Yan Boshen patted his head and put the Sansi sword into Lin Suci’s hand.

Lin Suci pretended to choke his tears out, “Men are really unreliable.”

Zhongli Haiming could not help but interrupt him, “Little Junior Brother, you are also a man…”

Lin Suci puffed out his chest and said confidently, “Nonsense! I’m a cat!”

Zhongli Haiming: “…”

Yan Boshen held his laugh, “My kitten, go ahead.”

Lin Suci spouted nonsense, but he knew that Yan Boshen wanted to take the opportunity to improve Lin Suci by practices. Holding the Sansi Sword, he took a deep breath, and tragically rushed towards the big black skeleton frame.

It’s the Bone King, so what! He also had the Great Devil Lord, Yan Ran, and Bone General in his family! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid!

Lin Suci flew up, and quickly shot out the talismans in his hand. After forming a barrier of enchantment, he immediately drew out the sword energy.

The big, black skeleton’s withered claws rose, and the sword energy was completely caught in its palm, crushing the energy to pieces.

Lin Suci’s expression was unwell.

Sure enough, it was not easy to deal with.

The more that happened, the more Lin Suci’s fighting spirit was aroused.

He instantly leaped around the black skeleton, drawing more than a hundred sword energy in a short period of time, condensing it till it was almost airtight, and piercing them into the Bone King. The sword energy carved an invisible trace on the skeleton.

No way, it was still too weak.

The black skeleton was already provoked in anger. When it raised its hand, hundreds of bone spirits were summoned, and they rushed towards Lin Suci with hundreds of pairs of sharp claws.

Lin Suci frowned. Twisting his waist and throwing himself towards into the herd, he stepped onto the head of the bone spirits, one by one, and flew towards the waist of the black skeleton. Once again, before the black skeleton counterattacked, he quickly drew hundreds of sword energy.

There was a loud boom, and the entire street was shattered by the palm of the black skeleton.

Behind Lin Suci, the sand and stone was shot everywhere, almost hitting him in the back. Thanks to his quick action, he took a step ahead.

Not enough, it’s still not enough.

Lin Suci gritted his teeth and charged up again with his sword in hand.

The faster the speed, the more threatening the sword energy swayed. However, his speed became slower.

The powerful dark energy around him was suffocating, making Lin Suci felt stuffy in his chest. He gritted the back of his teeth and rushed up again without saying a word.

Yan Boshen was just watching him from aside. He was in no danger to his life. In that case, he still could dare a much harder fight.

In other words, he dared to give his all completely, regardless of the consequences.

Yan Boshen, who was in a distance, stared closely at Lin Suci, who was hovering in the air and constantly shifting directions while jumping. The Sansi Sword somehow gleamed like in golden light. The closely-packed sword energy was like meteor showers. From a distance, it showered till it entered Yan Boshen’s heart.

Zhongli Haiming was already stunned by the scene.

That Lin Suci, whose face was so determined that he seemed to have some crazy fighting intent, and that fearless Lin Suci who re-entered the battlefield in the midst of constant attacks, was different from what he had seen before.

He had some kind of unexpected…

“So handsome… If I were a woman, I would like to…” Zhongli Haiming had been in the mortal world for a long time, so he almost uttered some common words said in the mortal world. However, halfway through his words, he felt a sharp gaze piercing the top of his head, almost poking a hole into his heavenly spirit cover. Zhongli Haiming silently swallowed the following words and laughed it off, “I would like to be his mother!”

Yan Boshen looked away.

Anyway, Lin Suci already had Qing Fou as his wild father, Jinchi as his wild mother, and Lin Bugui who was suspected of being a wild father. It would be all right to have another wild mother.

After all, Lin Suci was his.

Lin Suci kept rushing up and getting beaten back. His clothes were all torn and tattered. The evil aura was about to fill his chest, and the turbid death energy kept eroding him.

Fortunately, after three rounds of devouring, he was able to hold on to that bit of death energy.

Lin Suci’s eyes were red. With the Sansi sword in his hand, he rushed up again.

He had forgotten the time and location. All he could see was that big black skeleton in front of him. There were countless traces left by his sword energy on its skull and skeleton.

At the moment when the black skeleton fell apart, Lin Suci’s face was covered in sweat. He finally stabbed the last sword.

He was panting heavily and his body was covered in blood and sweat. He was so exhausted that he knelt on the pile of skeleton, breathless.

“Little Junior Brother?”

Xiao Lan’s voice went from far to near, and with the sounds “Dadadada,” he ran to his side.

Lin Suci’s reaction was sluggish for a long time, and he was suddenly carried into someone’s arms.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci had a drop of sweat on his eyelids, dripping down as he closed eyes.

Yan Boshen kept staring at him. He stared at the boy, who kept getting injured and failed, and then pounced onto the enemy again. The boy was as if being hung by a breath of air, no matter what, he had to fight till the end of his durability.

Holding him now, Yan Boshen was distressed, but along with the distress was full of pride.

“You are awesome.”

Lin Suci was so tired that he could barely open his eyes. Covered in injuries, he turned over, hugged Yan Boshen’s waist lazily, and habitually behaved in a spoiled manner, “When we go back and find a bed, it’s not too late for you to say that I’m awesome.”

Xiao Lan, Wan’er, and Qian Qian, who were completely invisible, was unnoticed of their arrival: “…”

Zhongli Haiming had consciously covered his ear bones.

Yan Boshen bit the earlobe of the little brat in his arms, and scolded in a low voice, “Little brat, I think you are really tired.”

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