My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 90


Lin Bugui did not really scare Lin Suci.

That place was Jiaoyu Town, which was the largest town in Ten Miles and Eight Towns. It was also an economic town with a relatively concentrated population and a commercial dock. Compared with smaller cities, it was not inferior.

The Lin family was huge.

In the eastern outskirts of the town, it covered an area of ​​ten acres, with houses in Gangnam style. Rockeries with flowing water, small lakes with ash willows, and balconies were everywhere. There were many clusters of flower beds.

In such a huge Lin family, there were only two masters and over a hundred servants.

The master was Lin Bugui, and the young master was Lin Suci.

The only thing that Lin Suci was happy about was that Lin Bugui did not live in the same courtyard with him. Lin Bugui lived in the main courtyard, and he lived in the Dongkua courtyard beside. Although it was close, at least they were not in the same place. That sense of distance gave him a certain degree of safety.

The maids who served him and the servants who accompanied him outside were all ordinary people. The only strange thing was that everyone felt that they raised Lin Suci from a young age, so their attitude was naturally friendly and respectful.

All kinds of fresh fish, shrimps, crabs and shellfish were prepared in the kitchen all day long, all of which Lin Suci liked.

In the whole family, everyone’s attitude was normal, normal like always. The more it was so, the more Lin Suci felt that something was wrong.

He was blindly abducted to the Lin family there, and Lin Zhixi disappeared. There was no one he knew, and he did not want to communicate with Lin Bugui at all. He suddenly became an orphan.

That was definitely not his home. Those servants might have been casted with spells, faking their memories. The most urgent task was to figure out where he was, what coordinate it was, and how far he was from the nearest sect of cultivation, so he could ask for help.

While Lin Bugui was away, he kept inquiring about news, but unfortunately, there was not a single word that Lin Suci could hear from the mouths of those servants.

The Lin family had been there for generations, and the present generation had only two masters, the master and the young master. The young master was brought back by the master when he was born. They did not make contact like a parent and child, but rather like brothers.

Whatever rumors about the master loving the young master, or the master giving the best to the young master… Everyone outside was a liar.

Even the old cook in the kitchen, who was good at cooking pickled fish and sauerkraut, said to Lin Suci while cutting ginger, “…Young master is no longer a child, and will definitely go out to make friends in the future. But Young Master must remember that the people outside are not pure in mind. They want to use you, deceive you, and ruin your thoughts. The only person in this world who can be trusted is the master.”

He just went there to ask ‘The fish is so fresh, where did it come from?’, yet Lin Suci got that kind of answer.

Lin Suci bit the carrot with a swipe, and its sound was very clear. Sitting on the small stool, he listened to the cook’s babbling words. Eating his carrots, he said slowly, “Oh.”

Anything he spoke could be related to the master, so there was no way to ask it there.

Lin Suci finished eating a carrot, took a handful of fried chestnuts, got up and turned to the garden.

The old servant, who watered and pruned the branches and leaves, was old, so his hearing was not the best.

Lin Suci asked him loudly, “Mister, do you know how to get out of this town?”

The old man tremblingly stopped the hand of pruning the flower branches, and said loudly, “Young master, what were you saying? You want to eat steamed cornbread?”

Lin Suci raised his voice and shouted, “How do you leave this town! To! Another! Place!”

“The steamed cornbread is in the kitchen! Kitchen!” The old man pointed his finger at the kitchen and smiled kindly, “Young master, you really can’t do anything without the master. You are still a child. Young master, you are very young, so you have to be obedient and listen to the master’s words.”

Lin Suci could not make any sense from that, so he turned and left.

Damn that steamed cornbread.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Suci stopped a middle-aged man who looked like a housekeeper. He had a steamed cornbread in his hand.

“Uncle, do you know where this is and how I can get out of here?”

The man who looked like a housekeeper laughed along with him, “Young master, are you bored? The master loves you, and he was afraid that you would be bored early on, so he made a special trip to ask us lowly servants to arrange some relief for you. I will be your opera-singing trainer. After two hours, should I bring young master to the yard to relieve your boredom?”

Lin Suci was expressionless, “No need, thank you.”

Everyone involved ‘master’ in everything. He could only say the simplest instructions, only including daily life, so they could give the correct response. Otherwise, they would go ‘master’ here and there.

Has this master bewitched all of you!

Lin Suci held his steamed cornbread in his mouth and leaned against the lacquered pillars on the veranda with his arms folded. He carefully looked around and felt that his guess was most likely the truth.

It was a pity that he had no spiritual energy, so he could not pass the news to Yan Boshen.

Otherwise, even in the mortal world, the owner of his family would tear between dimensions just to pick him up.

It was all up to him now.

Lin Suci ruffled his hair, saw someone in the courtyard with his sharp eyes, raised his hand and beckoned, “Hey, you, come here. Yes, you right there.”

It was a little servant with a broom. He ran over and bowed anxiously, “Young master.”

Lin Suci looked at him, met the thin young man, and grinned, “Want to make some money?”

“I don’t want to.” The boy shook his head honestly.

Lin Suci’s smile froze. After taking back his smile, he spoke, expecting no refusal, “No, you want to.”

The little servant was at a loss, “…Then, I want to.”

“Good.” Lin Suci rubbed his chin, “So, take me out. We’ll go shopping, and I’ll give you one hundred taels of silver, how about that?”

The boy’s eyes lit up, and immediately agreed, “Yes, young master!” The boy threw the broom and left the courtyard happily.

Lin Suci hid there and waited for the servant to return.

After they went out, the first thing Lin Suci had to do was use the jade pendant on his waist as money to buy a horse, keep galloping along the road. He would eventually find the next town.

That was the mortal world. He had no spiritual energy, and so did Lin Bugui. Without relying on spiritual energy, he would still definitely be able to escape with his ability. As long as he escaped Lin Bugui’s grasp, he would be free.

As for how to return to the cultivation world, he had to wait until he was out.

Lin Suci planned it very well.

After he finally waited for that little servant, Lin Suci was dumbfounded.

The little servant who was hunched over in front laughed along with him, and said excitedly, “Young master, your lowly servant has arranged for you!”

Immediately behind the servant were a housekeeper, two stewards, five to six servants, and seven to eight hired thugs.

Lin Suci’s eyes darkened.

“Young master, do you want to go out for a walk? It’s not safe outside these two days. For your safety, you need to take more people with you when you go out.” The butler chuckled, “It’s safer to stay with the master.”

Lin Suci thought about it. Weren’t they just twenty side characters? What if he was allowed to escape?

He endured the humiliation and accepted the outing.

Five to six little servants and four maids surrounded the high carriage, and the seven or eight hired thugs behind them rode big horses, armed with long halberds and short knives, with slingshots and small crossbows around their waists.

Lin Suci patted his chest.

Endure it, endure it, maybe there’s a chance to escape.

Lin Suci stepped on the footstool and climbed into the high carriage.

The groom opened the curtains…

…revealing the young man in white sitting in the middle.

His smile was gentle and his pupils were clear, as if looking at a naughty child, feeling helpless and tolerant.

Lin Suci’s movements stiffened and he went silent for a long time. Then, he turned around and left.

His movements were not as fast as the groom and servants. The groom pushed him into the carriage, even the one in charged of the footstool removed it. In the blink of an eye, Lin Suci and Lin Bugui were already staring at each other.

Lin Suci was unsure what to say.

It had been two days since he was brought to the Lin family. During that period, Lin Bugui only appeared in front of him on the first day. Seriously speaking, that was the second time.

“The butler told me that you are bored and wanted to go out for a walk?”

Lin Bugui’s voice was also very gentle, “Do you want to go to the bookstore to buy some books for studying, and take the imperial examination next year?”

Lin Suci’s mouth twitched.

Imperial Examination?

He did not even want to answer. He leaned against the cushion and said lazily, “Master Lin, we are not father and son. It’s not interesting for you to keep me like this. I eat, drink and use what’s yours. I even scold you, but you make yourself seem so worthless. Why don’t you send me back, and I will ask my senior brother to give you one… ten thousand spirit stones as compensation, how about it?”

Lin Bugui was not provoked by his words, but leaned back on the cushion and lazily said, “Ten thousand spirit stones… Xiao Ci, do you know what ten thousand spirit stones can be used for?”

Lin Suci had never gotten ten thousand spirit stones, and as a poor brat, he shook his head honestly.

“Ten thousand spirit stones can have one Spirit Gathering Orb. Before you transform into your form, you consumed twenty-four Spirit Gathering Orbs every day.”

Lin Suci was spiritually shocked, and his ears perked up silently.

The two wheels of the high carriage turned, thanks to the fact that the road was evenly spread, and the cushions in the carriage were thick, it was not too bumpy. Lin Suci took out a handful of fried chestnuts from his sleeve and ate them with the shells.

Lin Bugui glanced at him lightly, and continued talking slowly without thinking it was a big deal.

“You are originally a condensed spirit body of heaven and earth, only a vague spirit body. I used the Spirit Gathering Orbs to nurture you for a hundred years. Only then did your spirit body gather enough ability to transform. Eighteen years ago, I took you to the Fengjin Domain. Your spirit body saw a cat spirit, and you turned into a kitten.”

Lin Suci was startled.

He thought he was a demon, and had some irresponsible parents. After a long time, he was actually an orphan of heaven and earth?

No, the point there was that he was raised by Lin Bugui?

The chestnut shells in Lin Suci’s mouth were a little hard, and they were so dry that his tongue got hurt.

“Who knew that your spiritual body will automatically correct your spiritual consciousness after the transformation? Like a real little demon cub, you became a newborn. You can’t open your eyes and can only meow.”

“This lasted for five years.”

“I took you back to Lin family. For the past five years, you have been nourishing your body with the Purdue lotus, so that you can open your eyes. The first person you see when you open your eyes is me.”

Lin Suci did not speak.

He could not remember.

He was unsure if what Lin Bugui said was true or not. Although his intuition told him that what Lin Bugui said was true, he did not really want to trust him.

Lin Suci and Lin Bugui were nothing but strangers. He wanted to take him away and change his life in one direction. It did not matter who he was. Not to mention, he was a stranger who never existed in his memory at all.

Lin Bugui lowered his eyes and said, “You don’t grow much after you open your eyes. It took me three years to gather the Spirit Gathering Orbs and the Cold of Spring Snow. As long as they are the spiritual materials that can nourish you, I will get them all. When you grow up a little, you can finally remember things at the beginning.”

“I thought that I would continue to raise you like this. Maybe for a hundred years, two hundred years, you will eventually have to grow up slowly. However, someone had made a move on you.”

Lin Suci immediately raised his head when he heard that.

The beginning of his memory was there.

“Xiao Ci, you already had memory of events at the time, but do you really not remember, what happened then?” Lin Bugui looked at him.

Lin Suci shook his head, “I can’t remember. The first thing I recalled was when I met my master.”

Lin Bugui looked indifferent, “He is a Nascent Soul, and he is not worthy of being your master. In the future, you won’t have him as your master, and I will be teaching you everything.”

Lin Suci’s eyes flashed, and he was flustered.

“Xiao Ci, you are mine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember it, but you will remember it firmly in the future.”

Once Lin Bugui said those things, he probably knew that Lin Bugui was uneasy.

It might be due to his adopted child that he picked up had finally grown up. Before the son could pay his respects, and enjoy being his family for a day, he was taken away.

Lin Suci gave a rare consolation, “About this, I would like to ask your condolences.”

He could not think anymore, because he had already have memories. If he wanted a family, he had it. Even if his biological father came, he still could not take him away.

The high carriage stopped at a lively market.

Lin Suci had never visited the mortal market, but he was interested.

He looked here, and pointed with his finger. He looked there, and raised his chin. Soon, five to six little servants had both hands full, yet Lin Suci had not stopped his shopping spree.

Lin Suci stopped at the door of a coffin shop.

“Come, carry a giant redwood coffin with gold lining and get it ready for me.”

Lin Suci waved his hand and asked seven to eight thugs to carry the coffin.

Lin Bugui, who had been pampering Lin Suci, had a helpless smile. He shook his head, as if wanting stop him, but he did not speak. He let those thugs take the orders, and made a deal with the seller.

All the way through the crowd, it was nothing when they were just holding strange things in their hands. When they also carried a coffin, passers-by stopped to watch, and gossips were everywhere.

Lin Suci had a plan in mind, stopped and knocked on the coffin, “Come one, come all, the coffin will be delivered for free. Whoever needs it, come and take it away.”

Who didn’t want something free, even a coffin? How good could it be to sell it for more than ten taels of silver!

All of a sudden, a swarm of people came up and tried snatching the coffin in their hands.

Lin Suci took the opportunity to turn around and counterattacked in the crowd.

Someone’s shoes were squeezed out under his feet. Lin Suci’s footsteps were light, and after he searched for a long time, he finally got out from the inside. He turned his head and rushed towards the alley next to him.

“Wrong direction.”

Lin Bugui’s gentle voice came to his ears.

Lin Suci halted.

As soon as he raised his head, Lin Bugui was just a few steps in front of him. The lord led the butler behind him, blocking his way firmly.

Lin Suci’s eyes went dull.

Seriously? In such a chaotic scene, how could he come out one step faster to block him?

Lin Suci stood up straight and said calmly, “I’m not in the wrong direction. I saw a herbal medicine shop here, so I want to grab some herbs.”

In the end, Lin Suci returned to the carriage with tranquilizers.

The coffin was finally placed in Lin Suci’s east courtyard.

He was suffocating.

For more than ten days in a row, he went out for a walk every day, and Lin Bugui followed him at all times. He let Lin Suci tour the whole town over and over without stopping him, but Lin Suci still could not find any way out.

He could not escape Lin Bugui’s surveillance.

If he wanted to escape, he must first bring down Lin Bugui.

If he was in the realm of cultivation, when he met a senior in the Judgment Stage, let alone defeating him, he would be considered bold if he did not run first.

However, since the lord said that it was a mortal world, there was no magic, no spiritual power, and no cultivation, so he might need to do it the mortal way.

Lin Suci went out to pack herbs every day, and hid a lot of herbal materials. He studied hard every night, and taught himself medical skills.

He carefully mixed several materials together, and accumulated them every day, until he felt that the weight was probably enough.

At three in the middle of the night, the chickens rested. Lin Suci was dressed in black, and sneaked out of the window.

There were four big maids in his room. One slept under his feet every day, one slept under the halfmoon doorway, one slept on the low couch outside, while one slept outside the door.

No matter what he did, he could not avoid the sight of those four girls.

Lin Suci could only make the girl who was sleeping under his feet unconscious. He did not even dare to go out of the doorway, so he crawled along the small window of the inner room that was the size of a palm.

Thanks to his thin body, he squeezed out abruptly.

He tiptoed around to the well. The well reflected the bright moon in the sky. He took out his grounded medicinal powder and poured it into the well.

Afraid that the medicinal effects would not disperse, Lin Suci also took a long bamboo stick and stuffed it into the well to stir it up.

The footsteps of the night-watchers outside the yard sounded.

Lin Suci sped up. After doing all that, he took advantage of the fact that the outsiders were not paying attention, and crept through the window again and went back to the room. He had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Lin Suci kept watched all those who had drunk the water attentively.

Including Lin Bugui, who had to drink a cup of tea every day.

In the pavilion, there was a game of chess between him and Lin Bugui, and his moves were messy. Lin Suci had no intention of playing chess at all, so he blocked his way to survive.

Lin Bugui raised his head and looked at him.

There was a wind by the lake. The peach blossom petals planted nearby were rolled in the wind, and fell into Lin Bugui’s tea bowl.

Lin Suci watched as Lin Bugui raised his hand, picked up the tea bowl, and poured it lightly.

All were poured into the lake.

Lin Suci’s fisheye expression intensified.

He clasped his hand, and gave some thought, when he finally spoke, “It’s boring to sit here blankly. Let’s eat something while playing.”

Lin Bugui said slowly, “Alright.”

Lin Suci opened his mouth and ordered a lot of dried fruit, as well as a lot of pickled dried fish, fried beans with melon seeds and peanuts. His order almost filled the pavilion with more than a dozen dishes.

Under Lin Suci’s coveted eyes, the maid gave Lin Bugui a new cup of tea, and also warmed Lin Suci some milk.

Lin Suci was relieved while drinking. It was rare to greet Lin Bugui warmly to eat and drink.

Following Lin Suci’s greeting, Lin Bugui ate a fried bean and took a sip of tea.

Then, he stopped.

Lin Suci was anxious. If it went on like that, if everyone else fainted, and Lin Bugui was fine, then he would know the tricks he had done!

No, he must faint!

Lin Suci slapped the table, “It’s so boring for us to play chess so dryly, let’s make it more surprising!”

Lin Bugui was used to following Lin Suci’s demand. Whatever he said, Lin Bugui would not object. That time, it was the same. He nodded, “Alright.”

“Others are boring, so whoever loses will have to drink a cup of tea.”

Lin Bugui looked at him, smiled slightly, and responded slowly, “Alright.”

The two resumed the chess game.

Lin Suci learned chess from Yan Boshen.

When he was a beginner, Yan Boshen gave him twelve pieces, and later nine pieces, six pieces, and three pieces. In the present days when he was playing chess with Yan Boshen, he could enjoy himself without giving up.

From Lin Suci’s point of view, there must be one Yan Boshen as a chess master, so Yan Boshen’s apprentice was definitely not a stinky chess basket.

Lin Suci was gearing up, and planning to do everything he could to rub Lin Bugui on the chessboard.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Suci drank a cup of milk.

Two quarters of an hour later, Lin Suci drank another cup.

Two hours later, Lin Suci drank so much that his stomach was bloated, and he hugged his stomach, “No, no more.”

After losing a few games in a row, Lin Suci drank several large cups of milk in a row. He did not have the biggest stomach, so his belly was round.

On the other hand, Lin Bugui turned a black chess piece with his fingertips. He was calm, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and asked gently, “Not playing anymore?”

Lin Suci nodded dejectedly, “No more.”

If that continued, his stomach would burst.

Lin Bugui said slowly, “Aren’t you finding ways to force me to drink this cup of tea?”

Lin Suci: “…”

After being silent for a long time, Lin Suci got up angrily. He overturned the chessboard fiercely, and since he felt that Lin Bugui did not understand, he raised his middle finger at Lin Bugui. Then, he left with heavy footsteps that could break the mountains and river without looking back.

Ah ptui!

Big liar!

He had seen through his tricks a long time ago, yet he was still pretending!

Lin Suci threw the game and forcibly drove out the maids in the yard. He locked his door, and his face darkened.

What else could be done? He no longer wanted to be assimilated there.

Every day, all the servants would say in his ear about how good the master was, how good the master was to him, how terrible the outside world was, and how being by the master’s side only was the safest.

Every day, people with weaker minds could easily be completely brainwashed to believe those words.

Living in a rich life, and having everyone to obey him, all his vigilance would become a thing of the past.

Lin Suci reminded himself to pay attention and be vigilant every day, but while he was going through everything, he would also have a point or two of enjoyment.

This can’t work.

Lin Suci fixedly his gaze at the giant redwood coffin in the corridor.

He strode forward, walked across the corridor to the bottom, and pushed the lid of the coffin with all his might.

He got into it himself.

Lying in the coffin, Lin Suci pushed the lid of the coffin with his strength and closed it with a click.

In the dark and narrow space, Lin Suci muttered aggrievedly.

“Boshen, he bullied me.”

Lin Suci, like a child who has been wronged, complained to his parent.

It was just that his Yan Boshen was far away, yet he was unsure how far apart they were.

Lin Suci was a little frustrated.

In the darkness, a flash of golden light suddenly appeared in front of Lin Suci’s eyes, slowly floating in the air, stroke by stroke, and writing word by word in the air.

Vertically, a semi-circle and a circle, vertically and a reversed ‘U’, the golden light was slowly outlined. Lin Suci held his breath and widened his eyes.

——Don’t. Be. Afraid.

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