My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 95


The barrier of the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones tore open the whole world. If Lin Suci remembered correctly, when Lin Zhixi awakened, the destructive event directly covered a range of three thousand miles.


Within that range, all living beings would be withered bones and lifeless souls.


Everyone in the yard obviously did not expect the sudden disaster. Bu Qi and Shu Changyi drew out their swords, and they were already fighting against the white skeletons that had exposed their claws and teeth. Bai Qingkong was still banging the door, eager to find out if  Lin Zhixi was fine?


Lin Suci thought about it for a while, and he finally said bluntly, “Stop banging. He’s not inside.”


When Bai Qingkong looked back, his eyes were blood red.


“There’s something wrong with his bloodline. Now, he’s not human anymore.” Lin Suci explained politely, “Don’t you think it’s a little strange that this terrible thing came?”


No one was stupid. When Lin Suci said that, Bai Qingkong reacted. His face was terrifyingly pale, “You mean, he’s become…”


Lin Suci nodded.


The trigger of the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones event was due to the awakening of Lin Zhixi’s bloodline. After he awakened, he would transform into the event itself, until he absorbed all the dead bones that covered three thousand miles.


Yan Boshen was already holding Lin Suci’s hand, looking around, thoughtful.


“What should we do? Will we die here?” Neither Wan’er nor Qian Qian were cultivators of martial arts. When they saw that scene, they looked desperate.


Lin Suci consoled, “It’s alright. Within the range of this event, we can’t die.”


It was indeed impossible to die. Some were just facing endless death, rebirth, tearing and healing.


Seeing that the barrier was completely opened, the world of life was completely covered by the world of death, and the undead invaded wilfully. Lin Suci pulled out his Sansi sword.


“Qingkong, didn’t all of you sell me your lives for a year? Perfect timing. Now, everything all of you gain in this event within a year will be handed over to me.”


With a speech from Lin Suci’s lion mouth, he directly cut off Bai Qingkong’s chance of improving his cultivation base in the event for the upcoming one year.


Bai Qingkong has calmed down as Lin Suci spoke. The three swords, Soaring Sword, Wind-destroying Sword, and the Smoke and Scent Sword, have already done their best to stop the continuous invasion of the undead. He did not ask Lin Suci the reason, but agreed, “Sure.”


On the contrary, Shu Changyi’s face changed drastically on the spot, and his eyes swept over Lin Suci suspiciously.


Lin Suci had a calm expression on his face. Clutching the Sansi Sword, he could not see any problems.


He paid no attention to Shu Changyi, and even if he did, he did not care.


Judging from what Shu Changyi has done for so many years, he was reborn from the future, and knew many plots. He met Bai Qingkong earlier and accompanied him all the way, which only quickened the pace of some plots.


It was a pity that it was unknown which butterfly directly changed the plot with a flap of its wings, leaving nothing similar to the original. Even the appearance has changed so much that the mother of the original works could not recognize it.


However, no matter how it changed, the big plot points still appeared tenaciously, showing the significance of existence.


In the original plot, Shu Changyi and Bu Qi have not experienced the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones. However, as Bai Qingkong’s best friends, they must know the existence of the event and Bai Qingkong’s various gains from it. Therefore, when Shu Changyi heard that Lin Suci wanted all the gains in the event for a year, his eyes were no different from looking at a robber, or a robber they sent to the door to ask for the contents of their bags.


The robber directly opened a contract with Bai Qingkong, and Bai Qingkong left his mark without hesitation. Followed by Bu Qi, who directly took the initiative to come over even without mentioning him at all. He left his own mark when his sword slashed a withered bone.


Na Erdie actively marked the third position.


Shu Changyi had no choice but to leave his mark.


The contract was established.


Lin Suci rolled up the contract with contentment, put it directly into Yan Boshen’s chest, and patted it.


“Protect it well, this is a valuable thing, you see.”


Yan Boshen raised his hand to open a protective cover, carefully distinguished the world of death with skeletons everywhere, and suddenly asked, “Can people be brought in here?”


Lin Suci was stunned, “It hasn’t fully unfolded yet. It should be possible before the transition between life and death.”


But why did he want to bring people in? What is he bringing people in for?


Weren’t they supposed to send out people one at a time?


Although they could not send out, at least he should think about it that way and respect people’s survival instinct, right?


My owner’s idea is unusual, but wonderful.


Once Yan Boshen heard Lin Suci’s words, he immediately chanted with his hands, closed his eyes for a moment, and spread his hands, unfolding a complex formation with golden light.




There was a sudden scream, and two figures were thrown out of the formation. They landed violently on the ground with their buttocks down, grimacing in pain.


Lin Suci looked at the situation and was shocked.


Sitting on the ground, and grabbing his butt, was a young man in blue clothes. Another person was lying on the ground with one head plunged into the mud mixed with snow, spitting out a mouthful of mud with a dull face.


“Fifth Senior Brother, Little Senior Brother?”


The two people in front of them were Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming, who had been separated for many years.


Lin Suci was very surprised.


Since he and his master left Cardinal Sect, he had not seen those two senior brothers. When they stabilized their life in the Void Realm, they sent mail from time to time, so their overall situation was known.


However, Yan Boshen directly opened a formation and sucked the two of them in directly.


Xiao Lan patted his butt with the giant sword on his back and stood up. He came over and hugged Lin Suci affectionately, “Little Junior Brother, I haven’t seen you for many years!”


Meanwhile, Zhongli Haiming wiped his mouth with a dull face, looking very unhappy.


Lin Suci discovered that his little senior brother, who had been away for many years, was still the same as a dozen years ago. He looked like a teenager, and had not changed one bit.


“Big Senior Brother, before you use the formation of human transportation, please give a message.” Zhongli Haiming still held a handful of spirit stones in his hand. He tucked the spirit stones into his sleeves with great pity, wiped his face, and sighed helplessly, “I’m doing a business, and I only get half the money with what I sold.”


Lin Suci immediately felt the same way, “Wow, what a heartache.”


“Not only that,” Zhongli Haiming vomited his bitter words as he grabbed Lin Suci, “I worked so hard with the project for a month, and then the big deal that was negotiated was seven thousand spirit stones!! Such an enormous deal!!! Yet, I only received thirty high-grade spirit stones!!! Freaking thirty!! I’m going crazy!!!”


“Calm down! Little Senior Brother, calm down!” Lin Suci saw that his little senior brother, who had been away for many years, was on the verge of breaking down because of money, and quickly got out a handful of spiritual stones from his sleeves.


Zhongli Haiming’s eyes lit up, and when he reached out to grab them, Lin Suci raised his hand.


“I’m just showing you, so take a look at it and be lenient.”


Zhongli Haiming: “…”


After many years of absence, Zhongli Haiming’s greeting to Lin Suci was a friendly and frenzied beating.


Lin Suci took it as his little senior brother’s test for his learning, so he accepted it readily, and fought back.


Xiao Lan had already seen the surrounding situation clearly. Pulling out his giant sword, he participated in the rescue of Wan’er and Qian Qian, who had been running wildly.


The strength of the two girls was not very weak, but in the face of the disgusting skeletons, they could not bear it mentally.


Xiao Lan was completely like a divine soldier, blocking in front of the two girls, the giant sword danced and swung, leaving no room for the withered bones as they shattered to the ground. Along with the completely shattered withered bones, white bone beads fell to the ground.


With sharp eyes, Lin Suci immediately shouted, “Fifth Senior Brother! Pick them up! Pick up all the bone beads on the ground!”


Xiao Lan was obedient, and honestly picked up seven to eight bone beads before returning to their side.


At that time, the living enchantment has been completely swallowed by the death enchantment, and the last edge gap has completely disappeared.


In the darkness, only the top of the head was white. Not light, but bone.


Everyone gathered together.


Lin Suci briefly introduced, “If you want to leave, you have to find all the bones and souls here then kill them. There will be bone beads falling from them, and the bone beads are the only source of spiritual energy here, so you must pick them up.”


As for anything else, he said no more.


The world of death has completely covered, and where they were standing was no longer Mr. Zuo’s yard, but a wide street with lights on both sides and sounds of singing and dancing.


“Is this a virtual illusion?” Bu Qi looked around and asked.


It was Shu Changyi who answered him, “It’s not so much a virtual illusion. It’s better to treat this place as a small world, a secret realm. Everything here can be regarded as real, but fake.”


There were two ways to crack the event of Withering of Ten Thousand Bones. First was to find and destroy all the dead bones and lifeless souls hidden within the false illusions in the dead world. Second was to find Lin Zhixi from that false prosperity, find the buried thing closest to his heart, dig it out, and let Lin Zhixi wake up himself to stop the event.


Lin Suci did not know which way Bai Qingkong succeeded in the original book, but he chose the first one.


After all, he was not familiar with Lin Zhixi. To put it simply, they had nothing to do with each other, so he had no heart to dig something deep from his heart. Lin Zhixi would definitely not need it either.


But Bai Qingkong could give it a try.


However, Lin Suci did not tell Bai Qingkong that shortcut. He pointed to the east and said to Bai Qingkong, “We can’t die here, so it’s too slow for us to gather together. It’s better to do it separately. Qingkong and Shu Changyi go all the way to the east.”


“Bu Qi, you and Na Erdie go north,” Lin Suci also told Wan’er and Qian Qian, “you two go west…”


“Wait, Little Brother!” Wan’er interrupted, smiling shyly, “Can we have one more person? You saw that neither I, nor your Sister Qian Qian, are good at fighting, so you can send us this Senior Brother Lan.”


Lin Suci had no objection and asked Xiao Lan, who nodded happily, “Sure.”


Xiao Lan betrayed his sixth junior brother without a word, and gladly stood behind Wan’er and Qian Qian, being the two girls’ escort.


“What about Little Senior Brother?” Lin Suci rubbed his chin.


Yan Boshen pursed his lips.


Zhongli Haiming was a little stunned, “Then shouldn’t I follow both of you? Could it be… that you want me, a non-martialist, to fight alone?”


Lin Suci really never thought about letting Zhongli Haiming join him and Yan Boshen. The main reason was that the two of them had been together for a long time, and they had become accustomed to being shameless. He was afraid that once Zhongli HaiMing joined them, he would be frightened. By then, it would not be good.


Since it was assigned like that, Zhongli Haiming could only follow them.




Yan Boshen called out to Zhongli Haiming, “Do you still remember your ‘nature’?”


Zhongli Haiming was stunned for a moment, and nodded in confusion, “Yes, since Big Senior asked me this, is there anything I can do?”


Yan Boshen directly gave the task, “Return to your original form and smell out the scent of your kind.”


Original form?


Lin Suci was stunned for a moment, only to see Zhongli Haiming nodding indifferently, and with a shake of his body, he turned into… a skeleton with golden light.


The human-shaped skeleton shrank to the size of a palm and jumped into Lin Suci’s palm.


Lin Suci: “…Wait, Little Senior Brother, you?”


The palm-sized skeleton sitting in his palm moved his jaw, “I am a skeleton-turned spirit, don’t you know?”


Lin Suci broke down emotionally. How would he know that his little senior brother was a spirit from bones?


No, the present key was that his little senior brother’s golden skeleton appearance seemed to be a little too familiar!


Shu Changyi stared at Zhongli Haiming in Lin Suci’s palm, and blurted out in surprise, “Bone General?!”


Lin Suci’s shocked eyeballs almost dropped out of the sockets. Who could tell him why his little senior brother, who loved money like his life, was a well-known devil general in the future devil race?!


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