My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 92


A hug after a three-year absence made Lin Suci jump in excitement, and climb up Yan Boshen with both hands and legs around him. He repeated, “Boshen Boshen Boshen Boshen Boshen!!!”

The dishevelled Lin Suci was still wearing the same underwear he had worn when he was called out in the middle of the night. He jumped on Yan Boshen, and shook desperately.

Different from the day in the small world, it was night in that familiar Jin family’s yard. The position where Lin Suci and Yan Boshen stood was still on the roof.

The bright moon was as round as a disc. The light was clear and the surrounding was cold.

Yan Boshen tightly wrapped his arms around the lost and returned kitten in his arms. His hug was so tight that Lin Suci could hardly breathe.

Lin Suci was intelligent. He did not dare to say a word at that moment, while he was hugging Yan Boshen and acting coquettishly for a while. The long-lost feeling of satisfaction when his spiritual energy filled his body made him change back into a cat shape, and he was very grateful to rub Yan Boshen with his fluffy face.

A person and a cat hugged each other for a long time, until Lin Suci sneezed fiercely.

Lin Suci lay on Yan Boshen’s deep shoulders, and unexpectedly found that under the moonlight, the roof was faintly whitened.


He rubbed his eyes.

The time flow there seemed to be different from that in the small world.

Yan Boshen wrapped Lin Suci with his sleeves, and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s winter. Don’t catch a cold.”

Yan Boshen jumped off the roof as he carried Lin Suci. The Jin family’s courtyard was quiet, except for a few swaying lamps by the corridor.

Yan Boshen did not say a word, and carried Lin Suci back to the room.

He methodically poured a pot of hot water, and put Lin Suci in it. Rolling up his sleeves, he washed, and rinsed Lin Suci’s fur.

Lin Suci’s two front paws rested on the side of the basin. His wet body shrunk to a thin strip. All the fur was sticking to his body. His ears trembled, and his slender tail was raised high behind him to facilitate Yan Boshen’s movements.

Yan Boshen lowered his gaze. The two candles lit in the room were some distance from the wooden basin, and the light was dim, making it difficult for Lin Suci to see.

He wagged his tail, jumped into the long towel spread out by Yan Boshen, and rubbed his wet fur. He hummed in a soft voice, “I’m sorry…”

Sir Cat rarely apologized, and accompanied by coquettish meowing, he lay on Yan Boshen’s lap, and showed his belly to Yan Boshen, like a lazy cat straightening its body.

Yan Boshen ignored him and dried Lin Suci’s fur.

Lin Suci thought for a while, if Yan Boshen was stupid and got kidnapped for three years… No, Yan Boshen would never be stupid, because it simply did not exist.

If Yan Boshen left him without a word for three years, how would he feel?

Probably thought he was completely abandoned, and swore to break all ties?

No, no, no, I can’t think that way here.

His Yan Boshen would definitely not do that.

Lin Suci flattered him by putting a paw on Yan Boshen’s shoulder. With a trembling ending, he voiced, “Meow~~~”

Yan Boshen took the long towel and brought Lin Suci to the bed.

Lin Suci rolled out and watched Yan Boshen turn his back to him, silently cleaning up the splashed ground. His tail wagged.

Wait, is he angry? Yan Boshen was so angry that he wants a cold war with me, right?!

Certainly! From dragging him out to the present, Yan Boshen had been ignoring him!!!

It was over.

Lin Suci fixedly looked at Yan Boshen’s busy back, hesitating to change back into his human form. The temperature had decreased, and the air was so cold that he shivered. He hurriedly thought of a trick.

The long-lost fluctuations of spirit energy made Lin Suci realize that he really could not give up. During the three years of ordinary life in the small world, even the rich and fulfilling days with the guqin, chess, calligraphy, painting, horseback riding, archery, reading and writing poetry, could not make up for the desire for cultivation bases.

The white tunic he wore before did not come into the room at all, but was burned with a click of Yan Boshen’s fingers. Only ashes were left on the fire.

As far as the eye could see, he had no clothing to cover himself.

Lin Suci hugged the blanket and hesitated, “Boshen, throw me some clothes.”

Thinking about it, now he was not the one who dared to walk around naked.

Yan Boshen finally turned to look at him. The deep look in his eyes made Lin Suci hurriedly shrink into the blanket, not daring to say anything.

He’s angry, really angry, not just the normal anger.

Lin Suci dared not let out a fart. He hid in the blanket and desperately tried to think, how should he coax at such time? He would not get spanked again, would he?

Lin Suci’s buttocks tightened.

Recalling the moment he made a mistake back then, Yan Boshen spanked his bottom to the point of no discussion.

If… If Yan Boshen could calm down, even though his butt would hurt, it did not seem to be so unbearable.

Lin Suci took a deep breath and patted his buttocks with a look of melancholy. For now, it seemed that he could only rely on that to put out the fire.

Lin Suci covered his head with the blanket, tugged, and pushed the blanket across, exposing his buttocks.

As soon as the warmth of the blanket left, his buttocks shrank due to the cold. He quickly put another trick to keep himself warm.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Suci suddenly felt his buttocks go cold, and poked a finger on his right side.

“What are you implying?”

Yan Boshen’s voice was faint, making it hard to hear him.

When Lin Suci heard that, he was immediately excited. Yan Boshen took the initiative to talk to him, which meant there was still hope! It was worth it for him to sacrifice his buttocks for the beating!

Lin Suci struggled and stretched his head out of the blanket. He patted his butt boldly, and said with awe, “I’ll let you beat me twice to calm down.” He was afraid that Yan Boshen would go out of hand with the attack, so he specifically warned, “You can only beat twice. Don’t hit too hard!”

Yan Boshen lowered his head. His eyes fell on Lin Suci’s butt, and he smiled coldly.

“Do you think beating you twice can end this?”

Lin Suci’s butt tightened again.

This angry? Beating twice is not enough for him either…

Lin Suci stammered, “It was Lin Zhixi’s doing. The mastermind is Lin Bugui. I’m just a poor little bully victim. You can’t take your anger on me.”

He was innocent!

“You hid it from me, and left with another person like having an appointment, yet you don’t pay attention to the trap…” Yan Boshen’s fingers poked hard on Lin Suci’s buttocks, with a cold face, “What will happen if you can’t come back?”

Lin Suci was in pain, but he did not dare to scream. He was aggrieved, “Aren’t I back now?”

He never wanted to, but what could he do? He himself had not confirmed his identity at that time, so how could he have guessed that Lin Zhixi actually had contact with Lin Bugui. He was wronged.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said those words, Yan Boshen’s expression was unpleasant.

The cold air emanating from him made Lin Suci’s heart trembled.

It’s over. I was thinking about sacrificing my butt to save my life just now, but now I think about it, I really can’t save myself.

Lin Suci silently covered his buttocks with the blanket. After thinking about it, he wrapped himself into a pupa with it, and stood up carefully.

Lin Suci, who was standing on the bed, was a bit taller than Yan Boshen. He was obviously condescending, but he felt aggrieved in his heart, and his aura looked weak. In front of Yan Boshen, he was like a child.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t check the safety. But I didn’t do it on purpose, and I don’t want it either.” Lin Suci frowned and said slowly, “And I also apologized, even letting you beat me to ease your anger.”

He had more things to say, but he could not continue. In the end, it was Yan Boshen who had been worrying about him and paid more effort.

However, he was not happy either.

Lin Suci’s face was indifferent, not at all naive like how he just offered his bottom and begging for mercy, instead, he was more stubborn at present.

Yan Boshen naturally heard that difference. His eyes were dark, and they were looking at Lin Suci. Like a knife’s blade, it was piercing to the heart.

“You are blaming me.”

He said slowly.

Lin Suci lowered his gaze, “No.”

The atmosphere became stiffer.

Lin Suci pursed his lips, and jumped off the bed with the blanket in his arms. Wrapped like a pupa, he tried to move around and brushed past Yan Boshen’s body, “It’s so late, I’ll talk about it tomorrow. You go to bed first, I won’t disturb you.”

Yan Boshen was furious. If he stayed any longer, he might have to quarrel. Lin Suci decided to avoid it first. Until the next day when he slightly calmed down, he could say whatever he wanted then.

Pupa Lin Suci just took two steps out, when his waist was tightly hooked with the blanket. He was shoved back with force, and fell back on the bed heavily.

Lin Suci almost saw the stars due to the fall.

This time, he’s really angry. Frowning and struggling out of the blanket, Lin Suci’s voice had no hint of expectance, “What are you doing!”

Since he was born, since he had memory, Yan Boshen had neither said his words in a rude way, nor deal with him the rough way.

That push was the first time ever.

He was angry, but Yan Boshen was even angrier than him. The young man in front of him had an ice-cold expression, and a storm of fury rolled in his eyes. He stared at Lin Suci, his back teeth gritted, and his jaw tense. Word by word, Yan Boshen asked, “Where are you going?”

Lin Suci was annoyed, “I’m going to sleep! You think it’s possible to go back to Lin Bugui’s little world?”

It was unknown which word stung Yan Boshen, he raised his hand and laid down layer after layer of enchantments, firmly encircling the place into one lonely palace. His eyes were as fierce as a lone wolf, desperate and despair.

“Don’t ever think of leaving me again!”


Lin Suci’s eyes met Yan Boshen’s. He was completely fearless just now, but after seeing the emptiness in Yan Boshen’s eyes, he shivered.

Yan Boshen gasped heavily, and a trace of red crept into his eyes.

When he was in the small world, he could contact Yan Boshen every three days. Why didn’t he find out that Yan Boshen had become so obsessed to the point of morbidity at that time?


Lin Suci suddenly lost his anger, and what followed was a subtle sourness in his heart. He tried to calm Yan Boshen down, and said slowly, “I didn’t want to leave. Calm down, let’s talk.”

Yan Boshen just looked at him quietly, motionless.

The room was filled with coercion from a high-level cultivator. That sub-coercion would never hurt Lin Suci, but at that moment, it made him a little bit hard to breathe.

Within the coercion, what Lin Suci felt was the sense of despair when absorbing spiritual energy.

Lin Suci pursed his lips, sat down on the blanket, and decided to stop everything that would irritate Yan Boshen.

He obviously just wanted to go out to sleep, why he made a fuss, as if he was lea… leav…

Lin Suci could not think about it anymore. He scratched his hair and sighed inexplicably.

What’s this situation all about now, huh?

After a while, Yan Boshen gradually calmed down.

“Did I scare you?”

In Yan Boshen’s voice, there was some regret.

Lin Suci thought about it for a while, and said euphemistically, “I’m just a little surprised. It turns out that you will lose your temper too.”

Lin Suci deliberately smiled and stretched out his hand, indicating a large distance, “You are this angry, but I am just this scared of you.”

When mentioning the second “this,” he showed the tip of his pinkie.

His emerald-green eyes were clear, and Lin Suci’s mouth curled into a smile. Although the smile was not huge, it was enough to make Yan Boshen completely calm down.

Yan Boshen stared at Lin Suci, who appeared to be relaxed in front of him. He raised his hand to cover his eyes, and his Adam’s apple rolled as he seemingly let out a whimper-like sigh.

Yan Boshen let go of his hands, took a step forward gently, put his arms around Lin Suci’s shoulders, and fell down, pressing Lin Suci to the bed without much force.

The person on Lin suci’s body was so heavy that he could barely move. Buried on the blanket, he struggled and gave up resolutely to Yan Boshen’s suppression.

Yan Boshen hugged him tightly. His cheeks were stuck to him, and his warm breath intersected with his. Slowly, Lin Suci’s previous grievance disappeared with the warmth of the hug.

He raised his arms and put his arms around Yan Boshen without saying a word. He only rubbed his cheeks against Yan Boshen’s neck, imitating the time when he was a cat.

“It’s my fault. I scared you, and I’m sorry.” Yan Boshen’s voice was muffled by Lin Suci’s ear, “I’m just… a little scared.”

Lin Suci’s heart was so soft that it was melting away. How could he still remember the decisive moment where he was so angry that he almost wanted to break ties? He quickly hugged Yan Boshen back and patted his back, “It’s my fault I didn’t think about your feelings. I’m sorry!”

What’s the hurry for. If there’s something to say, say it. These are clearly not it.

Lin Suci reflected on himself.

Yan Boshen raised his head and looked sideways. Their eyes met.

In those peach blossom eyes, the previous rage and the coldness of the wind and snow had disappeared, but it was still the swaying, bright, deep, and seductive intoxication that Lin Suci was familiar with.

Lin Suci blinked. He was just about to speak, when he suddenly found that Yan Boshen went silent, leaning his head toward Lin Suci.

His breath was on the tip of his nose.

It seems…a bit…too close?

Lin Suci held his breath and stared at Yan Boshen’s eyes. The green eyes were about to become cross-eyed as they stared at each other. As Yan Boshen got closer, Lin Suci’s head almost stopped moving.

Those eyes completely occupied Lin Suci’s sight.

A hand gently raised his chin.

Lin Suci slightly shivered, but he could not resist the strength of that hand, which firmly fixed him from any movement.

Lin Suci took a sigh of relief and dared not move. He watched as Yan Boshen got closer, and there was only a slight distance between those thin lips that looked icy.

“…Can I?”

Yan Boshen’s voice was a little hoarse and had a slight tremor. The trembling made Lin Suci’s back numb to the waist, and the muscles of his whole body tightened.

Can he…

Lin Suci’s head was dizzy. He seemed to understand when the two words were apart, but now that they were put together, he was unsure what Yan Boshen was talking about. His mind was just filled with Yan Boshen’s breath, and his attractive peach blossom eyes.

Soft lips slightly approached and pressed against his.

Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat. It was like a drum that lost its rhythm, beating frantically that his chest might explode. His whole body was immersed in sudden numbness.

Dizzy, Lin Suci slowly realized that Yan Boshen’s icy-looking lips were so hot they were about to burn and melt him when they pressed against his.

Yan Boshen did not flinch, quietly pressing lip to lip. There was a tremble at the lips, but it was unsure it was him, or him.

After a while, Yan Boshen’s lips released his, moved his lips away. The tip of their noses, and he sighed, “Idiot, take a breather.”

Take a breather?

Lin Suci realized later that he was holding his breath till then. It was not an illusion that his chest was about to explode.

He hurriedly took deep breaths. His oxygen-deficient head was dizzy, and there was almost black light in front of him.

Yan Boshen seemed to be smiling, “…Silly guy.”

Lin Suci was indignant. What do you mean “silly”? He was nothing, but pure and flawless! He never experienced that battle, so he was just afraid.

On the contrary, Yan Boshen was like a skilled worker, because he was not at all rusty and cramped.

Before he revealed his suspicions, Lin Suci only felt a pain in his chin. Yan Boshen had already hooked his chin hard, then leaned down and pressed Lin Suci’s lips again.

That time, it was not the satisfaction that could be dispelled by a light touch. Yan Boshen hooked Lin Suci with hand, turned him over and hugged him. He pressed his head against his, absorbing his temperature, his heartbeat.

Lin Suci was completely stunned.

Everything about him was in Yan Boshen’s grasp, and he was constantly plundering him, making him in a daze. They were getting frivolous, when Lin Suci felt a hand caressing his *anal cleft (*T/N: also known as the butt crack). Lin Suci struggled immediately.

I’m going to be screwed!

The alarm in the kissed Lin Suci’s head was ringing hard.  He struggled under Yan Boshen’s palm, trying to speak, but his lips were tightly locked, so he could only let out short moans.

Yan Boshen’s kiss was so domineering that Lin Suci had no chance to struggle.

Lin Suci’s back trembled, and the hand went down his waist, drawing circles little by little as Lin Suci shuddered all over.

Stop playing! End right here! Don’t you think it’s too stimulating all of a sudden!!!

Lin Suci struggled to escape, and could only express his shock and horror with his eyes.

The green eyes were stained with a layer of water mist, and when he stared at Yan Boshen, there were grievances. Embarrassment was also hidden within.

Yan Boshen took a deep breathe, and directly turned Lin Suci over, pinning him on the bed. His movements became a lot more wilful.

Lin Suci could not even groan. It was his first time in his two lifetimes that he experience something so exciting. Even tears were dripping out of him.

Fortunately, Yan Boshen’s actions did not go further. Lin Suci felt slightly more secure. His foggy head was slightly awake, and then he realized that Yan Boshen, who had always been cold and self-controlled, had a disordered rhythm. He was panting heavily, and the corners of his eyes were slightly red. He was in a mess.

Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat. He raised his hand and hooked Yan Boshen’s neck, and took the initiative to lick and nibble on him.

Yan Boshen seemed to groan. His Adam’s apple rolled down, and then stopped, letting Lin Suci turn the tables on him and igniting his fire.

The clothes on Yan Boshen’s body were already messy, and Lin Suci could not touch him. In a fit of anger, he rolled over and overwhelmed Yan Boshen again. Sitting on his waist, he tugged Yan Boshen’s belt in a hurry, and impatiently. Yes, he could not wait.

Yan Boshen indulged Lin Suci and actively cooperated to make Lin Suci’s movements smoother.

Yan Boshen’s figure was much muscular than Lin Suci’s, with clear texture of the muscles. Lin Suci simply could not take his attention away. How many years had he wasted and embarrassed himself? It was time for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The fire on the candle swayed. Its flame core jumped and swayed, dripping wax piled up on the candlestick. The candle was burned till it was left with only a circle. With the tilt of the moonlight outside, it became darker. Finally, with a slight shake, the flame core quietly went out.

The silence of the night returned to the room.

Lin Suci did not want to sleep at all when he first returned. In the small world, it was only the daytime, and he was not drowsy at all. However, who knew that there was an unexpected harvest that could consume physical and mental energy when he was back? He slept soundly with Yan Boshen in his arms, and when he woke up, he almost forgot the status quo and got up, wanting to go to the library immediately.

When he saw Yan Boshen with naked shoulders on his side, he was suddenly conscious.

That was not the small world. He was no longer the little cat who was caught going to study for the imperial examination in order to bug Lin Bugui.

He was back…

…Brought from the small world by Yan Boshen.

And then, they…

Lin Suci’s eyes fell on Yan Boshen’s collarbone. With two clear tooth marks on it, it made him very proud.

His teeth were so healthy!

Yan Boshen looked at him quietly, with more meaning in his eyes.

The person who lent him a helping hand last night was right in front of him, so Lin Suci did not have much embarrassment and raised his hand calmly, “Morning.”

Yan Boshen stood up and put a seal on the corner of Lin Suci’s lips, “…Morning.”

The warmth at that moment only lasted for an hour. When Lin Suci got up and went out, he found that only three months had passed there. The smile on the corner of his mouth stiffened.

Three months?

Looking at Yan Boshen’s performance last night, he almost thought it was thirty years!

It was only the beginning of winter. Ruan Linggu and Huilian were wrapped thickly like sables, but Xu Wuwang was wearing a thin single coat, completely feeling the chill of the place.

When Lin Suci was brought back, the brothers and sisters were so moved that they hugged and rubbed him. When Ruan Linggu ruffled through his hair, she almost cried, “Little ancestor, if you don’t come back, we almost want to hold your funeral, you know?”

Lin Suci scoffed, “Of course I know that Senior Sister loves me deeply, but there’s no need for the funeral. I can’t bear it either.”

Before Ruan Linggu could put away the emotion on her face, she pinched the back of Lin Suci’s neck, causing Lin Suci to grin in pain.

In the past three months, the Jin family’s yard has changed a lot.

Lin Zhixi, who deceived Lin Suci, was locked up the whole time. In the basement cultivation room, he was isolated from the intake of all spiritual energy, and was continuously extracted instead. However, that was obviously more torture than death.

Bai Qingkong was rewarded with a medicine, and he had not woken up since.

Only Na Erdie was not issued anything. She even made some effort while Yan Boshen was searching for Lin Suci.

“Little brother, Young Master Lin is going too far. How could he team-up with outsiders to bully you?” Wan’er mistakenly thought that the bruises under his eyes were due to abuse in that small world, so she felt very pity.

Lin Suci waved his hand, “He is not one of ours anyway. The person on the opposite side might not be an outsider to him.”

An ancestor of the Lin family who could change his bloodline, an outsider whose blood relation was unsure of, Lin Zhixi’s choice was nothing bad.

It was just that he betrayed Lin Suci, framed Lin Suci.

Lin Suci revealed a sinister smile, “Give me the key. I’ll go meet this Young, Master, Lin, to— show my gratitude.”

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