My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 96


The Bone General in the original works was a huge haunting demonic monster. There was not much description about it, only the mention of its original form being a small skeleton with golden light exuding from the bones. It looked small, but powerful, probably a Nascent Soul. With just a raise of hand, thousands of ghosts would make way, and lifeless skeletons followed close behind.

However, in Lin Suci’s palm, that terrific big devil of the devil race, twisted his body to find a comfortable sitting position for himself.

Lin Suci held his little senior brother as cautiously as handling a hundred thousand spiritual stones.

No, even a hundred thousand spirit stones could not exchange for a bone general.

Shu Changyi’s expression had a huge change as he called out that name. Bu Qi was shocked, “What general? Is that a sword cultivator?”

Shu Changyi only corrected that he had seen wrong, and switched the topic, but he was still confused by Zhongli Haiming, who was resting in Lin Suci’s palm. After calculating the time, his expression finally got better. After that, he followed the completely absent-minded Bai Qingkong as they departed from the origin point first.

When the other groups walked in different directions, only Yan Boshen and Lin Suci were left, as well as Zhongli Haiming in his palm.

“Little senior brother…” Lin Suci gulped, “I take the liberty to ask, are you from the devil race?”

Zhongli Haiming was only left with a pair of skeletons. His eyes were hollow, but Lin Suci could still see his senior’s vigilant gaze, “Why ask? You are prejudiced against devils? Let me tell you, even if I’m a devil, I’m still your senior!”

Lin Suci said honestly, “No prejudice, I just haven’t seen such a good-looking skeleton frame. I don’t think an ordinary skeleton can’t raise you.”

After so many years, Zhongli Haiming was still so easy to please. He tried suppressing his pride, “It’s fine, I guess. However, in this ordinary world, I am the only one with the most beautiful bones.”

Lin Suci quietly grabbed Zhongli Haiming’s bones and claws. It was cold, and its surface was difficult to touch.

“Boshen, I miss Master so much right now.” Lin Suci hugged his little senior brother, turned his head and said to Yan Boshen, “I really want to know what kind of person our Master is.”

His master’s eldest apprentice was the first villain. The second apprentice was… not to be mentioned. The third apprentice was the most talented talisman master in the world, while the fourth apprentice almost rewrote the history of the cultivation realm. The sixth apprentice was the general of the devil race. He was not a good thing either, so only the fifth apprentice was left…

Lin Suci suddenly halted. He asked with confused eyes, “You see, I want to know, is the fifth senior brother… of the devil race? A devil cultivator? A demon cultivator? Or an awesome person?”

He always felt that the people from the Cardinal Sect could never be less rebellious when they decided to betray their sect.

Yan Boshen chuckled softly when he heard those words, and patted Lin Suci on the head.

“What are you thinking about? Xiao Lan is a normal person.”

Lin Suci was even more worried.

There was no normal person in the Cardinal Sect. If Xiao Lan was really a normal person, how abnormal would it be within?

However, Xiao Lan had already followed Wan’er and Qian Qian to the other direction. At least they would not be able to meet in a short time, but there was no way of knowing what would happen.

Lin Suci sighed. Holding Zhongli Haiming in his hand, Lin Suci was delicate.

Perhaps, the biggest source was still his master?

After escaping the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, it was necessary to go to the Fengjin Domain to find his master.

It was a pity that after leaving his master many years ago, he never saw him again. He was really an abandoned child. What a pity, what a pity.

The self-confessed pitiful Lin Suci held Zhongli Haiming in his hand, and slammed into a grain shop. The shopkeeper held a scale in his hand and welcomed them with a smile. Zhongli Haiming’s hollow eyes stared at him before patting Lin Suci’s palm.

“Do it.”

Lin Suci drew out his Sansi sword.

Yan Boshen watched the whole process with his arms crossed. Not only did Zhongli Haiming not help, he was almost a burden. He occupied one of his hands, leaving Lin Suci to fight with the bone spirit single-handedly.

The bone spirit that was identified lost its human skin and instantly tripled its sizes. Even the bones were thicker than Lin Suci’s waist.

Thanks to the strength of the Sansi Sword, Lin Suci blasted them with just another talisman to shatter the bone spirit.

A bone bead rolled on the ground.

Lin Suci directly stuffed it into Zhongli Haiming’s empty mouth.

“Mmph…” Zhongli Haiming did not expect that Lin Suci would give him the first bone bead.

Lin Suci felt that Zhongli Haiming, who could easily distinguish between fake humans and real bone spirits, had the greatest effort and he should be rewarded. Besides, looking at Yan Boshen’s calm appearance, he knew that the Withering of the Ten Thousand Bones had no effect on him at all.

Besides, what Lin Suci did not mention before was that he could slowly absorb some spiritual energy from the surroundings. Although it was lesser, it was not as what the book said, which the bone beads were the only source of spiritual energy.

Lin Suci and his party of three had a clear division of tasks. Zhongli Haiming was the technician, distinguishing bone spirits, Lin Suci was the laborer, and he did all the fighting. As for Yan Boshen… he stood behind Lin Suci the whole time, occasionally pointing out Lin Suci’s sword skills.

The range of three thousand miles was too wide, but they could only walk on foot. Among the three of them, Lin Suci was the only one who really did all the fighting, so their progress was very slow, taking five whole days to clean up a town.

There was an accumulation of seven to eight hundred bone beads.

Zhongli Haiming gnawed on the bone beads the whole time, and lied on Lin Suci’s shoulder. His skeleton claws grabbed Lin Suci’s earlobe, and with a point of a finger, Lin Suci charged up with his sword.

After several repeats, when Lin Suci finally sat cross-legged on the ground while nibbling the bone beads, he suddenly halted. He always felt like he was a dog playing discus with Zhongli Haiming.

Just thinking about it, Lin Suci felt that it was an insult to his identity as a kitten.

The next day, Lin Suci turned into his original form, lying on Yan Boshen’s palm, with a small skeleton riding on his back.

Yan Boshen could only endure that kind of closeness with Lin Suci when Zhongli Haiming was in his original form.

Zhongli Haiming unintentionally exposed his big senior. After eating while hugging his little junior brother, he became smarter. Therefore, he rather hugged his little junior brother’s hairbun than to climb onto his body.

Meanwhile, his cleverness was also exchanged with the approval of his big senior.

When Lin Suci had a thousand bone beads in his hands, he asked Yan Boshen, “Boshen, is there a limit to how you can absorb spiritual energy now?”

Yan Boshen was indifferent, “Aside from heaven and the earth, others have little benefit to me.”

By the time he went to ask Zhongli Haiming, the little bone frame had already eaten a lot of bone beads. He was full of burps, so when he saw the bone beads, he shook his head continuously.

One thousand bone beads could be put to good use.

Since Yan Boshen and Zhongli Haiming did not need them, Lin Suci did not mind them and immediately dug a hole to bury himself and the bone beads in it.

When the soil covered till his neck, Lin Suci nervously said to Yan Boshen, “If I yell inside, ignore me. If I want to jump out of this, don’t help me but push me back in! ”

Yan Boshen’s expression was not very good. Seeing the soil burying his kitten to the neck and having to fill in more soil to completely bury the kitten, he sensed that uneasiness surging.


He still responded.

He knew that Lin Suci knew some strange things. In that dead world of Withering of Ten Thousand Bones, Lin Suci saw all the new and terrifying things.While he was being afraid, his eyes showed that he seemed to have understood something, probably about everything about that world.

In that case, if Lin Suci made that choice, he must have needed it.

He could not stop him.

Yan Boshen seriously filled in all the soil.

Lin Suci was completely buried in the pit.

A thousand bone beads could completely change the surroundings energy. Lin Suci knew that the energy was made up of the power of the aura of the dead and lifeless souls. After invading his body, he might be affected by the consciousness of the remnant souls. However, after he absorbed them all, he would be able to obtain the purest form of remnant soul within all that death energy.

That was something that had existed for thousands of years in the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones. It was a great tonic. For Lin Suci, it was an opportunity that was difficult to obtain in the outside world.

No matter the pain, he had to endure!

The remnant soul of the bone beads invaded the body, and Lin Suci’s body, who was buried in the soil, was isolated from life energy. However, he could not completely hide the identity of his living soul.

Lin Suci gritted his teeth. His body was already being washed away by the backflow of blood. Cold, pressure, painful howls, and gloomy smiles kept filling his ears, constantly plundering his body.

Lin Suci was in so much pain that he was about to lose his mind.

Reading the description in the book, and experiencing it in person, was really different.

Lin Suci forced himself to stay awake, almost completely aware that several remnant souls were biting on his body, robbing each other for sovereignty, and constantly struggling to drill into his body.

Sovereignty absolutely mustn’t be given to these remnant souls!

Lin Suci gritted his teeth and guided the spiritual energy in his body to swim around his body, slowly cooling his expanding blood vessels.

Wave after wave of shocks came endlessly.

Lin Suci did not know whether he was awake or in a coma. He was unsure how long time had drifted.

He was constantly alternating between being in a daze and staying awake. The part near his ears was always noisy, giving him no trace of leisure.

Unsure of how long time had passed, the spiritual energy emanating from Lin Suci’s body had devoured nearly two-thirds of the remnant souls in the thousand bone beads.

However, the rest were the real deal.

Lin Suci’s eyes had turned red. A pair of fangs was sticking out of his mouth.


Pain. It hurt like an explosion, making Lin Suci almost collapse.

The life energy isolated under the soil, and the endless stream of death energy intertwined. Using the only body as a container, they collided and merged with each other.

Lin Suci was so painful that his brain was sore. He just forced his hand to stop digging himself out from the dirt.

Once he left the soil of death energy and came into contact with the life energy outside, everything would be finished!

He must not give up halfway!

Lin Suci was unsure how long he had to endure it, but the pain was always with him.

Each and every remnant soul, under his coercion, turned into his nourishment.

His eyes turned from red to black, from black to red. Just when his emerald-green eyes almost disappeared, with a blink of an eye, he finally saw the dim light from before.


Lin Suci’s body had completely recovered. The remnant souls invaded his body and were completely swallowed up, leaving only the pure spirit of nearly a thousand years, and the remnants that contained a lot of death energy.

Lin Suci opened his eyes slowly, and after a long time, when his body regained consciousness, he lightly grasped the loess around him. Stretching out his hand from the pit, he waved his hand weakly.

Lin Suci was dug out by Yan Boshen.

He was in a state of chaos as he was covered in yellow soil. However, when his emerald-green eyes flashed a tinge of red, the trace of deathly aura brought by him made Zhongli Haiming trembled with fear.

“It’s fine now. Little Junior Brother, you… are amazing.”

Lin Suci leaned in Yan Boshen’s arms for a while, then recovered. Pouting the corners of his mouth and getting up, he patted Yan Boshen, who had a bad look, as a sign of consolation, and said with a smile, “If I don’t get stronger, I will be taken away!”

Zhongli Haiming never experienced what happened between Lin Suci and the Lin family, so he was very at a loss.

On the other hand, Yan Boshen quietly looked at his messy, but high-spirited kitten, and went silent for a long time. He said coldly, “What do you want?”

Lin Suci was taken aback, “Huh?”

Yan Boshen repeated patiently, “I can give you whatever you want.”

Lin Suci stared at Yan Boshen for a while, grinned, and smiled. He stretched out his hand and shook Yan Boshen’s hand, “I want you.”

Yan Boshen lowered his head and stared at the hands they were holding each other. After a while, he said slowly, “…I’m already yours.”

Lin Suci was delighted, “Then, that’s awful. I have nothing to ask for, what should I do?”

Yan Boshen greeted Lin Suci’s hippie smile, and the corner of his mouth twitched, revealing a smile that made Lin Suci’s scalp tingle, “Don’t worry, I will let you… ask for something.”


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