My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 94


Lin Suci was taken aback. The others were also shocked, especially Wan’er, whose eyes were wide open, “Tsk tsk.”


“My darling little brother is actually so impressive…”


Among the more than a dozen Lin family disciples, the people in the lead were two Nascent Souls, and the rest were all Golden Cores. With their cultivation bases, no matter where they went, they were superior cultivators, and enough to support a sect. Yet, they knelt down and called out to their young master, showing respect to Lin Suci, and bowing their heads in humility.


Lin Suci hesitated while inhaling. He was a little dumbfounded.


This… Why was he secretly feeling elated?


Lin Suci reluctantly pressed down the rising corners of his mouth, and said cautiously, “Please…get up?”


A dozen Lin family members got Lin Suci’s permission and stood up.


The Nascent Soul female cultivator, who was one of the leaders, looked gentle in appearance and pure in temperament.


“I met the Young Master in the past when Young Master had no form. Wen Ying also fed Young Master with dandelion spirits. Unexpectedly, after being apart for more than a decade, Young Master is now an adult.”


Lin Suci’s ears perked up. Listening to that, she seemed like an old friend. Unfortunately, he could not remember anything.


Lin Suci was at a loss, but he remained polite, “Should I say… thank you for remembering me?”


Female cultivator, Wen Ying, chuckled lightly. Her aura was the kindness of a senior.


More than a dozen Lin family disciples, in terms of seniority, were all far behind Lin Suci, the fake illegitimate son. In front of Lin Suci, although they showed the seniors’ love, they also revealed the humility of being a junior. They behaved absolutely differently compared to slaves, but did not seem like family or relatives.


Seriously speaking, Lin Suci’s identity as a young master was really hard to grasp.


Another Nascent Soul cultivator had been watching Yan Boshen vigilantly. After Wenying and Lin Suci exchanged greetings, with a palm on the other fist, the cultivator finally politely said, “May I ask where Young master’s friend, who wants to change blood, is?”


Lin Suci was confused by that statement: “Isn’t the one who is going to change blood your junior? Really, you should be much closer to him than me, right?”


The cultivator suddenly looked embarrassed and slightly coughed, “I was negligent and almost forgot the child who wanted the blood exchange… Lin Zhixi.”


None of the people there have ever put Lin Zhixi in their eyes, and they have never regarded him as their junior. When he entered the room to meet Lin Zhixi, they were not as polite as Bai Qingkong and the others.


Lin Zhixi was stripped naked and stuffed into the blanket, unable to move. He was so awkward that he did not want to pay attention to those people at all. However, the members were so happy, they left in a hurry.


It had been many years since Mr. Zuo has been murdered. There was no master in that yard. The only young master the disciples of the Lin family agreed with was Lin Suci, but he was not someone who cared. Lin Suci had already gone to play with the millstone, giving them no chance to start a conversation with him.


Na Erdie stood behind Lin Suci and stared at him faintly. After a while, she suddenly reached out and poked Lin Suci’s nape.


Lin Suci shrank back in fright and took two steps away. Seeing the expressionless girl behind him, he was speechless, “…Miss Erdie, is something wrong?”


“Your skin here,” Na Erdie said coldly, “is red.”


Lin Suci covered his nape with his hand, and guessed what Na Erdie was referring to.


There… might have been for Yan Boshen to suck on.


Lin Suci choked. Facing Na Erdie, he always had a weird sense of guilt. It probably was due to him having witnessed the young and tender phase of a future female devil with lethal power. He felt too guilty.


“Uh, mosquito bites.” Lin Suci raised his hand and pretended to grab the non-existent mosquitoes, then smiled, “Mosquito bites are terrible at this time of year.”


Na Erdie looked away, and silently stared at the pile of snow on the tips of the bamboo leaves in the bamboo forest not far away.


Na Erdie seldom took the initiative to talk to Lin Suci, and Lin Suci did not dare to leave, for fear that she would ask something else.


“How…” she said suddenly.


Lin Suci immediately focused.


“…much is a young master of the Lin family worth?”


Lin Suci: “…”


What does this mean? How should I know? Are you trying to sell me off?!


Lin Suci quietly took two steps back, and his back hit the millstone. He could not retreat any further, so he could only show a polite smile, “What does Miss Erdie mean?”


“I’m short of money,” Na Erdie looked straight at Lin Suci, “very much.”


Lin Suci immediately patted himself on the chest, “It just so happens that I’m short of it too! I’m so poor that all I have left is selling my bo… my hope of life!”


As soon as he saw Yan Baishen’s gaze not far away, Lin Suci consciously changed his pitch of voice and continued like nothing happened.


Na Erdie: “…”


Lin Suci was very vigilant, “I’m too poor, so don’t ask me for money. I’m embarrassed to lend you three or five spirit stones, or I’m afraid I’ll starve to death.”


The Cardinal Sect’s rules: Want money, no money, want life, one life.


Lin Suci always bore in mind the sect rule, which particularly never existed, and engraved in his bones, abiding by it at all times.


Na Erdie was speechless.


Lin Suci showed an honest smile, and blinked his eyes like an obedient child.


Na Erdie slowly sighed, “…Do you want to hire me.”


Lin Suci was stunned.


“I’m very good at fighting, very very good at fighting.” Na Erdie reiterated, “As long as you spend money to support me, I will work hard for you.”


Of course, Lin Suci knew how capable Na Erdie was, and also knew that she was ruthless and had a heart of stone. Wherever she went and killed someone without blinking an eye, babies dared not to even cry.


That was what happened after achieving her golden core.


Now, the Na Erdie at fusion state was still a little weak. She was so feeble that she was tricked into the protagonist group by Shu Changyi, and followed Bai Qingkong in confusion for ten years. Instead of raising the ruthlessness of the original Na Erdie, she became somehow… blank?


However, at present, the future female devil asked him to spend money to hire her?


Lin Suci hesitated.


Oh, Na Erdie. When he knew that she was Na Erdie, he wanted to jump up to recognize her as a sister. She was a powerful protection talisman, but after he found out that Yan Boshen was Yan Ran, the idea was dismissed.


Na Erdie was almost turned into ashes in the hands of the big devil Yan Ran.


Now that Yan Boshen did not have any devilism, since Na Erdie followed him, just let it be. However, if he hired Na Erdie and got along for more days to come, what if he came back one day to find a pile of ashes on the ground, and Na Erdie was gone? What should he do?


Besides… spending money?


He had no money!


In other words, money was more important than Na Erdie.


“No!” As soon as Lin Suci refused, the female cultivator Wen Ying stepped forward and answered with a smile, “How much is this young lady going to sell herself for?”


Na Erdie looked back and said solemnly, “I want a hundred thousand spirit stones and a hundred Spirit Gathering Orbs every year. A trial site too.”


Wen Ying understood, “Miss, are you lacking spiritual energy for cultivation?”


Na Erdie nodded dejectedly.


Lacking spiritual energy…


Lin Suci probably knew about it. In the original book, Na Erdie came out as a majestic female devil, but she knew nothing about her past. It was just that she followed Bai Qingkong, and with the help of the protagonist group, there should be a lot of chances to visit the secret realm. How could she have insufficient spiritual energy?


The nearby Buqi heard the conversation, and eyes lit up. Walking over quickly, Buqi pointed to self, “I can too!”


Wen Ying smiled when she saw Bu Qi, “This fellow Daoist has an unlimited future, are you really willing to sell yourself to Young Master?”


“Yes,” Buqi answered seriously. Raising a finger to Lin Suci, and pointing to Yan Boshen, then at the rest of the Lin family, “My reward is having a duel with him, him, him, them, and with all the cultivators of the Lin family.”


Wen Ying hesitated.


Lin Suci took the opportunity to wave his hand quickly, “No, no, no, I don’t want to! I don’t need you at all! Of course, I don’t need Miss Erdie either.”


“Why, I’m extremely good at fighting,” Na Erdie was confused, “I just need a little spiritual energy.”


Buqi, almost half-sold, half gifted himself, “I’m cheaper, I just need to have a duel. It’s fine if he doesn’t want to, you can change to another cultivator.”


Lin Suci pointed at Yan Boshen, who was leaning against the window with his arms crossed, and said confidently, “I have him.”


“With him, I don’t need anyone.”


A distance away, Lin Suci noticed Yan Boshen’s lips twitched.


Buqi frowned and hesitated, “If you really want him too, then let’s do a threes…mmph!”


Lin Suci firmly pressed Buqi’s mouth, and gritted his teeth at Bai Qingkong with a dark face, “Qingkong, take care of your brother.”


Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi heard Na Erdie and Buqi’s request, so instead of coming up to stop Buqi, they took a step forward.


“Speaking of which, I can also sell myself to you for a year, just want a promise with the Lin family in exchange.”


Bai Qingkong looked honest and sincere.


Shu Changyi followed suit, “I can too. It should be worthwhile to exchange a book a year, right?”


Lin Suci’s mouth twitched, feeling that they collectively took the wrong medicine that day.


“Are you all deliberately trying to get involved with Little Brother’s life since you know that he’s the young master of the Lin family?” Wan’er said bluntly.


Lin Suci looked at Wan’er and said in his heart, I’m sorry, but I’m really bold enough to refuse. I just haven’t said my words of rejection yet.


“Xingchen’s status as the young master is indeed one of the reasons.” Bai Qingkong was very generous. He looked at the cultivator, Wen Ying carefully, raised his hand to open a barrier of enchantment, and said to Lin Suci after hesitation, “Xingchen, let’s talk. May I know if Senior Yan can set up a barrier?”


Lin Suci was also curious about the reason they made their decision, and turned his head.


The cultivator, Wen Ying, had consciously stepped back a little distance and gathered with the rest of the cultivators, who were discussing Lin Zhixi’s matter.


Yan Boshen took a look at them, raised his hand and opened a colored-glass cover.


Bai Qingkong stood firm, “Xingchen, you don’t want to go back to the Lin family, right?”


“Isn’t this obvious?” Lin Suci said decisively, “The Lin family is not my family, and I can’t agree to your requests anyway.”


In the original works, Bai Qingkong was able to achieve the plot of the Lin family through a Lin family member, thereby obtaining a promise. After that, he pulled strongly against a crazy tide and got a decisive victory. Now that he had Lin Suci, the young master of the Lin family, by his side, he naturally would not give up from choosing Lin Suci.


Bai Qingkong took a glance at Yan Boshen, and said with consideration, “But with all due respect, if that lord wants you back, there may be no other way to choose.”


Lin Suci gave no answer.


“If you don’t go back, there is another problem. Many years ago, some people tried assassinating all of you, and the target was you. Are you sure who those people are in the Lin family?”


Lin Suci said lightly, “These are just trivial matters.”


“It’s not trivial.” Bai Qingkong said, “If you don’t go back to the Lin family, it is very likely that you will continue to be assassinated by those people.”


Lin Suci probably understood, “So?”


Bai Qingkong continued calmly, “Senior Yan’s power is indeed unparalleled, but you also have to consider something else. His cultivation base is very powerful. At this time, it is when he is aiming to hit a higher realm. Surrounding you all day long… seems unrealistic.”


“Realistic enough.”


The first to answer Bai Qingkong was Yan Boishen.


He walked down the steps, stood side by side with Lin Suci, and put his arms around Lin Suci’s waist. He glanced at the people opposite him, “He is more important than myself.”


Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat, and his uncontrollable face heated up.


This… How can you say such words that make people blush so easily!


Lin Suci pursed his lips, and carefully reached out to hook Yan Boshen’s hand under his sleeve.


On the opposite side, Bai Qingkong seemed blind to that situation, and was very calm, “Senior Yan can indeed put Xingchen in the most important position at all times, but cultivation bases still need to be further improved, right? Whether it is Senior Yan or Xingchen, at this time, you should always need strength to work hard. Like having people to help you resist the Lin family’s intentions to frame you, and at the same time helping you to find resources, secret realms, and trial grounds.”


Hearing that, Lin Suci suddenly realized, “Are you paving a way for Lin Zhixi?”


Lin Suci knew before that in the original book, Bai Qingkong had a black core. When has he changed to being someone so kind enough to do voluntary work? At the beginning, he proposed to be paid, which almost paralyzed him, but in just a moment, he thought clearly.


Those Lin family disciples came to exchange blood for Lin Zhixi. Once Lin Zhixi’s blood was changed, he would be considered a true Lin family member. However, he was born with an embarrassing identity, and had neither relatives nor friends. He had no roots in the Lin family. Even if Lin Zhixi’s bloodline was altered, when he returned to the Lin family, he would still be bullied by others.


But, Bai Qingkong was intelligent. He sold himself directly to Lin Suci to work for Lin Suci, and so, be labeled as a friend or servant of the young master. His identity was naturally unusual in the eyes of the Lin family members. At that time, Bai Qingkong would take care of Lin Zhixi in many ways. Needless to say, Lin Zhixi’s status in the Lin family would also rise.


After going around in such a big circle, Bai Qingkong’s purpose was really simple. In other words, other incidentals were not as simple as that.


Bai Qingkong obviously did not expect Lin Suci to guess it, and blushed. In the eyes of the brothers next to him, his ears went warm, “…Cough, if possible, it will be better if Young Master can take care of him, once or twice.”


Lin Suci reminded him, “But I didn’t want to go back to the Lin’s.”


“You don’t need to go back. As long as your identity is there, it’s enough.” Bai Qingkong thought very openly.


Lin Suci fell into deep thought.


It seems interesting.


Originally, the relationship between him and the protagonist group was still harmonious, and occasionally Lin Suci became an onlooker while following the scene of the main storyline. Just now, he was still worried about Bai Qingkong’s intentions, and was afraid that he wanted to get involved with the Lin family, which made Lin Suci try to avoid him. However, once Lin Zhixi’s matter was brought up clearly, Lin Suci felt more relieved.


Bai Qingkong just wanted to take advantage of the situation to make Lin Zhixi feel better in the Lin family. It had nothing to do with whether he would join the Lin family or not. As for the identity of being a young master…


It did not matter if he went back or not, it was still him.


So… if Bai Qingkong and more people sold themselves to him, what did it mean?


Didn’t it indicate that half of the protagonist’s chance and gold mine… was his?


Stars suddenly appeared in Lin Suci’s eyes, and he reached out to hold Bai Qingkong’s hand. As soon as he grabbed a finger, he was pulled back by Yan Boshen.


Lin Suci looked back innocently, and Yan Boshen slowly let go of his hand.


“Fine,” Lin Suci nodded reservedly, then turned to ask Shu Changyi and Buqi, “but there’s no need for both of you to accompany Qingkong. It’s not good to share news like this about yourself.”


Buqi was honest, “I have nothing to do with him. I just want a sword duel in exchange.”


Shu Changyi smiled gloomily, “I’m serious. You are the young master of the Lin family. You have help whether you go back or not. I’ve sold you my life, and I’ll borrow your family’s name to get back my family’s book.”


Na Erdie was more direct, “They can’t afford to support me.”


Lin Suci: “…” I can’t afford it either.


Even so, Lin Suci still found some useful ways.


A year’s time in the cultivation realm was just like a snap of a finger. Not bad.


“Then, it’s a deal.”


Several people clapped their hands for an oath.


After confirming the acceptance of four servants with one-year contracts, Lin Suci looked back at Yan Boshen, “Hehehe…”


He laughed stupidly, but only his eyes were shining brightly. Even though Yan Boshen was a little dissatisfied, he still softened his heart. He patted Lin Suci’s head, and said no more.


Lin Suci was thinking in his heart, whether to let Bai Qingkong take his little friends to go digging for gold in the sea, or to find skeleton remains, broken souls, or golden fire at Fenghuo(风火fēng huǒ: wind-fire) Cliff.


The protagonist’s chance was too powerful. Thinking about it, there was too many to share, which made Lin Suci have a headache, so he stopped thinking.


After removing the colored-glass cover, Lin Suci found that the dozen Lin family members had already prepared all the utensils they were supposed to use. After washing their hands, they lined up to enter the small house.


Bai Qingkong was obviously nervous. Clenching his fists, he kept staring at the closed door.


Lin Suci was very relaxed. The corners of his mouth were hooked upwards, and he smiled wickedly.


Lin Zhixi, oh Lin Zhixi. Lin Suci was bullying him just a while ago, but he was a good-enough person to help him exchange blood. However, when Lin Zhixi’s blood exchange was completed, Lin Suci would definitely tell him what kind of peak Lin Zhixi would reach if he had not changed blood.


That was the border that Lin Zhixi, who had changed his blood, would never be able to reach in his life.


As long as he thought of the scene where Lin Zhixi was vomiting blood, Lin Suci felt that his revenge had already been done.


The room began to reveal the thick smell of blood.


Bai Qingkong could not stand anymore. He stepped forward in a hurry, and asked at the door, “Do you need help?”


Obviously, the cultivators inside were busy changing blood, so they ignored him directly.


Time passed little by little.


The sky has turned dark.


Lin Suci yawned and walked around the house, but could not find a second room. He grabbed Yan Boshen’s sleeves and walked around the woods in the mountains behind. He found a big stone, wiped it clean and spread a thick layer of cotton pads. He raised his hand to create an enchantment to cut off the cold wind and snow outside, and lay comfortably in Yan Boshen’s arms.


Yan Boshen pushed Lin Suci’s chin up, and hooked Lin Suci with the tip of his tongue.


Those days, being kissed like that every day made Lin Suci used to it.


In return, Lin Suci wrapped his arms around Yan Boshen’s neck, and took the initiative to lean up with kisses and bites. In the cold winter, he was sweating all over.


After a while, he leaned on Yan Boshen’s body. Being half-dazed, the pleasant lingering effect on his body was so comfortable that he did not bother to move.


Yan Boshen squeezed Lin Suci’s earlobe with his hand, and pressed it willfully. He lowered his head and asked in a low voice, “Why did you agree to their request?”


“Well, do you remember my dream?”


Lin Suci turned over and their eyes met each other’s.


Yan Boshen nodded casually, “I do.”


“I said before that I’ve dreamt that Bai Qingkong will grow into a very powerful person, and his luck is exceptionally good.”


Lin Suci did not hide his intentions from Yan Boshen, and said with confidence, “He wants to protect Lin Zhixi, and I want his luck. As long as I don’t have a relationship with the Lin family, I think it’s to my advantage.”


A full year was at least enough for him to take advantage of Bai Qingkong’s three chances.


That was all for free!


Lin Suci smiled.


Yan Boshen knew it well. Knowing that his cat would not suffer, that was enough. He stared at Lin Suci’s nape from time to time, and tried changing the topic. He slowly asked, “In the small world, what happened to you and Lin Bugui? Why don’t you want to go back to the Lin family?”


Lin Suci was surprised, “Do you want me to go back?”


“Of course not.” Yan Boshen vetoed, “I just want to know why you do this.”


Having a dozen or more people kneeling in front of him, and calling him “young master,” Lin Suci was already awkward enough, so he did not feel like he could accept it.


Yan Boshen kept staring at the small world at all times and kept in touch with Lin Suci several times a day. However, to Lin Suci, it was once every three days in the small world. Even so, he still missed several pieces of information.


“Well, it has nothing to do with Lin Bugui…” Lin Suci had a hard time deciding the relationship between him and Lin Bugui. They seemed like father and son, but were not related by blood. They seemed like brothers, but it did not look like reliable info. Even without anything that could connect them, Lin Suci knew that all those hundred years, Lin Bugui’s attribute of energy and care to him was not faked.


It’s a little worrying.


Although Lin Bugui was very kind to him, he just did not know why but felt that if he continued his journey with Lin Bugui, he would seem to lose something.


It was hard to explain such a thing. From others’ point of view, he was the young master of the Lin family, someone Lin Bugui valued, and the strength of the largest family in the cultivation realm. Everyone would want to cling to him.


Lin Suci was really distressed.


“What will you do if I go back?” Lin Suci asked.


Yan Boshen groaned deeply, “I’ll accompany you.”


Lin Suci was surprised. Yan Boshen unexpectedly did not have much conflict with his character. Yan Boshen was more accepting than he thought he would be.


“Then, why previously…”


Before Lin Suci finished speaking, the light in Yan Boshen’s eyes darkened, “You can only stay with me. No one can ever take you away from me.”


It was that which offended him.


Lin Suci raised his eyebrows and smiled, “That’s not bad. After this, we’ll go back to the Lin family house, and consume all their food and drinks. Then, we’ll rob their spiritual energy!”


Lin Suci babbled nonsense.


Yan Boshen had a serious expression on his face, “Good, when?”


Lin Suci: “…”


You do know I’m talking about going to the Lin family, right? Don’t you have a second thought about it?


Just as Lin Suci was about to answer, a loud noise echoed. There was a sudden explosion.


His expression changed as he jumped up.


“What happened, what happened!!!”


Not far away, the small yard was already ablaze with fire, or in other words, covered with a bloody glow.


The full view of flaming red covered the dark night sky. Lightning circled from the roof to the middle of the atmosphere. There was violent wind and snow, fire that swallowed the sky and ground, and ghost-like cries and howls that continued to spread.


When Lin Suci and Yan Boshen ran back to the yard, there was a tear in the heavens and earth. Countless white bones of wrinkled fingers and broken arms squeezed out from it.


Wan’er and the others in the yard were already dumbfounded. Bai Qingkong had already rushed to the door and kept banging on the door.


“Zhixi! Zhixi!”


Everything started from that little shack that could not be opened at all.


More than a dozen Lin family cultivators were silent in the room.


In just a short moment, the shrill ghost screams and the evil aura of black and red in the sky spread wildly around. The yard and surroundings were already occupied by pairs of withered bones and white skeletons.


Ten thousand ghosts, a thousand bones, withered fingers, remnants of souls.


Evil blood leads the skies, covering everything that lives.


Lin Suci’s face lost its color.


They were just having a blood exchange. What has happened?


Why did it cause the destructive event of the Withering of Ten Thousand Bones?!!!


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