My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 91


Lin Suci slept in the coffin for most of the day. It was getting dark, and the girls searched everywhere, but found no one. They finally knocked on the coffin and found Lin Suci, who was sleeping in a ball.

Sleeping in a coffin was such a shocking thing, but they were not surprised at all. They coaxed out the depressed Lin Suci with a smile, and covered the coffin without looking sideways, even asking him if he wanted to put a soft cushion inside.

The coffin that Lin Suci slept in for most of the day suddenly became valuable, not to mention how many soft cushions, blankets and small pillows were added to the coffin itself. However, in the veranda, a layer of partition was added, and a layer of curtains was fixed. Melons and fruit refreshments were placed around, and the floor was covered with thick cushions, almost turning into a small room.

Lin Suci yawned and watched the quick-handed servants in the yard spent half an hour tidying up the place. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he smiled lazily.

What the owner of his family said was right.

It was not as different as what he expected.

That was not a mortal world at all, nor was it anywhere in the realm of cultivation.

There, it was a small world built by Lin Bugui alone.

He had long suspected, what kind of mortal world, without the support of spiritual energy, could erase the memories of all the servants of dozens or hundreds of people. Not to mention, no matter what he did, those servants did not have the slightest doubt, but obey.

Unless those people got some hints.

That town was very big, and there were people everywhere. Local people, who were engaged in business and trade, people who performed tricks for income, and more. They were lively and it was different every day, as if they had their own life events happening everywhere.

In such a big town, Lin Suci finished his tour, and searching everywhere, he could not find any trace of fake. Everyone was alive and full of the breath of life. There were also traces of the lives of generations in the town, quaint memories were everywhere.

If he only observed from there, Lin Suci could not find any problems.

All the problems were not outside, only in the Lin family’s house, and Lin Bugui.

After all those days with his probe, the servants were always obeying Lin Suci’s every word no matter how absurd his request was. They would all smile and agree. As for Lin Bugui, he did not seem to have any problems, spending every day like a simple daily life. If it was not for twice of his accidental omissions, it would be hard for Lin Suci to think that such a living world was built by him alone, a false world.

That’s too powerful.

After Lin Suci determined the falsity of that world, he could not help clapping for Lin Bugui.

During the early days in the Cardinal Sect, Qing Fou gave him a lecture. He once talked about what kind of extent a cultivator could achieve.

At the time, he asked, how far should he go to create a world of his own.

Qing Fou directly said that in the whole world, it was possible to create a world of one’s own, a completely fresh one. But, only one person could do it.

He did not ask then, and now, he knew the answer.

In the world, the only person who could do it was Lin Bugui.

An ancestor of the Judgment Stage, whose cultivation base was unknown, could construct such a world where everything seemed real.

Everything seemed true…

But they were actually fakes…

Lin Suci’s mood was very complicated.

To build such a world, it was definitely not the work of a day or two, nor could it be supported by a little bit of spiritual energy.

Not going off-topic, he could say that there were more than ten thousand people living in that town alone. Everyone, all livestock and beasts, flowers and trees, houses and buildings, and even the rising and setting of the sun, were all maintained by Lin Bugui’s spiritual energy.

Every moment, everything that had life, or no life, was consuming Lin Bugui’s spiritual energy.

And after they entered, all that had never stopped running.

Lin Suci did not dare to estimate how much spiritual energy was consumed in it. At least it was hundreds or even thousands of times the sum of the spiritual energy of his two cultivation practices.

An ancestor, who was in the Judgement Stage, had to prepare for ascension anyway. If he did not accumulate spiritual energy and wasted it in such a small world, Lin Suci really was clueless of what he was thinking.

It was obviously not worth it, or at least, it should never be.

However, Lin Suci could not go and tell Lin Bugui in person, like ‘stop your little world, it’s a waste.’

Sigh, why bother.

Lin Suci did not sleep well that night.

He always dreamed of Yan Boshen, reaching out to catch him, but failing to do so, Lin Bugui held his waist tightly behind him, making him unable to move.

After waking up, Lin Suci sat on the bed clutching his hair. He held her head and sighed again.

What to do.

Should he lie down in the coffin again?

As soon as Lin Suci thought about it, he denied it himself.


He could not let Lin Bugui find out that he often went to lie in the coffin. What if he found out its secret?

Lin Suci was fortunate. He was just causing a ruckus when he wanted the coffin back out of nowhere. The coffin was naturally deadly. In that small world without spiritual energy, it naturally isolated everything from the outside world and blocked all vitality from the outside. Likewise, the deadness inside could not be emitted.

It was because of that that he was able to catch the news from Yan Boshen in the coffin.

It was a pity that he could not continue receiving messages after leaving the coffin.

However, after thinking about it, if he left that small world earlier, he would be able to return to Yan Boshen’s side.

Lin Suci remembered the news he had exchanged with Yan Boshen when he was lying in the coffin.

Yan Boshen’s hand had always been able to catch Lin Suci’s presence, but he could not take him away from the small world, nor could he squeeze himself into the small world without the recognition of the world’s master.

He could only rely on Lin Suci.

Yan Boshen told Lin Suci that the small world had its advantages. If he wanted to come out of the small world, he must break the cognition of the world’s master.

That was a world constructed by the world’s master. Everything in it was its master’s cognition. If something shook the master’s cognition, then that small world would shake.

Lin Suci thought about it, how could he make Lin Bugui not recognize that small world?

“Young master, it’s time to get up. The kitchen has cooked delicious fish porridge for you.”

The maid opened the curtains and came in, smiled and helped Lin Suci with dressing and washing. Then, Lin Suci was sent to the main hall to have dinner with Lin Bugui.

That was their usual habit.

In fact, Lin Bugui had a good temper.

Lin Suci has several hours of contact with him every day. Although he had a lot of resentment towards Lin Bugui for forcibly bringing him there, he simply could not find fault in Lin Bugui as a human being.

Lin Bugui, a thousand-year-old ancestor who was in the Judgment Stage, could be said to have known everything when he was with Lin Suci.

They would eat together every day, and in an hour or two, Lin Bugui would take him to go fishing, make a bamboo raft, play in the shallow lake, pick lotus pods, and pick lotus leaves. Sometimes, it was to tell him stories of the transformation of worlds, living in the cracks of time.

Every day, they changed the way they played. Lin Suci, who had been immersed in cultivation in the past, had never had such time to play, so he stayed vigilant, while being immersed.

It was the same now. After dinner, Lin Bugui took Lin Suci to the walnut tree, took a long bamboo stick, and poked the green fruits on the walnut tree.

Lin Suci suddenly forgot about his business, and excitedly hit the walnut fruits. When the servant handed over the ladder, he climbed up to the tree branch, hugged the branch and shook it. The green walnut fruits fell to the ground as he laughed.

Lin Bugui taught Lin Suci how to peel walnuts, and taught him to grind the walnuts into powder. He then took sesame seeds, ground them into powder and mixed them together. They were put in a sealed jar, and used for tea-brewing.

Until the afternoon, Lin Suci finally found out that he wasted most of the day that day.

Pleasure-seeking undermines lofty aspirations, indeed.

I have to maintain my original nature. Don’t get lost and lose yourself!

Taking advantage of Lin Bugui’s inattentiveness, Lin Suci turned his back and slapped his cheeks. It was not heavy, but it hurt a little.

In the afternoon, the Lin family’s house was very lively, because they were afraid that Lin Suci would be bored, so there were a group of singers, storytellers, and dancers in the courtyard.

They were on the stage in the east courtyard. A group of performers sang and danced, and the tunes were dragged so long that Lin Suci, who was sitting on the opposite, holding a teacup, felt drowsy.

“Don’t like it?” Lin Bugui, who was sitting beside him, smiled and whispered to him, “Should we change to something else?”

What was being sung on the stage was the tragic story of a female scholar.

That story, which Lin Suci had seen many times, was a beautiful development imagined and created by mortal scholars. In the play, there was the marriage to a sweet wife and a scholar who brought in beautiful concubines. Most of the scholars in the play were determine to obtain the top three in the imperial examinations, so they could be top picks and have a rise in their career. However, the scholars who wrote those operas usually failed to succeed in many trials, and considered themselves underappreciated, so they lived a life with ups and downs. They were unable to marry a wife, and were constantly going to the brothel to build a husband-and-wife-like relationship with the girls there.

Lin Suci felt very bored, he was just yawning when he was suddenly shocked.

“I find it interesting!” Lin Suci’s eyes were green, and in his deep eyes, they shone brightly. Even so, no one had ever questioned Lin Suci’s green eyes.

The initial setting of the world was to put everything about Lin Suci into it, and everything about him was the default rule.

Lin Suci put down the teacup, pointed at the scholar hugging the young lady on the stage, and raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you say that you want me to take the imperial examinations? I find it interesting now, can I take the exam??”

That proposal was obviously beyond Lin Bugui’s expectations, and he rarely had a bit of surprise on his face, so he immediately covered it up. The corner of his lips curled upwards, “If you are interested, of course you can.”

Lin Suci did what he said.

About the imperial examination, he only knew the general process.

However, that would not affect anything. As long as he thought, everything in that small world would fully configure what he wanted for him.

Lin Suci’s study suddenly had a lot of Four Books and Five Classics (Confucian classics: “Poetry”, “Book”, “Rite”, “Yi”, “Spring and Autumn”). All the books used in the imperial examinations, and even many cases of exam papers from previous sessions were neatly placed in a cabinet, waiting for him to read.

Lin Suci sat on the side of the table for only a quarter of an hour, flipped through the Four Books (namely “The Great University”, “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “The Analects”, “Mencius”), and was in a drowsy state when the door was knocked open.

The person who walked in was Lin Bugui, in white.

He had a book rolled up in his hand.

Lin Suci looked at him blankly, “Is something wrong?”

“If you want to take the imperial examination, you can’t do it without a teacher.” Lin Bugui sat down opposite Lin Suci, lifted his sleeves, and showed a gentle smile, “I’ll teach you.”

Lin Bugui was a good teacher, at least for Lin Suci. Among the teachers in the past, only Yan Boshen could be his match in terms of patience.

Yan Boshen had endless patience with him. As always, no matter how wrong or outrageous Lin Suci was, he could calmly catch Lin Suci back and correct him little by little.

Lin Bugui was actually not much worse than Yan Boshen.

The Four Books and the Five Classics were all areas that Lin Suci had never been exposed to before. Lin Bugui was afraid that he would be bored, so he taught him to write and draw at the same time, even asking his servants to find a guqin (a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument) to teach Lin Suci play strings.

How novel. Chess, guqin, calligraphy and painting!

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, and his interest also perked up.

Fortunately, there was always a string in his head. No matter how good or accommodating Lin Bugui was to him, he could pretend to be unreasonable and take the opportunity to lie down in the coffin.

Lin Suci slept in the coffin, told Yan Boshen everything that happened there, and teased, “Boshen Boshen, he is so nice. I’m too embarrassed to lose my temper with him. Do you think I should forget it, and just spend life with him here?”

The gold light did not write for a long time.

Lin Suci was afraid that Yan Boshen would take it seriously, so she smiled and said, “Should I tell him to let you in, go to the imperial examinations together, and see who can be the top pick to get the princess a son-in-law?”

The gold light slowly drew a stroke.

The first answer was for the first question he said.

You. Dare.

Lin Suci covered his mouth and trembled with laughter in the coffin.

The two words slowly dissipated, followed by a sentence.

You get the top grade in the imperial examination. I will get the son-in-law while being out of the list.

Lin Suci looked at the line of words, and his eyes narrowed with a smile.

It was a pity that he could not stay in the coffin for too long, otherwise Lin Bugui would definitely find out the odds there.

Lin Suci was reluctant to leave. He curled himself into a ball in the coffin, rolled abruptly, and said softly, “Boshen, I miss you a little.”

He had been there for a long time, and there was only one Lin Bugui by his side to get along with him day and night.

Lin Bugui was too kind to him.

Not to mention, there were many ways that Lin Bugui’s good treatment were very similar to those of Yan Boshen.

The better Lin Bugui treated him, the more he could not help thinking about Yan Boshen.

The golden light seemed to tremble a little.

AS if it was struggling, the strokes were much slower.

Me. Too.

Lin Suci felt that he must leave earlier.

The last time he left Yan Boshen for three years, even being isolated, he did not feel much. They had never been separated for a long time, but that time they were away for so long that Lin Suci was really anxious.

I can’t go on like this anymore.

The next day, Lin Suci went to Lin Bugui’s room.

Lin Bugui’s performance over the past few days was like the most ordinary scholar. He loved to read books, play games by himself, occasionally make a pot of tea, and sit under the shade of bamboo to take a nap.

Lin Suci had never set foot in his room once.

That was the first time.

The servant welcomed him in, and Lin Suci was surprised to find that since it was obviously the main courtyard, the place where Lin Bugui lived was much simpler than him.

In the room, there was a table, a chair, a couch and a bed, nothing else.

It was nearly empty, and there was almost no trace of humanity.

Just like Lin Bugui, it was illusory and could not be predicted.

Lin Bugui was a little surprised. He was sitting behind the desk and was writing. Putting down the pen and getting up, his eyes were gentle, “Why did you take the initiative to come to me this time? What are you thinking about?”

Lin Suci was ashamed.

Every time he took the initiative to look for Lin Bugui, he had a crooked mind, either drugging him or hitting him with a stick, even though he never succeeded once, even though Lin Bugui could bear with a smile every time.

But in the end, every time he was not innocent.

That time, it was the same.

Lin Suci sat opposite Lin Bugui. His eyes flickered, “I just came to tell you that I want to go to the academy to study.”

Lin Bugui’s hand paused, “Oh? Why did you want to go out? Am I not good in teaching?”

Lin Suci really could not say that Lin Bugui did not teach well. On the contrary, even if he did not understand anything, he knew that Lin Bugui was a hard-to-find good teacher.

He was able to take the initiative to raise his interest, to mix and spread the knowledge in books, to cite scriptures and classics, to compile short paragraphs, and all kinds of tricks that hooked his desire for learning. During the period, Lin Bugui still spent free time with him, pitching pots, practicing the instrument and horse riding, civil and martial arts, combining work and rest. Even Lin Suci, whose impure mind was full of excuses, was brought in, and all the knowledge he had learned was put into his head.

Lin Suci patted his chest, and it could be concluded that there was no second teacher in the world like Lin Bugui, because he was the best.

It was just that he was not a good student.

His purpose was not to learn.

“Of course not, it’s just that I’m going to get in touch with the atmosphere of the academy. I stay at home all day, which was suffocating.” Lin Suci played with a brush pen in the pen holder. It was a good pen, but he just dispersed all the hair away.

Lin Bugui turned a blind eye to his actions, and let the restless cat spoil his pen.

He only said warmly, “But the academy in the town is on a mountain thirty miles away. If you go, I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay at home.”

Lin Suci thought, isn’t this exactly what I want.

In his mouth, he said in a high-sounding manner, “It just so happens that I want to experience the fun of accommodation.”

Seeing that his decision had been made, Lin Bugui did not dissuade him. As always, he condoned all of Lin Suci’s decisions.

“If so, go if you want. But, I’ll pick you up every three days, and stay home for a day.”

Lin Suci would not foolishly ask why the academy had a vacation every three days. Anyway, all the rules and regulations there were decided by the person in front of him.

Lin Suci heaved a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that Lin Bugui would object. Fortunately, Lin Bugui completely indulged him.

Lin Suci could not help but said more, “Fortunately, you are not my biological father. If you were my biological father, you would have to spoil me too much.”

Lin Bugui pressed his fist to his lips and smiled, “Xiao Ci is a good boy. You can’t get spoilt.”

He did not deny him the identity of pretending to be his biological father.

Lin Suci rolled his eyes, “I’m going to go to school now, so I need to have an identity. At home, they’ve been calling me ‘young master’ here and there. When I go to the academy, what if they asked, what’s my relationship with the Lin family’s master? What should I say?”

Lin Bugui: “You can say whatever you want.”

Lin Suci blinked, “Father?”

Lin Bugui frowned, and calmly responded.

He said too soon, and there was an extra biological father.

Fortunately, his biological father was reliable and managed everything well for Lin Suci, so he did not give him any worries.

Going to the academy was just a small plan of Lin Suci. He successfully went out and came back one day every three days, and he felt that it was fine. Anyway, he also wanted to come back and talk to his biological father, and hang out with his biological owner.

Time flew, and Lin Suci has been in the academy for almost three years. It was time for him to take the exam.

In the town, there were no qualifications for taking the examination, so Lin Suci had to go to the state capital to take the township examination, which was the first time he went abroad in the past three years.

He made friends with a large number of classmates in the academy. When the time came, he went to the township exam and travelled together.

Lin Suci declined Lin Bugui’s request to accompany him. He said confidently, “I’m all grown-up now, so there’s no reason for my parent to accompany me to the exam!”

Lin Bugui did not blink, “I’m not your father, but your brother.”

Lin Suci: “…”

Oh my, after calling him father for three years, he turned into a brother immediately?

Lin Suci had the ability to make excuses, “Brother, even if you are my elder brother, you are also a parent. How will my image be if you accompany me there?!”

Lin Bugui’s eyes flickered, “Could it be that you are still thinking of escaping from here?”

Lin Suci pretended not to hear the leak in his words, and deliberately felt guilty. He straightened himself, “In a state capital, how can there be cultivation sects around? Where can I escape to! Since I have studied for three years, how can I not take the exam?”

Lin Bugui looked at him, “…If so, then as long as you’re happy.”

That being said, when it was Lin Suci’s turn to prepare for the exam, Lin Bugui prepared a boat of servants for him.

On that day, Lin Suci, who was like a cheeky monkey among the students, became the weak scholar who lived a leisure life.

He was also a golden ingot doll.

The first thing Lin Suci did when he arrived at the state capital was to roll up his sleeves to find the coffin shop, and let the servants carry a good cedar coffin back to the inn.

The inn did not allow Lin Suci to bring the coffin in, no matter how much money he gave.

Lin Suci felt wealthy. After all, he was spending Lin Bugui’s money. He directly asked his servants to buy a small yard, and did not ask for anything, as long as they could carry the coffin in.

The people in the state capital were full of curiosity and differences towards Lin Suci, but the servants who came out of the Lin family’s courtyard were not affected at all as they tidied up the coffin neatly.

Lin Suci could not wait to lie in there.

When he was in the state capital, he wanted to sleep in the coffin every day, but Yan Boshen reminded him not to underestimate Lin Bugui. If he gave him a little clue, he would be able to find the strangeness within.

Lin Suci also knew that Lin Bugui looked so gentle, but he was not a harmless person. He had to think it through.

In the coffin, Lin Suci only lay in it five times in the past month, same as when he was in town.

At first glance, it seemed like a habit of sleeping in a coffin at home, so getting one was no different.

Lin Suci went off to the exam hall, and lay down in the coffin after the exam. He smiled and said to Yan Boshen, “If I’m not a cultivator, just an ordinary person, since I’m so smart, and can do both literary and martial, maybe I can become a legendary treacherous court official for generations to come.”

The golden light trembled.

As if wanting to write something, but could not figure out how.

Lin Suci’s eyes widened with a smile, and he said, “At that time, I will sell a hundred maids to sing, a hundred servants to dance, a hundred cooks to cook seafood every day, and a hundred Yan Boshens to massage my shoulders, legs and feet!”

The golden light slowly made its strokes.

You. Sure. You. Want. One. Hundred. Of. Me?

Lin Suci rubbed his chin, “Well, it’s a bit too much, but if it’s Boshen, I won’t dislike having a lot.”

The golden light continued.

Good. When. The. Time. Comes—— Your. Wish. Is. My. Command.

Lin Suci shuddered and sneezed fiercely.

He rubbed his nose, always feeling a little cold inside the coffin, and crawled out of it.

Lin Suci played recklessly in the state capital for a month. He wrote a letter to Lin Bugui, asking Lin Bugui to come to the state capital.

Lin Bugui received the letter and naturally went there with joy.

Meanwhile, Lin Suci prepared a huge surprise for him.

In the courtyard of the single-family house, Lin Bugui was tired due to the long journey, and before he could take a breath, Lin Suci came back from outside.

“Father… Ah, brother!” Lin Suci’s eyes sparkled, “I got my grades, I passed the exam!”

Lin Bugui paused for a moment while undoing the cloak. He reached out to pat Lin Suci’s hair bun, “That’s awesome.”

“There’s one more thing.”

Lin Suci looked sheepish.

Lin Bugui untied his cloak and asked with a smile, “What does our future champion want to say?”

Lin Suci smiled, “Actually, it’s not a big deal. It’s just when I took the exam here, I met someone. I want to marry the daughter of the Bo family, the head of the government.”

Lin Bugui’s eyes trembled, and his unprepared heart was full of uncertainty. His face was filled with confusion, “How is this possible…”

At that moment, the air in front of Lin Suci twisted a few airflows.

He was suspicious!

The world had cracked.

A hand appeared in the atmosphere, tightly hooking Lin Suci’s waist, hugging him, and dragging Lin Suci out of the twisted world in an instant!

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