My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 93


The cultivation room that was originally used to store spiritual energy has already altered its appearance due to Yan Boshen’s change.

Three-layered doors were all used to cut off any life energy. When Lin Suci entered, the spiritual energy in the two rooms outside was almost full. As soon as he settled down, he could feel the spiritual energy approaching him, almost digging into his body for replenishment.

With such a large amount, Lin Suci casually estimated that the cultivation base above Lin Zhixi’s fusion state might be completely eliminated.

The key in his hand was inserted with a click, and the third door opened.

Contrary to what Lin Suci expected, in the small room, Lin Zhixi did not seem like he was nailed to the wall, or trapped in a cage. It was not that kind of prison that would destroy his self-esteem.

Lin Zhixi’s back was facing him, and he was sitting cross-legged near the wall. It was incredible for him to keep his clothes neat and his hair combed during the three months of being feast on.

There was a small formation to extract spiritual energy. Lin Suci tiptoed his way through, and pasted two talismans to himself along the edge of the formation. Across the distance, he threw something towards Lin Zhixi.

Lin Zhixi’s reaction was still swift. With a backhand grip, he caught a steamed cornbread.

Lin Suci nibbled at what was in his hand and shook it at Lin Zhixi, who turned around.

Compared to a tortured person, Lin Zhixi’s temperament was pretty good. He looked back and met Lin Suci. His eyes lit up, but then there was a short silence.

“You were rescued? That Yan Ran is truly amazing.”

“Of course, he’s amazing!” Lin Suci complimented his family’s owner, then squinted at Lin Zhixi, and clicked his tongue, “Tsk, tsk. Old Lin, as a human being, do you have no guilty conscience?”

In the past, Lin Suci used to call him politely, but now he had been addressing him as Old Lin. Lin Zhixi’s mouth twitched, but he could not say a word while holding the steamed cornbread in his hand. He broke the ice, and talked back, ” In terms of age, you are the Old Lin, I am very young. Do you know the saying, ‘young and inexperienced, why not make some mistakes’.”

Knowing his real age from Lin Bugui, and making sure that he was at least a hundred years old, Lin Suci really could not refute Lin Zhixi’s words. He only sneered, “Okay, Little Lin. If you are young, inexperienced and have made some mistakes, then I will show you what it means to be an elder by teaching you lovingly.”

Lin Suci threw the talisman he prepared in his hand, and Lin Zhixi, who had no time to react, was directly pinned to the spot, the spiritual energy from his body was continuously drawn away, and the talisman was attached to his body, making his face suddenly turn pale.

“Lin Suci! What talisman have you stuck on me?!”

The tall and handsome young man shrunk directly into a ball. His lips trembled, and his words were out of pitch.

Lin Suci got out a small stool from the mustard seed, patted away the dust, and sat a few steps in front of Lin Zhixi, leisurely taking out the melon seed plate, nibbled on the melon seeds with a smile, and spat at him, slowly filling Lin Zhixi’s face with melon seeds.

“Yo, didn’t you know? An itchy hammer. Since my junior is naughty, as an elder, I’m too embarrassed to start beating you directly, so I’m giving you a little lesson, and let you know that the elder loves you.”

That talisman was more than an itchy hammer. Lin Suci had already prepared to make Lin Zhixi pay a painful price for his reckless betrayal. The talisman was soaked, and the bright-red cinnabar ink that was used to write on the talisman was added with extra ingredients, so when it was pasted on Lin Zhixi’s body, it was like a direct electric shock, layer by layer. The talisman was coupled with the impact of itching at the acupuncture point. Within a few moments, Lin Zhixi’s whole body was on the ground, grasping himself into a ball, yet he could not even groan.

The person in front of him was no longer as neat as he had just seen when he came in. Lin Zhixi was in a mess, like he had rolled three hundred laps in the corn field.

Lin Suci nibbled on the melon seeds, while chanting with his hands, then spat Lin Zhixi all over. Those melon seed shells were either freezing to the bone or scorching flames. They hit Lin Zhixi, and his clothes were ripped with holes.

Lin Suci prepared well. He had been in the small world for three years, but only three months had passed in reality. In the cultivation room, he bullied Lin Zhixi, making him toss and turn, for three days.

All kinds of tricks that Lin Suci learned which could not kill, but would hurt people till they resurrect from death, were used on Lin Zhixi one by one.

Lin Zhixi, a tough man, almost cried for Lin Suci.

It was a pity that Young Master Lin was a ruthless and emotionless cat. He sympathized with him a little, then he continued to add firewood and burn ruthlessly.

After three days of hard work, Lin Zhixi was forced to lose a lot of weight.

Seeing that the person he played with almost went crazy, Lin Suci got up and clapped his hands in a slow manner. He touched his small belly that had been eating continuously for three days, and snorted coldly, “I’ll forgive you this time. If there’s next time, pay attention, I’ve learned how to drive souls.”

To drive the soul of life directly out of the body, it was impossible to live or die, although it was a method to deal with ordinary people and low-level cultivators, it did not affect Lin Suci’s use of it to intimidate Lin Zhixi.

Lin Zhizi shrank in the corner, raised his hand weakly, and clenched his fists reluctantly.

For his personal gain, Lin Zhixi sold Lin Suci and sent him to Lin Bugui’s place through his hands. Even though he knew that the other party would not harm Lin Suci, in fact, as a perpetrator, he exerted his strength in that matter.

Now that Lin Suci got his revenge, it was what he deserved.


Lin Suci’s methods were indeed difficult to bear, but in the end, he was still spared.

He was unsure if it was because of Bai Qingkong, or because of…

Lin Suci let out his bad breath, and left the cultivation room with satisfaction.

His several senior brothers and sisters gathered around and asked about how they should deal with Lin Zhixi.

Everyone knew the relationship between him and Bai Qingkong. Bai Qingkong had already emerged in recent years. With the life-saving work he had done with Ruan Linggu and Huilian, their perception of Bai Qingkong was very complicated.

Lin Zhixi’s matter was really not easy to handle casually.

Bai Qingkong was still in a forced coma right now, and he was even clueless about Lin Zhixi’s three-month imprisonment.

Lin Suci was a bachelor, so he immediately decided, “It’s not just me, but the other party too. The family agreed to fulfill his wishes. Now that he has worked hard, he should get what he deserves.”

Huilian almost slapped Lin Suci on the forehead with his violent temper, but as soon as he raised his hand, he saw the kind eyes of his big senior brother.

Huilian patted Lin Suci’s hair bun lightly, and said in a friendly tone, “Why are you so indifferent, darn child? How can you let him get the reward when he hurts you? Are you encouraging his evil doings?”

Lin Suci squinted and smiled, “Not certainly.”

Didn’t Lin Zhixi just want to change his bloodline? He would help him and let him change it!

Thinking of that, Lin Suci had already conceived it for a long time, and he showed a not-so-kind smile.

After Lin Suci came back, Ruan Linggu went to disperse Bai Qingkong’s medicine, while Lin Zhixi was freed from the cultivation room.

Bai Qingkong later realized what Lin Zhixi had done and what Lin Zhixi had been punished for. He had nothing to say, but held Lin Zhixi’s hand and put the person who had been tired for more than three months to sleep. Next, he grabbed Lin Suci and went out.

“If there is any dissatisfaction and resentment, just vent it on me. I can suffer in his place.”

The Bai Qingkong in front of him was not the little cabbage from before. It was like a drop of ink in the heart of the cabbage. If no one had taken apart and looked at him, no one could really find out that he was a black-hearted man.

Even now, with a sincere expression on his face, he proposed to take Lin Zhixi’s place.

Lin Suci scratched his ears and said calmly, “You really can’t replace him.”

Bai Qingkong’s shoulders dropped.

At present, both of their cultivation bases were in the fusion state. Seriously speaking, Bai Qingkong was slightly higher than Lin Suci, but as Lin Suci, who has been with Yan Boshen all the year round, he almost turned a blind eye to the coercion of those below the Nascent Soul Stage.

“Do you know what Little Lin wants?”

Bai Qingkong frowned, hesitated, and looked at Lin Suci without speaking.

“Don’t look at me, I know it.” Lin Suci said unceremoniously, “If you have something to say, don’t hide it. It’s boring if we don’t know who’s in front of us.”

It was probably when Bai Qingkong felt the outside world for the first time, Lin Suci was the one who brought him out. The friendship in his youth was not bad. No matter how long time has passed, there was still a layer of softness enveloping him. In those years, every time his life had a change, Lin Suci would always be in it, as if he was growing with him.

Seriously speaking, although they did not spend much time together, they were always different compared to other people. Bai Qingkong hesitated for a moment, then recognized it clearly, and sighed.

“Xingchen, I don’t want to hide it from you either, but if Zhixi did not share the reasons for his identity, then I really can’t tell you too.”

Lin Suci kindly reminded him, “The master of the Lin family lost me. You already know that, right?”

Bai Qingkong looked at him strangely, “You… are you really that master’s, the Judgment Stage ancestor’s… illegitimate child?”

Lin Suci said boldly, “Of course, I am! Just so you know, Little Lin… you know, Lin Zhixi? He’s my junior. As an elder, I know the things that I should know. Even if I am clueless now, I will know sooner or later.”

Bai Qingkong had no objection to that. He knew what the identity of the illegitimate child of the Lin family meant.

If so, there was a kin relationship between Lin Suci and Lin Zhixi.

Thinking about that, Bai Qingkong felt much more relaxed.

“In a few years, Zhixi’s identity and his different bloodline are very likely to change his whole person. When time comes, he and I… are destined to be separated.”

Bai Qingkong explained, “Although I don’t know what will happen then, he will make the choice to attack you, which may be due to an incentive for him. To him, the only benefit that the Lin family can bring him is the bloodline. ”

Lin Suci rubbed his chin, “Well, you’re right.”

Bai Qingkong was a little uneasy, “Xingchen, I know that he has gone too far in this matter, and you should have resentment. I will say this again, let me bear everything, don’t let him do it.”

Lin Suci sighed, “Didn’t you understand what I just said? I said. I want to punish him, and you can’t bear it.”

Bai Qingkong’s expression slightly changed.

“Don’t think about any weird things that I’m going to do to him, I just… want to fulfill him.” Lin Suci twitched the corners of his mouth, “Isn’t he trying to change blood? I’ll help him.”

Lin Suci said it simply, and did it simply.

He did not explain his reason, only Yan Boshen could see it.

However, Yan Boshen would only condone him. He had no objection to Lin Suci’s decision, and asked everyone to give their full cooperation.

Although the senior brothers and sisters of Cardinal Sect did not understand why they did that, they could only cooperate with what their junior brother decided and what their big senior asked for.

On the contrary, it was Lin Zhixi, who thought a lot of strange things about that. He was unsure why even though he framed Lin Suci, Lin Suci still wanted to help him.

When Lin Suci went to visit Lin Zhixi’s room to see him that day, he put on a kind face, like a senior. He said very gently, “Didn’t I say before, one thing comes after another. If you hurt me, I will take revenge. Now that you are my junior and the wife of my godbrother…”

When Lin Zhixi heard that, his face darkened. He gritted his teeth, “I. Am. Not!”

Lin Suci clearly knew that Bai Qingkong was worried and was eavesdropping by the windowsill. Lin Suci deliberately raised his voice in surprise, “You are not Little Bai’s wife, so what is your relationship with him?”

Lin Zhixi raised his head proudly, “He is my wife!”

“So… when you guys were doing that, it was you… hmm?” Lin Suci, who had turned on his vulgar side, could never return to the purity and flawlessness of the past. With the kinky “you-know-it” face, he gestured with his fingers for a moment.

Lin Zhixi coughed roughly, trying to maintain the perfect character he set up for himself, “Of course, when I was with him, I was… to him… like that.”

Lin Suci learned something.

He remembered the relationship between himself and Yan Boshen. Ever since the previous kiss and those different hugs and touches, he knew the relationship between him and Yan Boshen was also different. They were developing towards the relationship like Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi’s.

Under such circumstances, Lin Suci could not help but ask for advice humbly, “Then when you and Little Bai do that… was it… then you two…?”

It was rare for Lin Zhixi to fool a person who did not understand that kind of thing. Naturally, his self-esteem was greatly satisfied. For Lin Suci’s question, he took Bai Qingkong’s place, and taught the profession with a cheeky face, “Of course… this way… about… this, and then… this.”

Lin Suci was amazed when he heard, “Little Lin, you are very skilled. You do know a lot!”

Lin Zhixi said proudly, “So-so.”

“You must have experimented with Little Bai many times.” Lin Suci added slowly.

Lin Zhixi’s face was a little distorted.

Those were all tested by that dark-hearted guy, Bai Qingkong, on him!

But how could he tell Lin Suci about that?

Lin Zhixi, who maintained his own image, could only hold back his shame and put on pretense, “…It’s true that I have experimented a lot.”

Lin Suci understood, and looked at Lin Zhixi sympathetically.

He looked so handsome, and he was also a tough and smart guy, but why couldn’t he lead?

Back then, Bai Qingkong was a little cabbage that had not grown black. When his body was so light and weak, Lin Zhixi could not push him down. Lin Suci really pity Lin Zhixi’s heroic appearance.

After thinking about it, Lin Suci felt that as an old ancestor picked up by the Lin family, he should have a little love for his half descendants. He rummaged through the mustard seeds, and took the small magic tool that Ruan Linggu once made, and a bottle of the untouched medicinal pill created by Xu Wuwang. After that, he gave them to Lin Zhixi.

“You should know all of these. When doing that, use them. I’m sure he will be at your mercy.” Lin Suci felt that he had done his best. He patted his hands, and slowly stood up, “Don’t thank me too much, this is what a senior should do.”

Lin Zhixi got a bunch of things that made him blush at first sight. His face reddened and his heart beat for a long time. Seeing that Lin Suci was leaving, he cleared his head and could not help asking, “You came to me just to say this?”

Lin Suci was just holding the door handle. When he heard him, he was dumbfounded.

Didn’t he come to Lin Zhixi to talk about something serious?

They had been chatting for two hours, yet it was all about the topic in the room?

This matter is too easy to distract someone!

Lin Suci sat back with a dark face.

“You said you did all that just to change blood, right?”

Lin Zhixi calmed down and said in a muffled voice, “…That’s why I’m asking why you are helping me.”

Lin Suci said indifferently, “I’m not helping you, I’m hurting you.”

Lin Zhixi did not understand Lin Suci’s logic at all, and was dazed for a long time, only to hear Lin Suci say, “You always talk about bloodline, so I’m quite interested. As punishment, when you get the Lin family’s bloodline, and take out half of the blood in your body, give it to me.”

Lin Zhixi hesitated, and then nodded, “Deal.”

Anyway, he could not avoid it and could never mention it casually. If he could be completely separated from that, he would be relieved.

After all, to him, that was not so much a punishment, but a fulfillment.

Watching Lin Suci leave, Lin Zhixi still could not figure out why he let him go so lightly. He had so many questions.

Lin Suci had none. He confirmed with Yan Boshen that it was more appropriate to put the blood exchange for better use.

He surely could not stay in the Lin family.

In fact, seriously speaking, it was not safe for Lin Suci to go anywhere. Lin Bugui was an ancestor who was in the Judgment Stage. As long as he made a move, Lin Suci would not be able to escape anywhere else.

However, Lin Suci was unsure why, so far, Lin Bugui had only brought him into the small world for three years. After leaving the small world for so many days, Lin Suci was worried, but he was never taken away by any unexpected person.

After all, Lin Bugui was too powerful, and Lin Suci knew that the people around him could not compete with his greatness. If he had to face head-on, he would definitely be taken away by force.

Maybe it was the weight in comparison, but Lin Suci thanked Lin Bugui for not being tough to him.

His attitude was rude. Anyway, no one in the world could surpass Lin Bugui. SInce Lin Bugui was playing hard, no one should stop him. If he did not, Lin Suci would be a hooligan, and no one except Yan Boshen could stop him.

In that way, he was also slightly glad.

After discussing with Lin Zhixi and the others, Lin Suci decided to carry out blood exchange in the courtyard of Lin Zhixi’s uncle, Mr. Zuo.

First, they had to stay away from people. Secondly, it was an important place for Lin Zhixi, and thirdly… it was the place where he knew his owner’s identity.

If he thought about it, it was a place where he could reminisce about the old times.

Lin Suci generously asked Lin Zhixi to send a letter to the Lin family, and asked Lin Bugui to send someone to fulfill the promise.

Lin Bugui would definitely not come out to handle such trivial matters, so he was not too worried.

After confirming that matter, Lin Suci took Yan Boshen to the corner after the group arrived at the small bamboo yard that had been abandoned for many years, and whispered to him.

What he said was serious, but Yan Boshen was not listening attentively.. Yan Boshen’s attention was all on Lin Suci’s opening and closing mouth.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Boshen did not stop himself from restraining Lin Suci, grinding and tasting.

When Lin Suci was released, his ears were already red.

On Yan Boshen’s lower lip, there was a complete circle of small fang marks.

Lin Suci covered his red mouth and muffled, “Did you hear what I just said?”

Yan Boshen squinted contentedly. With a good temper, he asked, “What did you just say?”

Lin Suci’s face darkened.

Why was that person acting like he was hungry all day long when he started his meal? When he had nothing to do, all he thought about was that, causing Lin Suci to pretend that he was binge eating spicy food and got fired up for several days.

Now, he has done it. As long as there was some alone time, it did not matter if he had something to say or not, he would only let go if he overcame his addiction.

He did not even listen to what he said.

Seeing Lin Suci’s face darkened and puffed up, like a puffer fish, Yan Boshen’s heart skipped a beat. He reached out a hand to pinch his cheek, and then leaned in again, kissing Lin Suci till he was confused.

There were footsteps coming from the corner of the wall, and as soon as it approached, they heard Wan’er’s apology as she turned her head and left:


Lin Suci pushed Yan Boshen away with all his might. Lin Suci, who had always felt that he could win with his face alone, covered his face, and suddenly thought that he needed to practice his facial expression.

Yan Boshen leaned against the wall and smiled with peach blossom eyes that were as bright as dazzling stars.

“Boshen, I’m telling you something serious…” Lin Suci could not even show a serious face. After  being helpless for a long while, he finally stretched out his hands and grabbed Yan Boshen’s neck, shaking him.

He arranged Lin Zhixi to come to Mr. Zuo’s yard. The people there were Bai Qingkong, Shu Changyi, Buqi, Na Erdie, and Wan’er only.

Lin Suci thought simply, if he was unlucky, Lin Bugui would arrive. The other senior brothers and sisters of his family were not there, so at least there would be someone who could save him anyway.

As for Bai Qingkong’s side, he came alone. A group of people followed, so he just let it be.

In the end, Lin Zhixi had been depleted of spiritual energy for more than three months. He was very exhausted and weak. As soon as he came, he was carried into the room by Bai Qingkong and lay down.

While Wan’er and the others were cleaning the bathroom, Buqi was holding the sword and guarding the door with bright eyes, waiting for the arrival of the Lin family, who might fight them.

Lin Suci grabbed Yan Boshen and went to the corner to whisper some serious words to him several times, but he was always interrupted. Lin Suci could not continue, and simply swayed his hand as he returned to the main courtyard with his drooping shoulders.

Because of the need to change blood, Bai Qingkong cleaned Lin Zhixi in advance, and was now sitting graciously in the yard washing clothes for Lin Zhixi.

In the courtyard, it was peaceful and harmonious.

Lin Suci twitched the corner of his mouth, took out the Sansi sword that he had not used for a long time from the mustard seed, wiped the edge of the sword, and recalled the feeling of holding a sword again.

Yan Boshen came over and stood side by side with him.

His eyes fell on the Sansi sword, and his lips twitched.

The wind swayed. More than a dozen flying swords hovered in the sky and slowly landed.

Lin Suci took a deep breath and looked intently.

The dozen or so expressionless guests from the Lin family stood their ground, turning their heads to look at Lin Suci.

Lin Suci held the sword, looked at each other blankly, and blinked.

Shouldn’t it be time for them to see Lin Zhixi?

Before he turned his head around, the dozen or so Lin family members all knelt down on one knee in front of Lin Suci, and called out neatly, briefly and powerfully.

“Young master——”


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